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Video Theme: Here is what yoga club is –

yoga club

Why YogaClub?

  • Quality outfits that are unique and different from what everyone in the studio is wearing.
  • Affordable. Save money on quality gear.
  • Convenience – The latest style even if you live in the middle of nowhere


Today’s Call:


 Call time is Sept 16 Monday

meet at 9:15/9:30 am if possible at Juice bar to discuss outfits and get one lifestyle shot, etc.  1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

shoot starts 10 am :


near the murals at  156 Westminster Ave. Venice, CA, for “outdoor hill / trees background” scene


Then we will walk / drive to : “Dailey Method”

1327 1/2 B Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 : yoga scenes


The some unboxing scene at “home” 

“home” Address  //~3pm-5:30pm filming 16th

910 Pacific Avenue #6, Los Angeles, CA 90291, United States



some “friends run into each other ” Out on street scenes – does anyone any chance you have access to a “stroller w/ sun hood” or “car seat” for Julie’s ” mom ” scene?

then one block to shots on the beach sidewalk.


Primary Locations


  • Yoga Studio 1




  • Home Location
  • Office
  • Park
  • Beach
  • City Shots – Shopping / School Pickup



Options to talk with yoga studios – 


There’s a studio called The Green Yogi, big windows, pretty small.  Boutique.  Smaller group. 


The “Pitch” for reach out – How many hours, what time, something that yoga club can give – 10 or 20 top loyal members an outfit? (that’s big), Offer owner a free year subscription. It’s publicity.. (we’ll include a shot of the main). 


Find a place. Look for strategic partnerships if possible, as we’d love some studio filming access in the long run. 


Top Candidates – 

  • Yoga Works, + weights, 
  • Yoga glo, 
  • Green Yogi
  • Wanderlust Hollywood, really pretty space.  
  • The Dailey Method, 50 locations. They do barre, yoga, good partnership.  
  • Also, michael knows peeps from Shakti Naam center in West LA, he could write to them


Offer them footage for their own activities.  Save us from having to do the cast.  


Some Options for the request: 

  • Access to studio on off hours
  • Film an actual class and share the contents w/ you for your own promotional materials


Proposing Monday Sept 16 filming, Pitch drafting, goes out on monday – getting who the email contacts are.  Looking for Two spaces.  


Since we’ll do future Outfits reel, ongoing partnership.  Here’s the incentives we could offer.  This will be going out to millions of people in their target audience.  Subject: Seeking yoga studios for short filming of national commercial 


What house can be used for unboxing?  Anybody who knows a friend, we are looking for a spacious, modern living room, and a cozy carpeted room.  Preferably with an open floor plan, some window light.  


Is it beneficial to be close to the studio? Have a goal of no more than 20 mins travel distance between.  Beach, near the offices.  Can we throw it out there and find a studio that is most willing to work with us, we can craft it.  


Priority: Secure yogas location(s) near to the office, park next to the office.  El segundo parks , nice beach.  Hopefully finding a yoga location within 20 min of el segundo. 


Draft a pitch letter for them.  Top three , sending pitches on monday.  


Primary plus -sized character.  Confident outgoing vibe. Some of the influencers could be in LA.  


Working with photographer, people in network: LA –  


Post Casting head available 16th.  Models XL..  2x/3x could be a fit.  We’ll have worked with the people.  Across.  


Keep in mind for our roles. 


“We offer very high end value and amazing customer service”


Thematic Editing Goal:

  1. -What is a yoga club?
  2. -Solving the customers concerns
  3. -Scripted Explainer with Q&A style, walking through introduction and solving users problems around every turn. Ends with CTA – Join Yoga Club
    – Pick your favorite outfit today. 


Production Date : ____________

Production Day Schedule:

Outdoor park / vista location athlete / yoga mom (6:30-8)  

8:30 morning smoothie (athlete w/ yoga friends & low key cafe) 


House location needed: 9 – Founders Interview

10 – Testimonials / home Audio Lines from script


11-12 – Home “Unboxing / mirror scenes / Sally PJ’s on couch” 30 Min 


12:30-2 Yoga lifestyle – Morning Model “ Mom arrives, sees Teacher” #1 and “mom” at class, /  “Mock class” with 6x yoga models and “Saggy Sally” (bad clothes).  Switch to “YogaClub Class // 6x models change outfits. 


