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In order to get your project funded, the kickstarter project promotion piece has to be thought out ahead of time. Marketing crowdfunding requires that you find and activate your dream crowd. Considering they were a fundraising non profit, our crowdsourcing services helped them stand out and be a good example of crowdfunding for investors, that way they we’re able to get even more funding after their $100,000 campaign.

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When you think about how to promote crowdfunding campaign, then question of kickstart coaching comes up alot. You see, the thing is fundraising ideas for business startup don’t come everyday, and it’s important to find the right nonprofit fundraising consultant who can help you know which is better indiegogo or kickstarter. When green traveler wanted to use our pr for crowdfunding, we told them that most crowdfunding experts would offer a whole bunch of crowd funding tips but what set us apart from most fundraising firms is that we had very modest pricing and streamlined crowdfunding marketing services. When they went ahead with their kickstarter promotion after taking our training cource, Julien, head of green traveler, said that our crowd funding tips and the crowdfunding resources we provided we some of the best that she had ever witnessed from a kickstarter agency.

We taught them how to market your kickstarter campaign as a no startup cost fundraiser, and gave them every chapter in the crowdfunding book for how to promote an indiegogo campaign. Being one of the top fundraising consulting firms allowed us to provide Green traveler with crowd funding help and common indiegogo campaign tips that helped them spell out the difference between indiegogo and kickstarter. I said, if you want to have launch success, and to get all the way for your fundraising startup, it’s so valuable to seek help with crowdfunding because that in the end is going to provide so much of your start up fund raising. Our academy funding system helps streamline the learning process and our video production gave them lots of kickstarter promotion ideas. Not to mention that the areas we reviewed as part of our fundraising consulting allowed their project to really shine.

When you really look at how to promote crowdfunding, a comprehensive course training in addition to one-on-one kickstarter strategy can sometimes be the best solution. I advised them that the most important thing when it comes to crowdfunding consulting is to seek out traffic from the best fundraising sites, which will promote your kickstarter. Luckily, with the right PR system, green traveler was able to get mentioned from the top fundraising websites and even enabled them to move way beyond our simple fundraising services. By the end of the campaign, Julien had learned how to advertise kickstarter through our training corses, and was far ahead of the curve on how to raise money for a startup. Over $100,000 raised!