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29 Aug: From Lens to Click: 6 Strategies for Compelling Visual Merchandizing

From Lens to Click: 6 Strategies for Compelling Visual Merchandising

The art of visual merchandising has evolved from merely arranging products on shelves to crafting immersive and captivating shopping experiences. In an era where online shopping competes fiercely with brick-and-mortar stores, compelling visual merchandising has become a powerful tool to entice customers and drive sales. The journey from the initial concept to the final click-worthy arrangement involves careful planning, creativity, and an understanding of consumer psychology. 

1. Harnessing the Power of Color Psychology

Colors possess the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and influence buying behavior. By strategically incorporating colors that resonate with your brand and target audience, you can create a visually cohesive and emotionally resonant shopping environment. 

Looking into tips for taking photos can also help you gain more insight into which colors work best and the type of lighting to choose. For instance, warm tones like red and orange can stimulate appetite and impulse buying, making them ideal for food-related products. 

On the other hand, cool tones like blue and green exude calmness and trust, making them suitable for technology and health-related items. Understanding the psychology behind colors empowers you to curate an atmosphere that aligns with your brand’s identity and objectives.

2. The Art of Storytelling Through Displays

Humans are natural storytellers and respond deeply to narratives. Utilize this innate inclination by infusing storytelling into your visual displays. Craft displays that tell a story about your products, whether it’s their journey of creation, the problem they solve, or the lifestyle they enable. This not only piques curiosity but also creates an emotional connection between the customer and the product. For instance, a display showcasing outdoor camping gear could transport customers to an adventurous wilderness, sparking their desire to own the featured products and experience the depicted lifestyle.

3. Mastering the Rule of Three

The rule of three is a design principle that suggests that grouping items in three is visually appealing and memorable. When applied to visual merchandising, it involves arranging products in sets of three, creating a harmonious and balanced composition. This technique is particularly effective for highlighting key products or creating eye-catching focal points. Whether it’s a trio of handbags or a trio of skincare products, the rule of three guides the customer’s gaze and facilitates quick decision-making.

Mastering the Rule of Three not only enhances the aesthetic allure of your displays but also taps into fundamental cognitive patterns that humans find pleasing. Our brains are naturally drawn to patterns and symmetrical arrangements, and the rule of three capitalizes on this inclination. By strategically grouping products in threes, you create a rhythm that guides the viewer’s eye seamlessly from one element to another. This technique goes beyond mere aesthetics – it influences the way customers navigate your displays and absorb information.

4. Dynamic Visuals Through Lighting and Texture

Lighting and texture are two often underestimated elements in visual merchandising that can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience. Well-designed lighting can highlight specific areas, and products, or even create a mood within your store. Meanwhile, incorporating textures – whether through tactile displays or textured backdrops – adds depth and intrigue to your visual arrangements. Consider how the interplay of light and texture can elevate your store’s ambiance and make your products more alluring.

5. Engaging Senses Beyond Sight

While visual elements take the forefront in merchandising, engaging multiple senses can create a holistic and memorable shopping experience. Incorporating auditory and tactile stimuli can leave a lasting impression on customers. For instance, playing soft, relevant background music can set the mood and influence the pace at which shoppers move through the store. 

Additionally, allowing customers to touch and feel products through interactive displays provides a sense of involvement and connection. Combining sensory experiences with visual aesthetics creates a rich environment that encourages customers to linger, explore, and make meaningful purchasing decisions.

6. Rotating Themes and Seasonal Displays

To keep your visual merchandising fresh and aligned with the changing seasons, incorporating rotating themes and seasonal displays is crucial. Adapt your displays to coincide with holidays, festivities, or even seasonal shifts in fashion and trends. This dynamic approach not only showcases your adaptability but also gives customers a reason to return regularly. It sparks curiosity about what’s new and encourages repeat visits. 

