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Commercial Video Production Case Study – Stem Trunk

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STEMtrunk Video Production Document 



Main Location: Modern Home

Alternative Bonus Locations: Schools (conference room, classroom / lab), Tech office-labs. Construction site


Filming date : Saturday July 22nd



10 AM (a school time) School Address: 4600 Blackrock Dr. , Sacramento 95835

1pm – Aaron- Project creator’s interview  (Address for Home) Arvis Ct. Sacramento CA 95835


2:2:30 – Parent interview (Sarah)

3pm- Children interaction shots at home – Kids close ups

4pm- Home shots, issue scenes, parent child interaction with laptop

5pm- Testimonial interview (child ) / One or two of 

The kids 

For school:

-One parent / at least two the kids.  Lab classroom / outdoors – showing on picnic at recess area


5:30pm – Aaron Characterization : Outdoor scenes : Nearby nice huge urban buildings.  Walking across Bridge, wide angle shot – big buildings in the background. (*Address / google maps) Street lined by high rises – Capitol mall.  Friend / talking with a guy in a collared. Another guy friend. Down. Let’s look like we’re business 


?? -Checking Parallax Robotics tech office : -Cool parts -Wall with drones hanging -Conference room table with robots all over it (closeups of robots).  Warehouse, use of production equipment. Ken video shoots for their own:


Characters we need to cast:  

When Confirmed:  {put names & contact info here}:  

3 Kids of different gender, age and race 

Ages – 6 to 11 / up to 14

1 or 2 Parents


Kelsey – Caucasian, Female, Age 8

One of Sarah’s girls- African American – Age 12

Danielle will ask friend – indian male age 10 **Confirm : Unboxing 


Parent interviews:

Aaron Reno – Caucasian Male Dad

Sarah Hamilton – African American Mom

Props: bring low quality toys.

Kono Computer Kit – 

Lego Robotics : pile all the kids. 

Sphero –

Bose Build – 

Mini drone for outdoor school shot. 


We’ve got the shots of young kid Osmo.


Extra qBeto footage


Detailed Shot-List for visual layer:

-Kids playing with kits/toys

-Cuts of adults in various tech careers (stock)

-Shots of adults in computer programming, robotics, and drones

-Issue: toys toppling on top of shelf

-Kid executing commands

-Parent exploring kit with their child

-Issue: Kid looking bored after time with toy, tosses it / gatehring dust

-Testimonial interviews with Aaron’s daughter

-CU Shots of interaction shots – three featured toys for various age groups.

-Shots of kit arrival and unboxing process

-Shots of Child opening box

-Parent and child interacting with the STEMrunk website and completing purchase

-Kids playing with age appreciate  kits specific – Age 6 – this product – Ad 11 – this product:

-Issues – found decaying classroom gloomy /  closet overload / 

-toy’s stacking falling all parents looking flustered

-Unboxing UX sequence – three page demos scroll add to box, cuisine – box child open, pulls , excited

-Variety of lifestyle “day in the life” shots – important: one and two : two locations


Visuals of Stem Jobs – people who work in labs and computer programmers : would it be cool 

Hospitable enteric quality – show the link – tech office labs easier to get : 

-Stock plant where all the robots are moving


If there are two locations home use scenes – locations : construction site / kid holding up a connect model of a building that is build –  


Action Items:

-Source three kids of appropriate age levels for acting (Aaron)

-Source one parent to play parent role (Aaron)

-Arrange for light modern house to film in (Aaron)

-Find conference room/class room type shots (Lets discuss)

-Read through project main points

-Aaron’s script (?)


Location booking: What home can we film in?  Any alternate venues (startup / lab) can we film in? 


-Casting – if sourcing of parents and kids is not possible.



STEMtrunk Kits 

Towers of unused toys

Boxes for Arrival of new kit / return

Mockup of website portal / checkout process


Video Editing ideas:

3 minutes. Logos of partners: 4.0 Schools Fellowship

Aaron idea – could also do a bunch of logos of product companies


Text for your campaign page / video text callouts:




Designed to be Self Directed

Sorted by grade level

Pick it up and go

Tutorials all in one spot

The highest quality products on the market

Rent and return


Brand Messaging :  Main Sales Points for Video Marketing:

Stem trunk is a subscription rental service for engineering and science toys. When we look at the future – automation, manufacturing, – technology and automation are taking over – in order to keep up and be ready for the jobs of tomorrow, children need to learn stem skills. Our product will help kids in learning the basics of programming, engineering skills, comfortable and able to work with technology. 


