Easy Hydration for Outdoor Enthusiasts – Hydrobak San Jose Sunnyvale

After struggling with the question of indiegogo vs kickstarter, Hydrobak came to us for video production and fundraising tips, moving beyond other
fundraising consultants because our indiegogo review was so high. The keys we showed them for reward crowdfunding, the perks definition, and everything else in our
crowdfunding training classes helped make all the difference for this campaign!

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The thing about top crowdfunding sites is that they all miss out on one thing: kickstarter consulting. Hydrobak was interested in our crowdfunding pr training, which is essentially the best crowdfunding tips for rewards based crowdfunding. Rewards-based means that instead of offering equity or asking for a loan, you offer a perk in exchange for the donation. This is one of the best crowdfunding tactics, and it’s the one that Hydrobak went for.

As part of our kickstarter video production, we helped hydrobak learn crowdfunding and answered most of their crowd funding questions. Overall, the crowdfunding video production went really well and we were able to find lots of locations around Sunnyvale and San Jose. Then, before launch, they made sure to review our crowdfunding guide and launch course, which gave them lots of fundraising ideas for nonprofits and kickstarter pr. After all, it’s super important to have your things to write about all lined up ahead of time, in addition to your perks and your contracts if your are considering going for equity-based fundraising tactics.

This donation-based kickstarter got lots of backers and helped raise everything that they needed to go into manufacturing for their project. At one point in the process, they asked me about kickstarter vs indiegogo, and I said that beside the most obvious crowdfunding hacks or what you could learn at fundsurfer academy, the best crowdfunder is one that looks for similar projects on the crowdfunding service providers. We are one of the crowdfunding marketing companies that helps projects launch with a helping hand, and the only crowdfunding marketing agency that has so much knowledge of the best fundraising sites we beyond just Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Hydrobak was one of the most frequent log-ins for our training courses and they specifically liked the “blow past your goal” training course, which focuses on nonprofit fundraising as well as rewards based projects. After a good go of innovation, and a great video, Hydrobak had everything they needed to get their product to market.