By staying attuned to the pulse of the seasons and trends, you can create a sense of anticipation and excitement, fostering a sense of community and engagement among your customers.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with choices, mastering the art of compelling visual merchandising is a powerful way to stand out and create an unforgettable brand experience. From the strategic use of colors that resonate with emotions to weaving captivating narratives through displays, each technique discussed in this post serves as a brushstroke on the canvas of an immersive shopping journey. By incorporating the rule of three for balanced compositions and playing with lighting, texture, and sensory engagement, you can create an experience that extends beyond mere shopping. 

12 Jul: Kickstarter Video Production San Francisco | Crowdfunding Campaigns | Launch Videos

Kickstarter Video Production San Francisco | Crowdfunding Campaigns | Launch Videos

contact us start motion media video production get quote
contact us start motion media video production get quote

🚀 Introducing the Ultimate Kickstarter Video Production Service: Ignite Your Project’s Success! 🚀

Are you ready to take your Kickstarter campaign to soaring heights? Do you want to captivate, engage, and convert your audience like never before? Look no further! Our Kickstarter Video Production Service is here to turn your vision into a compelling and unforgettable reality.

🎥 The Power of Visual Storytelling 🎥

In the world of crowdfunding, standing out is key. With our expert team of creative minds, skilled videographers, and marketing strategists, we craft Kickstarter videos that resonate with your audience on a deep, emotional level. We don’t just create videos; we weave narratives that inspire action.

✨ Why Choose Our Kickstarter Video Production? ✨

🔥 Tailored Storytelling: We believe in the power of your story. Our team takes the time to understand your project, your passion, and your goals. We then craft a narrative that authentically communicates your message, ensuring a lasting impact.

🔥 Cinematic Excellence: Our video production is second to none. From stunning visuals to crisp audio, we bring Hollywood-level quality to your Kickstarter video. Our commitment to excellence ensures your project’s professionalism and credibility shine through.

🔥 Audience Engagement: Grabbing attention is just the beginning. We know how to hold it. Our videos are meticulously designed to maintain viewer engagement from start to finish, increasing the likelihood of conversions and shares.

🔥 Conversion Optimization: We’re not just storytellers; we’re conversion experts. Our videos are strategically crafted to drive viewers to take action. With the right blend of emotional appeal and persuasive techniques, we boost your chances of hitting your funding goals.

🔥 Comprehensive Packages: Whether you’re a startup on a budget or a seasoned entrepreneur aiming for the stars, we have packages that cater to your specific needs. From scriptwriting to post-production, our all-inclusive solutions ensure a hassle-free experience.

🔥 Proven Results: Our track record speaks for itself. Countless projects have achieved unprecedented success with our Kickstarter video production. Join the ranks of satisfied creators who’ve transformed their dreams into funded realities.

🎯 Your Vision, Our Mission 🎯

When you partner with us, you’re not just getting a Kickstarter video; you’re getting a team of dedicated professionals committed to realizing your vision. We understand the importance of every dollar raised, and we take pride in being your stepping stone toward crowdfunding triumph.

📞 Let’s Bring Your Project to Life! 📞

Don’t let your Kickstarter campaign be another drop in the crowdfunding ocean. Elevate your project with a Kickstarter video that leaves an indelible mark. Contact us today to discuss your project, explore package options, and take the first step toward turning your dreams into reality.

🚀 Ignite the Spark. Fuel the Success. Conquer Kickstarter. 🚀

Award Winning Corporate Videos
Award Winning Corporate Videos

When you create your San Francisco video with Start Motion Media, rest assured that our experienced video production team will create the best video for your budget and timing.

A refined and professional crowdfunding video builds trust, builds trust in the brand and increases the perceived value of a product. Every day, thousands of video production ads on the internet compete for your hard-earned cash.

To create strong and engaging content for your San Francisco Kickstarter campaign, consider these features of awesome crowdfunding videos. With an average failure rate of 80%, crowdfunding campaigns can use all the help they can get.