Issue/Pain Point:

Technology is changing so fast that schools are not able to keep up with it. When schools figure out how to teach the current technology, the technology has already changed and advanced. Most traditional schools still teach english and math and science, but are they teaching robotics?  Do they talk about computer building, programming, and drones? Schools need technology to teach technology. They need hardware that is expensive and it keeps changing fast. 


This gap is the reason that the market for STEM toys has sprung up. We are here to fill this gap. 


Featured Solution:

Learn the basics of computing and engineering. All our products are educational, reusable, durable, designed to be self directed, sorted by grade level, ready to pick up and go and tutorials with it.  

Our solution also helps with minimalism. People don’t want to acquire a bunch of stuff. Things have a shelf life and they just start sitting in the closet.  STEM toys lets you have something that is always new. 


-All our products are:




-Designed to be Self Directed

-Sorted by grade level

-Pick it up and go

-Tutorials all in one spot


The STEM toys will help kids learn through play. Kids will build something their hands.  You program the robot, and we’ll tell you how. You will learn the basic of programming, how do you execute commands. And it lets education be a journey, rather than just piling up more stuff.


Our kits are rent and return, so we can have the highest quality products on the market. No one is doing this. Kids learn at their own pace, and then just return it to get the next item in their cue.


Yes it’s learning, but from a kid’s standpoint it’s fun.  You build a computer with your own two hands in fourth grade, and it plays mine craft.  There is this sense of achievement – it’s not just happening to you, you programmed something, you built something, you we’re the doer. 



The STEM toys are educational yet fun. You build a computer with your own two hands in fourth grade, and it plays mine craft.  There is this sense of achievement – It is not just handed to you. You build something, you programmed something, you were the doer of the thing. 


This is hands on plan, you are physically manipulating, your writing a code, you are achieving things and you are doing it in such a way that is straight forward. All our products are educational, reusable, durable, designed to be self directed, sorted by grade level, ready to pick up and go and tutorials with it.  


With the online portal, the idea is much akin to netflix DVD – you build a queue, you line up the things you want via grade level, set up your queue and the first one gets sent to you in the mail. 

It is like a cool new gadget, they learn it and get over it. Parents can then grab it and return it and get something new from our product list. 


The system works – what you are paying for is a certain number of credits per month, and different units have different credit costs – some products that are 75 to $100 dollars. About $75 dollars is one credit, $150 – two credits $300 – four credits.


We have two plans – two credits per month, three credits per month.


For example, we have a toy called q-Beto – It is really good for kindergarteners. It has no screen. You take building blocks and put them into a wooden board and your robot follows the commands that are tied to the building blocks. Preschoolers are taught the idea of: move forward, move forward, beep, turn around.  Hit the button. It is really basic introduction where I write commands, and it executes. This teaches the functional basics of writing. Or Sphero, you can program it with drawing, executing the command based on what you’ve drawn,



 We have the highest quality products on the market, because our product is rent and return. We want to grow the base product. We want to become a company that can help schools teach this. As we build our inventory, we want to provide classroom kits. We want to give them the lesson plans. They do not have to define the entire budget around it. By doing it through us, they do not have to store these kits, neither worry if they break. We can solve this for schools. And let parents try before they buy.


Partners school – We are actively making STEM education cheaper and giving kids & child (use that more). better access to a variety of materials.  Is this for a family or is it for a school 


Your Background:

I have been involved in STEM most of my life. I studied physiology and neuroscience in school, minors in organic chemistry and psychology – but then in a life shift went into technology and am currently the president at a marketing and consulting firm for mobile app.  I am an active and involved parent of two (Kelsey is 8 and Ethan is 14) and my kids are very into technology having been exposed to it their whole lives. Even with my tech know how – they often get past me, and I don’t want to be the limiting factor in their learning. Educational toy products help bring them past where I can take them, but I came across the problem of high costs and wanted to find a way to make these products more accessible to families.


Call to Action: 


Satisfying a need in the market Blending my love of technology and children into one project. Giving back to community by making. 


We want to help schools and parents to keep up with teaching the fast changing technology in an easier and sustainable way of providing them with reusable kits in user friendly and fast way.