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At Start Motion Media, we are corporate video production experts, providing comprehensive solutions to companies looking to make a statement, share their message or increase their reach with the help of a compelling corporate video.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their communication goals by producing high-quality, engaging corporate videos to communicate their message with impact. Our team is highly experienced in delivering effective corporate videos that can be used to grow a business, create positive campaign experiences and promote products and services to a range of audiences.

We pride ourselves on our creativity, innovative ideas and our understanding of the creative processes that help companies deliver inspiring stories that create strong, memorable impressions. We offer a range of video production services, from concept to completion, including scripting, storyboard development, video production and post-production. We specialize in providing top-notch video solutions for a variety of corporate video needs, including:

• Corporate Overview Videos: Highlight your business, services, and goods with a well-crafted overview video. Our team will ensure your video production captures your company’s essence and effectively showcases your business to the public. • Corporate Event Videos: From conferences to summits, and everything in between, we will help to capture your event and share it with a global audience.

• Corporate Employee Training Videos: Our team is well-versed in the creation of corporate training videos, and can help to ensure the quality of your employee training.

• Animated Explainer Videos for Business: Intrigue your audience with a captivating, engaging cinematic-style video.

• Corporate Product Launch Videos: Capture the excitement of a product launch and share it with the world. • Promotional Videos: We will help you create an effective marketing, or promotional video by developing your message and creating a visual to capture the audience’s attention.

At Start Motion Media, our goal is to ensure effective and impressive visual communication for our clients. We strive for quality performance, creative solutions, and on-time delivery of corporate video projects, no matter how small or large the project might be.

Our team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience, and we utilize the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your vision is realized. We believe that corporate video should be an integral part of any company’s brand messaging and we are passionate about helping companies to create powerful and impactful videos that will ensure their messages are communicated to the public with impact and clarity.

If you are looking for a corporate video production company that will ensure your message is heard effectively and authentically, then Start Motion Media is the right partner for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your video project and to find out more about how we can help you create the perfect corporate video for your business.

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Video production Services near me: Everything needed to start finding a company

Start Motion Media Video production services near me – is a phrase on many minds these days. In cities all around the country, and particularly in San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, and New York City, people are seeking out high-quality video production services to capture their special events, stories and messages. At Start Motion Media Video Production Services Near Me, we understand your search for a company that will bring your vision to life and help you express it in the best way possible. We believe that you deserve the highest quality of service, so we strive to provide all of our customers with the best experience possible. For over twelve years, our team of passionate professionals has been dedicated to creating moving, powerful and inspiring visual stories for our customers.

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We strive to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your video production needs. Our services include scriptwriting, pre-production, shooting, editing, animation and post-production. We also offer a full range of audio and video equipment for rent, so you can be sure to have everything you need to produce the best quality video. We are local to the San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, and New York City area, so you can always rest assured knowing that the video and audio equipment you rent will be delivered on time and to the highest industry standards.

As a local business, we strive to provide our customers with the best local experience and service possible. No matter what your needs and budget are, Start Motion Media Video Production Services Near Me is here to help. Whether you are looking for a full-service video production team or are just looking to rent some equipment, our team is here to help. We are happy to provide our customers with a free consultation, during which we can discuss your needs in detail and determine the best solution. Having worked with hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations over the years, we understand the importance of creating visuals that last, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results.

At Start Motion Media Video Production Services Near Me, we understand that you want the best for your project, so we strive to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. We take pride in our work and strive to create visuals that are both powerful and inspiring. So, if you’re in the San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, or New York City area and you’re looking for the best video production services, look no further than Start Motion Media Video Production Services Near Me. With our experience, expertise and commitment to quality, we are here to make your next video project a success. Contact us today to learn more.

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The Best Motion Graphics Advertising Examples

Motion graphics is driving different sectors on a high level. Over the years, the trends in marketing have shifted towards motion graphics a lot. Motion graphics opens the doors for many business opportunities for different brands.

If you consider, modern marketing is now far different from the former techniques. The best way to use this art form is through motion graphics advertisements. Many renowned brands are experiencing its benefits for their businesses on a large scale.

Using motion graphics in ads affirms advertisers to bring out new brand launches and much more with creativity. Motion graphics ads make the audience interact with them profusely. So that the brand can deliver its USP (unique value proposition) in an impressive way.

You will get a detailed review of 10 examples of motion graphics advertisement examples. It will assist you to understand the significance of motion graphics in different sorts of commercials as well.

Before we initiate the discussion, let’s learn about the role of motion graphics in advertising.

Role of Motion Graphics in Advertising

As we are heading towards the future at a rapid pace, the style of marketing is also changing. The type of advertising on social media in particular includes motion graphics. It is important to understand the key role of motion graphics in future advertising.

Motion graphics commercials can set a new direction for marketing. The enticing elements of such commercial content have much potential to grab the audience’s attention. Plus, there is no limit to the amount of creativity in such ads as well.

Below is the breakdown of the prime roles of motion graphics in advertising:

  • Idea Expression: Your business can get the fruit of using motion graphics ads with no doubts. Imagine delivering a new idea for another product by using such video ads.

 The most suitable way to keep your audience updated on the recent development of your business. This way your customers would be getting your message and expression at different intervals.

  • Creating Awareness: Brand awareness is integral when you are just getting started with a new business. Motion graphics ads have the ability to do that for you. Due to this reason, more people would get to know about you and your brand.
  • Conversion: Motion graphic ads can be a huge call to action. When you deliver your message to more people. It is important to entice them to buy from you as well.

The whole process is conversion. It can get difficult to pull off but motion graphics commercials have a higher success rate in this regard. Motion graphics make your brand’s ads more compelling to click and increase conversions or sales.

  • Audience Interaction: One of the main goals of a business should be to boost its audience interaction. People love when you give them a solution. Something that stays with them a little longer.

In this case, motion graphics ads would be a good choice. The more you impress your audience, the more chances of sales. Motion graphics ads clear out the path for you to make this happen.

How Much Does Motion Graphics Cost?

Motion graphics projects range from low to high price ranges. As the effort advances, you will see a dramatic increase in the cost as well. There are many motion graphics professionals that offer affordable services.

In any case, you must be careful while hiring an entity for the tasks. The average motion graphics cost ranges from $28 to $325 per hour. Different motion graphics studios would put forward their own quotations that can vary from this cost range.

Motion graphics advertising examples

Examples are impeccable to clarify any concept! You are now going to consider some important motion graphics ads that would make things more perceivable for you. These are some established business giants who are a fan of motion graphics ads.

See how they use motion graphics commercials for marketing in a unique way!

  1. Porsche: You are well aware of this automobile enterprise. Motion graphics ads have also dominated Porsche over the years. One of their ads covers the whole transformation of an automobile.

The brand touches the heart of its audience. The ads include premium-quality motion graphics. Befitting to match the ideology of Porsche itself. A cheerful music design enhances the overall deliverance of the ad too.

  1. Corcoran: A real estate company operating from New York. Corcoran used a motion graphics ad campaign to draw the attention of its audience. The ad campaign was targeted toward buyers who want to buy property in Hamptons.

The artists included landmarks of the Hamptons in the entire campaign. Different locations with motion graphics and music gave the willing buyers exactly what they wanted. Motion graphics can depict a specific aspect to a target audience in an easy manner.

  1. Starks Law: This is a law firm that manifests its message through motion graphics ads. A good ad has the ability to provoke viewership. Starks law does it with motion graphics ads as well.

The firm used motion graphics ads to show debt collectors as shadows. The shadows vanish when the plaintiff consults Straks Law. The whole concept is only to market the firm by creating a story through motion graphics.

  1. NEXT Insurance: The sector of insurance companies is enormous. The rivalry is always at its peak. So NEXT Insurance had to use motion graphics ads to set them apart from the pool of their business rivals.

The company uses motion graphics ads to attract its target audience. Since the services can be a little boring. But motion graphics can showcase them in an attractive way without compromising their significance at the same time.

  1. Sky TV: A phone company from the UK. The brand is famous among civilians. For this reason, they do not doubt it for any reliability, high prices, or any other factor. But Sky TV knows how to impress its audience with motion graphics.

They use motion graphics ads to launch a new offer. One of their videos was for a discount offer that would last for some years. The motion graphics and its elements evoked the audience. Developed urgency. This increased their sales in exchange for the offer.

  1. Chase: Chase is famous as a trustworthy bank among its people. The services offered by chase get more compelling through the execution of motion graphics.

They have used such ads to launch the “first debt card” for children. Also, one video was for the “first banking card” for their customers as well. Motion graphics ads can prove to be helpful for launching all new products with a different perspective.

  1. Coca-Cola: Coke is a leading beverage in this sector for many years. Their marketing is memorable. The brand has been successful to carry out marketing campaigns by using motion graphics ads.

One of the fine examples of their motion graphics ads would be the unleashing of types of people who love coke. The video includes people around the world. The video tells that coke has connected them with heart regardless of the distance.

  1. Nestle NatureNes: Nestle is a well-established beverage and food brand around the globe. The brand knows the importance of motion graphics ads for higher conversion rates too.

Nestle executes motion graphics ads to celebrate organic products and nature. The videos show that their products are all-natural. Preservatives and additives eliminated. Motion graphics can be a great way to manifest one value proposition just like Nestle.

  1. MailChimp: A well-performing email marketing company like MailChimp uses motion graphics ads. They also are a good example of using motion graphics to share the benefits of using their product and services with entrepreneurs and other brands.

Mailchimp carries out such ads to show how multifaceted their product is. Different people use Mailchimp for leveling up their email marketing. The videos prove how easy their life can be if they trust MailChimp’s services.

  1. Oreo: Oreo has a big place in the hearts of children. Motion graphics are crucial for storytelling and Oreo knows this art too. The cookie brand uses motion graphics to entice children through storytelling.

One of the Oreo ads includes villains like Big Foot and Dracula. They get to enjoy Oreo. Their world turns upside down. The video emphasizes how their way of thinking changes after having Oreo.