In an interview on kickstarter campaigns, Launchpad Agency, voted one of the best marketing agencies in Los Angeles of 2019, listed 10 reasons why crowdfunding campaigns fail. This shows that although people are aware of the effectiveness of online video marketing, only a few people manage to create videos that generate revenue and deliver results.

Help the viewer imagine what it’s like to use your product, leaving a lasting impression. Join the San Francisco-based video production company that knows how to make every second count.

Instead of a boring email, consider sending your co-workers a short video or photo of your progress that they can share on social media. Before launching a Kickstarter campaign, we test each product using our proprietary prototypes.

This ensures that we are the best partners for your product launch. We create a community of buyers before launching your product on Kickstarter / Indiegogo.

Using the success of your social networks, we increase customer acquisition through e-commerce, Amazon, resellers and distribution partners. If you’re looking to launch a large-scale campaign, establish a brand, and have a vision beyond a successful crowdfunding campaign, we’d love to hear from you.

Whether you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey or ready to launch a million dollar Kickstarter campaign, we’ve got something to help you bring your project to life. We partner with the new social media audience that is engaged, interested and ready to act.

Social media influencers are the bread and butter of the marketing process and help you build valuable relationships on social media platforms. At Start Motion Media, we create, manage and optimize targeted ROI campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that attract your fans to your campaigns.

Almost 60% of crowdfunding campaigns fail, but at Start Motion Media we have the best success rate on the market. We combine our public relations efforts with our social media strategy to generate leads and conversions for your social networks.

Looking for marketing support on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Our team uses a hands-on approach to help you understand the process of launching a crowdfunding campaign and gain ground.

From page creation to social media, we are with you every step of the way. Social networks

We will create or edit your product’s entire social media profile and generate large numbers of followers, likes, headlines, new followers, retweets and more.

Attractive products, focused on products that match your brand and promotional offers, ready to turn your visitors into referrals.

video production job openings

07 Mar: Corporate Video Team – Michael Zeligs

Michael Zeligs
Michael Zeligs, MST. Marketing Manager and communications specialist (creative services), guiding teams to create breakthrough ideas that drive cultural conversation. Designing comms initiatives with 12 years experience in owned media and communications strategy. From technical writing for software and hardware companies, to stylistic and modern ads and external communications, demonstrated return on investment for clients exceeding $1B, with insights based strategy and in-house product marketing narratives. Certifications in UI, HCI, creative writing, imaging, video, and post-production.
+1 (415) 409-8075
5e0bb902 caroline gallagher
Caroline Alicia
Caroline Gallagher. Associate Editor. Caroline has over 30 years experience editing for short formats and long form work. After studying film she cut her teeth as an high volume editor in news, most notably at CNN, Los Angeles bureau.  While in LA she edited content for dailies and broadcast episodes at Black Entertainment Tv (BET), Lifetime Television, and Media Home Entertainment (trailers). She then worked with GTE on corporate videos, and ultimately transitioned to freelancing in commercial video production as an editor in Boston. After finding Start Motion Media in 2016, she quickly became head of post-production, and spent the last several years producing and editing our videos for technology, fitness, and product promotion, as well as crafting business profiles and lifestyle/human interest stories.
+1 415 409 8075
Screen Shot 2020 12 30 at 2.29.06 PM
William Ewart
Associate Producer. William has a bachelor's of Arts with a double major in Photography and Video - Digital Media, and a Minor in Journalism.  As our senior cinematographer and remote creative producer William strives to show excellence in all of his work, and his skills in writing media (pre-and-post-production) help our variety of projects run smoothly.
+1 415 409 8075

Ignite the feelings that power consumer decisions.

bcecddd5 commercial video production usa min

Award-winning Commercial Agency
Inspiring, data-driven, and cost-effective nearby video solutionContact us today to find out more!

Whether you are producing in San Francisco, New York, or Austin, or with one of our directors in San Diego, Atlanta or Denver, we’ve got you covered.


