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Corporate Video Production Case Study – The M1 Trike

The M1 is a tilting cargo trike, bringing together the best in utility of a cargo bicycle with the stability of a tricycle. Learn more at tippingpointtrikes.com

This launch required San Jose Video Production to be matched with someone who could answer crowd funding questions. Our indiegogo campaign tips and info about perks were way better than the other fundraising consulting firms, and helped him raise so much more than having to have an extra partner for his fundraising consultants.

Read more about this technology kickstarter indiegogo

When hybrid electric vehicles came to us for startup fundraising, we decided to teach them the fundraising strategies that launch every successful campaign. After doing pre-production and post production for their video, we focused on kickstarter strategy and crowdfunding help, helping them understand the available crowdfunding services out there for crowdfunding marketing. After that we reviewed their project page and perks, and helped them look at the various fundraising platforms to raise what they needed to get their project funded. The thing with kickstarter promotion, I said, is that you need to have a small seed of startup fundraising, not only to pay for your Crowdfunding Video Production, but to hire fundraising consulting firms for your crowdfunding promotion. After hybrid electric was satisfied with our San Francisco Video Production, which we used to get some amazing vistas, we went into detail about our recommended fundraising tips. They then use the amazing content that they got from our Kickstarter Video Production to employ the tactics of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs. After the 5 module training and our review period, they we then complete with the crowdfunding consulting and crowdfunding pr parts of the process. In the end, our kickstarter tips and crowdfunding pr gave them the kickstart coaching that they needed to fully explore and utilize only the best crowdsourcing services, without wasting money on the wrong crowdfunding consultant. After seeing how many bikes they sold, I must say, that the best kickstarter promotion are when you apply fundraising tips from our course and the fundraising strategies we recommend to your own friends and family – they end up being the best backers, every time.

After finishing the course and placing their project on the, Joel remarked that our crowd funding help and Indiegogo Video Production made us one of the best online fundraising sites out there. The fact that we also provided Oakland Video Production was such a bonus for him, because he really wanted that Lake Merrit shot.


Hybrid Electric Vehicle for Urban CommutersProduction Day(s): 

Saturday 3/28: 

Let’s meet at my house first at 9am.

2224 Coloma St. Oakland, CA 94602

9 AM: Cafe shots / biking out in the world – urban streets. (cafe address needed)

It’s more of a Breakfast place, but great location on thoroughfare.

Grand Lake Kitchen 576 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610


 – Grocery store nearby? Address for that?

Whole Foods Market 230 Bay Pl, Oakland, CA 94612


10 AM: Main interview – Friends House (house address needed)

Eric & Nancy’s House: 3840 Greenwood Ave. Oakland CA 94602


11 AM: American Steel Shop shots / working on bikes / (shop address needed)

American Steel: 1960 Mandela Parkway  Oakland, CA 94607 (Enter on 20th Street)

Take Grand to West Grand to Mandela; left on Mandela; left on 20th; entrance on right; BAY 3, SECTION 21 (blue shop with white/orange stripes.) Just call or text once inside the building. You can drive right into the building entrance on 20th..


12 AM: Neighborhood ebiking shots (cross street where we’ll start filming) / 

Meet at 2224 Coloma St. Oakland, CA 94602  (my house) and we’ll ride up the street a few blocks.


1 PM: ISSUE shots with regular bike – struggling (hill

I like the idea of this, but I wonder if we can make this point another way?


Required Resources:

-Keegan to drive car while Michael films for follow / moving bike scenes

-Colleagues / collaborators for shop scenes -Jack Kleker (Jack still not confirmed)

(Sorry, my software expired. I can’t do this.)

-Change clothes for ISSUE scenes / sweat etc…


Visuals to be filmed on our Production Day(s):

Out in the world:

-Footage of struggling on bike, sweaty mess, no room for cargo (Another way to do this?) I’m worried this will be discredited for being too “infomercial.” We can state this is the issue in the interview. Let’s assume people are not stupid, and will understand if I explain the issue. I know you need B-Roll, but maybe we just keep camera on me explaining during this part. Not as impactful, I know, but doesn’t play to morons.

