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Crowdfunding is a totally new way to interact with fundraising, and it provides a gateway for getting your product or service out there in a way that impacts your bottom line. Do you see the others in your field who are succeeding with this method of direct-to-market pre-sales and kickstarter crowdfunding?

Many project creators are ready to launch their crowdfunding project through funding platforms like kickstarter, but they struggle with the video element – unfocused branding, lack of equipment, and a lack of clarity in how to get the best results from their video production process. A major issue is that too many crowdfunding videos lack the “transcendant feel” that are necessary to drive attention in today’s media saturated world. Startups often miss out on successful funding because of one frequent mistake in hiring the right video producer:

Most “video producers” are actually video technicians. They run the camera, import the footage, and edit the video to the best of their ability. That’s it. They leave it up to you to develop and organize any creative ideas you need to make the video succeed. They don’t have a background in persuasive marketing and haven’t run campaigns themselves.  Your final video might be technically proficient, but the energizing, motivating, and empowering feel will be lacking… 

StartMotionMEDIA is up to the challenge of helping to develop and focus your overall campaign plan to drive engagement and successful funding. Our job is to find the strong and engaging storyline inside your project, so that you can succeed and bring it out through your video.

Our kickstarter help dismantles media blocks and allows your startup the chance to build a strong video foundation for your crowdfunding campaign. As we explore your story, you will naturally see your value proposition becoming stronger and stronger, and you’ll gain the confidence and wording necessary to run a successful crowdfunding campaign from start to finish.

The passion, enthusiasm, and focus that we generate through our video production process is the absolute key for your business to walk away from your kickstarter as a success. Our crowdfunding video production services are bundled with narrative development and comprehensive production management,to give you the best, most engaging video possible. While we maintain the same reasonable prices you’d find from other affordable-scale production firms, our clients agree that the care and attention we offer to the development of every project is a step above the rest.

On your production day, we utilize engaging and facilitative energy to support you as the with questions created for easy access to passionate storytelling. Our process is accessible for people in the who may be new to appearing on camera, as we capture far more footage than we need for our final cut, and we can select the best, most passionate and clear statements for your 3 minute narrative arc.
We are able to guide you with great care and attention through each phase of your production. Your filming day includes additional directed visual sequences, which are picked for delighting your audience and demonstrating the story behind your project with a strong and engaging visual sub-plot.

After completing your video, our program of crowdfunding tips and marketing development will help you liberate yourself from isolating challenges of starting out with a new project and help get you the support, tools and foundational training to connect with your best marketing strategy and come out with a more powerful way of engaging your community.

The Importance of Why:

Together we develop the story of your project by addressing and exploring key factors in the ‘Why?’ of your business, and help dissolve blocks often assiciated with developing the transformation story behind your startup. You are supported to practice a consistent daily system for prepping your voice and presence for the video interview.  Our work together is designed to give you a chance to refine your marketing approach, build your courage, and feel prepared for your filming day and the crowdfunding conversations that will follow.

We create systems of for people who are ready to create winning crowdfunding campaigns. We help people get connected to their project’s core message, and pull off a fantastic and inspiring video to frontline their project. We work together to develop a piece of media that provides a foundation for abundance for your business.  

What we’ll cover in the 4-week video development program:

• The use of marketing frameworks and an initial project interview as a gateway for learning how to express the core message of your project.

• Learn how to speak clearly, deepen your relationship with being a presenter, gain self-confidence, charisma and power in your voice.

• How to arrange sufficiently varied and interesting visuals for your production day.

• Extend your reach by understanding the audience who you are speaking to, and what their needs and desires are.

• The use of professional video production to get an interview and visual scenes that really work.

• Email support, practice assignments, and production management calls to make sure everything is in order for your production.

• Video editing that conveys your core message and call to action in a beautiful, inspiring, and motivating manner, leaving your viewer empowered to take the next step.

• Technical elements of pacing, narrative arc, visual engagement, and persuasiveness through the use of music and sound design.

• Oppurtunities to edit collaboratively through revisions, utilizing team feedback to make your video even better.

• A great template and “best practices” for your entire kickstarter campaign. Crowdfunding advice to know how to best approach your campaigning phase.


About StartMotionMEDIA:

“We are a SF Bay Area video production company. We offer crowdfunding video production services as well as kickstarter tips and crowdfunding advice so you can relax and succeed with your startup business. If you’re interested in San Francisco video production, you can discover more about our kickstarter video production services by clicking “Get Started”. Alternatively, you can view example videos of our kickstarter projects.”

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