It’s a new era in Video Marketing

Not just TV and Movies any more. It’s multi-tiered cross functional media initiatives, and video marketing campaigns driven on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Kickstarter. It’s companies winning by achieving more viewership and higher levels of engagement and trust. Our approach to Kickstarter Video Production, or really all forms of Commercial Video Production and Videos for Fundraising and eCommerce, give us an unfair advantage for your content marketing.

Our development and testing initiatives helps you achieve higher than normal conversion metrics, and we’ve made video production into an art and a science.

Live Action Video Commercials, Kickstarter Explainer Videos, with a Cinematic and Uplifting flair.

We are a leading production company based out of San Francisco, Denver, Austin,  San Diego and New York. Over the years we have partnered with Companies who are making content for Kickstarter, TV, Streaming, and Social media. Our specialty is working on creating never-before seen brands with inspired inventors, and we have a great track record in helping International brands reach the US market.

Our proprietary creative development and film making process is the reason why we can produce exceptional content while maintaining ultra competitive pricing for your marketing. Ready to save 30% and still work with the best? Contact us.

Soulful stories that inspire

Cut to the chase. Get to the heart of it. Find the core and show it first. Learn your true colors.

Video Companies Near You

A unique voice is where story meets a greater purpose.  Let us help you find it.

As award-winning corporate video makers. StartMotionMedia has a deep talent pool to connect you with inspiring, data-driven, and cost-effective nearby video production solutions.

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Our favorite Content Production starts right here –

Clients Served

Video Views

Revenue for our clients

satisfied client

Universal Message
Premium, agency-quality films, service that will make you smile.

video view

2 Billion+ Video Views
Effortless and personal, to connect with your audience.


Higher ROAS, Drive More Revenue
Drive sales to your new kickstarter product.

Pre Production Screenwriting, and Post.


Discovery, Benchmarking,
Ideation, and Scriptwriting

Our trained writers know how to script for film and video ads, so that your marketing will convert more viewers per impression, to increase sales and customers.

Onset Film Day – Half or Full

Cinematographer / Director

Beautiful and historic locations mark the unique quailty of Start Motion Media. Say goodbye to lifeless soundstages, say hello to the real world. Lifestyle videography.

Post-Production and Editing

Editing Team

Every day we empower companies to make better connections with their potential customers, and distinguish themselves from the competition.

On a mission to empower, and ignite.

mission img1
mission img2

Develop Your Vision

Start motion media isn’t just some local production studio or an overpriced TV company – we are a collective of inspiring and adventurous emerging directors: we are creative film makers.

Art Department

Transformative Storytelling

We believe anyone who is doing something new – whether that be creating a new product, company, idea or experience – is a changemaker. It is our goal to help clients and companies tap into the soul of their story.

Stories that Move the World Forward.

Innovative, omni-channel and inspiring videos. A smarter way to reach a mass audience or to launch your newest product.

Video for Advertising. Without all the BS.

Cost-effective, premium quality.

The marketing industry is full of nonsense, barriers, hidden costs, and broken old ways. With cost-effective production workflows, we kick the unnecessary advertising BS out the window, so it’s just you, your company, and more sales.

Authenticity is our Message.

Janel H
The Barlow Sebastopol
VP Marketing

StartMotionMEDIA has a natural knack for storytelling. They have gone through the process of helping so many clients present their stories–and rally supporters around those stories–that I knew they would help me launch a successful project.

Anson K.
Marketing Manager

The quality of your work, applicability of your business’ focus to my need. -To understand the ins and outs of storytelling, and available tools. Thank you for sharing my passion.

Brian Doyle

Amazing day 1 “pop” of almost $30k, all due to their pre campaign “prime the pump” organized effort! Start Motion Media is a fantastic wealth of knowledge. It allowed me to harness the power of my network. It got people genuinely interested in the project which translated into huge earnings!

Jonathan Ho

Their focus is strictly on video branding & marketing. The whole process was on rails. I didn’t have to worry about the details because he had me covered.

