The top 12 Startup Videos (Updated 2023)

How to use Startup Video Ads for Startup Video Marketing: Video for Business Case Study

Typically when you think of startups and entrepreneurs what comes to mind a great idea. Well, years of development. Right. But I’m not just taking that idea and transforming it into a completely successful product. In just 5 weeks. Now that’s what startup fuss is all about. A group of bright minds they meet on a video production bus for just a few days in a month and you have the most intense startup competitions in the world to get the best story out to the public. And hopefully with your video great products and services come out of that
Now since 2010, the amount of startup videos has grown immensely.

Meet the 2023 Startupfest Winner’s Circle

Startupfest featured the most prizes and opportunities we’ve ever had at this year’s edition. From 2, $100k investment prizes, to our Accelerator partners offering spots in their upcoming programs, check out the startups that took home the prizes this year.

Best of the Fest Women In Tech

Prize: With the help of some veteran entrepreneurs and investors: $100,000 available to a female-led startup in the form of a convertible note.

Winner: Canscan Technologies

Grandmothers’ Choice

Prize: Our esteemed panel of Grandmother Judges have become a Startupfest favourite, and have an unbeatable track record! This year they also took home $35k of market research from MaRS!

Watch their video here

Winner: Renew Senses

Startupfest VF (Version Française)

Prize: 7 startups were selected to pitch onstage at Startupfest Version Francaise and one was crowned the title of “Best Onstage Pitch”!

Winner: Umaneo

World Championship

Prize: The Startup World Championships, presented by Startupfest, is on the hunt for brilliant tech startups in 20 of the world’s most vibrant startup cities. The top SWC company was selected by the $100k investment judges!

Winner: Clanz


Prize: The winner will be awarded an exhibition at Centre Never Apart.

Winner: Matthieu Mauss from MtLight

NextAI Top Startup Award

Prize: Pitch to NextAI alumni, scientists and mentor judges from both Toronto and Montreal for your chance to win an exclusive venture spot in the 2020 Cohort of NextAI!

Winner: NextAI

Best of the Fest

Prize: A group of angel investors comes together to award $100k+ to one startup.

Winner: SparkCharge

Air Canada “Flight is Right”

Prize: Air Canada awarded 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the world they fly to one burgeoning startup!

Winner: SeekShift

Videotron Disruptive Content Awards

Prize: Our partners at Videotron have teamed up with their counterparts at Quebecor, NumeriQ and MELS to award $50,000 in cash prizes and in-house partnerships to burgeoning content/media startups.

Winner: Resonate, MixOnSet, Automateur

Next 36 Young Entrepreneur Award

Prize: Pitch to Next 36 alumni and mentor judges for your chance to win an exclusive founder spot in the 2020 Cohort of Next 36!

Music That Listens By LUCID

About: LUCID is driving innovation at the crossroads of mental health, machine learning, and music.

We’re developing experiences to help people better manage anxiety and stress. Through innovative human-centered design coupled with art, science, and technology, we have developed wellness-focused experiences that deliver measurable benefits in as little as 5 minutes.

Our mission is to help individuals take control of their mental wellness by creating tools attuned to their specific physiological needs. We believe that through scientific and technological development, we can unleash the full potential of sound and music.

Winner: The Lucid Project

Startupfest Corporate Innovation Zone

Prize: Manulife and Franklin Templeton Investments are interested in meeting startups focused on development operations, cybersecurity and protection of customer data, and improving the customer acquisition and on-boarding experience.

Winner: FormHero