Yoot Root Teas – Organic Herbal Teas for Health Conscious People San Francisco

One of our successful campaigns in San Francisco, CA was for Yoot Root Teas, an all-natural caffeine-free beverage. Founder Nansee Kim-Parker created Yoot Root for people who have an active lifestyle but are sensitive to the over caffeinated and over sugared drinks common in stores. Using adaptogenic herbs helps promote health and wellness.  Read more about our Yoot Root San Francisco campaign =>

 You can now buy their products on Amazon. 

With our resources, coaching, & creative crowdfunding plan, we were able to assist the Yoot Root Tea campaign gather momentum and impact. This marketing drove traffic to the crowdfunding platform.

We filmed in San Francisco CA and created a documentary style production to give viewers an experience into the background of the project and why Nansee was the inventor of these teas. After picking her child up from preschool  we went to golden gate park and transamerica redwood park to get the video shots we needed to produce footage for her lifestyle component of their branding.

This was a unique film day as we also were filming at San Francisco Tokyo Moto which is run by Nansee’s husband.

Our tips for making the best crowdfunding videos include checking out top social media marketing campaigns to see what has been successful for completed campaigns. After talking with our crowdfunding consultants we were able to advise the best crowdfunding websites for the campaign (such as, Kickstarter vs IndieGoGo)

We found traditional that chinese herb stores in San Francisco ware part of our filming locations, as well as documenting close ups in her home in the Inner Sunset

In the “get your project funded” phase of the Yoot Root Tea campaign, we offered our fundraising services to help Nansee launch her campaign and receive crowdfunding help. While crowdfunding loans are an option, our client chose to go in the direction of fundraising sites (such as Kickstarter) instead and created a campaign using Indiegogo, a tool recommended by shopify.

Yoot Root Teas was successfully funded on Indiegogo: their medicinal herbal teas $60,000. They succeeded at bringing many backers to their product through extended network outreach and a successful grassroots campaign. Check out their yoot root crowdfind stats:

yoot root san francisco crowdfunding indiegogo campaign project video stats

Our goal is for our creators to be able to launch what they innovate using the best crowdfunding sites to get backers. Techniques for the best crowdfunding approaches include choosing the right fundraising site, tapping into the network of friends and family funding, finding the right people providing crowdfunding consulting, and making sure the creator receives the most support in their efforts.