Julien S
Green Traveler Manufacturing

We got prompt responses.  Start Motion Media is very informational when it comes to actually marketing a project. This process can be very overwhelming and they will sit down and walk you through it. They want you to succeed and this is obvious.

Rob D

You were extremely well organized with your thoughts and knowledgeable about the subject material. you clearly knew your space. It didn’t hurt that you were very competitively priced – worth every penny and then some.

Justin J
Marketing Manager

Without Start Motion Media I would have never attempted to launch a KickStarter campaign. They are a real pro in the space and walk you through every step of your content plan.

Valerie K
500 Startups

It made me rethink my funnel by building it up first and testing it with customers on the list. I feel far more comfortable with the list so I can turn it on and have good content to send everyone.

Omkar Despande

Start Motion Media has an amazing track record, which is what was most appealing from the start.

Wendy M
Simon and Schuster
Content Manager

The finished product was what I wanted but could not envision in advance.



Kickstarter Video Production

Most successful kickstarter campaigns are built with StartMotionMEDIA

We understand crowdfunding. To get your idea noticed so it has a chance is nearly impossible. Want customers? A great video and proven peer-to-peer marketing plan is needed help your story rise above.

Our Creative Production Studio

The videos we make have won CES and “Projects we love” awards, and were written up in Fast Company, Tech Crunch, Inc.com, Mashable, and Gadget Flow.

Our Video Production Company creates award-winning videos and lifestyle imagery and story content for your advertising or fundraising video project. Over the last ten years, We’ve driven more than $18M+ revenue to a small handful of clients, and analyzed hundreds of fundraising principals, to help…

Corporate Advertising | Kickstarter Videos | Story Branding

Since 2009 we’ve been supporting startups everywhere with kickstarter video production as well as crowdfunding pr. We offer crowdfunding help so you can relax and succeed with your project. If your need video production and campaign strategy assistance, you can discover more about our crowdfunding services. Alternatively, you can view recent projects, or learn more about StartMotionMEDIA’s Fundraising and Kickstarter Marketing mission.

Want to discuss your project?

Email Us or call (415) 409-8075

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Creative Development

Creative Development | Production | Editing

The Benefits of Video Marketing: Statistics That Companies Must Know in 2019 and Beyond In the past couple of years, online content marketing has had a major shift to video content marketing and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Video content is…

Top 10 Video Marketing Statistics of 2019

Outstanding Video. What we do.

The keys to a successful kickstarter video:

  • Precise Visual Design
  • Effective Storytelling
  • Top Shelf Cinema Lenses
  • Community Engagement

Our full service creative video studio makes inspiring content for your project. We use proven methods to develop an engaging story for your growing company.

Kickstarter Video Marketing

Our end-to-end strategies are built on a proven approach.
Hire a team of experts with serious experience.

StartMotionMEDIA’s videos and Kickstarter campaigns are driven by storytelling. Our creative production team understands crowdfunding videos and how to inspire your audience. We’ll help build your leadership voice and plan great visuals so you can supercharge your effectiveness for your campaign.

Get a Video

A New Kind of Crowdfunding

Raise more more money when you partner with a crowdfunding expert

Increase the return on your investment and reduce costs, gain access to 10+ years of experience in video production, backer conversions, brand storytelling, and more.
Lower risk 70% of Kickstarters fail. Our success rate is 2.5x the industry average, and many clients are able to raise $100k+.
We’ve done it before Let’s face it: when it comes to online fundraising, you don’t know what you don’t know. Avoid first timer mistakes and get the advice of consultants who have launched hundreds of successful campaigns

Want to discuss your project?

Email Us or call (415) 409-8075

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Startup Growth | Backer Conversions

If there’s a problem you’re facing with crowdfunding marketing, we’ve got you covered. We put your Kickstarter goal above all else, and challenge you to be the best you can be.


“Working with Start Motion Media had enabled us to build a meaningful foundation with and succeed with our Indiegogo Crowdfunding. What they do is empowering, and the videos generate results. Highly recommended.”