To Recapitulate

Motion graphics has been an emerging technique for marketing. The examples of how a brand can use motion graphics ads to change the interpretation of marketing for itself. You are now familiar with using motion graphics ads in more than one way that is effective in equal.

Whether it is brand awareness or a new launch, motion graphics can do it all. But to make this happen, you need professionals for quality motion graphics services. Check out BuzzFlick for quality production of such impeccable motion graphics videos.

You can get all the information from their official website and social media handles. They have a persuasive portfolio of motion graphics that is enough to make you share your ideas with them.

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Top Video Commercial Film Company’s in the US – Start Motion Media


With the Made in NY discount card, they offer 10% off video or post-production services. All video, audio, and photography production services are eligible for a 10% discount with the Made in NY card. You can get a 15% discount on all post-production and video production services with the Made in NY card.



Colorado’s creative production center has everything you need to make movies, films, and videos




Let’s create a concept

We can help you navigate the entire filmmaking process, from conception through creation.


Five Tips for Starting Your Own Film Company

Look at Ur phone and play around with some filmmaking apps. Then get together with friends, go to the pub or park, and create something. Repeat until you get the hang of it. This is what potential sponsors and financiers call “Proof of Concept”. The next step in formalizing your career is to start your own film company.

You will soon be bitten by the film bug. This is the time to stop and think about why you want movies. Do you want to make money? To influence people? To look cool? It doesn’t really matter what reason you choose. I believe that you should choose one. You can formalize your efforts in the hopes of making your work more marketable.

5. For your film company to start, create a legal entity

No matter how small the budget, making a movie requires you to create a legal entity. Raindance Raw Talent Ltd is our production arm.

Your business will be no different than other businesses. I am not suggesting that there is a specific legal structure for film companies. There are many legal structures that you can choose from. Get legal advice and consult an accountant to maximize tax benefits.

It’s easy to set up a company in the UK.

  • You can choose a name and do a quick Google or IMDB search to ensure that no one else has taken it. You must change the name if they already have it.
  • Register your company at Companies House. Although it’s simple to do, if you need help, take one of the Raindance Basic Law Contract courses. These courses are available in Toronto. They can also be taken online.
  • Register for local taxes
  • Open a bank account.
  • Register for a website. Make sure to include the URL of your name. You can search web addresses on
  • Register your social media accounts: Twitter, FaceBook Instagram Pinterest. These profiles should also be available under your company name. Get followers and likes.
    Start getting subscribers to your YouTube channel.

4. Make a business plan to promote your film.

A solid, well-crafted business plan is the best way to ensure success. Decide what you want to do, and how you will do it. Form a team. Create a budget. You will need to know who is funding it and how much money investors will receive. Looking for advice or assistance? Raindance’s Producer’s Foundation Certificate can help you put together the paperwork.

3. Raise money to start your own film company

With your business plan in hand, you can hit the campaign trail to raise money for your dream.

There are many ways to raise capital, depending on the business plan.

  • Send your business plan to one the major production companies or a studio.
  • Apply for government funding, such as the UK’s BFI.
  • Co-production is when you partner with a producer from another country.
  • Placement of products can help you make money.
  • Find angel investors.
  • Start a crowdfunding campaign.

Raindance’s movie money class

2. Hire a filmmaking crew

Each production company must have four key employees. You are currently in the start-up phase when you begin your film company. These key roles will be performed by you, if not all. As you develop and grow, and your social media profiles get in gear, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with work. You will need to hire help.

  • Head of development
    To assess and find scripts.
  • Head of production
    – To ensure that films are produced on schedule and within budget.
  • Head of post production
    Someone to manage the technical excitements and spills of editing and ensure that the long list of film deliverables is met.
  • Head of film sales & distribution
    This is a growing role. The person in charge of crowd-funding and self distribution will also supervise traditional sales routes.

1. Distribution of films

It is not a wise decision to embark on a career in filmmaking without a clear distribution plan. The filmmaking process has been made easier by digital technology. Anyone can make a movie with very little money. This has resulted in a flood of inferior products flooding the market, which means traditional distribution channels are choked by so-called product driving down prices.

Raindance is constantly receiving requests from filmmakers for advice and help. Many of these packages have been fully developed with the names of talent attached, most of the financing in place and distribution secured. This is why I have stopped advising such projects.

Irony is in the fact that making movies has never been simpler or more affordable. Distribution has never been easier.

Fade out

I don’t like to end pages with a bummer. It is not difficult to establish a film production company with distribution. It is not difficult. Raindance will help you build your social media profiles and develop a strategy for self-distribution. Before long, you’ll be turning down jobs.

What have I forgotten? Start Your Own Film Company This information can be left in the comment box below.

