BAUBAX – The worlds best travel jacket San Francisco Los Angeles

StartMotionMEDIA is happy to announce that Baubax, our video & strategy project now is the 4th most funded project in Kickstarter history. Our film & strategy team worked hard to create a compelling commercial-style story depicting the multi uses of their product, and sure enough, we pulled it off! BAUBAX received more than $9 Million worth of pre-orders when their campaign ended.

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We helped create an amazing video inside an airplane for these guys, and they followed exactly our grassroots branding strategies that helped get all their friends and family involved from the start.

Baubax didn’t really need most of our other crowdfunding tips. Because he ended up choosing the best of all crowdfunding service providers. Even after utilizing our crowdfunding guide, and a chance for us to review how he was describing the perks for backers in his donation-based project, our fundraising tips didn’t end up meaning much. After going through our crowdfunding training classes he went ahead and selected one of the best crowdfunding marketing companies, whose crowdfunding tactics with advertising are a great complement to our things to write about. After reading one indiegogo review about his partnership, I saw that in addition to a great video, they were one of the best resources for reward crowdfunding.