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Bу viewing a product оr ѕеrvісе in thе аrеа, a buѕіnеѕѕ owner саn mаkе a muсh bеttеr рurсhаѕіng dесіѕіоn. Because thе testimonial соmеѕ frоm another buѕіnеѕѕ owner, іnѕtеаd of frоm the service рrоvіdеr, the degree оf company video truѕt еѕtаblіѕhеd in thе corporate vіdеоgraphy іѕ more ѕіgnіfісаnt thаn that ассоmрlіѕhеd with оthеr mаrkеtіng vіdеоѕ.
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In 2025, 80% оf аll оnlіnе trаffіс іѕ going tо bе vіdео.

Research rероrtѕ thаt 96% of online ѕhорреrѕ watch vіdео рrоduсtіоnѕ.
  • 1.


    In a glоbаlіzеd wоrld, уоu have to tаrgеt customers ѕо that they knоw уоu better. Trаdіtіоnаl mаrkеtіng techniques, fоr example, print mеdіа wіll not rеасh such a tаrgеt. What's mоrе, thеу are not practical іf уоu wаnt people tо rесоgnіzе уоu.
    Thіѕ іѕ whеrе a соrроrаtе video соmеѕ іn handy bу dіѕрlауіng your соlоrѕ, lоgо, vіѕіоn, products, and other uѕеful information.

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    Imаgіnе уоu аrе lаunсhіng a ѕорhіѕtісаtеd juісеr as раrt оf уоur catalog; уоu mау еіthеr tаlk аbоut іt еvеrу оthеr day hoping сuѕtоmеrѕ wіll undеrѕtаnd оr simply сrеаtе a ѕhоrt explanation оf thе ѕаmе іn mоtіоn. In ѕuсh a video рrоduсtіоn, уоu mау clarify thе intricate dеtаіlѕ about the рrоduсt аnd hеlр customers gеt іt more clearly.

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    Want your customers to remember your brand forever? To be unforgettable, you will have to be different in the first place. Accomplishing the same may be a tough task, considering the cut-throat competition in today’s time. However, it’s not something unattainable. You can make the most of explainer videos to showcase your brand’s story in an unmatched way.

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Elevate Your Corporate Image with Compelling Video Content

In today’s fast-paced digital era, corporate videos stand as essential pillars in conveying a company’s ethos, essence, and core messages. The days of static, outdated presentations have been replaced by a demand for dynamic, relevant, and captivating video content that resonates with audiences.

Studies consistently demonstrate the power of video in information retention, with viewers absorbing a staggering 95% of content compared to a mere 10% from text alone. This significant contrast underscores the importance of consistently refreshing corporate video content to maintain engagement and relevance.

Capitalizing on significant milestones within your company’s journey—whether it’s mergers, leadership changes, product launches, or market expansions—offers prime opportunities to revitalize your corporate video narrative. These moments serve as compelling snapshots, showcasing your organization’s adaptability and resilience in an ever-evolving landscape.

Moreover, embracing industry trends as narrative threads can infuse your corporate videos with authenticity and relevance. Demonstrating your adeptness in navigating industry shifts not only highlights your company’s agility but also solidifies its position as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Expanding your audience reach while reinforcing brand identity, vision, and values provides yet another compelling reason to revisit your corporate video strategy. Even in traditionally conservative sectors like finance, companies are leveraging storytelling to forge emotional connections based on human values, fostering trust and loyalty.

When refreshing your corporate video content, accentuating key product and service attributes becomes paramount. Integrating human elements such as customer or employee testimonials adds layers of authenticity and relatability, fostering deeper audience engagement.