Production Companies

2Bridges Productions
25 Monroe Street, New York, NY 10002. Telephone: 516-659-7074
2Bridges Productions, a New York City-based video production company, is committed to affordable video services for commercial, corporate and entertainment projects. All videography and photography related services are 10% off with the “Made in NY” card.
A76 Productions
146 West 29th Street Suite 8W, New York NY 10001. Telephone: 212-679-0427
A76 is a full-service film, video, and photography production company and creative services provider. A76 is committed to bringing the vision of their clients to life. They pride themselves on producing every project to the highest quality. Their success rate in creating unique imagery for advertising campaigns and music videos in NYC is remarkable. With their experience, dedication and tireless abilities, the A76 team guides their clients in every aspect of creative development and post-production. All services included in the “Made in NY” card are 10% off
Act Zero Media
Brooklyn, NY 11237, 119 Ingraham St Suite 110. Telephone: 718-366-7770
Act Zero Films, Inc. provides full-service production support, expendables, and full production support to New York City-based film and production companies. Act Zero Films, Inc. has taken the initiative to adopt “Green” practices and technologies in order to be more eco-friendly at work and on the set. You can get 15% off your expendables rental and 10% off your camera rentals when you have the “Made in NY” card.
ADIUVO Productions
95 Horatio Street, New York, NY 10014. Telephone: 917-250-1810
The company is a full-service, new-generation production company. They specialize in quality commercials, films, and photo shoots. The talented team creates films, videos, and prints that are of the highest quality and meet extraordinary standards. All services, including equipment rentals, are 15% off with the “Made in NY” card.
American Movie Company LLC
808 Broadway, New York NY 10003. Telephone: 212-219-1075.
American Movie Company, LLC has five green screen/white Cyc studios in Manhattan, Astoria, Brooklyn, and Brooklyn. All stages can be webcast. They consider their main strength in four areas: Studio Rental, Webcasting, Video Production/Postproduction, and Teleprompter rental. With the “Made in NY” card, they offer 10% off studio, post, webcasting, teleprompter and video production rental.
Analog Digital Intl, Inc, (ADI)
20 East 49 Street 2nd Floor, New York NY 10017. Telephone: 212-688-5110.
Analog Digital Intl Inc (ADI); specializes in sales & rentals of professional/broadcast video, audio, multimedia equipment, tape media and solid state digital solutions. ADI offers video production, post-production services, green screen and AV Services. They also offer Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) and systems integration. They also work with City & State Agencies and PR Firms, Ad Agencies, Law Firms, Small Business Start Ups. Non-Profit Organizations. Fashion. With ADI’s full range of services and products, they can meet with you one-on-1 to determine the best way to complete your project without compromising on quality. With the “Made in NY discount card”, the company offers a 15% discount on all services.
Artistry Entertainment Company
139 West 53rd Street Suite 20C New York, NY 10019. Phone: (203) 370-0408, 201-572-4428
Artistry Entertainment Group offers a full-service production company that provides high quality equipment, services and expendables at a reasonable price. They offer location consultation, management, contract coordination and permit assistance. You can get 30% off your location scouting services and 10% off any production truck with expendables rental with the “Made in NY” card
Astoria Films, Inc.
244 Fifth Avenue Suite 2552, New York NY 10001. Telephone: 212-330-0607
Astoria Films offers full-service motion picture and television production. They can manage and pre-produce your film/TV production anywhere in NYC and beyond. All services that are included in the “Made in NY” card receive a 10% discount on standard production management fees. Note: This discount may not be applicable to vendors that they recommend or hire for your shoot.
Atlantic Pictures
313 Church Street 2nd Floor, New York NY 10013. Telephone: 212-334-3470.
Atlantic Pictures is a video production and content creation company. They work with brands and agencies to create outstanding content for any budget. For first-time clients, they offer a 10% discount with the “Made in NY” card.
Atlantic Television, Inc.
524 Broadway, 4th Floor New York, NY 10012. Telephone: 212-625-9327
Atlantic Television offers high-quality crews, camera, lighting, grip equipment, and crew rental in NYC and all major cities in the USA. This company provides assistance to producers in documentaries, reality programs, promos and commercials as well as corporate communications projects. The “Made in NY” card offers a 30% discount on all rentals.
ATV Creativity
524 Broadway, Suite 402. New York, NY 10012. Telephone: 212-625-9346
ATV Creative creates video for broadcast and corporate clients. ATV Creative brings its decades of broadcast production and storytelling expertise to the corporate world. ATV Creative collaborates with clients across the country and New York to produce content like web videos, company profiles and promotional videos. You can get a 15% discount when you use the “Made in NY” card.
B Train Films
601 W. 26th Street Suite 1341, New York NY 10001. Telephone: 212-645-6400
B-Train Films offers full-service production and post-production. The studio is equipped with the highest-quality Avid Symphony Nitris HD editing software, a ProTools HD mix room and a recording booth. It also boasts a 3,000-square-foot studio that overlooks the Hudson River. You can get 20% off any production or service with the “Made in NY” card.
Barnicle Brothers
175 Varick Street, Floor 2, New York, NY 10014. Telephone: 914-330-5575.
