10 Ways to get More Leads and Customers with Video

I bet you do – what business owners and project creators don’t want more sales revenue?

The question is how….

There are thousands of ways to account for your marketing approach these days. But what is the best direction for you to focus?

In the world of Video Production for Advertising, we’ve found that pages with videos rank your website higher, because they interact with the hundreds of factors that google, investors, and customers are looking for.

And most importantly they help enhance user interaction and trust in your brand.

The truth is that a solid marketing campaign with never reach all the people who it is meant to, because even if you push really hard and use your whole budget on facebook and google ads, you are only going to get access to a fraction of the market.

But we’re still able to create amazing results for our clients, because we focus on the simple set of things that really make a difference. This way, even if you have a small community, we can help you get your message to them and support smaller audiences to convert at extra-ordinarily high levels. How? Through the beauty and power of story.

Just look at our “Clients” page and see how many people have had significant growth in their venture, though a marketing investment in video production with us.

What video types are trending now?

As we fast forward to the decade of 2020-2030; Here’s how we plan to address our clients evolving needs, and to help them get more view and conversations than their competitors. 1) Keeping in touch with what audiences are buying, now. 2)Staying committed to providing creative, story and culture driven content, not just left-brained “explainers. 3) Using advanced stabilization tool, and unique shots of light and the outdoors, to create a more polished, evocative feel.

If you think that’s useful, just look at our previous kickstarter rankings, with several of our videos going viral and raising over $1M in just a few weeks.

Not many craigslist or thumbtack videographers can say that. But you know what’s even harder than creating a compelling, viral video? Creating videos for international markets like UK, India, and South Korea, and supporting both international and US domestic clients to gain access to our services. Not to mention that our production staff spans the top 7 cities in the USA, so you can produce in a city near your, for no added travel fees.

Who wouldn’t want San Francisco Production talent for projects from all over the world?

Using Video Production, we grew our client’s earnings to over $22M in the decade 2010-2020, and saw the number of converted customers and traffic skyrocket each year as our consumer and investor-oriented depend.

We Know our Tools. This is what people hire us to do better than anybody – amazing, polished videos, at market prices, so that you can rapidly boost your own traffic and and your conversions, and grow a profitable business with video.

Real brands know how to be Culture-Makers.

For ads, even the hardest industriessave 80% of their costs when they advertise with video views compared to any other form of click advertising. And with  persuasive technology, we are able to give your company a unique advantage for a highly effective video campaign.

Just think about it…we are competing with Studios who demand $50,000 and 4 months to produce your 30 second broadcast TV message, and providing the same level of polish and energizing feel to your culture-making story, so that people who are advertising on facebook, instagram, youtube, and kickstarter can have enterprise level advertising at their fingertips. With the best cameras, an efficient and friendly staff, and cinematographers and editors with an eye for beauty, we lead the way when it comes to business video production.

Premium Advertising vs. StartMotionMEDIA

And best of all, our videos are sill outperforming all the overpriced 90’s era studios. The kinds of return on investment our clients receive, by having premium video production done at an introductory price, is astounding. Make a difference on your next ad campaign, and have a smooth, clean, and exciting ride for your creative product ideation, without getting mired in the issues (like delays and hidden fees) that used to plague clients in commercial video industry.

This is the main focus that we’ve had in building the company since 2009, to make something that’s better for viewers, and better for clients, and it’s the central contributing factor for why we’ve been able to work with so many new household brands and innovative projects, like the ones below:

In the ten years we’ve been doing video, the SINGLE THING that we’ve mastered is building an evocative story, and using sequencing and the highest quality color to get you a video campaign, right when you need it most.

We’ve become so good at helping customers do just that, and get results with video marketing, that we now have a limited schedule, and many clients competing to work with us each month. Already we are booking into this year.

Clients, Companies, and Brands do uncanny things

Like when Ergo Driven used our video to drive their first $150,000 in sales in only 30 days. Or when Odyssey, a game manufacturer, got 115 reviews in Vice in their first week.

So the real thing for you to consider isn’t whether or not we can make a good video. It’s whether or not you are willing to work with us.

We’re filmmakers. Honestly we hate sales more than anything else. We are artists, directors, and image enthusiasts, with an eye for beauty, and the gateway to soothing, funny, human, and artful,  shots, for products that want to be seen.

We like our activities to be centered around what our passion is, and only that, which is: Premium Commercial film making for the modern age.

SO – if you hope to work with us and grow your project, to develop your next business marking campaign, keep reading for  the next part:

Step 1

Click here on this application link

You’ll see a short set of questions to fill us in about what you are creating, nothing too much but we do need the standard options and to know what industry you are in, what you are hoping to sell, that way we have some items to understand what you are working on .

Make very sure that the contact info and email you provide is one that you monitor often so that we can find you.

step 2

Here’s what will happen after

Once you’ve answered the questions , you’ll be directed to a page to sign up for a phone meeting time, to schedule a time,

If we like the direction and content of your project, and the basic details are a match, we will follow up with the phone meeting and discuss your project requirements. If it’s not the right fit or if we are full with current clients for the season, we may politely cancel.

You will hear from us in 24 hours after submitting the questionnaire.

The scheduled calls will be about 30 minutes, and this is where we are able to start working to find out the best and most efficient project service model for what you may need, and you can ask any questions you might have about our company and the way we approach things to make it all happen.

If on the call you don’t want to move ahead, that is fine.

Ultimately succeeding with online video for business is for people who take action and are willing to receive support form the right partners, entrepreneurs who see their best opportunity to enhance the greatness of their company is through video.

Fill our the form below, and at the end, Select “Schedule your private call with Start Motion Media” to get the process going.

Our people will be in touch as soon as possible to find a time to chat.



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10 Ways to get Leads and Customers with Video Advertising

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