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The Baubax jacket, often referred to as the “world’s best travel jacket,” was designed to address common travel inconveniences by integrating various travel essentials into the garment itself. The jacket featured multiple built-in functions, including:

  1. Travel Pillow: The hood of the jacket could be inflated to create a neck pillow, providing comfort during long flights or journeys.
  2. Eye Mask: The jacket’s collar had an eye mask that could be easily pulled out for restful sleep on the go.
  3. Gloves: The cuffs of the jacket included hand-warming gloves that could be accessed without removing the jacket.
  4. Earphone Holders: There were designated loops to secure earphones, preventing tangling and keeping them within reach.
  5. Drink Pocket: A pocket designed to hold a drink bottle was built into the jacket.
  6. Passport Pocket: An inner pocket was created for securely storing important documents like passports.

The campaign’s Kickstarter video likely highlighted these features, showcasing the convenience and practicality the jacket aimed to offer to travelers. The innovative concept, combined with a well-produced video presentation, contributed to the campaign’s significant success.

While I don’t have the exact figures or specifics beyond September 2021, I can confirm that the Baubax jacket Kickstarter campaign raised around $9 million during its run. This immense amount of funding demonstrated the strong interest and demand for a travel jacket that combined both functionality and fashion. The campaign’s success also highlighted the power of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter to bring innovative ideas to life and connect creators with enthusiastic backers.

Watch the video for Cosmic Eye Kinetic Kickstarter

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

As an avid enthusiast of all things celestial, I was eagerly drawn to the enigmatic allure of the Cosmic Eye Kinetic Kickstarter. Skeptical yet intrigued, I embarked on a journey to uncover the secrets of this promising product. Little did I know, I was about to experience a mesmerizing blend of art, science, and imagination that would leave me utterly spellbound.

The Cosmic Eye Kinetic Kickstarter, in its essence, is a breathtaking masterpiece that marries the elegance of a kinetic sculpture with the grandeur of the cosmos. From the moment I unboxed the intricately designed packaging, I was greeted by a sense of wonder and excitement that only intensified as I assembled the sculpture.

The craftsmanship of the Cosmic Eye is unparalleled. The celestial bodies, meticulously crafted and suspended in perpetual motion, serve as a tangible representation of the cosmic dance that unfolds in the depths of space. The precision-engineered gears and mechanisms not only ensure fluid motion but also remind us of the delicate balance that governs the universe.

What truly sets the Cosmic Eye apart is its ability to educate as it captivates. Accompanied by an interactive app, this sculpture transforms into an immersive learning tool. With just a few taps on my smartphone, I was able to access a wealth of astronomical information, from the birth of stars to the intricacies of galaxy formation. The incorporation of augmented reality features allowed me to explore the universe from the comfort of my own home, fostering a deeper understanding of the cosmos.

Furthermore, the Cosmic Eye Kinetic Kickstarter embodies the spirit of innovation. Its crowdfunding journey symbolizes the collective pursuit of knowledge and beauty. By supporting this project, backers not only contribute to the realization of a visionary art piece but also aid in the promotion of science education and outreach.

In terms of aesthetics, the Cosmic Eye seamlessly blends into various settings. Whether placed in a contemporary living room, a minimalist workspace, or a modern classroom, its understated elegance adds a touch of cosmic elegance that sparks conversations and ignites imaginations.

In conclusion, the Cosmic Eye Kinetic Kickstarter is a triumph that surpasses expectations. It takes us beyond the mundane and mundane and elevates our understanding of the universe through art and technology. This product is more than just a sculpture; it’s an invitation to explore the mysteries of space, to marvel at the wonders of creation, and to foster a sense of unity with the cosmos. If you’re seeking an awe-inspiring fusion of art, science, and education, the Cosmic Eye Kinetic Kickstarter deserves a place in your world.


“Exploding Kittens” is a card game that gained immense popularity on Kickstarter for its quirky and humorous premise. The game was created by Elan Lee, Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), and Shane Small, and it raised a substantial amount of money during its Kickstarter campaign.

The game’s concept revolves around a combination of strategy, luck, and humor. Players draw cards from a deck with the goal of avoiding the “Exploding Kitten” cards, which would eliminate them from the game unless they have a “Defuse” card to counter it. The game is known for its simple rules, quick gameplay, and humorous illustrations.

The Kickstarter campaign for “Exploding Kittens” was notable for its massive success, raising over $8 million during its run. This level of funding was remarkable and spoke to the game’s widespread appeal, as well as the influence of the creators’ existing fan bases. The campaign’s video likely showcased the game’s unique artwork, easy-to-understand mechanics, and the creators’ humor, making it an engaging pitch to potential backers.