Barnicle Brothers, an Emmy-winning documentary, short film, and scripted production firm, has industry contacts, experience, track record, as well as track record. Barnicle Brothers creates engaging stories that are optimized for all devices and platforms, from long-form documentaries to short film essays to 60-minute features to 60-second ads. The company serves as a boutique launch pad for a variety of important productions. It is focused on one thing: telling good stories. With the “Made in NY” discount card, they offer 10% off video or post-production services.
The Beach
245 West 55th Street 4th Floor, New York NY 10019. Telephone: 212-575-2300.
The Beach is a creative video production company that specialises in long-form programming, branded content and promotional marketing. They assist brands, agencies, networks, and other organizations in producing award-winning video for television and digital channels. The Beach brings a collaborative spirit, industry knowledge, and operational excellence to each project. They tailor their services to suit the needs of their clients. Their award-winning team is committed to making a difference, from generating the idea to directing the production and post-production processes. New clients receive 15% off all post production services and 10% thereafter when they purchase the “Made in NY” card.
Big Eyes Entertainment Inc.
21-38 44th Road, Long Island City (NY 11101). Telephone: 347-870-3617.
Big Eyes Entertainment, a production and postproduction company, specializes in Film & Video and Audio as well as Photography services. They are located in New York and can connect professionals from around the globe to make productions easier, more affordable, and of outstanding quality. Development and production of films, documentaries and commercials. All video, audio, and photography production services are eligible for a 10% discount with the “Made in NY” card
BMJ Studios
34-31 10th Street Long Island City, NY 11106 Telephone: 718-606-2588.
BMJ Studios, a full-service media production company, is state of the arts. It serves as a creative hub for major companies, including advertising agencies, record labels, movie studios, record labels, public relations, investors relationships firms, national associations, and non-profits. You can get a 15% discount when you purchase the “Made in NY” card. Reservations must be made 72 hours before the event and paid in full
Conquer Films, LLC
601 West 26th Street Suite 1341, New York NY 10001. Phone 201-638-8671
Conquer Films offers editing and directing, producing as well as writing, cinematography, audio, and graphics services. You can save 25% on editing and 20% on directing, producing and writing, as well as audio and video production.
CRC Media
333 West 52nd Street Suite 1208, New York, NY 10201. Telephone: 212-586-2178.
CRC Media creates customized B2B stories through video production, animation and interactive presentations. CRC Media’s top priority is creating a unique digital presence that works for their clients. With the “Made in NY” card, they offer 10% off editing and filming days.
Digital Art Video
85-06 60th Avenue, Middle Village, NY 11379. Telephone: 718-457-5388.
New York’s 1991 founding of a full-service production and post company. They are visual storytellers who have worked across many media – including commercial advertising, feature films, short films, reality TV shows, music videos and title sequences. The award-winning team provides creative guidance for all types of projects. The “Made in NY Card” offers a 20% discount to first-time clients, and a 15% discount for each subsequent client.
Digital Seven
340 Madison Avenue 19th Floor, NY NY 10173. Telephone: 212-991-8272
Full production services for television, commercial, and music video production. Fully insured. Equipment rental, production logistics and special items are all covered. Union and non-Union crews. OSHA certified, COVID Certified with COVID compliance officer. Aerial and Water support. Permitting, production and post-production services. Location sound, Production Offices and crew..
Diva Communications
630 9th Avenue Suite 304, New York NY 10036. Telephone: 212-397-7259.
Video company that offers full-service, specializing in corporate, documentary and non-profit media. The team can assist you with writing and all aspects of editing, shooting, and visual FX. Their team will create your fundraising video, Web series promo videos, galas, and special events. Diva has over 25 years of experience in video communication and 4 Emmys. You get 15% off your services when you purchase the “Made in NY” card.
Endless Picnic
320 West 37th Street Suite 10B, New York NY 10018. Telephone: 212-706-4037
Endless Picnic offers full-service production services with an on-site post-production center featuring Avid, DaVinci Resolve and a state-of-the-art post audio mixing room. They are experts in short-form projects and independent feature films. They rent HD video equipment at affordable rates. All services are 15% off with the “Made in NY” card
First Focus Productions
213 W 35th Street Suite 307, New York NY 10001. Telephone: 844-692-3628.
First Focus creates commercial video for broadcast and corporate clients. The award-winning staff, which has won multiple Telly Awards, brings their advertising and brand-story experience into every project. First Focus is a video production company that shoots in the NYC metro area. They create interesting video content, including TV commercials, training videos and web videos. You can get a 20% discount when you purchase the “Made in NY” card.
4th Floor, 7 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011. Telephone: 212-560-9028
FlickerLab offers services in animation, compositing and design as well as motion graphics and titles for any media. FlickerLab has been involved in high-profile productions. The “Made in NY” card offers a 10% discount.
Frontin’ Big Willies Entertainment
135-26 Francis Lewis Blvd. Laurelton, NY 11413. Telephone: 917-751-6304
Frontin’ Big Willies Entertainment can help your company organize your next event. They can help with all aspects of production, including concert promotion, event planning, and consulting services. All services are 20% off with the “Made in NY” card
Gruber Pictures
New York, NY 10001. Telephone: 646-801-2463
