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Award-winning Commercial Agency

Inspiring, data-driven, and cost-effective nearby video solutions. Contacut us today to find out more!
Whether you are producing in San Francisco, New York, or Austin, or with one of our directors in San Diego, Atlanta or Denver, we’ve got you covered.

It’s a new era in Video Marketing

Not just TV and Movies any more. It’s multi-tiered cross functional media initiatives, and video marketing campaigns driven on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Kickstarter. It’s companies winning by achieving more viewership and higher levels of engagement and trust. Our approach to Kickstarter Video Production, or really all forms of Commercial Video Production and Videos for Fundraising and eCommerce, give us an unfair advantage for your content marketing.

Our development and testing initiatives helps you achieve higher than normal conversion metrics, and we’ve made video production into an art and a science.

Live Action Video Commercials, Kickstarter Explainer Videos, with a Cinematic and Uplifting flair.

We are a leading production company based out of San Francisco, Denver, Austin,  San Diego and New York. Over the years we have partnered with Companies who are making content for Kickstarter, TV, Streaming, and Social media. Our specialty is working on creating never-before seen brands with inspired inventors, and we have a great track record in helping International brands reach the US market.

Our proprietary creative development and film making process is the reason why we can produce exceptional content while maintaining ultra competitive pricing for your marketing. Ready to save 30% and still work with the best? Contact us.

Soulful stories that inspire

Cut to the chase. Get to the heart of it. Find the core and show it first. Learn your true colors.

Video Companies Near You

A unique voice is where story meets a greater purpose.  Let us help you find it.

As award-winning corporate video makers. StartMotionMedia has a deep talent pool to connect you with inspiring, data-driven, and cost-effective nearby video production solutions.


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 Our favorite Content Production starts right here –


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Premium, agency-quality films, service that will make you smile.

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2 Billion+ Video Views
Effortless and personal, to connect with your audience.


Higher ROAS, Drive More Revenue
Drive sales to your new kickstarter product.

Pre Production Screenwriting, and Post.


Discovery, Benchmarking,
Ideation, and Scriptwriting

Our trained writers know how to script for film and video ads, so that your marketing will convert more viewers per impression, to increase sales and customers.

Onset Film Day – Half or Full

Cinematographer / Director

Beautiful and historic locations mark the unique quailty of Start Motion Media. Say goodbye to lifeless soundstages, say hello to the real world. Lifestyle videography.

Post-Production and Editing

Editing Team

Every day we empower companies to make better connections with their potential customers, and distinguish themselves from the competition.

On a mission to empower, and ignite.

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Develop Your Vision

Start motion media isn’t just some local production studio or an overpriced TV company – we are a collective of inspiring and adventurous emerging directors: we are creative film makers.

Art Department

story is our method

Transformative Storytelling

We believe anyone who is doing something new – whether that be creating a new product, company, idea or experience – is a changemaker. It is our goal to help clients and companies tap into the soul of their story. 

Stories that Move the World Forward.

Innovative, omni-channel and inspiring videos. A smarter way to reach a mass audience or to launch your newest product.

Video for Advertising. Without all the BS. 

Cost-effective, premium quality. 

The marketing industry is full of nonsense, barriers, hidden costs, and broken old ways. With cost-effective production workflows, we kick the unnecessary advertising BS out the window, so it’s just you, your company, and more sales.

 Authenticity is our Message.

Janel H
The Barlow Sebastopol
VP Marketing

StartMotionMEDIA has a natural knack for storytelling. They have gone through the process of helping so many clients present their stories–and rally supporters around those stories–that I knew they would help me launch a successful project.

Anson K.
Marketing Manager

The quality of your work, applicability of your business’ focus to my need. -To understand the ins and outs of storytelling, and available tools. Thank you for sharing my passion.

Brian Doyle

Amazing day 1 “pop” of almost $30k, all due to their pre campaign “prime the pump” organized effort! Start Motion Media is a fantastic wealth of knowledge. It allowed me to harness the power of my network. It got people genuinely interested in the project which translated into huge earnings!

Jonathan Ho

Their focus is strictly on video branding & marketing. The whole process was on rails. I didn’t have to worry about the details because he had me covered.

Julien S
Green Traveler Manufacturing

We got prompt responses.  Start Motion Media is very informational when it comes to actually marketing a project. This process can be very overwhelming and they will sit down and walk you through it. They want you to succeed and this is obvious.