2-3 Sally + others in functional training gym  Jogging in Apartment Gym & shoulder pulls

3-4 Mom outdoors lifestyle Model #2 Mom + 3yrs kid stroller Lifestyle – With kids at the park.  – Loading kid into car seat 


5-6TBD //  chatting with friends with appetizers on the patio, dinner with family ladies walking. “Teacher” runs into “Mom with kid”, they talk about today’s class.  together urban afternoon , Scenes // Apt gym location needed

  • get motivated to be active, looking good has a much bigger impact than just looks
  • Community slideshow – What is yoga club – user submitted Montage Content


Locations and Sets we need to Accomplish


1 hr yoga studio

3 hr home – Unboxing. “Caught” chilling on the couch, “Getting ready scenes” , Work at home scenes, testimonials, interviews , script line recording, Feeling of depth in architecture.  Product use, placing an order online, solo selecting favorite outfits, friends using yoga club website together

1 hr Conference rm with founders Interview.  OTR office shots of “stylist working on 

1.5hrs  Near the office – yoga studio / pilates .  Park, beach.  Find a yoga studio that can give us 90 min middle of day

-travel // someone with roller bag / outdoor mall / storefronts / crossing the street

-beach near office (very low key pls)


1hr – nearby park vista

An elementary school to Pick up the kid” – Like, Walking and jumping in. Small school across from the air bnb.  NIce school.  Pick.  Pickups.  Enhance the scope.  

Around el segundo ? 



{Revised Script} – 600 Words

{Narrator 1 – “Female Voice, Company Rep”}

Clothing inspires us.  It fuels our workouts, our adventures, our daily life, and our dreams.  Built to ignite your passion, yogaclub provides the perfect custom activewear experience,  so that you can experience the symphony of form, function, and fashion, all in a high-quality clothing box membership, delivered right to your door.  Discover all your favorite brands, right from high end department stores, sent to you in a much more affordable package.


{testimonial}  I hated spending over $100 for a single pair of lulu-something’s, just trying to feel awesome and comfortable in my outfit without wasting money and time. But I couldn’t bring myself to get those $20 see-through leggings at target either.

Then Yoga club came into my life, and all I had to take was a quick little personality quiz, and an adorable outfit showed up on my doorstep. 

They do a really great job of taking your preferences into consideration. I haven’t yet been disappointed.  And everytime the box arrives, it’s like Christmas morning.

And No you don’t have to be a yogi, no you don’t have to work out. It’s all curated for me no matter my size and it saves me so much time. How amazing is that? 


{testimonia }

You’re not being tempted by all the other things at the store, I’m less of a control freak and I’m just excited to see what someone else would style me in. I love that I can wear these pieces out to run errands, but then I can transition to the gym so easily.

You can ask for your favorite colors, it puts some outfits on the screen for you to choose from. It’s so amazing to have found high quality clothes that are unique and different from what everyone else is wearing in the studio. 


{Narrator }

The mission with YogaClub is simple.  We sought out to create a product that would enhance the lives of everyday people who care about how they look.  Most plus size women still just wear sweatshirts and tees to work out, instead of finding the right fit. Our goal is to help you experience deeper self love, by sending you the absolute best fitting outfit, tailored to your style, at an unbeatable price. With yoga clubs, you are in control, because we make new outfits to suit you, and you can get them as often as you want.



Yogaclub not only solves the issues that are keeping women from even wanting to try clothing membership boxes, but it creates something totally unique and special in the process. We bring together a team of experts in fashion, manufacturing, and activewear, together with brands to produce innovative solutions with never before seen sizes and styles, to make Yogaclub the kind of clothing where any body type can feel beautiful.    Are you tired always being disappointed by the quality and the pattern styles available at the store? We equipped the precision retail listings on Yogaclub with an advanced predictive styling system, helping pair you with a professional styling system,  to get a well thought out, stylish look you can trust in, no matter your size or shape.  



Everyone’s size is different, and getting the right fit is essential. We addressed fit and stability on 3 fronts – first, we worked with leading brands to add XL all the way up to 3X sizes to their lineups, to fit both large and small bodies more comfortably. We also developed a proprietary software to do predictive styling – the stylists take the job off of your back, providing you the best fit and a matching look all at once, with standardized sizing across different brands. 


