Tilt Crowdfunding

Tilt is a crowdfunding site that helps communities come together to fundraise and pool money, and is legally certified to do so (including for non-profits). It is commonly used for anything from pooling money for a tailgate party to fundraising for a charity. The concept of Tilt  is that once a campaign hits its “tilt point”, or the amount necessary to make the campaign a success, that’s when the donors are charged and the goal can be changed or extended.

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With a different premise than Indiegogo or Kickstarter, Tilt is now the official payment for ESPN fantasy basketball. Most of the connections made on Tilt happen through the social media network of the campaign creators, and the site itself functions as it’s own social network (you sign in with your Facebook account).


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One highly successful Tilt campaign was the meal replacement product, Soylent, raised over $3 million in donations (with an original goal of $100k). Other successful campaigns include one for AdBlock, a Chrome web broswer plug-in, McSweeney’s, and the Immunity Project, raising funds for a free HIV/AIDS vaccine. Tilt has become very popular on college campuses, often used by Greek organizations and other collegiate groups to fund events. There is no vetting process to put a campaign up on Tilt, and their fees are minimal–free to collect money, 2.5% to sell something.


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As far as nonprofit funding goes, Tilt is a strong choice as they allow funds to be collected with no charge for charities. Tilt also features a customer support team, secure payment processing, seamless social media interface tools, and a mobile app. Striving to be as user friendly as possible, Tilt’s built-in model easily encourages funder support to “tilt” above the goal.