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A commercial | kickstarter video production company. Strategic branded video commercials for your social marketing, youtube ads, or kickstarter. Award winning, premium quality. Ultimate customer service, and the latest post-production workflows, including commercial grade color correction and digital polishing, at a portion of what many commercial video companies cost. 4K film rigs, Photography, Multi Media filmmakers, achieving the fusion of cinematic beauty, with videos that actually convert.

From Kickstarter to Indiegogo, IGTV and Snapchat, our team has already forged ahead to meet the unique needs within the video market.  It’s not just that we are one of the best affordable video production companies in San Francisco and Denver, or that we can operate with ease in San Diego and Austin, it’s that we optimize every part of the process, plan ahead, and adjust everything to meet the highest level of specification.  We understand what works for 30 second TV spots all the way to 4 minute Investor pitches. And we can offer compelling short cuts so that you can address the video needs of every screen size and media channel. Turn your video into an omnidirectional customer magnet. Just view our website or send us a message and let us know what you need!


  • Live Action Video Commercials
  • Explainer Videos
  • Cinematic Kickstarter Videos
  • Creative Scripting & Storyboarding
  • Logistics & Casting
  • Cinematography
  • Production Crews
  • Drone Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Mixing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Voice Overs
  • Music Licensing

Serving the greater San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, and New York, California area and beyond.

From video concept development to production and editing, we are proud to be an award-winning full-service video production company based in Los Angeles, California.


We sit with our clients to understand their goals only to deliver intriguing visuals that achieve their objectives proficiently.


With our passion and commitment to creating high-quality TV commercial videos, music videos, promotional videos, branded web content videos and corporate videos, we take on every project with utmost care and love.

As we successfully work and build solid professional relationships with companies, artists, creative agencies, and other local video production companies, our aim is to produce videos that are appealing, entertaining, and effective.

Serving the greater Los Angeles, CA area and beyond.

Vitascope Arts is a full service commercial and corporate video production company that specializes in helping businesses tell the world about their products.


Step 1 — Plan every detail

After working with you to define the concept, we write a detailed script and storyboard with things like sets and characters. If you like what you see, we start locking down locations, actors, and equipment.

Step 2 — Shoot everything in sight

Once we build a shot list, we move into full production where we’ll spend anywhere from 1 to 5 days filming. We’re perfectionists, so we take time to make sure we get everything we need.

Step 3 — Make it perfect



Serving the greater Los Angeles, CA area and beyond.

Kasra Design™ is an award winning animation company specializing in the production of 2D & 3D explainer videos and motion graphics.

We produce effective videos that educate and entertain viewers. Through creative interpretation of a product or service, we help organizations and businesses simplify complex ideas, promote products, create an awareness about special causes or plan a Youtube video campaign.

BLACK STREET ENTERTAINMENT specializes in curating innovative, thought-provoking, and trendsetting pieces, producing projects ranging from commercials and music videos to film and television. Made up of a group of diverse, accomplished team-players, our company is dedicated to creating groundbreaking, unparalleled content that inspires and impacts society.


Here at Black Street we pride ourselves in delivering projects on time and above expectations. Our content has garnered hundreds of millions of views online and continues to gain hundreds of thousands everyday.

Serving the greater Los Angeles, California area and beyond.

We believe in Mavericks. People who push industries, human thought, and technology so far forward that it stirs the zeitgeist. These individuals give a pulse to our economy and our generation. They’re mavericks because thinking beyond conventional boundaries brings a new perspective to an obstacle in life and shatters the barriers that slow humans from evolving.

We are so inspired by these people’s stories that we bring the same level of thinking and dedication to each video production project that a maverick would bring to a challenge. I


It doesn’t always require a blockbuster budget to tell that story, but it does require a creative and dedicated video production team to create that spark. We’re honored that our clients in Los Angeles and around the world trust us to get that job done.

Serving the greater Los Angeles, Van Nuys, CA area and beyond.