Gruber Pictures is your one-stop shop for video production. They create unique commercials, brand content, and promotional videos. With the “Made in NY” card, they offer 15% off video production services.
Hard Out Productions, LLC
300 North Henry Street Brooklyn, NY 11222. Telephone: 973-207-9666.
They offer table, chair, and pop-up tent rental services. They are a full service on-location/logistics company with over ten years of experience in the film and television industry. All orders are eligible for 10% off with the “Made in NY” card
Hello World Communications
118 West 22nd Street Suite 2A, New York NY 10011. Telephone: 212-243-8800
They bring a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and cutting-edge tools and techniques to every video production. CBS Digital, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, GMC, Chrysler, Buick…they make people happy. Hello World recently produced a video that was viewed over 50,000 times on They also offer a rental service for video, audio and lighting, which filmmakers love. Do you need a production company that can bring your ideas to life? You want tomorrow’s skills and tools? They’re fresh. They’re fearless. They’re excitable. You can get a 15% discount on equipment rentals when you have the “Made in NY” card.
Highline Studios
11 Broadway, Suite 521 New York, NY 10004. Telephone: 646-926-7699.
Highline Studios is an innovative video production company that specializes in corporate video, marketing and branded content. They are a complete production/post-production solution offering both film and video workflows. Highline Studios can provide a complete production solution for your needs, whether you require a videographer, microcrew or a large-scale production. You get 10% off any service that is included in the “Made in NY” card.
Hover Inc.
83 Canal Street #203, New York, NY 10102. Telephone: 503-679-7466.
Hover Media is a media company that is inspired by technology, storytelling, and people. They produce independent shorts, feature films and commercials as well as VR experiences. They offer small- to medium-sized film production services. You can get a 15% discount on all post-production and video production services with the “Made in NY” card. This discount is not applicable to taxes and insurance.
36-11 20th Avenue Astoria NY 11105. Telephone: 718-626-6226
Concept. Production. Post. Post. They have shared their expertise and dedication with networks such as CNBC, ESPN and ABC, as well as corporate clients and public relations firms. With the “Made in NY” card, they offer 10% off equipment rental and 20% off equipment rental
Indigo Productions
250 West 90th Street New York, NY 10024. Telephone: 212-765-5224
Indigo Productions creates visual content for entertainment, corporate and commercial clients. Their team has extensive experience in handling many projects. From creative development and scriptwriting to single and multi-camera production through post-production, color correction and post-production, they will do everything possible for you. For first-time clients, they offer 15% off their editing rates and 10% off all services with the “Made in NY” card.
Kinetic Studios
207 Front Street New York, NY 10038. Telephone: 212-481-4581.
Full service production company located in Manhattan’s Seaport. They collaborate with leading industry brands around the globe to create original film and video content. All services are 20% off with the “Made in NY” card
Look At The Wall Productions
Telephone: 646-455-0553.
Look At The Wall Productions, a boutique independent film and video production firm, provides high-end video content services throughout New York City and the rest of the world. They offer services for film, corporate, marketing and events. They are able to approach any type of project, regardless of its size or genre, including single-camera studio interviews and multi-camera commercial shoots. They are proud of their client satisfaction. All services are 25% off with the “Made in NY” card
Loop Seven
31 East 32nd Street. Room 501. New York, NY 10016. Telephone: 212-579-3818
Loop Seven is a post-production and creative services company. They offer editing, motion graphics and sound mixing & editing. You can get a 10% discount on all services and a one-hour consultation with the “Made in NY” card.
Lowery Street Media, LLC.
119 Ingraham Street Suite 313, Brooklyn NY 11237. Telephone: 347-527-22704
Lowery Street Media, a full-service video production company that specializes in corporate communications and commercial projects, is Lowery Street Media. They offer webcasting services, camera crews, event videography and motion graphics as well as greenscreen production and processing. All services are 15% off with the “Made in NY” card
Lowland Pictures
65 Eckford Street Suite 7, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Telephone: 718-576-3193.
Lowland Pictures is a full-service production company. It was founded with the goal of producing high quality, engaging content that is both intellectually stimulating and accessible to a wide audience. Lowland’s work can be seen at and It has also been featured in the Santa Barbra International Film Festival, UK Jewish Film Festival, Showtime Networks, and Showtime Networks. With the “Made in NY” card, they offer 10% off production fees
Luque Productions
20 Pine Street, Suite 809, New York, NY 10005 Telephone: 917-428-6043.
Luque Productions has everything you need for a successful TV or Film shoot. You can count on Luque Productions to provide everything you need: accommodations, permits, staffing and location scouting. Casting, rentals, negotiations, agreements and music curation. They can help you take your idea from conception to execution. You get 10% off your production services when you purchase the “Made in NY” card.
Mainstream Entertainment Group
125 Froehlich Farm Blvd, Woodbury, NY 11797. Telephone: 877-618-0068
Mainstream Entertainment Group, an award-winning video production and creative agency, specializes in EPK & TTS – Behind the Scenes Productions, Video PR, and TV commercials. With over a decade in Film & TV, they are well-known for their dynamic creativity, high quality production, and innovative strategic thinking. All services are 15% off with the “Made in NY” card.