The success of “Exploding Kittens” on Kickstarter marked a significant achievement for the crowdfunding platform, highlighting its potential to bring unconventional and creative projects to a global audience. The campaign’s million-dollar funding milestone demonstrated the power of community support and the ability of Kickstarter to turn innovative ideas into reality.

Crownes Portable Chess Set: Their Video:

Review: Crownes Portable Chess Set Kickstarter

I recently had the pleasure of exploring the Crownes Portable Chess Set, an innovative and elegant creation that redefines the world of portable gaming. This exceptional product, which gained significant attention through its successful Kickstarter campaign, combines modern design with traditional gameplay, resulting in a truly remarkable experience for chess enthusiasts of all levels.

The Crownes Portable Chess Set Kickstarter campaign was nothing short of spectacular. The creators masterfully captured the essence of their product through a captivating video that showcased both the ingenuity of the design and the passion behind the project. The video not only highlighted the portability of the chess set but also emphasized its premium materials, attention to detail, and user-friendly features. By blending stunning visuals with enthusiastic testimonials, the campaign effectively communicated the value and uniqueness of the Crownes Chess Set.

Features That Set Crownes Chess Set Apart:

  1. Portability: The Crownes Portable Chess Set boasts an ingeniously designed folding mechanism that allows the board to collapse into a compact, travel-friendly size. This feature ensures that chess aficionados can enjoy a game wherever they go, without compromising on the authenticity of the experience.
  2. Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality materials, including a beautifully finished wooden board and intricately carved chess pieces, the set exudes elegance and sophistication. The attention to detail is evident in every element, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
  3. Magnetic Locking System: One of the standout features of the Crownes Chess Set is its magnetic locking system. This ensures that the pieces remain securely in place during travel, eliminating the frustration of misplaced pieces. The satisfying “snap” when the pieces lock into position is a testament to the thoughtful engineering behind the product.
  4. User-Friendly Design: Whether you’re a seasoned chess player or a newcomer to the game, the Crownes Chess Set caters to all skill levels. The clearly marked squares and smoothly gliding pieces make gameplay effortless and enjoyable.

Real-life PR Success:

The Crownes Portable Chess Set garnered significant attention through its PR efforts, attracting coverage from renowned media outlets and enthusiastic reviews from early backers. The product’s combination of classic gameplay with modern convenience resonated with both chess enthusiasts and individuals seeking unique, upscale gifts.

The Kickstarter campaign’s video played a pivotal role in building excitement and trust among potential backers. Its well-crafted narrative conveyed the creators’ dedication to delivering a product that exceeded expectations. The visually appealing shots of the chess set in various settings, along with close-ups of the intricate design, showcased the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation.

In conclusion, the Crownes Portable Chess Set Kickstarter campaign successfully introduced a remarkable product to the world. With its emphasis on portability, craftsmanship, and innovation, this chess set offers an elevated gaming experience that bridges the gap between tradition and modernity. As both a stunning piece of art and a functional gaming accessory, the Crownes Chess Set is poised to become a beloved item for chess enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Reusable Swabs video:

The Pebble Watch Kickstarter campaign marked a pivotal moment in the world of wearable technology, earning widespread acclaim for its innovative approach and garnering over $10 million in funding during its groundbreaking campaign.

The Pebble Watch introduced a new paradigm in smartwatches by focusing on simplicity, customization, and functionality. This smartwatch allowed users to connect to their smartphones wirelessly and receive notifications, messages, and updates directly on their wrists. What set the Pebble Watch apart was its e-paper display, offering a crisp and easy-to-read screen even in bright sunlight.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble Watch was a resounding success, reaching its funding goal within a matter of hours and ultimately raising well over $10 million, making it one of the highest-funded Kickstarter campaigns of its time. The campaign’s video showcased the watch’s user-friendly interface, its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, and its potential to enhance users’ daily lives by seamlessly integrating technology into their routines.

The Pebble Watch’s million-dollar campaign demonstrated the growing demand for wearable technology that combined practicality, style, and innovation. By offering features like customizable watch faces, third-party app support, and a robust developer community, the Pebble Watch solidified its position as a trailblazer in the smartwatch industry.

The success of the Pebble Watch Kickstarter campaign also served as a testament to the power of crowdfunding in bringing visionary tech projects to fruition. Its multi-million dollar funding showed that consumers were eager to embrace wearable technology that prioritized functionality, design, and user experience, setting a precedent for subsequent smartwatch developments.

