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Only 2 Days Left – SMM Writer’s Competition


Hi hi StartMotionMedia fans and followers, this week we are celebrating creators everywhere who is the conclusion of our first annual human writers journalist conference in contest. If you were wishing to be considered for a writing position at StartMotionMedia, please let it be known as the only 48 hours remain for the open posting portal. If submissions are to be received after that time, they must be mailed to the admin, however there is an admin fee- as she wouldn't be reverting to manual mode for editing and posting journalists and staff authors content. If you would like so submit your yes writing of the skyscraper method to be included in our search for the Internet for best author, the please make sure to submit your article submission within the next 24 to 48 hours.   Here is the direct link to submit to your sample to “try out” for professional write for us position, in our news room.

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The last moment to contribute, for our 2024 Annual “human writers” journalist competition: