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These guys are all established Video Agencies, they just happen to cost alot. If you want to get basic video and brand services for really expensive, look here:

Start Studio

Big group of talented creative people, working on a timelines and willing to talk big.

Elm Studios

Filmmakers having fun and doing good work together. Where are they based?

Salty Block Pictures

Videos that sell. Access to studio environment for more ``businessey`` feel

Levitate Media Group

Has the complete line of video of services, and lots of happy customers. Do all their videos speak from the heart? You decide...

Impatient Cow

A keen eye for the nonprofit stories that need telling. Helped people at Make-a-wish

Jamestown Films

A known name in the corporate world. Engaging? Corny? You decide

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Video Production reviews

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Tom Davis

Austin, Texas

I knew I had one shot to get my startup project off the ground. After looking at Kickstarter video production, and comparing that with the agencies, I found out about StartMotionMEDIA from 15 Best Video Production Companies...and they rock! Video done, on time and under budget. I'm amazed and inspired.
Elaine Sutton

Portland, Oregon

Though I was cautious at first, when I found 15 Best Video Production Companies I was really able to see the various portfolio options and choose the right video for my startup. Thank you!
Claire Silva

San Diego, California

Look. I've worked in the marketing department at my company for 6 years, and I've expected to vet the right vendors for our corporate video procution and commercial advertising videos. And I'm blown away at how 15 Best Utah Video Production Companies helped us find partners that cost 1/3 of what most agencies we're charging us. I'm so thankful!
Raymond Turner

San Francisco, California

I've got a bunch of new inventory and our company was in it's second year of devoting 5% of our revenue to video as marketing budget. After totally F*ing up our last video partnership, we were determined to work only with pros, and 15 Best Video Production Companies got us there. This year I've got more great video than I could wish for..

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