“Cafe Chaos” Food-fight card game top kickstarter video:

“Cafe Chaos: A Hilarious Food-Fight Frenzy That Leaves You Hungry for More”


In the world of tabletop gaming, innovation and creativity constantly bring forth new and exciting experiences for players. “Cafe Chaos,” the uproarious food-fight card game, stands out as a delightful addition to this realm. Seamlessly blending strategic gameplay with uproarious antics, Cafe Chaos guarantees uproarious laughter and engaging competition for players of all ages.

Cafe Chaos transports players to a wacky world where culinary chaos reigns supreme. The game is designed for 2 to 4 players and revolves around strategic decision-making and chaotic food-flinging fun. Each player takes on the role of a mischievous character in a bustling café, using cards to craft and launch food items at opponents. The goal is to accumulate points by hitting opponents while avoiding a messy fate yourself. With a blend of tactical choices and whimsical randomness, the gameplay strikes a harmonious balance between strategy and sheer hilarity.

The game’s components are a testament to the creators’ attention to detail. The cards are adorned with vibrant, quirky illustrations that bring the café and its inhabitants to life. From flying pancakes to sauce-drenched meatballs, the imagery adds a vivid layer of comedy to every round. The packaging itself is compact and easily portable, making it a fantastic choice for game nights, gatherings, or even travel.

Kickstarter Campaign:
The Kickstarter campaign for Cafe Chaos was nothing short of a sensation. The creators demonstrated a deep passion for their project, engaging potential backers with a well-executed marketing strategy. Their campaign video was a masterpiece in itself, capturing the essence of the game with energetic visuals, demonstrations of gameplay, and testimonials from playtesters. This engaging video not only showcased the game’s mechanics but also conveyed the infectious laughter and camaraderie that comes with playing Cafe Chaos.

Real-Life PR:
Cafe Chaos garnered attention from various media outlets, thanks to its unique concept and engaging gameplay. Magazines, blogs, and even local news segments highlighted the game’s ability to bring joy and laughter to players of all ages. The game’s innovative twist on classic card games resonated with both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the tabletop scene.

“Cafe Chaos” serves up a delectable mix of strategic gameplay and uproarious laughter. Its charming illustrations, engaging mechanics, and well-executed Kickstarter campaign have combined to create a standout addition to the world of card games. With its ability to captivate players young and old, Cafe Chaos promises to be a staple at game nights and gatherings for years to come. So, grab your food-firing cards and prepare for a hilarious food-fight frenzy that will leave you craving more chaos!

Ohsnap Phone Grip video:



These Kickstarter Success Stories are the best Case Studies we’ve found.

We’ve all heard of Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs to seek funds for their projects and passions. But what makes this platform so successful? Well, it’s the success stories that come along with it. From tiny projects to multimillion-dollar products, Kickstarter success stories are the best case studies we’ve seen. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns, and what they can teach us about crowdfunding and launching a successful project.

1. Pebble: The Smartwatch Pebble is one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time. The project, which was launched in April 2012, sought to create a smartwatch that could connect to smartphones. It was one of the first of its kind. The campaign raised $10.3 million from nearly 69,000 backers, making it the most funded project in Kickstarter history. Pebble was able to reach its goal through a combination of clever marketing, engaging videos, and a unique product. Pebble is a great example of how to create an innovative product and market it to the masses. The success of this campaign also shows the power of crowdfunding and how it can be used to bring new products to life.

2. Exploding Kittens: The Card Game Exploding Kittens was the most funded game in Kickstarter history, raising over $8.7 million from 219,000 backers. The card game was created by Elan Lee, Shane Small, and Matthew Inman, who had a simple goal: create a fun card game that everyone could enjoy. Exploding Kittens was able to reach its goal through a combination of funny videos, engaging content, and a unique product. The game was so successful that it is now being sold in stores around the world. Exploding Kittens is a great example of how to create something unique and market it to the masses. This campaign also shows that crowdfunding can be used to turn a small idea into an international sensation.

3. Coolest Cooler: The Portable Party Coolest Cooler was another successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $13 million from 62,000 backers. The project sought to create a cooler that was more than just a place to store food and drinks. It was designed to be a portable party with features such as a blender, speakers, and a USB charger. Coolest Cooler was able to reach its goal through a combination of clever marketing, engaging videos, and a unique product. The campaign was so successful that the company is now selling the coolers in stores around the world. Coolest Cooler is a great example of how to create a product that stands out and market it to the masses. This campaign also shows the power of crowdfunding and how it can be used to bring new and innovative products to life. These are just a few of the many successful Kickstarter campaigns that show us the power of crowdfunding and how it can be used to bring new products and ideas to life. It also a reminder that with the right combination of marketing and a unique product, anything is possible.