American Bystander



Tom Kolicko Production!

DFC Sound Design, Music and Trailer

It’s available now at NETFLIX


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Behind the music


Produced and produced by AEC Studios

All Post Production by DFC


A Tom Kolicko Production

All Post Production by DFC


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10 Things to know before Video Marketing for Business

With technology, storytelling, analytics, and support, we empower organizations and projects to push whats possible in their video marketing.

We’re going to show you how to work smarter, not harder.

You’ll see some amazing outcomes in your life.

As you go through the process of building this amazing business

10 Things to know before Video Marketing for Business

You are bringing on team, you are bringing on people to help you  – we’re going to help you go through that evolution in your business.

If you a following a proven plan that works.  Start Motion Media is a proven, rock solid system. For building a video that actually reflects the extra special thing about your business that no on else can do .

The best video in the world means nothing if we are not making  a real difference.  Everything we focus on is about portraying how your business solves the biggest problems for your customers, so that you can leave the world a better place than when you found it.

We’ll never let you do anything that isn’t in your best interest. We want to find a way to GIVE back to our clients, all the way. We take full responsibility for our clients well being, and we are doing everything that is in their best interest.

The Game plan:

Start Motion Media is a 4-6 Week Content development program.  We show you exactly how we create an optimized video plan, so that we can create awesome videos at the right price, consistently.

You are really going to be blown away by the support you get from our team.

This program is designed to upgrade every aspect of your marketing.

Our process:

  1. You’ll get clarity on your offer, and something that is your way of describing your project
  2. We’ll show you how to do some activating sales and enrollment conversations with your warm network to enroll new customers using the video
  3. You’ll get to dial in all your marketing – the  way you use Video, Images, and Text to describe your project

What you can expect

If you already have momentum as a business and existing customers, it’s very likely that you’ll start converting more customers fast.

If you don, we’ll help you build that network, and it might take a bit longer to build momentum.  Don’t compare yourself to other businesses, but realize that if it’s new for you, you’ll need to plan a longer launch to build up momentum.

You’ll be able to use video and images to build a base of fans who really love your product.

We’ll show you how to plan and shoot a video .  This is “done with you” – it’s really hands on and you have tons of support, but we need some things from you – we need you to fully show up to the intake, to share all the creative ideas and examples you have for your video, and to make important suggestions for how our video plan will happen.  Also, we often rely on our clients regarding the locations for where we can film at – some places can be rented for an outright fee, but more often than not, our clients are using their own creative mindset for where and how we can get certain scenes filmed.

Start Motion Media has the best support of any video production company.

Our job is to help you build a business marketing content set you love.

You need the guts and tenacity to put yourself out there in a powerful way.  That means to keep trying new approaches till you get what you want .

When you focus only on victory, God forces you to succeed.  Focusing on the the victory.

Have a clear idea about who you are and what you are all about.

  Benefits of Video Marketing | Video Production Services | StartMotionMEDIA

The Benefits of Video Marketing: Statistics That Companies Must Know in 2019 and Beyond

In the past couple of years, online content marketing has had a major shift to video content marketing and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Video content is the new medium of choice for professional marketers and businesses looking to distribute quality content and increase consumer engagement and most importantly, attract new consumers. Video Content Accomplishes Viewer Connectivity Your brand is not a stagnant business plan on a piece of paper, and it must be brought to life. Effective video content can jumpstart your marketing strategies and generate a viral buzz of consumer interest. Telling your brands story is important to keep your audience connected and bring in new viewers and retain loyal customers. This presents amazing opportunities for businesses to inspire their customers and appeal to their needs in an entertaining and engaging way. Here’s what you need to know about the growth of video marketing and why your business needs it. The New Gold Standard in Video Production Services If you’re looking for ways to increase your brand’s awareness and connect with new customers in an exciting new way, then implement video content. There are numerous benefits of video marketing for businesses. 


You could create videos that tell your viewers a story by accurately portraying your company’s mission and purpose. If you are not already using video marketing as a tool to leverage your company’s goals and drive traffic, now is the time to start and here’s why…

  • 76% of the consumers who watch online product videos say it has helped them make more confident purchasing decisions.
  • Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product that they were considering buying, ultimately purchased that product.
  • Consumers will stay on a site two and a half minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to make a purchase if the website has videos.
  • A webpage with video content is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than traditional text-only web pages.
  • 400 percent as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product rather than having to read about a product.
  • Organic engagement on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram is higher when the posts include videos.
  • 90 percent of consumers indicate product videos directly inform and drive their purchase decisions.
  • 92 percent of videos viewed via a mobile device are shared compared to other modes of access.
  • 95 percent of consumers retain communicated information viewed through online video, while only 10 percent retain information from reading text.

More Staggering Video Marketing Statistics If those staggering numbers haven’t already convinced you of the importance of video marketing in 2019and 2020, then look at this statistic from a Forbes article titled, The Growth Of Video Marketing And Why Your Business Needs It:

  • Companies that utilize video content experience a 41 percent increase in traffic through web searches.
  • Video content earns 12 times more shares than text and image only post combined!
  • 87 percent of online marketers are already incorporating video marketing into their strategies.
  • People retain 65 percent of information for up to three days longer when it’s supplemented with visual aids such as video content.
  • Companies that use videos in their marketing say they have seen a 27 percent increase in click-through rate (CTR) and a 34 percent higher web conversion rate.