  • 4 & Co — Corporate Video Example
    • Company: Yum Yum Videos
    • Reason for Highlight: This explainer video effectively showcases the services offered by 4 & Co, using clear and efficient animations to communicate the benefits of their platform for building, growing, and operating organizations in coworking spaces. It serves as a stellar example for pitching services to other businesses and educating them on potential benefits.
  • Facebook — Remote Work VR
    • Company: Facebook
    • Reason for Highlight: Facebook’s corporate video advocates for the use of virtual reality (VR) technology to enhance the remote work experience. It effectively conveys the message that geographical barriers are no longer hindrances for joining the organization, illustrating the potential for achieving work-life balance through innovative tech solutions.
  • Fiverr — Another Generic Recruitment Video
    • Company: Fiverr
    • Reason for Highlight: Fiverr’s recruitment video stands out by parodying typical corporate recruitment videos, showcasing a sense of humor and originality. Despite initially concealing the brand, the video leaves a lasting impression, effectively showcasing Fiverr’s unique approach to talent acquisition.
  • Google — Google Interns’ First Week
    • Company: Google
    • Reason for Highlight: By highlighting the experiences of summer interns, Google’s video provides authentic insights into the company culture and work environment. It effectively appeals to potential applicants by showcasing real success stories and offering a glimpse into life at Google, thus encouraging like-minded individuals to apply.
  • General Motors — Employee Benefits at GM
    • Company: General Motors
    • Reason for Highlight: This video features real employees discussing their favorite benefits at General Motors, providing genuine testimonials about the positive impact of these benefits on their lives. By showcasing authentic experiences, the video effectively communicates the company’s commitment to employee well-being and satisfaction.
  • Delta Airlines — What to Expect Interviewing to Be a Delta Flight Attendant
    • Company: Delta Airlines
    • Reason for Highlight: Delta’s video offers valuable insights into the flight attendant interview process from the perspectives of different applicants. By addressing common concerns and providing practical tips, the video enhances transparency and encourages potential candidates to apply, thus contributing to talent acquisition efforts.
  • Netflix — Netflix Culture: Freedom and Responsibility
    • Company: Netflix
    • Reason for Highlight: Netflix’s video delves into the company’s core values and culture, featuring staff members from various locations sharing personal perspectives. By showcasing real-world examples, the video effectively illustrates the manifestation of Netflix’s values in everyday work life, thus strengthening the brand’s identity and attracting like-minded talent.
  • Toyota — A Commitment to Planet Earth
    • Company: Toyota
    • Reason for Highlight: Toyota’s video promotes sustainability efforts while subtly showcasing relevant product lines aligned with environmental values. By integrating sustainability messaging with product promotion, the video effectively communicates Toyota’s commitment to a greener future without resorting to overt sales tactics.
  • Starbucks — Helping Coffee Farmers Adapt to Changes in the Environment
    • Company: Starbucks
    • Reason for Highlight: Starbucks’ video highlights the company’s efforts to support coffee farmers and address environmental challenges. By showcasing the origins of its products and the initiatives undertaken to assist farmers, Starbucks effectively communicates its commitment to sustainability and community engagement.
  • AT&T — AT&T By the Numbers
    • Company: AT&T
    • Reason for Highlight: AT&T’s video presents key statistics reflecting the company’s growth and success in an engaging and visually appealing format. By condensing complex information into digestible segments, the video effectively communicates AT&T’s achievements to stakeholders and potential investors, enhancing transparency and credibility.

These corporate videos exemplify effective storytelling, authenticity, and strategic messaging, making them noteworthy examples for businesses aiming to enhance their video marketing efforts.

Enhancing your narrative with visual depictions of your company’s inner workings—whether through virtual tours of your headquarters, glimpses into daily operations, or insights into manufacturing processes—infuses your story with visual appeal and human interest.

Venturing into creative storytelling can yield remarkable dividends, as seen in Apple’s innovative sustainability-focused short film. By framing environmental stewardship as a dialogue with Mother Nature, Apple not only communicates its commitment to sustainability but also captivates audiences with imaginative storytelling.

At the heart of impactful corporate videos lies the art of storytelling. Centering narratives on authentic human experiences fosters trust and resonance, increasing the likelihood of social media sharing and virality.

To maximize audience engagement, prioritize an “Audience First” approach, tailoring content to address the unique needs and preferences of your target demographic. Whether attracting prospective talent or appeasing shareholders, aligning video content with audience priorities is paramount.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, regularly reassessing the efficacy and relevance of your corporate videos is essential. Maintain brevity and clarity, ensuring factual accuracy to preserve credibility. Collaborating with trusted partners versed in your brand ethos ensures the delivery of high-quality production.

In conclusion, corporate videos serve as indispensable conduits for expressing your brand’s essence, values, and narratives to a global audience. By infusing creativity, authenticity, and agility, you can invigorate your corporate videos, forging deeper connections with audiences and driving organizational success.

A corporate video is the catalyst that will take your business to the next level. Through well-crafted visual storytelling, you can effectively convey ideas, introduce offerings, increase brand awareness, and showcase your products.

Why are corporate videos so effective?

In our digital age, video content takes preference because it is easy to consume and readily accessible. Businesses that invest in visual content report that they are able to more easily connect with a wider audience and drive sales.

Corporate videos are a powerful way to:

  • Spark excitement for your product or service
  • Concisely share information about your brand
  • Showcase accomplishments to investors
  • Provide educational and job training for employees
  • Boost your company’s website traffic

Visual content is an essential tool for marketing your business or organization.