Pebble Time – Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding   “3 Reasons Pebble’s Time Smartwatch Beats The Apple Watch” – Forbes “Pebble’s Fantastic Smartwatch Is Growing Up” – Gizmodo “The most exciting thing about Pebble’s new smartwatch isn’t the color screen” – Fast Company. Why we love it –   No trade offs on what you love about Pebble: as long as 7 days of battery life, water obstruction and adaptability. Rock Time and Pebble Time Steel are completely good with all 6,500+ existing Pebble applications and watchfaces. Rock Time begins transporting in May. Rock Time Steel begins transporting in July. Activity trackers and fitness bands are great for counting steps or keeping track of your daily activity, but they’re pretty simplistic. Those LCD screens and Bluetooth connections could be put to better use with a smartwatch. They put plenty of extra features on your wrist, including kickstarter success stories notifications and music control, plus they work with the smartphone apps you already use to keep track of your exercise routine. Unfortunately the few models already available from the likes of Samsung and Sony are overly complicated and have pretty dismal battery life. All, that is, except Pebble: created thanks to crowd-funding website Kickstarter, it’s a reasonably priced crowdfunding case study smartwatch with an energy-friendly eInk display that won’t run out of juice at the end of the day. Getting Started Pebble is an intentionally simple smartwatch, so it’s no surprise you don’t get a lot in the box – just the watch itself and its proprietary charging cable. It comes with a basic rubber strap, with a single pronged clasp and enough notches to ensure a comfortable fit on any wrist. It definitely won’t win you any style points, but it’s a lot more subtle than other smartwatches and won’t get disparaging looks on the bus. Thankfully the watch has a standard strap fitting, so you can swap the bland rubber strap out for another if you prefer, and it’s slim enough to slip under a shirt cuff. The magnetic USB charging cable latches on to the side of the watch,

Travel Tripod by Peak Design

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding Professionals Fits inside numerous sacks when collapsed Imaginative mechanical structure Arca-style snappy discharge Installed stockpiling for hex key and cell phone cut Reversible focus segment for low-edge shots CONS Unordinary ball head configuration may kill a few Carbon fiber variant evaluated at a higher cost than normal Included snappy discharge plate requires hex key Photograph specialists and masters realize that significantly more goes into a tripod than three legs and a spot to mount your camera. Development quality, ergonomics, and structure decisions matter as well. Up to this point, purchasing a quality travel tripod implied going with a collapsing model with reversible legs—reduced, yet at the same time something that goes outwardly of most camera packs. Pinnacle Design has reframed the idea with its Travel Tripod, a Kickstarter sweetheart currently coming to retail in an aluminum adaptation for $349.95, or in a lighter carbon fiber release for $599.95. We took the last for a test drive and saw it as worth each penny, just as our Editors’ Choice. Round Legs Are Out At the point when its legs are shut, the Travel Tripod has a comparative impression to a protected container, something different tripods can’t coordinate. There’s a designing accomplishment made to arrive—the broadening legs aren’t round. Rather, the cylinders have sloped edges and level surfaces—harder to manufacture, however with less squandered space.

Exploding Kittens

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding

Exploding Kittens is a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. Players take turns drawing cards until someone draws an exploding kitten and loses the game. The deck is made up of cards that let you avoid exploding by peeking at cards before you draw, forcing your opponent to draw multiple cards, or shuffling the deck. The game gets more and more intense with each card you draw because fewer cards left in the deck means a greater chance of drawing the kitten and exploding in a fiery ball of feline hyperbole.

Why We love it – My companions are playing Exploding Kittens just because. Strain elevates as one individual draws a card, asking it doesn’t illuminate his fate. The turn passes, and the following player grunts. She has played a card titled, “See the Future – Crawl inside a goat butt and see numerous wondrous things.” “Denied!” says the following player, displaying a card that peruses, “The Pope of Nope has spoken,” and the pressure breaks totally. The whole table emits in an unconstrained snicker fit. Straightforward principles, clever workmanship and a record-breaking Kickstarter—even before Exploding Kittens was conveyed, I figured it must be acceptable. Testing it out with a gathering of my eight dearest companions, I saw this game as easy to learn, however sufficiently able to connect with everybody until the end.

The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding

Introducing the Everyday Bags

Like all Peak Design products, our new bags are packed full of features and meticulously engineered. They are designed from the ground up to be both the best camera bags and the best everyday carry on the planet.


Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding

30 seconds of your time could make the difference in growing the Fidget Cube community. Hit one of the buttons below and tag a friend or coworker who can’t stop fidgeting!