Sparkhouse is an Orange County-based video marketing, advertising, and video production company, fusing expertise in the art of filmmaking with an intuitive grasp of the digital world. The company tailors branded films and commercials with bold storytelling, cinematic production value, and exciting innovation. Read on to see why we’re the best of all the southern California video production companies!

GoDRTV specializes in Direct-Response! That means creating immediate action from prospects by giving them compelling reasons to buy what you’re selling, NOT next week, NOT tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW! We achieve results by focusing on lowering your CPL (Cost Per Lead) and increasing your Conversion Rate. We have successfully achieved results for Fortune 500 companies, startups, PR firms, ad agencies, non-profits and government agencies worldwide. GoDRTV’s clients include Life Alert, AT&T, Nissan, Disney, ABC, Lionsgate and many more.

Brandefy is a top-ranked Los Angeles video production company. Set up a free consultation today and see how affordable getting results with video can be!

Video tells your story, leverages time, compels action, trains, informs and creates.

High-quality video with great messaging and thoughtful implementation is worth its weight in gold. We have believed firmly in this since our inception. With over 1500 video productions under our belt as Garlic Media Group, we know what works.

We are based out of our studio in Denver Colorado and our people and reach is nation-wide. From Coast to Coast we work with a large variety of clients, agencies and firms to create impactful content.

Let us help you bring your company to life.

There are recipes to create the success that we have formulated, you may be refreshingly surprised by our suggestions.

Are You Ready for Your Big Break in Hollywood? Welcome to San Diego, the burgeoning epicenter for filmmakers and actors looking for their big break in Hollywood. Whether you’re a producer, director, writer, actor, or another professional looking to break into the entertainment industry, San Diego is the place for you. Our city has a rich history in filmmaking that dates back over a century. Our rich cultural diversity, sublime Mediterranean climate, and endless array of picturesque locations make San Diego a can’t-miss shooting location. From the golden age of Hollywood in the 1920s, to the revolution of independent films in the ‘60s, to the blockbuster age of the 21st century, San Diego continues to be a hot spot for filmmakers. We’ve been home to iconic films like Jaws, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Traffic, as well as countless independent films that have captured the hearts and minds of viewers around the world. More recently, San Diego has become a haven for filmmakers looking to create their own masterpieces. Our city has become a unique destination for independent filmmakers, offering a wide range of resources, equipment, and professional services to help bring any project to life. San Diego is home to some of the world’s most prolific film production studios, including the world-renowned Paramount Studios. This legendary complex has hosted blockbuster films like Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mission: Impossible. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular set, a state-of-the-art soundstage, or the latest and greatest in digital filmmaking equipment, Manta Ray Studios has you covered. At Manta Ray Studios, you’ll find an experienced team of knowledgeable and passionate professionals to help you bring your vision to life. Our facilities offer you the room to be creative in your filmmaking endeavors and explore new concepts and ideas. We provide experienced technicians and up-to-date tools to ensure that you can create a film that is unique and captivating. If you’re looking to make a Hollywood-caliber film in San Diego, look no further than Manta Ray Studios. We offer all the necessary amenities to make your film a success both critically and financially. We even have a special discount for independent filmmakers looking to make a name for themselves in the San Diego film industry. Our experienced staff can answer any questions you may have about making a Hollywood-style film in San Diego. We understand that the filmmaking process can be daunting at times, so we strive to create an environment in which you feel comfortable and empowered to make the film of your dreams. So, if you’re ready to take your filmmaking career to the next level, come to Manta Ray Studios and make San Diego your Hollywood destination. We look forward to helping you make your mark in the entertainment industry.

