Video Production for Education Company – Case Study : Thriving Class Guru

Working with Thriving Changemaker Summit was a beautiful example of a group committed to their vision.  With their team of coaches we developed a killer video plan to frontline their crowdfunding project. Read more…for their upcoming workshops in San Francisco  and Washington, DC. Their video concept was developed through a series of initial meetings, and they remained committed to making their video really work for their needs.  I found that they allowed time for an extended analysis of the first version of their video , which allowed me come up with a really great revision for their final video. Their story is one I can really get behind, because they’ve chose to help educate our young leaders on a fundamental level, and I can see their initiative creating fantastic change in the realms of conservation and activism.

I stayed with them throughout the process which allowed us to come out with a final kickstarter video that was really aligned what their operation needed to succeed and raise over $150,000 through our campaign.

I met them where they needed me in the Bay area. We met in Oakland, California to do our video production filming day at the Hub Oakland. Inside we conducted our main interviews and went over the main points of their project interview plan, and had additional casual conversation regarding their project, focusing on presenting their key issue, the renovation offered by the Thriving Changemaker Summit conducted in Washington, DC in December 2014.

Funding went well during their campaigning period, as they chose to use crowdtilt and then nationbuilder to finish things out. I’d imagine they’ve now raised over $20,000 during their remaining holiday and end-of 2014 marketing campaigns, and they, as a business, are all set up to provide great services next year to their summit attendees because of how widely known they’ve become as a result of successful fundraising.

You can learn more about the people at Coaching for Social Change for having made it happen for themselves and their services this year, and how many great people they’ve been enabling in the realm of social change. If you are interested in learning more about coaching skills training for young leaders, you can contact Mary Shindler brave leaders coaching or Zo Tobi at soundtrack for change.