Ready to get started but need some inspiration first? We’ve gathered some of our favorite corporate videos for you to check out.

This video is a great example of how businesses can use humor to keep their audience engaged and entertained. The script is both funny and relevant at the same time. When making a corporate video, the best strategy you can take to increase viewership is to write a witty script and have fun while filming. If you enjoyed creating your video, it will translate to the content and come through to your audience.


This video has a wholesome and heartwarming emotional tone which gives testimony to the company’s values. The viewer follows the young girl as she dances through her home, a symbol to inspire trust and security for the audience as they become familiar with this brand. The writers of this script took a creative and artistic approach and combined it with a high quality video, which shows audiences that the company commits to high standards.

This corporate video by Cadillac was featured in the commercials for the 2021 Super Bowl. It references the classic movie Edward Scissorhands to bring about a sense of familiarity and connection with the viewer. Its comical side keeps the audience engaged and curious. This is a great corporate video because it’s memorable, endearing, and lighthearted.

FAQ Section:

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a powerful and versatile tool that companies use to share information about their business, introduce a service or product, market their brand, and provide educational training for employees.

What are the top 5 reasons why companies create corporate videos?

Educate customers and build brand awareness. Video content allows for your audience to easily consume information about your product or service. Video can serve to educate your viewers in a quick manner and allow for information to be shared concisely and effectively.

Increase sales and conversion rates. After watching a promotional video, viewers are more likely to ask and eventually purchase your product or service than if they were just looking at a print or digital advertisement.

Demonstrate your product or service easily. Video is the best way to easily explain how your product works or how a customer might benefit from your company’s services. Once a customer understands your product or service, they are more likely to purchase it.

Drive traffic to your website. 75% of viewers will visit a company’s website after watching their video. Businesses have the opportunity to drive traffic to their site by using this excellent tool in their marketing strategy.

Highlight your successes and improve your credibility. When you use video to tell your company’s story, your message is much more likely to land in a compelling way than if you were only using text or still graphics. Video allows for you to showcase your product or service in a unique and personal way and this can help create an emotional connection between your company and the audience it intends to serve.

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  • video
  • Best Business YouTube Videos: Why Should You Have a Corporate Video Made?

    Do you want more information on how to make a great corporate video, or do you just need some help choosing which company is right for you and your project? Video Marketing Services | Facebook Ads | Youtube Ads | Kickstarter Videos | Social Media Content | TV Ads | Script DevelopmentBest Corporate Videos 2021

  • This is one of the most amazing collection of Best Corporate Videos ever.

    Video: it has become one of the most effective ways to promote products and services online. In fact, according to research conducted by eMarketer, nearly 80% of all Internet users watch videos every month. With such numbers, it makes sense that businesses are starting to realize the importance of producing high-quality content. However, many companies still struggle to find time to create their own videos. As a result, they turn to professional videographers to produce videos for them.

  • Corporate Video Production Tips: How Do I Choose The Right Company?

  • Should My Brand Be in It Too?

    Notwithstanding, it is important to note that even if you have an established brand and your company has been around for years, there may be times when you need to create new content. This could include creating a video about how your product or service can help customers solve problems they face every day. Or perhaps you want to highlight some of your most recent achievements with clients. Whatever the case, having a well-produced video will give potential customers more information about who you are as a business. And this will make them feel like they know what to expect from working with you.

  • Ready To Make A Corporate Video Of Your Own? Why Are They Called “Corporate” Videos?

  • Top 5 Reasons Companies Use Corporate Videos

    In addition, it helps companies build trust among their customers and potential clients. This makes them believe that the product/service being offered has value and is worth paying attention to. People often look up to successful corporations and follow their lead. By producing a professional corporate video, your organization becomes one of those respected brands. When done correctly, a corporate video can increase sales dramatically.

  • Ways Corporations Benefit From Using Top Corporate Videos

    Plus, it allows you to create a memorable experience for your audience. In fact, according to research conducted by eMarketer, nearly half of consumers say they prefer watching online videos over reading text. It provides a way to connect with current and prospective customers through different mediums such as email, websites, blogs, etc. When used effectively, a corporate video can provide valuable insight into your products and services. For example, many organizations use corporate videos to explain new features, show testimonials, highlight key messages, introduce employees, promote events, showcase awards, and much more.

  •  Benefits of Creating a Corporate Video

    Furthermore, it’s important to note that most small businesses do not have the budget or resources needed to produce high-quality corporate videos on their own. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options available in order to help make sure your company gets its message across. For instance, some of the best solutions include:1) Online Services – These types of platforms allow users to upload files directly onto the site without needing to download anything. It’s easy to set up and requires no technical knowledge whatsoever.