{Testimonial }

Now that I’m a YogaClub member, This is the first time I’ve ever had a matching look that has fit me. I’m on cloud nine! For once this sports bra is not too tight.  The straps do not dig in whatsoever. It feels so good. Letting go of pressuring myself into having to be a stylist, it’s hard enough to go out shopping. I Just share my preferences and Let yogaclub do the work, and the outfits always come out looking great and the right fit. 


{Narrator 1}

Extraordinary costs and hard to find brands are the number one reason why more women don’t choose activewear for their daily lives.  So we went ahead and made partnerships with the leading brands to deliver huge savings on the highest quality clothes, sent right to your door, for a single, low cost membership. This makes YogaClub so affordable, that you can get an entire 3 part outfit, for less than the normal cost of a single pair of yoga pants. 


In total, YogaClub provides over $160 worth of high quality activewear in every box, sent to you at an incredibly discounted rate, allowing you to achieve the perfect, custom look for your active life. 


{testimonial }  Amazing quality in clothes and perfect length, strength, and softness. I love that they make sure you have a complete workout outfit.  I have a terrible time shopping for clothes that work well together. 




Getting a complete full outfit that you wouldn’t be able to create on your own that matches and fits and is affordable …I can’t believe it.  I share my outfits with the community, and get support to be uplifted and motivated in my workout. 

I get to fill out surveys where I’m helping direct where the styles are going, and then getting what I actually wanted. I can change the frequency whenever I want. If I don’t like what I got, I can log into my account and easily do an exchange, their customer service is great. 



To ensure YogaClub keeps up with your personal schedule, we specifically designed our membership to have flexible mailing times – you can choose from every month, every other month, quarterly, or even pause and take a break. We created a three pronged customer service approach, so there are always staff who are happy to talk to you about your preferences, and to make corrections and changes to your membership and deliveries when needed. We’re always looking for the latest trend, and talking to suppliers and fashion bloggers, to ensure that your YogaClub look exudes that transcending class, so that you can be equipped for your journey.  – 

Take our free style quiz today. 



Most women in my community don’t have access to high quality, appealing outfits. 

Together we can find the right outfit to save hundreds of off-days and unmotivated mornings. And with YogaClub I can do that.  How awesome.”


End – Slide – “At least 50% off, shipped to your door today – 


{end script one}


Busy mom just wants to look good when she’s picking her kids up for school.

Walking the dog, traveling, working from home, I wear my yoga club outfit.  When I do need to run out and do errands, I want to look good. 


Proposed Script Option 2 (with associated shot list):


Love these boxes.  The fit is always right, you don’t need to go bigger or smaller, and the quality of the clothing is really good!  


Get to try brands I never did before and at a discounted rate! Styles and fabrics and colors I wouldn’t pick on my own but they look and feel great.   


Shot List: 


-Outdoor smoothie cafe with friends

-Walking in front of house to get box

-2x different women unboxing / Mom and Sally

-In bedroom, looking at tags, seeing various brand names

-Group dinner, main character looking bashful, stroking her hair, someone is just giving her a compliment


  • Helping answer the questions as the viewer went through. 
  • Get compliments 
  • Creating looks, being a trendsetter. 
  • Daily life scenes
  • Situations that your customer base would relate to that are not necessarily the workout


Visual Scope:

  • See images from example videos


Main Points for Founders Interview: 

Issue Challenge – 

People are spending $200 / most on activewear , lulemon, athleta, it just wasn’t sustainable. 


As a fitness instructor, activewear was leisure wear, and that .  The problem was that activewear was able to stick to a crazy price point, $100 for a single pair of paint. We are ble offer a sports bra, a top, you’ll get the top brand names.  Already the :  beyond yoga, these are typically found at high end department stores.  You’ll see it hanging on the shelf, and we are able to give it in a much more affordable package 



You’ll get to access the value of the high quality brand, but they don’t necessarily need the bigger name brand, they like discovering new brands that they haven’t heard of before.  We have two brands that we own and operate, and we’re moving more toward creating our own operated brands. These are top rated by the customers.  


