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Dreampad Pillow raises $190k on Kickstarter – Denver

ToneTree Oak: Augmented Reality for your Phone Mountain View

BAUBAX – The worlds best travel jacket San Francisco Los Angeles

StartMotionMEDIA is happy to announce that Baubax, our video & strategy project now is the 4th most funded project in Kickstarter history. Our film & strategy team worked hard to create a compelling commercial-style story depicting the multi uses of their product, and sure enough, we pulled it off! BAUBAX received more than $9 Million worth of pre-orders when their campaign ended.

ErgoDriven – Topo Mat for Standing Desks Oakland San Francisco

Standing desks are fantastic, but standing is only healthier than sitting if it’s done right. It’s easy to get fatigued with long standing sessions on flat ground. Topo is an anti-fatigue mat designed specifically for standing desks, and it works to make your body feel much healthier. Ergodriven drove $100k in 30 days during their campaign.  Topo’s unique terrain drives you to move more at your standing desk – subconsciously. Read More about our Topo Oakland San Francisco Crowdfunding Project =>


Hybrid Electric Vehicle for Urban Commuters – Oakland

Firefly Chocolate – Immersive Bean-to-bar Cacao for Awe and Wonder Santa Rosa Windsor

Easy Hydration for Outdoor Enthusiasts – Hydrobak San Jose Sunnyvale

My Green Traveler – San Francisco Hardware for Sustainability

Apparel Startup Business: Abbey Post Mountain View Palo Alto


Millions of people are frustrated with plus sized clothing. It’s hard to find things that fit really well and were attractive and well made. People of all shapes and sizes don’t fit to a standard fit model – we all carry our weight in different places, and Abbey Post has created a custom method for gathering your exact body measurements and give you clothing that is designed exactly for you. Products are made in the USA, custom made, and they support women who need clothing of all shapes and sizes. The use the power of advanced data and digital patterning systems to create custom made to measure clothing quickly. Choose an item you like, and customize the neckline, sleeve length and hem to the individual preferences. Abbey Post has a philosophy of philanthropy and empowerment, being honest about the culture so that they can make the best decisions for people who need clothes that fit.


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We produced this video at 500 Startups in Mountain View CA. After getting a short breakfast from the bagel shop downstairs I went to the 500 Startups headquarters and we used the available locations to film the interview and b-roll. We set up scenes for clothing rack inside of a conference room to make it look like a retail environment, and also had time to create a testimonial with someone who had been profoundly affected by their product. Overall, our video production day went smooth, especially as we planned to use only one location for the shoot. “Investor” type scenes for their launch were conducted in the lobby and conference room, and overall we were able to show their project as if it has major resources in terms of office and retail space, all within the same environment. We traveled from the studio in Palo Alto to the Abbey Post location on Castro Street in Mountain View, near my favorite cafe.    Click here to read more about this production


Baubax in the News: A Kickstarter Project that went Viral

Zipbuds Catalyst Kickstarter (just ended) raised $269k in 42 days San Diego

I’m thrilled to see that because of a robust content and pre-launch strategy, our client ZipBuds (Funding Now), made HUGE progress in their first week because of their choice promotion approaches.  Congrats and excited to see more!  Visit the Zipbuds Catalyst kickstarter to learn more.

Axius Core Raises $227k on Kickstarter: Strength & Fitness – San Diego

Odyssey: An Immersive Science Game for Mac & Windows – San Jose

CampMaid Outdoor Products – San Francisco San Rafael

Flip It Iphone Case – Los Angeles, San Francisco

ITUS iGuardian Home Network Security – Kickstarter Staff Pick San Jose Silicon Valley

San Jose based ITUS networks came to us for video help on their $170,000 iGuardian kickstarter campaign. We began discussing our video production approach, and they knew that they needed to influence backers to get behind this project, as it was the first device of it’s type. Read more…


ACE makes an Impact with the Coaching Movie Sacramento

Yoga Tech Pants – Pattern Theory Berkeley Oakland

Vessel, a new album by Lucia Lilikoi – San Rafael Marin

Synchronicity Kickstarter: Book Publishing – Santa Rosa

Alive and Healing Natural Foods – Santa Rosa Windsor

San Francisco Portraits for the common good: Souls of Society

3 Curious Monkeys: Children’s Publishing

San Jose – ITUS iGuardian Home Network Security

San Jose based ITUS networks came to us for video help on their $170,000 iGuardian kickstarter campaign. We began discussing our video production approach, and they knew that they needed to influence backers to get behind this project, as it was the first device of it’s type. Read more…

After they uploaded their project materials, we found a great home studio environment in San Jose, California for filming their interview. What we see in the success of ITUS Shield (over $170,000 raised), is that fundraising is about entrepreneurs using media editing correctly and developing the personal story as a key for a compelling video Beyond that they were willing to learn strategies for how to conduct the marketing of their campaign on the crowd funding service. One of the requirements of successful cinematography of a kickstarter is to have a video of the correct length, and like most of the silicon valley california tech companies we serve, ITUS had a clear understanding of what it takes to grab the viewers attention, so they readily received our advice to make their video a maximum of 3 minutes. That way the video we produced for them was engaging, satisfying, and left the viewer feeling energized and inspired.

At the end of our work together, we provided campaign tips so that their video could have the impact of social-change that they were needing. Of the tips for their kickstarter video that we most advised, we strongly encouraged them to film in a house so that they could use social tactics of demonstrating who their audience is and really get to the bottom of what it means to crowdfund. Now their company has built a significant community through crowdsourcing the resources they needed to begin production of their project. Overall, iGuardian has proven to be a commercial and professional success, one that colors how strong an impact crowdfunding fundraising through kickstarter can really be, especially for a california tech company. We’re happy to have gotten to work with such innovate entrepreneurs, and as clients they were prime examples of investing in the right camera team and story development process to develop and broadcast their campaign’s video to an audience of web techies that know how important it is to have a modern technique for home internet security.

Coaching for Social Change: Thriving Changemakers Summit Oakland

Working with Thriving Changemaker Summit was a beautiful example of a group committed to their vision.  With their team of coaches we developed a killer video plan to frontline their crowdfunding project. Read more… (more…)

Nano – The Worlds Smallest High-Fi Subwoofer

Disrupt Toxicity with Verday: The first truly green cleaning product Mountain View Los Angeles

Get Nancy: Natural relief for people with chronic pain Palo Alto Santa Rosa

Building Industry Coworking Oakland

Razor Grill: Spontaneous Flavor Austin TX

Clear Lab Home Flu Test San Francisco Marin

Retirement Savings for Workers – TokyoMoto San Francisco

Wallet Buckle: The Best way to Carry your Cards & ID : San Francisco

Documentary Style Crowdfunding – Inspiration Campaign – San Francisco

Transition Neighborhoods: Indiegogo Community Crowdfunding Santa Rosa

Numa Cloud – Nodal Security Kickstarter San Jose Mountain View

Core Values Lifestyle Training Marin San Rafael

Yoot Root Teas – Organic Herbal Teas for Health Conscious People San Francisco

One of our successful campaigns in San Francisco, CA was for Yoot Root Teas, an all-natural caffeine-free beverage. Founder Nansee Kim-Parker created Yoot Root for people who have an active lifestyle but are sensitive to the over caffeinated and over sugared drinks common in stores. Using adaptogenic herbs helps promote health and wellness.  Read more about our Yoot Root San Francisco campaign =>


121 First Dates: How to succeed with online dating San Francisco

Video Production for Sustainability: HuntOver Farm Santa Rosa