  • Things Every Corporate Videographer Must Know About Their Clients

    Nevertheless, when choosing an option like this, be careful about what type of file format you choose. Some sites only accept.avi, while other will work with both Windows Media and Flash, still others can do .mp4 or .mov. You should always check before uploading so you don’t waste time trying to find out later that your chosen platform doesn’t support certain formats.2) Software – There are several software programs available today which offer free versions along with paid ones. However, we recommend using the paid version since it offers better quality than the free alternatives.3) Professional Editing Tools – Many

  • Steps to Create Great Content for Your Client’s Next Award Winning Corporate Video

    Today marks a revolutionary moment in the world of digital advertising. Start Motion Media combines its best-in-class analytics and optimization platform, with expert video production and creative direction, to make sure each video ad captures the audience’s attention and resonates with their audience. The new services also offer customers the ability to build custom campaigns from the ground up, ensuring that each video ad specifically delivers on their marketing strategy. If you’re going to go down the route of hiring another person, then you’ll need to consider who exactly you’d like to collaborate with. Do you want to get a friend from college together with a local videographer?

  • Questions to Ask When Choosing a Corporate Video Agency

    How many years has he/she been doing business as a professional videographer?2. Will I receive a detailed proposal outlining my specific needs?5. Is he/she willing to provide references?6. Are there additional fees associated with adding music or sound effects?8. Who will be responsible for post-production services

  • Top Reasons to Get a Corporate Video Made

    Choose a company that specializes in corporate videos. This ensures that they have extensive experience producing them. Be clear on what kind of content you require. For example, does your client need a promotional piece or something more formal?Understand their budget. Read everything thoroughly and make sure that you agree to every clause. 2.

  • 10 of the Best Corporate Videos Ever Why Shouldn’t Everyone Have One?

    Does Anyone Need a Corporate Video?What’s more, it has become one of the most effective ways to market yourself online. In fact, according to research conducted by Google, people spend over 2 hours per day watching content on their smartphones and tablets. This means that if you aren’t producing high-quality content regularly, you could be missing out on tons of potential customers. So, whether you own a small business or run a large corporation, chances are you’ll eventually find yourself needing a corporate video. Here are five things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you really need a corporate video.

  • Get More Info & Pricing

  • What are Corporate Videos Used For? Why Would Someone Want a Corporate Video?

  • How Much Does it Cost to Produce a Corporate Video? How Long Do You Plan On Keeping It Around? What Kinds of Uses Will People Be Able to Put This Video Into?

  • Check out our breakdown of corporate video costs.

  • What are the Goals for Your Corporate Video? | The Ultimate Guide

    Accordingly, in order to make sure that every customer gets exactly what he or she wants, companies must understand their customers’ requirements better than anyone else. In addition, businesses need to provide services and products which meet those specific demands. Therefore, it becomes important for companies to develop strategies that help them achieve success in meeting all kinds of different customer expectations. In fact, many people believe that understanding how to reach out to potential clients is just half of the battle won. After all, even though it might seem obvious, it still takes time and effort to actually do things right.

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    • Screenwriting | Visual Scope | Script | Shotlist | Cinematography | Editing

    • Start Motion Media Production Company

    • How much should I pay for Commercial Video Production?

      Find Out in a 15 Minute Strategy Session: By investing in the most advanced technology, pursuing innovative production techniques, and embracing cutting-edge visual effects, the commercial production companies of San Francisco have become the go-to source for some of the most stunning and effective commercials. The cost of creating an exceptional commercial isn’t cheap. We’ve put together an easy-to-use budget estimator that can help you get an idea of how much it will cost to produce a commercial in San Francisco. We have plenty of tips and tricks on our blog to help you make sure that your commercial comes in on budget and looks the way you envisioned. We know that producing a commercial can be an intimidating undertaking, but with the help of our budget estimator and our range of resources, you can feel confident in your budget and your production plan. With the right planning, budgeting, and execution, you can create an outstanding commercial without breaking the bank.

    • Kickstarter Video Production & Commercial Ads Ideation

    •  “StartMotionMEDIA created an inspiring commercial plan for our project. Successfully Funded! Their eye for capturing the human spirit made our message so compelling.”

      With deep appreciation, Magalie Bonneau-Marcil – Summer of Solutions.

    • A process-driven approach for making your project stand out.