Welcome to San Diego Hollywood Films – the best video companies in San Diego for the last 20 years. Since 2001, we’ve been producing high-quality videos for a variety of industries in San Diego, from corporate videos to music videos to feature films. We’ve become the go-to choice for filmmakers in the area thanks to our commitment to delivering superior quality at an affordable price. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a great impression on a limited budget, or a professional filmmaker in need of a team that can handle the heavy lifting,

San Diego Hollywood Films can provide the solution you’re looking for. We understand that every project is unique, so we work closely with our clients to develop a plan that will not only meet their needs, but also exceed their expectations. We have a vast array of services, from pre-production planning, to shooting on-location, to post-production, that we can offer to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. We’re proud to say that we’ve worked alongside some of the biggest brands in San Diego, providing high-quality videos that capture the true essence of the city’s culture and spirit.

From San Diego Padres’ games at Petco Park to the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park, we’ve filmed for a variety of clients in a variety of locations around the city. Our team of experienced professionals has the technical skills to create the perfect video for any occasion, whether it’s for a corporate event, a music promo, or a feature film. We use the latest camera and audio equipment to capture the highest quality audio and visuals, and we’re always up to date on the latest trends in video and post-production. We understand that budget is always a concern, so we offer competitive rates that won’t blow your budget. We have packages to suit every budget, from basic packages to full-scale production packages, so you can be sure that you’ll get the best value for your money.

At San Diego Hollywood Films, we take pride in creating high-quality videos that capture the true spirit of the city and beyond. So if you’re looking for the best video companies in San Diego, look no further – we’re your go-to choice for all your video production needs. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you bring your vision to life.

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Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York are a city of many faces, from its sunny beaches and iconic Hollywood sign to its vibrant culture and colorful neighborhoods. It is also the home to some of the most talented videographers and cinematographers in the world. From their stunning visuals to their captivating stories, these videographers have been pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a camera. In this travelogue, we’ll explore the unique artistry and lifestyles of the top ten Los Angeles videographers, and crown one of them with the title of the Best Videographer in Los Angeles.

Our journey begins with the award-winning team of Jonathan and Michaela Miller of Miller Brothers Productions. This dynamic duo has been producing stunning visual stories for over a decade and have earned numerous awards for their work, including an Emmy and a Peabody. Their work is often cinematic in nature, and their stories are masterfully crafted. As Michaela says, “We strive to create beautiful and emotionally powerful images that capture the essence of a place, a person, or an event.” Next, we move on to Paris-based cinematographer and director,

Maxime Tandonnet. His artistry is best described as “dream-like” and he has crafted some of the most stunning visuals in the industry. His work has been seen in advertising campaigns for brands such as Apple and Nike, as well as feature films like “Amelie” and “The Artist.” Our third stop is with the award-winning director, writer and producer, Andrew Young. His work has been featured in countless television shows and commercials, and he is best known for his cinematic style and distinct visual aesthetic.

His work is highly sought after and he is sought after by some of the biggest names in the industry. Fourth on our list is the multi-talented filmmaker, Chris Do. After starting his career as an editor, he went on to become a director and cinematographer. His work is often praised for its emotional depth and his ability to make the audience feel something. He has worked on projects for brands like Nike and Apple, and his latest film “The Fits” was a critical and commercial success.

Fifth on our list is the award-winning filmmaker and photographer, Kaitlyn Kravitz. She is known for her unique visual style and her ability to capture complex emotions in a single frame. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and her short film “A Boy and His Dog” won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. Sixth on our list is the acclaimed director, editor, and cinematographer, David Ayer. He is best known for his work on feature films such as “End of Watch” and “Fury” as well as television shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Suicide Squad.”

His work is often praised for its breathtaking visuals and he has been nominated for several Emmy awards. Seventh on our list is the multi-talented director, cinematographer and photographer, Ross Ching. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times Magazine and National Geographic. He has also worked on projects for clients such as Apple, Nike and Google, and his latest film “Invisible” won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Eighth on our list is the award-winning cinematographer and director, Shane Hurlbut.