-Riding the bike to work, riding shots, work clothes.

-Grocery store putting stuff in the panniers – Loading cargo

-Joyful and peaceful riding

-Shots both moving and static of riding around a neighborhood.

I don’t have anyone nor time to get this going

-Establishing shot of Oakland. Lake merritt.


In the shop:

-Over the shoulder, working on bike

-Shop scene, – Welding, supports that hoisting the trike up, 

– looking at printed plans.  

-Pointing at schematics.

-Posters of 1857 ebikes  (Printing this today)

-Over the shoulder looking at 3-d models

-3-d models – proof of concept – Newer models of the version.  (I will try to print some stuff from home today)


External images from Start Motion Media

Person In car upset stressful (I have this already recorded)


Visuals to be sourced from Joel: (I will need to get this stuff after tomorrow)

-Traffic in every direction, stopped.

– Footage of traffic.

– Urban planning animation – map of the radius of the 90% of five mile trips

– Street imagery (from friend in urban planning) and animation showing streets fade into renders with bike lanes Transforming streets with photoshop.  Show where we are going with evolving urban streets.. Steve Price is the guy.

-Chart cost savings: figure out a cost for owning a vehicle.  

– Images & video animation of 3-d models / rotating (It might take me a week to get the software but after that I should be able to do the 3-D model shots. I can shoot this with Keegan and send to you)

– HD footage from a quad copter.  (Unknown when I will be able to set this up.)


Main Interview Points:



Issue of the american concepts of the bike. Recreation only. Trying to change how we think about bikes. Grocery store, kids to school, get to work. I have to go up a hill and i get tired, I have to go really far, I end up a big sweaty mess.  Many people have tried to give it a shot – it was a little too much…Being in traffic with a vehicle – major costs – emotional stressful, takes a long time. Have you ever looked down at your speedometer in car traffic? How fast are you actually going during rush hour?  You are only going 20-30 mph? Can’t we do that on an ebike? 40 percent of urban trips in the United States are less than two miles


Below is an example of the confusion around this model (the M1) and what I want to sell (eTrike)


Bicycles are useful. Bicycle is the number one practical way to save the world. I’m getting rid of the hindrances:  No sweaty mess, not getting hot, being able to go on longer trips 10-15 miles. You are getting your own lane in traffic. You’ve now got your own expressway.  it gets me 60 miles miles on a single charge. Our bike has increased carrying capacity. Carrying cargo long-distances and up hills. The two wheels in front provide a more stable platform. A lot of people think that its a fixed tricycle. It learns. We’ve put a mountain bike suspension to make it really comfortable to ride, there is a lot of cushion. Our engine is a mid-drive motor, makes this much easier to change a tire.



Priority of flexibility. This is a positive way of thinking. It’s not just me doing this thing. It’s really a movement. Streets are changing to support bicyclists. Society is in need of small “ULEVs” Ultra-light electric vehicles. Trying to focus on is the practicality of the electrified pedal-assisted bicycle.  Clean, balanced and efficient alternative to a car



Why I’m doing what I’m doing…we did a lot of experimentations, and ended up doing a lot of major revisions. It’s been over the course of three years. I was in the tech shop, using computer controlled water jet machines, sophisticated manufacturing process. My father wanted to keep riding with failing eyesight, I wanted to get him a more stable bike to use.



Funds for R&D. We’ve got a moped class vehicle so far. What I want to make is a bicycle class 406 class-b vehicle.  As we build our team, your support will help us to develop a new lighter bicycle-class eTrike with all the cargo capacity and features of the M1. Reduce local pollution and reduce carbon consumption. Alternate to congested roadways. 



Support us!

Be a lane changer.