A Comprehensive Guide To Various Types Of Product Explainer Videos
One effective way to convey your message and showcase the benefit of your product is through explainer videos. These short, attractive, and engaging videos are designed to explain the product clearly and concisely. Here, we will explore various product explainer videos to help you choose the right approach for your business.

These videos are powerful marketing tools, providing a visual and compelling way to showcase a product and highlight its unique selling points, ultimately influencing the viewer’s understanding and decision-making process.

Animated Explainer Videos
What is an Explainer Video? | Animated Explainer Video


These types of video content use animation, a combination of graphics and motion design, to convey a message or explain a concept. They often employ a narrative structure to tell a story. The combination of music, voiceovers, and sound effects creates a memorable experience for the viewers. Since real-world limitations do not bind animated characters and scenes, animated explainer videos can have universal appeal.

Simplification of Concepts

It allows for simplification and visualization of complex concepts or processes. It makes explaining a new technology or showcasing a product’s features easier.


Their shareability and engaging nature effectively capture audience attention as they can be used on various platforms, including, social media, and email campaigns.

Live Action Explainer Videos

These videos feature real people, settings, and physical objects to explain or showcase a product or concept. These videos provide a human touch and authenticity, allowing the audience to connect with the content on a personal level.

Product demonstration

These are well suited for showing the actual use of the product. This helps people to see the demonstration and tangibly feel the product.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

These are a form of explainer videos that imitate the process of someone drawing on a whiteboard to explain the concept or convey the information. They generally include sketching images, texts, diagrams, and a voiceover explaining the content.


Visual Simplicity

These animation videos are known for their simple and clean visual style. The focus on basic drawing makes the content easily understandable.

Storytelling Element

Videos incorporate storytelling elements to make the content more relatable and memorable. These videos can capture and maintain the viewer’s attention by presenting information in a narrative format.

Attention Grabbing

The visual aspects of watching things happening in real time are attention-grabbing. This is useful for holding the viewer’s interest throughout the video.

Screencast Videos

Recording of the actions taking place on a computer or mobile device screen. It includes audio narration to provide narration or commentaries on the demonstrated action. These are mainly used to create tutorial or other form of instructional content.

Screen Recording

The primary focus of a screencast is to capture what is happening on the screen of the computer or the mobile device.

Instructional Content

Screencasts are often created to teach the viewers how to perform a task or use a particular software. They are valuable tools for online learning and tutorials.

Editing Capabilities

They undergo editing to enhance the final product. It includes cutting out unnecessary sections, adding annotations, and highlighting important areas.

Sharing and Distribution

Once created, these videos can be easily distributed. These are commonly shared on social media platforms like YouTube or included in online courses for educational purposes.

Testimonial Videos

The type of video content that features satisfied customers, clients, or users sharing their positive experiences and opinions about a product or brand. The videos include specific examples of how the customers or organization benefited from the product. These videos are a very effective marketing tool as they provide authentic and relatable perspectives and help build customer trust.

Real People, Real Experience

Testimonial videos feature clients and customers sharing their genuine experiences and opinions. This helps potential customers to relate to the product.

Emotional Appeal

These videos often evoke emotions by showing a product or service’s impact on the customers’ lives or the organization giving the testimonials.


Testimonial videos may include call-to-action, Encouraging viewers to take a specific step, such as signing up for a trial or contacting the company for more information.


Product Demonstration Videos

It is a type of video content that shows how a product works, its features, and its benefits through a visual and interactive representation. These videos are designed to provide potential customers with a clear understanding of the product’s functionality.

Clear Explanation

The videos include narration or on-screen texts to explain the features of the product and its functionality, specifications, and how it addresses the needs of potential customers.

Use Cases

The videos describe various use cases and scenarios in which the product will be beneficial. It helps the customers or organizations visualize how the product or service can fit into their lives or cater to their needs.

Demonstrators or Hosts

Depending upon the video, a host or demonstrator may guide the viewers by answering the potential questions and offering additional information.

How-To Videos

These, also known as tutorial or instructional videos, are video content that provides step-by-step guidance on performing a specific task or accomplishing a goal. These are created to assist the viewers in various tutorial projects or skills.

Step-by-Step Instructions

It breaks down the whole project or process into manageable parts, helping the viewers at every stage and making it easier for them at every step.

Visual Aids

Graphics, diagrams, and animations are used to enhance understanding. These elements can highlight the essential points, making it easier for the viewers to understand the product quickly.

Remarkable Product Explainer Videos By Big Brands



The whiteboard Animation video used by US  boot and shoe brands is an example of explaining the product.


The customers Testimonial Videos by Ford.



The animated explainer video by Nike for showing their Air Max270 used the best animation here.


Choosing the right type of product explainer video depends on your product and target audience. You should go for a particular video or a combination of different styles. The final goal is to explain your product to potential customers straightforwardly and effectively.


Make sure you choose a reliable video production company to get started with quality video content creation for your business.