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Get Involved with Start Motion Media: Write for Us News Competition

If you're an aspiring writer looking to break into the dynamic world of video marketing and production, 's “Write for Us” News competition is an excellent opportunity. We're currently accepting job contributions and interviewing sponsored content writers for placement in our esteemed publication. Here's what you need to know to get started:

The Opportunity

Start Motion Media specializes in various niches within video marketing, including business video production, , crowdfunding campaigns, and much more​​. This competition is designed to scout talented writers who can contribute insightful, engaging content across these diverse categories.

Why You Should Apply

  1. Industry Exposure: Gain significant exposure by writing for a leading platform in video marketing and production.
  2. Professional Growth: Enhance your writing portfolio with high-quality, published pieces.
  3. Networking: Connect with industry professionals and other talented writers.
  4. Monetary Incentives: Competitive pay for sponsored content.

Categories and Topics

We are looking for articles that resonate with our broad audience base. Here are some of the categories you can write about:

Additionally, topics can span from sustainable technology innovations, remote work optimization, mental health in the digital age, to wearable health and AI-driven customer service​​​​.

Application Process

  1. Submit Your Work: Send us a sample of your writing along with a brief pitch of the article you plan to write.
  2. Interview: If selected, you will be interviewed by our editorial team to discuss your ideas and potential contributions.
  3. Write and Publish: Successful candidates are self-starters, adn are commissioned by 3rd party link advertisers to write articles, which will then be published on our platform for a small fee.  Your payment of the admin fee is required to be a writer on our site.

Tips for Success

  1. Understand Our Audience: Tailor your content to appeal to entrepreneurs, video creators, marketers, and tech enthusiasts.
  2. Be Engaging: Write in a style that is youthful, smart, and bold. Make your articles compelling and informative.
  3. Showcase Expertise: Demonstrate a deep understanding of your chosen topic, backed by research and data.
  4. Follow Guidelines: Adhere to the submission guidelines provided to ensure your article meets our editorial standards.

Examples of Past Topics

To get an idea of the type of content we value, here are some past article topics:

  • “AI-Driven Customer Service: Enhancing User Experience”
  • “Crowdfunding Campaigns: Tips for Success”
  • “Sustainable Fashion Trends: Eco-Friendly Practices in the Industry”
  • “Video Marketing Strategies for Startups”

Contact Us

If you're interested in this exciting opportunity, please reach out to our editorial team at with your application. We look forward to seeing your creative and insightful contributions!

Statistic Quote:

“Fully engaged customers represent a 23% premium in share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth over the average customer.” – Gallup​​.

“AI tools will increase productivity and help video teams ‘do more with less.' 96% of businesses have already seen a positive ROI from AI-powered video marketing.” – Danielle Warren, Google​​.