The Truth about Kickstarter

The truth about Kickstarter:

There are WAY too many people launching projects today who think a “great project” is enough.

They say, “if I publish a great project, backers will pledge”

If only it were that easy…

If you are serious about creating a high performing campaign, you need to be very systematic with how you create it.

Otherwise you’re taking a “lame duck” approach: posting your best idea to the world and hoping someone swims by to help.

In our work together I’m going to show you a technique that almost guarantees that you get high quality backers from every email you send out. In fact, I recently used this strategy to boost my launch day traffic by 230%

Talk to an Expert

The Truth About Kickstarter

Unlike other media consulting firms, our video production and fundraising consultants can get you affordable video services, help you dial in your landing page, and take your startup Kickstarter Videography to the next level.

Explainer Video Production Company

Our company, Start Motion USA Video Production, is the premier USA video production firm. Since our founding in 2016, weve established ourselves as the preeminent provider of highquality video production services for clients worldwide. Were proud to provide a full range of video production services, from concept to postproduction. Were based in the United States and our staff is

located in all of the key creative cities, such as San Francisco, Austin, New York, Denver, San Diego, Miami, and Seattle.


This allows us to provide services to clients in any of these areas at a fraction of the cost of working with a local production company. We specialize in creating videos for corporate and organizational clients, as well as producing promotional videos and advertisements.

Our team has many years of experience in the video production industry and understands the importance of creating videos that will capture the attention of viewers.

When businesses or organizations are looking for a video production company in USA, theyre looking for a team with experience, reliability, and the technical knowledge to create their desired project. At US Video Production, were dedicated to providing our clients with topnotch video production services. Weve worked with numerous clients in a variety of industries, from corporate to government. We understand the importance of delivering projects that meet our clients expectations and that stand out from the competition.

Our team will work closely with clients from start to finish, ensuring that our video production services meet their needs and expectations. At US Video Production we offer a wide variety of services, from fullscale postproduction to storyboard and art direction. We also provide editing, sound design, color correction, and motion graphics. Our team is wellversed in all the latest production technologies, including 4K and 8K video capture, and we specialize in digital video production. We have a large selection of cameras to choose from and can accommodate a variety of budget sizes.

We understand that creating a great video is both an art and a science. We provide our clients with great service and use cuttingedge technology to create stunning visuals and captivating stories. Our team is passionate about capturing the best moments and creating videos that will impress and engage viewers.

At Start Motion Media Production Company, we are the goto choice for businesses and organizations looking for a video production company in the USA. We provide a comprehensive suite of services for all types of video production, from concept to postproduction. With our experience, knowledge, and dedication to customer service, we guarantee our clients that their projects will be high quality and delivered on time. Contact us today to get started on your next video production project!

In commercial production you will usually see Executive and Line Producers who are in charge of separate departments (finance, development, etc.). A 1st Assistant Director (1st AD) is brought in as an assistant to the Director. They make sure filming is on schedule, keep the crew organized and keep all production activity on track. Camera Op – Controls the camera and framing during filming. This role can be performed by the Director of Photography in certain situations.

Director of Photography (DP, ASC) – A stylized look such as black and white or high saturation levels are achieved in post – accentuated through the camera during filming. our Photographer is a Gimbal Op – Camera Op that controls jib arm for capturing elevated and large motion shots. Script Supervisor – Their notes detail every shot and include prop locations and scene blocking to ensure continuity both on set during filming and later in post-production.

Production Designer Art Director Art Dept. Coordinator

“Executive Producer” is a catch-all term that represents authority and respect without any specific film crew jobs or tasks. Some executive producers may have had a direct hand in financing a film, while others may have been awarded the title as additional incentive for some other contribution. The salaries of any principal cast members represent the most typical above-the-line costs in any feature film or TV show’s budget.

The casting director is in charge of finding the right performers for a given project. They operate entirely outside of the day-to-day film crew hierarchy. While many above the line film crew positions are very important and do carry a great deal of power, they are not inherently “better” than the rest of their film crew family.