Why We love it: Of late, I’m considerably more questionable about Kickstarters than I used to be — I’ve been singed too often by postponements, disappointments, or essentially awful quality. Be that as it may, when I saw the Fidget Cube, a work area contraption intended to keep inert hands occupied, I joined right away. “By what means can such a basic thing be postponed?” I thought. All things considered, it was — regardless of getting supported barely short of 6.5 million (!) dollars — and that hole was quickly loaded up with knockoffs. Regardless, my solid shape showed up today and it’s cute. It has little geegaws for you to mess with on five of six sides. The geegaws are: mix lock handles, a little joystick, a rolly ball, a couple of catches of fluctuating clickiness, a switch, and a turning dial. The entire thing feels excessively little from the outset, until you understand that it’s intended to sit in the convict of your finger. The vast majority of little knick-knacks feel all around constructed and fulfilling to push/dial/turn/click.



Pimax: The World’s First 8K VR Headset

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding

The 8K VR headset is just a starting point for DIY enthusiasts. With modular design in mind, we made Pimax 8K an extendable device that not only works with your current accessories, but also allows easy implementation of new technologies. e.g. hand motion, inside-out tracking, wireless, eye tracking, etc. “…a very early but extremly impressive prototype using an advanced laser tracking system and 2 4k screens, one for each eye. Additionaly the system has 2 perfectly working all-orientation controllers for a wide range of applications. The system has by far the best resolution, movement tracking and Field of view of all systems I have tested ad the exhibiton. ” JL2579 2017.09.05 “The 200 degree FOV does make an enormous difference. You no longer feel like you are wearing ski goggles. It feels like natural vision since your periphery is no longer blocked.” “8k resolution truly feels next-gen. There was zero screen door effect. Objects looked perfectly solid and you could see the details up close. There was no aliasing. Apart from the obvious graphical artwork of the world, there was nothing to indicate I was in a digital world. It felt like a real, solid world.” “Going back to Oculus Rift after trying the Pimax feels like wearing a last-gen headset. Like using the iPhone before its ‘Retina’ display.” Movingfulcrum 2017.03.15

Why we love it: The bounce in clearness was evident from the second I put on the headset. Fine content is regularly hard to peruse on contending headsets, and subtleties can show up darkened or vigorously associated. Not so on the Pimax 8K X. The demo, a straightforward pilot training program circle, gave me numerous little checks to peruse. I had no issue making them out. The Pimax has something most headsets come up short on; a genuine feeling of fringe vision. It’s a tremendous jump from playing Elite Dangerous on the Oculus Rift DK1, where interface subtleties were frequently cerebral pain initiating to peruse. It’s a littler jump over the Valve Index, yet recognizable.


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G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-on Luggage

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding G-RO is the world’s first bag in a whole new category: it’s a companion bag—a bag specifically designed to accompany on-the-go people, whether they are traveling around the block or around the globe. We all know travel can be a hassle. The more you do it, the more tiring and frustrating it becomes. To get from here to there, too many of us depend on inferior bags, travel gear and accessories.


It’s a new kind of crossover bag: a companion bag. We designed it for on-the-go people to be large enough to take on a week-long trip yet maneuverable, durable and light enough for your daily commute.


All other rolling luggage is basically a box on casters. Their little wheels break more often; they travel badly over bumps, bricks, grates, snow and sand; they weaken the luggage design with more rivets, screws and reinforcements; they require more parts to assemble and break; they reduce the available volume; and they often cause awkward nooks in the interior space. But because of our ingenious patented wheel design, G-RO:

  • feels lighter: the center of gravity of the load is closer of the center of the wheels;
  • rolls easier: the big wheels perform so much better over all terrains, and glide effortlessly on smooth surfaces;
  • lasts longer: the case and wheels are integrally designed and reinforce each other;
  • packs smarter: there’s more interior space than other bags of similar weight and volume;
  • looks better: form follows function, and these wheels tell you this is smart design.


Our aircraft-grade aluminum handle is longer and stronger, too. It extends six inches further than the industry standard, with stops at multiple levels for people of all heights. This gives you better leverage than other rollaboards, and makes it extra comfortable to pull your G-RO.