We’ve created a product – this is your new favorite brand.  You’ll get access to brand name stuff, and you’ll always feel attracted by the super high quality.  You can get a full matching outfit created for you for less than a pair one pair of yoga pants.  



Does the outfit look like something I would wear? Elegant and modern?

We’re going to save a lot of time because you don’t need to go without great style if you Live in the middle of nowhere. 


Best body guarantee – if someone does find the same look at a better price, we’ll refund the difference, because it’s so hard to find a better deal .


If you want to find hours and hours at marshalls, you might find clothes that are cheaper, they’ll feel cheaper, and you won’t be happy. 


One of our competitors like TJ max or marshalls – a couple unboxing videos – you can tell visually the difference  of the clothes you get from yoga clubs. Some places showing the off brand texture, it’s not as good.



The extra large customer – a lot of people are asking for plus size – we launched 1x and it sold out.  Well, this is clearly a demand, people want it, we make XXL sizes, with the idea that there is not much accessibility – in the plus sized community they don’t have access to high quality. Usually the experience of finding activewear – looking toward old navy and gap, having to go into the store to try it on.  There’s not a lot of variety of color.  Showing photos of customers – they are ecstatic – this is the first time I’ve ever had a matching outfit that has fit me.  


The biggest concern – we have a 1 month guarantee – we’re liberal with our policies on returning – for most of the members you do have to pay for the shipping, but in most cases for plus sizes we’ve been offering free shipping back and forth: if it’s a size issue, it’s a free exchange, if they don’t like the style :



We are different from what sometimes people think of when they think of a clothing subscription box – we don’t charge a styling fee, what you get is,  Instead of getting a box where you are really just paying for a stylist, we are really offering the value.  


We curate the boxes with technology that matches your preferences and the outfits you live – you can pick and choose your favorite, send us feedback , and our system will find the best outfit for you.  In a lot of cases we’ll send you an email – here’s an outfit we selected – do you want to secure this outfit in your next box.  If there’s not a match from an algorithm you’ll be able to talk with our team of curators who can come in to make you happy.


You are getting a tailored customized experience by matching you to the outfits you love. 

The style quiz lets you pick out your favorite outfits, and you’ll usually get your favorite outfit in your first box. 


The intelligent matching algorithm helps more of our customers stay with us – we are here to make sure that the highest percentage of customers love their outfits.  We are always working to match your preferences, and our job is to make sure you get the best outfit based on your preferences that they will love. 


Sometimes people hesitate about the membership. You get full control about how often you’d like to receive the outfit.  You can choose the frequency, and you can change your frequency – some people get it monthly, quarterly, every other month, you can skip a month, and change it anytime you want. 


You can put your membership on pause, or annually you can , you can also opt in for an on-demand membership – hey , let’s not break it up, you just have too much clothing, we’ll offer you an o-demand membership – instead of cancelling, we won’t re-bill , you’ll get an email, hey , here’s the best outfit, and you can choose to buy it, just to keep the relationship active, 



We’ve invested in creating a community beyond the box. Our members get to stay in our community, whether that’s participating in the facebook community, you can share your outfits, your life, you’ll find new friends, and support, and you;ll be uplifted and motivated in your journey.  It’s a really special community we’ve been able to foster, it’s still really growing, we’ve got a vibrant community that we want to grow beyond the box,


Our current motto : solve the pain of getting access to high quality activewear for all women.  They might not need it all that frequently – what we want to build with this feature , even if they are on an on-demand , join the community, go on and see what the best outfit is for me.  


Where do you get your activewear from? 


Rather than spending $100 for a pair of lululemons, I just go to Yoga club, and get a whole outfit right to my door, they know my preferences.  We have a deep data relationship with our customers – lululemon can’t recommend an outfit like it does.  The likelihood of us sending them an outfit they love.  


Super flexible about membership, you can choose the frequency.  


What is the trendsetter survey?  We create the outfits for the members, and the mbmers are the ones that are really setting the trends.  This is what people want, rather than just saying .


You have a chance to guide where fashion is going. You have a voice in the activewear industry – choose what you love – it would be cool to have a testimonial “you know I ‘ve been a member for a while, they send a survey that I really love this outfit on the survey , and they actually went out there and ade this outfit for me.  And as soon as they produced the outfit, I was one of the first people to get it, because I was able to love it on the survey.  If it’s in stock.  Getting that feeling of leverage in helping direct where the styles are going, and actually getting what you actually wanted.


