Firefly Chocolate – Immersive Bean-to-bar Cacao for Awe and Wonder Santa Rosa Windsor

Firefly wanted to know how to market your kickstarter campaign, and they used our pre-production to gather fundraising ideas for business startup. In less than a month we taught them how to promote an indiegogo campaign, utilizing secret indiegogo campaign tips and providing the gateway for pr for crowdfunding. Our fundraising services help start his business, and he raised over $30,000!

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When I sat down to discuss crowdfunding consulting with Firefly Chocolate, I recommended doing everything by the crowdfunding book. I explained that the thing about kickstarter project promotion is that even form the most seasoned nonprofit fundraising consultant, there can be some questions about how to advertise kickstarter. My kickstart coaching focuses on grassroots audience development, so when they wanted to know about how to raise money for a startup, I said that the thing most top fundraising consulting firms wont tell them is that it all depends on your close friends and family. Marketing crowdfunding with your video, I said, is more about who you talk to when you promote crowdfunding campaign, because if you don’t already have a team of followers to promote your kickstarter, then kickstarter promotion will be useless. In our dedicated fundraising course training, we went over the top fundraising websites and the basic tactics of start up fund raising. I was able to communicate exactly what the crowdfunding experts have to say about this, but for a fraction of the cost.

During the campaign of their fundraising startup, and after they learned how to promote crowdfunding, our academy funding gave them the needed crowdfunding resources to know the difference between indiegogo and kickstarter. These training corses and crowd funding tips have launched so many crowdfunding for investors, and they even are applicable across all crowdsourcing services. You see, when going in search of the best fundraising sites and wanting to learn how to get your project funded, the best kickstarter strategy is one where your kickstarter agency is there to ask and answer questions. Firefly loved our kickstarter promotion ideas because they were more grassroots than most fundraising firms and it allowed them to build their dream crowd without having to pay too much for ads. Having come from a fundraising non profit myself, I thought that the best way to help with crowdfunding and offer fundraising consulting was to drill down to only the best crowd funding tips, which is what we created in our training corse – something that everyone who works with us for video will get. You’ll learn which is better indiegogo or kickstarter, and find the crowd funding help you’ve been looking for. I even go into detail about the crowdfunding marketing services that are available for bigger campaigns, but even how to do no startup cost fundraisers. Firefly raised over $30,000!