At the point when an organization called G-RO hit the unexpectedly thick keen baggage showcase in late 2016, it won a lofty Edison Award for plan in the gear class, destroying built up brands like Tumi and Modobag. Presently, without a moment to spare for the Christmas season, G-RO has discharged an updated variant of its lead item including a few prominent additional items. Does it merit its $399 beginning sticker price? We should investigate. With respect to a portion of the advantages you won’t quickly notice: Handle length comes through in the grasp. With four set situations en route, a scope of alternatives makes it simple to discover a place that fits best with your stature and influence inclinations. There are additionally several shrouded pockets between the handle lodging where identifications, keys and a wallet can be advantageously reserved inside simple reach — and near the model’s two fixed USB outlets. Inside, capacity is clear, with just two or three zip-close work pockets coating the dividers. It comes up short on the seclusion of a portion of its extravagance partners. The outside shell is portrayed by its producers as “overly solid, ballistic nylon.” Many explorers depend on the hard shell choice and there’s nothing about the development here — regardless of how ballistic it might be — that will persuade them to do the switch. It’s actually a matter of individual inclination. For my situation, the rough polymer along the edges made me happy with reserving my progressively delicate belongings inside. The additional flexibility of a nylon body is a lot for me to leave behind, yet the brand will profit by offering an all out hard shell in ensuing models. While I didn’t get to completely test the case, G-RO sells itself as water-safe. What I can vouch for is its sturdiness. The general feel is rough, yet reasonable. Light, however strong. Also, each pack comes furnished with a lifetime guarantee. Accessible in twelve shading alternatives going from customary dark on dark to conspicuous pastels in pink and yellow, G-RO is a thoroughly thought out, if insignificantly advertised item. As demonstration of its statement of-mouth claim, the organization offers a $50 PayPal refund to any individual who alludes a companion — an invite markdown on a sizable speculation. In spite of the fact that there is similar baggage out there that sells for less, this item feels all around assembled and will subsequently may last longer than less expensive clones. In the event that no one but I could say the equivalent regarding the advanced gadgetry I’ll be putting away inside it.


12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding

I was about to sign a typical financing deal in order to get the money to make “Wish I Was Here,” my follow up to “Garden State.” It would have involved making a lot of sacrifices I think would have ultimately hurt the film. I’ve been a backer for several projects on Kickstarter and thought the concept was fascinating and revolutionary for artists and innovators of all kinds. But I didn’t imagine it could work on larger-scale projects. I was wrong. After I saw the incredible way “Veronica Mars” fans rallied around Kristen Bell and her show’s creator Rob Thomas, I couldn’t help but think (like I’m sure so many other independent filmmakers did) maybe there is a new way to finance smaller, personal films that didn’t involve signing away all your artistic control. Financing an independent film the traditional way often means having to give away your right to “the final cut,” casting choices, location choices and cutting down your script to make it shoot-able on the cheapest budget possible.

Until you mostly give up to its fundamental cooperative attitude and truthfulness, watching “Wish I Was Here” resembles watching a test in a true to life test kitchen. The energetic cooks are looking for a perfect mix of natural flavors and surfaces as they devise what they expectation will end up being another, improved formula for that old reserve, Thoughtful Comic Entertainment. The man in a white sterile jacket is Zach Braff, who coordinated the film from a screenplay he composed with his sibling Adam Braff and who stars as Aidan Bloom, a trying on-screen character. Mr. Braff basically comes out of TV sitcoms (“Scrubs”), and it appears. His first component film, “Garden State,” a moderate outside the box hit 10 years prior, was basically a TV satire with claims to be a generational touchstone. “Wish I Was Here,” which examines the unrest of a white collar class Los Angeles family, is the equivalent exclusive inexpensive food masked as haute cooking.

Gravity: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding

Gravity is a premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket that harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to gently distribute deep pressure across your body. Engineered to be around 10% of your body weight, Gravity helps relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. This increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels—improving your mood and promoting restful sleep at the same time. All without ever filling a prescription.

At the point when first I got a Gravity Blanket to try out, I had enormous designs for transforming it into a logical test. I would wear an Apple Watch, I contemplated, to test how my pulse reacted to a weighted cover. I intended to take notes about my disposition and feelings of anxiety to gauge whether the cover could really loosen up my focal sensory system and quiet me down. The issue is, I continued nodding off. For any individual who hasn’t knew about the Gravity Blanket or weighted covers when all is said in done, consider it like a Thundershirt for people. The idea driving weighted covers is that lying underneath consistent and uniformly appropriated weight will create a quieting and loosening up impact. Studies have indicated that weighted vests or covers can likewise help those with mental imbalance range issue, ADHD, high nervousness, or a sleeping disorder. Yet, at the most fundamental level, weighted covers for the most part simply feel like a delicate embrace. Gravity’s variant of the weighted cover started as a Kickstarter venture in 2017. Gravity raised more than $4.7 million from almost 24,000 supporters to make a rich, single-individual cover that weighs as much as 25 pounds. Presently, Gravity says it’s sold in excess of 60,000 weighted covers, coming about in $15 million in deals. Gravity has now extended its item lineup to incorporate a weighted rest veil, a cooling cover for the individuals who “rest hot,” and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I got the opportunity to try out the first $250 Gravity Blanket and the $30 weighted veil for half a month. I offered them up to companions, associates, and any individual who was happy to sit with a 20-pound cover on them. For certain individuals, the experience felt odd and awkward. Others depicted it as “belly like.” Me? I had the absolute best rests of my life.

eufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery

12 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2020 - A case study of crowdfunding

Hate getting robbed? Love solving mysteries? Installing a security camera might seem like an obvious answer for surveillance, but it may surprise you that only 3 out of 10 homes have any sort of security device set up. And, as basic as a security camera system might seem, you’ll be surprised to know that other cameras on the market actually present more problems than solutions.

The pack accompanies various mounts for introducing the camera outside or inside. The open air mount expects you to penetrate a couple of openings into an outside divider, at that point embed the provided grapples and screws into the mounting section. Next, you’ll screw the mount into the section and the camera onto the mount. Inside, you can stick the camera attractively onto any iron surface or introduce it on any divider, including drywall, utilizing the indoor mount. Here you’ll have to append a section to the divider utilizing a solitary screw, at that point join an attractive ball mount to the section and stick the camera ready mount. Execution I mounted one camera over my front entryway and the other on a side outside divider confronting the passageway to my garage. In every area, the camera’s wide-point see gave me sufficient inclusion of the general condition. Live and caught video was sharp with precise hues in day mode and solid difference when night vision was dynamic. In either mode, you can focus in on the live video by squeezing the picture with little loss of picture quality. Movement recognition worked dependably in my tests, and alarms showed up expeditiously. There are a few different ways to calibrate the pertinence of movement notices. The first is the camera’s working mode. The application offers four to look over during to establishment process: the ideal battery-life choice cutoff points video cut length to 20 seconds and consequently modifies the location timespan to decrease the opportunity that the camera will identify a similar occasion on different occasions; ideal reconnaissance mode grows the video cut length as long as 60 seconds and records every occasion however much as could reasonably be expected; and altered account mode lets you set all the parameters. You can change working modes whenever in the application settings. You can additionally modify movement recognition by expanding or diminishing the affectability on a slider and making action zones. In the last case, the camera will possibly send you a caution and record video when movement is identified in one of these zones (it will at present record action exterior these zones without alarming you). A human-discovery alternative makes the camera attempt—generally effectively—to perceive human shapes and channel out vehicles, creatures, and other moving items. It will likewise endeavor to recognize and distinguish faces in the video picture, however I saw the individual had as confronting directly into the focal point for this to work. eufycam 2 occasions Michael Ansaldo/IDGVideo clasps can be spared locally or in the cloud. The application The Eufy Security application has a clear interface that makes it simple to intuit camera controls. It opens to the home screen indicating every single associated camera, each showing its last caught picture. Tapping one opens its live feed, with a toolbar on the base that incorporates catches for physically recording video, taking a screen capture of the feed, enacting two-way talk, and quieting/unmuting the camera’s speaker. A three-line symbol opens another arrangement of catches. These thus open a library of spared video cuts, turn night vision on and off, initiate the framework’s installed alarm, and access the camera settings. An occasions tab on the home screen lets you browse a group of four of preconfigured security modes. In the default Home mode, the camera will recognize movement, record video, and push cautions to your telephone. In Away mode, the camera will do likewise and sound an alert to frighten away any interlopers. Timetable mode permits you to consequently actuate Away mode during preset occasions, so you don’t have to make sure to flip it on each time you leave for work, for instance, while Disarmed mode turns movement discovery off totally. In Geofencing mode, the framework utilizes your telephone’s GPS to flag it to initiate your preferred method when you’re away from home. Decision The EufyCam 2 is a convincing starter choice in case you’re searching for an outside surveillance camera. However, so is the Arlo Pro 2. While the Arlo Pro 2 is not, at this point Arlo’s best surveillance camera (that would be the expensive Arlo Ultra), it is HomeKit perfect and it costs about $50 not exactly the EufyCam 2. All that stated, the EufyCam 2’s year-long battery life will legitimize the more significant expense tag for some.