His work is often praised for its cinematic beauty and he has been hired by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. His most recent project is the upcoming film “The Promise,” which he shot in Morocco. Ninth on our list is the Emmy-winning cinematographer, director and producer, Michael McDonough. His work has been featured in feature films such as “World War Z” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” as well as television shows like “The Walking Dead” and “The Good Wife.” He is known for his stunning visuals and his ability to capture the emotion of a scene.

Finally, we come to the tenth and final stop on our list, the award-winning team of Start Motion Media Production Company. This dynamic duo has been producing stunning visual stories for over a decade and have earned numerous awards for their work, including an Emmy and a Peabody. Their work is often cinematic in nature, and their stories are masterfully crafted. As the team says, “Our mission is to create stunning visual stories that captivate and inspire.”

After exploring the unique artistry and lifestyles of the top ten Los Angeles videographers, it is time to crown one of them with the title of Best Videographer in Los Angeles. After careful consideration, the award goes to Start Motion Media Production Company. Their stunning visuals and captivating stories have made them stand out from the rest and they have earned numerous awards for their work. They are truly the best videographers in Los Angeles and they have set the bar for the rest of the industry. Congratulations to Start Motion Media Production Company!

At Start Motion Media Production, we use unique, cutting-edge processes to capture the highest quality footage and post-production work. We understand that each project is unique and requires a specialized approach. We have an in-depth understanding of the motion picture industry and the importance and techniques of storytelling. Our team of experienced professionals use the latest technologies to ensure that the footage is consistent and of the highest professional quality. Our team is well-versed in various cinematographic techniques such as camera angles, lighting, framing, and special effects. We also use a variety of editing software to produce the best end product for our clients.

Start Motion Media Production values the human capital of our team members. We strive to create a collaborative, exciting, and inspiring work environment where everyone can reach their fullest potential.

We understand the importance of rewarding and recognizing top performance, and strive to cultivate a positive culture. We strongly believe in developing our team members’ skills and fostering an environment of collaboration. Business Operations At Start Motion Media Production, we understand that the success of our business depends on our operations. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients by delivering results on time and on budget. We are organized and efficient in our approach, and our team is well-versed in business operations practices. We strive to deliver our products in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Tech Innovations

At Start Motion Media Production, we strive to stay ahead of the industry trends. We understand the importance of utilizing the most advanced technology to capture and deliver stunning content. We use the industry’s leading technologies and tools to ensure that our videos are of the highest quality and that our post-production work flows seamlessly. We invest heavily in the training and development of our team, to ensure that they are using the best and most innovative tools and techniques. Startup Life At Start Motion Media Production, we strive to create an energetic and inspiring work environment. We understand the importance of having a team of highly motivated, creative, and talented individuals. We strive to maintain a collaborative and open culture, where ideas can be shared and new approaches can be explored. We believe in the power of starting up, and we are committed to fostering a culture of growth and innovation. CS At Start Motion Media Production, we strive to provide outstanding customer service to our clients. We recognize the importance of building strong relationships with our clients, and strive to provide an exceptional experience. We are knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to our clients’ needs and expectations. We provide the highest level of customer service, from the initial enquiry to the delivery of the final product.

Onboarding Processes

At Start Motion Media Production, we believe in creating a seamless onboarding process for our new team members. We want to ensure that our team is well-equipped and prepared for the tasks and responsibilities that come with the job. We provide comprehensive training and development programs to ensure that our team members are up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques. We also have an onboarding process to ensure that our team members understand our business operations and values.

Start Motion Media Production Company is an established Los Angeles Videographer that specializes in creating high-end commercial and business video content for clients in the entertainment industry. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, using cutting-edge processes to ensure that our videos are of the highest quality. We strive to create an inspiring and collaborative culture, while staying ahead of the industry trends with the most advanced technology. We also prioritize customer service, providing an exceptional experience and ensuring that our team is well-prepared for the tasks and responsibilities that come with the job. Start Motion Media Production is committed to delivering results on time and on budget, making us the perfect choice for your next video project.

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