You’re not going to be getting the same outfit as what the people at the top story – 15 women wearing the same pants – now you’ve got the opportunity to stand out and to be the first people to actually.  Looking for those opportunities to stand out. 



Wellness motivation – this is a catalyst for you to live a healthier life, our community groups – it cheers up my day, helps.  People get their box in the mail. And they draw something on top of it, they won’t get it till they.  I still need to go to five more workouts before I can open it. It’s a great way to feel excited about working out again.  


Getting a complete full outfit that you wouldn’t be able to create on your own that matches and fits and everything.  Showing off the outfits – to be able to have a match as something you love and want.  Feel beautiful in those clothings, regardless of your size.  The emotional reactions are – find activewear, for the first time, throw out all those sweatpants that you’ve worn for years – get access to this stuff from somebody that cares about your unique needs, a complete outfit, not just a monotone outfit. Letting go of pressuring yourself into having to be a stylist, not everyone knows about clothes, it’s hard enough to go shopping but if you need your friend to shop with – it’s a group of an amazing community that we then create and deliver.  : Visual note – photo slideshow:


Our name can sometimes be limited – a lot of people don’t choose yoga as their main activity – I thought this was only for : I wear yoga clothes everywhere I go, living in activewear. “ That hits home for the mom market – I need an outfit, I don’t have time to go shopping , so yogaclub is so great for me , entrepreneur.


Characters: 35-45

Busy Mom, Plus sized, Traditional Yoga, 

If she’s outside of the metropolitan areas – people’s retail options are limited and dying.  Most people don’t live in Marin county – don’t know the brand, don’t have access to the apparel, this is a value add.


To be able to get a full outfit of activewear at that price point – it all goes together and you get a compliment about it – that’s pretty hard to find.  We get it you don’t have time, it costs twice as much, spend half a day trying to put together an outfit, probably not get as many compliments. 


They just don’t have time to shop for stuff, busy as hell, might be the first time, delivery.  


When someone gets a compliment on it – I love my outfit – I can’t wait for 3 months, I’ve upgraded my frequency – someone talks about how easy it is to change the frequency.  “I got feedback that I was looking beautiful” – that feedback can really change someone’s day. 


When it’s stylish – that’s when I get compliments. 


We have a lot of experience with membership based communities – I always wanted to create my own business in the same model , I knew a few different people in the yoga space and that they had extra inventory – hey there might be an inventory // there might be;; if I could get a hundred conversion. Facebook ads mostly for the test.  


The silver lining – we’ve done a really good job at looking at what our customers really want, on the promise – when we send out a box, it has the highest chance to make us happy.  .  Our customers get to guide.  


What yoga club is – we are making sure that we are delivering love on every single outfit.  When you send the outfit – it’s got the highest chance possible of them actually loving it. 


Three Characters / Personas for YogaClub

Busy Mom

Example: (she has a good perspective on why sub box vs. buying at big box stores).


Pain point: too busy to shop. Wants to be comfortable running errands and spending time with her kids. Might not live in a major metro area with access to high end brands.


Why YogaClub?

No time to shop. Even though she might not do yoga, it’s her mom’s uniform. Gives her the ability to look amazing while being comfortable and functional! Transitional pieces — go to the gym after dropping the kids off at school. Saves her money. Not just to workout.


Plus Size Woman

Examples:  (9:57 – Doing Yoga)


Pain point: Great Looking AND comfortable activewear has never been available to me. I shop at Target and Old Navy because it fits, but am always disappointed by the quality and the patterns/styles.


Why YogaClub?

  • Never had yoga clothing this comfortable.
  • High quality!
  • Excited to discover new brands that haven’t been accessible to plus size women before.


Yogi / Fitness


Pain point: Teachers multiple classes a day. Needs to look professional, but doesn’t have the time to shop due to running around from studio to studio. Saving money is also really helpful, you don’t make a ton as a yoga teacher! 


Why YogaClub?

  • High quality outfits that are unique and different from what everyone in the studio is wearing.
  • Affordable. Save money on quality gear.
  • Convenience.