Rob D

You were extremely well organized with your thoughts and knowledgeable about the subject material. you clearly knew your space. It didn’t hurt that you were very competitively priced – worth every penny and then some.

Justin J
Marketing Manager

Without Start Motion Media I would have never attempted to launch a KickStarter campaign. They are a real pro in the space and walk you through every step of your content plan.

Valerie K
500 Startups

It made me rethink my funnel by building it up first and testing it with customers on the list. I feel far more comfortable with the list so I can turn it on and have good content to send everyone.

Omkar Despande

Start Motion Media has an amazing track record, which is what was most appealing from the start.

Wendy M
Simon and Schuster
Content Manager

The finished product was what I wanted but could not envision in advance.



Kickstarter Video Production

Most successful kickstarter campaigns are built with StartMotionMEDIA

We understand crowdfunding. To get your idea noticed so it has a chance is nearly impossible. Want customers? A great video and proven peer-to-peer marketing plan is needed help your story rise above.

Our Creative Production Studio

The videos we make have won CES and “Projects we love” awards, and were written up in Fast Company, Tech Crunch, Inc.com, Mashable, and Gadget Flow.

Our Video Production Company creates award-winning videos and lifestyle imagery and story content for your advertising or fundraising video project. Over the last ten years, We’ve driven more than $18M+ revenue to a small handful of clients, and analyzed hundreds of fundraising principals, to help…

Corporate Advertising | Kickstarter Videos | Story Branding

Since 2009 we’ve been supporting startups everywhere with kickstarter video production as well as crowdfunding pr. We offer crowdfunding help so you can relax and succeed with your project. If your need video production and campaign strategy assistance, you can discover more about our crowdfunding services. Alternatively, you can view recent projects, or learn more about StartMotionMEDIA’s Fundraising and Kickstarter Marketing mission.

Want to discuss your project?

Email Us or call (415) 409-8075

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Creative Development

Creative Development | Production | Editing

The Benefits of Video Marketing: Statistics That Companies Must Know in 2019 and Beyond In the past couple of years, online content marketing has had a major shift to video content marketing and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Video content is…

Top 10 Video Marketing Statistics of 2019

Outstanding Video. What we do.

The keys to a successful kickstarter video:

  • Precise Visual Design
  • Effective Storytelling
  • Top Shelf Cinema Lenses
  • Community Engagement

Our full service creative video studio makes inspiring content for your project. We use proven methods to develop an engaging story for your growing company.

Kickstarter Video Marketing

Our end-to-end strategies are built on a proven approach.
Hire a team of experts with serious experience.

StartMotionMEDIA’s videos and Kickstarter campaigns are driven by storytelling. Our creative production team understands crowdfunding videos and how to inspire your audience. We’ll help build your leadership voice and plan great visuals so you can supercharge your effectiveness for your campaign.

Get a Video

A New Kind of Crowdfunding

Raise more more money when you partner with a crowdfunding expert

Increase the return on your investment and reduce costs, gain access to 10+ years of experience in video production, backer conversions, brand storytelling, and more.
Lower risk 70% of Kickstarters fail. Our success rate is 2.5x the industry average, and many clients are able to raise $100k+.
We’ve done it before Let’s face it: when it comes to online fundraising, you don’t know what you don’t know. Avoid first timer mistakes and get the advice of consultants who have launched hundreds of successful campaigns

Want to discuss your project?

Email Us or call (415) 409-8075

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Startup Growth | Backer Conversions

If there’s a problem you’re facing with crowdfunding marketing, we’ve got you covered. We put your Kickstarter goal above all else, and challenge you to be the best you can be.


“Working with Start Motion Media had enabled us to build a meaningful foundation with and succeed with our Indiegogo Crowdfunding. What they do is empowering, and the videos generate results. Highly recommended.”

The Truth about Kickstarter

The truth about Kickstarter:

There are WAY too many people launching projects today who think a “great project” is enough.

They say, “if I publish a great project, backers will pledge”

If only it were that easy…

If you are serious about creating a high performing campaign, you need to be very systematic with how you create it.

Otherwise you’re taking a “lame duck” approach: posting your best idea to the world and hoping someone swims by to help.

In our work together I’m going to show you a technique that almost guarantees that you get high quality backers from every email you send out. In fact, I recently used this strategy to boost my launch day traffic by 230%

Talk to an Expert

The Truth About Kickstarter

Unlike other media consulting firms, our video production and fundraising consultants can get you affordable video services, help you dial in your landing page, and take your startup Kickstarter Videography to the next level.

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