Video content’s new found popularity is no surprise and this trend will continue to have explosive growth thanks to mobile technology and social media apps advancing video delivery and consumption. Especially with popular platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Google now actively pushing video content. This preference for video production over traditional types of content will continue to grow with consumers and become the new gold standard, making it vital for marketers and businesses to embrace online video content now.

By 2020 82% of All Web Traffic Will be Video Content

There are amazing stats to back this up, with one of the biggest studies being from Cisco, saying that by 2020, there will be almost a million minutes of video-per-second crossing the internet and 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video. And A million minutes of video per second!

72% prefer video over text when learning about a product or service

When both text and video are presented on the same page, 72% of people prefer to learn about a service or product via video. Watching a video is quicker than reading a text description and has a much higher rate of retention. On top of this, 83% of consumers said they would consider sharing a video they enjoyed with friends, helping to increase brand awareness, engagement, and ROI via reposting. Embedding your videos on your website or blog post to provide additional product or service insights, as well as sharing them on social media could be a brilliant marketing strategy for 2019.

Video Content will account for 78% of mobile data traffic this year

This year is likely to see video accounting for roughly 78% of mobile data traffic and smartphones are the device of choice when it comes to consuming video content. Capitalizing on increased mobile device usage by creating vertical video content would be a beneficial strategy for marketers this year. Facebook has reported that its users spend around three times more time watching live video than static text-based content. Live videos can include tutorials, question and answer sessions, event coverage, behind the scenes peeks, testimonials and more. Videos also offer the opportunity to engage with your viewers and obtain valuable feedback via the comments.

53% of Consumers Engage With a Brand From Viewing a Video on Social Media

Videos are a great way of increasing brand awareness and driving potential customers to your social media pages or websites. This is proven by the fact that Brightcove’s 2018 Video Marketing Survey found that over half (53%) of consumers report that they engage with a brand after viewing one of their videos on social media. When it comes to Millennials, this figure increases, with 66% engaging with a brand after watching a video in their social media feed. This suggests that videos could be an effective form of advertising, as well as a great opportunity in terms of your social media marketing strategy.

23% of Marketers Have Used Interactive Video

One of the biggest emerging trends in video content is interactive video, with 23% of marketers saying they have used it. Not only are more brands starting to make use of interactive video but those who are including it in their digital video marketing strategy are finding it successful. In 2018, completion rates for interactive videos were around 92%, so they are highly engaging and offer a more entertaining experience to your viewers. Of those marketers who have used online video content, 83% say it has been successful.

88% of marketers are satisfied with their social media video marketing ROI

Marketers are happy to increase spending on digital videos because they are extremely happy with the results they are getting in return. The majority of marketers (88%) are satisfied with their social media video marketing efforts’ ROI, suggesting that the majority of brands are seeing positive ROI results. In fact, when asked what type of content gets the best return on investment when it comes to social media, video content was the number one response. 40% ranked it as number one for ROI, with an additional 23% putting video in second place. In addition to this 88% of marketers are happy with the ROI of their video advertisements on social media, showing the success of this form of advertising. Final thoughts on Video Marketing Statistics Video marketing has firmly made it to the mainstream. Some 81% of businesses say they now use digital video as a marketing tool and 99% of businesses that use video plan to continue to do so in the future. Video content is a highly effective form of content and its popularity has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of social media. In addition, search engines love videos! According to a study completed by Stone Temple, content videos are most likely to show up in the first 10 results when you perform a Google Search. All of these findings from the State of Video Marketing 2018 report point to the same conclusion –that video is a worthwhile investment and you need to be creating more video. Now that video marketing is mainstream, you can hire a commercial video production service to implement your own video marketing strategy.

You know your team needs to be creating video content, but you don’t know where to start. That’s where hiring a professional video studio comes in handy.

StartMotionMEDIA is the leading video marketing studio for Business, Kickstarter, Corporate, and Healthy Life videos. Our Videos and Video Production Services create new conversations, for more leads and sales, for companies in hardware, apparel, apps, B2c product sales, and startup fundraising.

StartMotionMEDIA is the trusted leader in business video production.

With casting, cinematography, editing, and color grading, we empower organizations to have authentic conversations at scale.

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Cut through the noise with StartMotionMEDIA

Video Marketing works because people view and respond to videos—and to brands that feel more human.

Simple and Flexible

Our service options include introductory budgets that are attainable for any business size.  Only the services you need, with the perfection and polish of a commercial grade video studio.

Truly Social

Video production is more engaging, and more personal. A beautiful video makes people more inclined to listen.  This year, 70% of internet traffic is video. Join the era of video marketing.

A Smarter Solution

Most video production companies provide an over-priced video that feels stale and corporate.  Our lean and efficient production model was designed from the ground up to serve the modern world, with pricing and cinema technique that makes our clients happy. Save 50% on video studio costs when working with StartMotionMEDIA.

Success at Scale

With a fully loaded commerce, social media, or fundraising video at your fingertips, you’ll have engaging content that lasts for years. Our clients make hundreds of sales within the first 6 weeks of having their video, and on average they can drive 10X-15X their production cost in revenue for their company.

Ready to start the conversation?

See what StartMotionMedia can do for you.

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