      If you’re considering producing a commercial in San Francisco, you’re probably wondering, “How much does it cost?” As the home of some of the most expensive and high-end commercial production on the planet, San Francisco can be an intimidating place to shoot a commercial. We’ve put together an easy-to-use budget estimator that can help you get an idea of how much it will cost to produce a commercial in San Francisco. This budget estimator takes factors like location fees, equipment rental fees, talent fees, editing fees, and post-production fees into account to give you an accurate estimate of what it takes to produce a commercial in San Francisco. We know that producing a commercial can be an intimidating undertaking, but with the help of our budget estimator and our range of resources, you can feel confident in your budget and your production plan. Typical Costs: Royalty free music for video starts as low as $11 for a 2- to 3-minute track. Video Production Crew Costs What about hiring a full video production crew?

    • Video

    • Plan, film, edit, and share.

    • Take a look at our portfolio >

      Your best marketing tool is what you are able to share. We create a complete video plan for how to thoughtfully engage your audience at every point in your video, one that will help you create a loyal following from your viewers. The best part about a professional video? It builds your project’s reputation and will support you to put your best foot forward, not to mention it’s the thing that your users will use to weigh the quality of your project, and what they point to when explaining your project to their friends.

    • Strategy

    • Research and analysis, the path to highest growth.

      Our strategy consulting serves as the leadership for your team to market and implement your launch. After hundreds of campaigns, we’ve discovered the reliable process-based tactics of customer acquisition that are specific to commercials. Because of the breadth of our experience, clients gain access to some of the most cutting edge approaches for how to scale their peer-to-peer and advertising outreach and increase the number of backers they can convert. Kickstarter Video & Commercial Consulting – Get Pricing

    • What people are saying:

      “Working with StartMotionMedia was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! They also advised us on strategies and were so experienced on how Kickstarter works, able to adopt the strategies as the environment changed and come up with such great ideas on the fly. StartMotionMEDIA is very informational when it comes to actually kickstarting a project. This process can be very overwhelming and he will sit down and walk you through it. He wants you to succeed and this is obvious.” -Julien S Co-Founder of GreenTraveler – Raised $136,276“They were outstanding at putting a plan together and then dragged me towards the finish line.

    • Connect – Engage – Create – Launch



      • Clarify your business concept and develop the sales pitch and your story• Case studies of successful projects: Learn how the successful projects did it• Schedule an organized and reliable launch plan, learn key software• Position Your Campaign with Research: Test your project• Organic list building, friends & family outreach strategy• Landing page design

    • ENGAGE

      • Connect with influencers, guide for how arrange for some actual PR• Tools & software walkthrough to implement your content strategy• Social media etiquette & communication rules• Expand your influence and reach backers who actually care• Create strategic partnerships & build your reach

    • CREATE

      • Carefully spec out your film production day• Choose the Right Goal – use my calculator to measure• Make your video even better with locations and actors• Production planning & equipment, step-by-step video process• Video creation: full day of filming with our cinematographer• Audio & video mastering: the professional secret touch

    • LAUNCH

      • 10 essential tools to run your campaign and drive engagement• Warm the engine and get verbal confirmations• 6 big methods for driving traffic to your campaign• Develop your fundraising “ask” and get money• Analyze, retarget and unlock new participation• Emails word choice guide to get you even more funding• Systems for managing your backers, how to train evangelists Video & Consulting – Get Pricing

    • How Much should I pay for Commercial Video Production?

    • Video Production and Campaign Consulting Details

    • Pre-production:

      Gaining clarity about the visual scope of your project, deciding what video type and which scenes would add the most value to your video. Phone calls where we reference the questions about your project and personal motivations behind it. Ongoing email support and language development as we arrive at interview plan and get to the heart of what the project is. Working out defining and scheduling visual elements and resources for production day.

    • Video Production Day:

      Complete Film Day with our awesome Cinematographer plus Assistant. Reference your main points in the interview and on-camera conversation. Filming additional visuals, capturing a sense of place and bringing to life the project. We follow our shot list and capture each visual element as part of 4-5 actions sequences involving people who are enjoying your product, the lifestyle elements, behind the scenes, and other imagery.

    • Video Editing and Revision:

      Comprehensive interview editing and narrative arc sequencing to persuasively describe the project and your campaign call to action. Developing visual sequences and cuts to accompany the interview. Audio mastering, sound design, transitions and title cards. Integrating feedback, adjusting the video to meet client goals.

    • Commercial Campaign Marketing:

      Best Practices for running your commercial campaign, approaches for generating community engagement through direct email and social media that showcase your campaign to your followers. Templates to ask for writeups on blogs, and guidelines for email pre-conversation with potential backers. Strategic timelines: When to make certain announcements, and how to leverage “launch days”. Email and phone support during your campaign. Video & Integrated Marketing Consulting – Get Pricing