1. Slate – Mobile Airdesk 

What we like about this campaign: SIMPLICITY:  It’s a simple idea that will appeal to a large market.  All the reward levels actually go back to the same product – the slate.  The increasing reward levels created an element of “Act Now” because there were only a limited number of products at each price point.  The video uses fun, uplifting music to convey the simplicity of the brand. GREAT DESIGN: Slate did the work to create a product with great design and used the same simple design aesthetic throughout the rest of their branding. LOTS OF PHOTOS: Photos keep the reader engaged and create a real life closer look at what they will be investing in. The text on the photos is also a great way to highlight the benefits of the product. How you can integrate this strategy: If you are launching a product, hire a professional photographer to create a beautiful stream of photos to add to the crowdfunding page.  Choose a simple set of fonts to use throughout the branding, and think about using the product in multiple levels of rewards to create the incentive for funders to “Act Now.”

2. Photographs of THE BAND – The Book 

What we like about this campaign:  EMOTIONAL CONNECTION TO THE PERSON BEHIND THE PROJECT: This video creates a nostalgic feeling that instantly connects the viewer to the man behind the project.  Everything from the music to the photos create a story that draws the viewer in to create an emotional connection. A BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK: The first line states: A Fine-Art photography book of Elliott Landy’s photographs of THE BAND—featuring both his iconic and never-before-seen images.”  The video gives a behind-the-scenes look at the never-before-seen images.  This approach creates curiosity in the viewer to stick around and find out more.   How you can integrate this strategy: Think back to WHY it is important for you to create your project.  Tell a personal story to emotionally connect with the viewer.

3. The Micro – The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer

What we like about this campaign:  PROFESSIONAL HIGH QUALITY VIDEO:  A high quality video is a huge key to a successful project.  This video has great color, sound, and high quality picture.  It shows the viewer “We mean business with this project.”   You may also notice how the shots seamlessly glide through the frame.  This is with the glide-cam – one of our favorite tools that we use in our videos. “WE DID IT” MINDSET:  Creating a small-consumer sized 3D Printer is not an easy feat.  The whole video carries the energy “We did it.  We accomplished the impossible.”  The kickstarter was actually the celebration of years of hard work. How you can integrate this strategy:  When you do all the work beforehand and launch your project with a “We did it” mindset you’re already set up to succeed.  Allow your kickstarter to be a way to show and share all the hard work you’ve already done.  And, when you go the extra-mile to look like a pro with a high quality video, you set your project up for success from the start.  If you’re curious about our video production services, you can calculate a bid for your project.

4. The Beehive Collective Epic-Story Graphic, Mesoamerica Resiste!

What we like about this campaign:  CONNECTION TO A WORLD VISION: The Beehive Collective shares a story of a larger vision of what they see for the world.  The project tells a story of our Earth and what needs to be done to protect it.  It is a form of education and brings awareness on how we can create a better world. ANIMATIONS:  At the end of the video during the call to action, the beehive created beautiful animations of flowers, bees, plant and wildlife blossoming around the Earth.  It is visually engaging and makes the viewer think, “Wow, these people put a lot of time into this.” How you can integrate this strategy:  Ask yourself, “What do I stand for?”  “What kind of world do I envision?”  “How will this project help to create that world?”  Consider using animations as an added visual element in your video.

5.  Dream, Girl: The Documentary 

What we like about this campaign:  TEAMWORK:  Many women were interviewed for this project.  Sharing the vision and ideas of a larger collective creates a bigger ripple effect in social media and word-of-mouth sharing about the project. How you can integrate this strategy:  Consider how you can collaborate or bring in more people’s voices into your vision and idea.  This not only spreads the collective message of many, but will help in your marketing efforts in getting the project out to the masses.

6.  Project 362: Changing The Way We See Native America 

What we like about this campaign:  GRATITUDE:  Matika expresses gratitude throughout the video for all that has happened as she tells the story.  Gratitude is a great way to show your thanks for all that has already happened and attract more likeminded people to get behind the project. CREDIBILITY: Because Matika already had one successful crowdfunding campaign before this project, it shows her ability to follow through and create beautiful results from the funding.  This creates trust for a viewer to get behind her next endeavor. BEAUTIFUL IMAGERY: The still images woven throughout the video show the beauty that has already been created through the funding of the project. How you can integrate this strategy:  Ask yourself, “Who and what am I grateful for?  What good things have happened to even be in the position I am in now?  Focus on what you’re grateful for and you’ll be sure to attract more of it.

7.  Galileo.  Your iOS in Motion

What we like about this campaign:  HUMOR:  It’s always a good idea to capture your viewers with a laugh.  In the first 30 seconds of his video, Josh shows some scenarios where the person trying to Facetime with their family cannot see what is going on on the other side.  It made me chuckle to see the grandma trying to see the birthday party on the other side of the camera.  Just a hint of humor made us feel more connected to the project and much more likely to support it. How you can integrate this strategy:  Does your project solve a common problem?  Consider how you can bring a few laughs into the project.