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At Kickstarter Video Designer, we provide a range of video production services that are tailored to meet the needs of your individual business. Video production services are a vital component of any successful business. From creating engaging content for marketing campaigns to developing educational and training materials, video production has become an essential part of business success.

We have the expertise and experience to help you create videos that will engage your target audience and promote your brand in the best possible way. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our team of professional video designers can create content that is tailored to your unique needs. We specialize in creating promotional videos, internal training videos, educational videos, and corporate explainer videos.

We also offer a variety of other video production services that are designed to help you create the best possible video for your business. Our services include pre-production planning, scripting, storyboarding, casting, and shooting. During post-production, we provide editing, sound design, color correction, and visual effects services. Our team of experienced professionals works with you from start to finish to ensure that your video is delivered on time and on budget.


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Over $18 Million raised with our videos! Get best in class videography & video editing tactics for your next revenue model. Our Video experts will give you the complete production and storytelling strategy that you need to raise your goal and get funded.

Fundraising Video Production
“You have a big idea. We can help.”

StartMotionMEDIA is a leader in crowdfunding consulting, video production and marketing. Our San Francisco company specializes in Kickstarter and Indiegogo videos and the strategy behind all successful Kickstarter campaigns. We’ve helped hundreds of startups raise huge amounts of money. Why StartMotionMEDIA?


Outstanding Video. What we do. The keys to a successful kickstarter video:

  • Precise Visual Design
  • Effective Storytelling
  • Top Shelf Cinema Lenses
  • Community Engagement

Our full service creative video studio makes inspiring content for your project. We use proven methods to develop an engaging story for your growing company.

Liftrider – World Class Cinematography
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The most gorgeous online fundraisers are built with StartMotionMEDIA

We understand startups. You’ve put so much work in already. But to get your idea noticed so it has a chance in the market is nearly impossible. Want customers? A great video and proven peer-to-peer marketing plan helps your story rise above.

Our Creative Production StudioThe videos we made for our crowdfunding clients have won CES, HAX, and “Projects we love” awards, and been written about in Fast Company, Tech Crunch,, Mashable, and Gadget Flow. The launch plans we made for our clients helped their fundraisers go above and beyond all expectations, and many have gone on to receive Seed / Series A venture funding.

Our end-to-end strategies are built on a proven approach.
Hire a team of experts with serious experience.

StartMotionMEDIA’s videos and Kickstarter campaigns are driven by storytelling. Our creative production team understands crowdfunding videos and how to inspire your audience. We’ll help build your leadership voice and plan great visuals so you succeed for your campaign.

Performance Video Marketing

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Get solid turnaround times and better-than-expected results.
Startup Growth | Backer ConversionsIf there’s a problem you’re facing with crowdfunding marketing, we’ve got you covered. We put your Kickstarter goal above all else, and challenge you to be the best you can be.

Tranquil 2.0 – Neck Health Traction Device – Raised $132,100
“Working with Start Motion Media had enabled us to build a meaningful foundation with and succeed with our Indiegogo Crowdfunding. What they do is empowering, and the videos generate results. Highly recommended.”

The truth about Crowdfunding:There are WAY too many people launching projects today who think a “great project” is enough.

They say, “if I publish a great project, backers will pledge”

If only it were that easy…

If you are serious about creating a high performing campaign, you need to be very systematic with how you create it.

Otherwise you’re taking a “lame duck” approach: posting your best idea to the world and hoping someone swims by to help.

In our work together I’m going to show you a technique that almost guarantees that you get high quality backers from every email you send out. In fact, I recently used this strategy to boost my launch day traffic by 230%

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Guarantee Success on Launch Day
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A Foundation for Influence in your Kickstarter & Indiegogo Project
Unlike other media consulting firms, our video production and fundraising consultants can get you affordable video services, help you dial in your landing page, and take your startup Kickstarter Videography to the next level.

Affordable Explainer Video Production Company
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A New Kind of CrowdfundingRaise more more money when you partner with a crowdfunding expert–Increase the return on your investment and reduce costs, gain access to 10+ years of experience in video production, backer conversions, brand storytelling, and more.
Lower risk 70% of Kickstarters fail. Our success rate is 2.5x the industry average, and many clients are able to raise $100k+.
We’ve done it before Let’s face it: when it comes to online fundraising, you don’t know what you don’t know. Avoid first timer mistakes and get the advice of consultants who have launched hundreds of successful campaigns




We also offer custom services, such as motion graphics and animation, for businesses that want to create more complex videos. At Kickstarter Video Designer, we strive to make the video production process easy and stress-free. We understand that video production can be overwhelming, so we do our best to provide a streamlined service that simplifies the process and ensures that your project meets all of your unique needs.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you create the best video, no matter what the budget. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and provide guidance when necessary. For businesses looking to create engaging, impactful video content, Kickstarter Video Designer is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services and how we can help you create the perfect video for your business.

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About – TV Ads | Kickstarter Videos | Startup Commercials

Start Motion Media Video Production Company is a professional cinema crew that specializes in creating the best corporate videos, award-winning corporate videos, and inspiring corporate videos for companies looking to make a lasting impact with their brand. Our team of talented directors, producers, and cinematographers are experts at crafting innovative corporate films and commercials that capture attention, inspire loyalty, and drive sales. Our video production process is designed to capture the very best of what our clients have to offer, and how they want to be represented in the world.

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From pre-production to post-production, each video is designed with our clients’ needs in mind. We also specialize in customized kickstarter video production and commercial video production, offering our clients the best of both worlds in terms of quality and cost. Whether you want to produce a company profile video, corporate video, corporate brand video, or any other type of company video, Start Motion Media Video Production Company has the experience and the skills to help you achieve your goals.

Our team can help you create the best corporate videos of all time, from award winning corporate videos to inspirational corporate films. We have worked with some of the top filmmakers in the industry, including those that have won corporate video awards for their work.

Screen Shot 2023 02 05 at 8.47.24 AM 1

When you work with Start Motion Media Video Production Company, you are sure to get the best quality videos and an experience that is tailored to your needs. As experts in kickstarter video production, we know exactly how to create stunning crowdfunding videos and case studies to help you get noticed and get funded. Whether you are looking to download a video from kickstarter or create a kickstarter video downloader, our team of highly talented professionals can help you get your project off the ground. In addition to kickstarter video production, our team of directors, producers, and cinematographers are also highly skilled in creating award-winning corporate videos, promotional videos, and company profile videos, as well as creating the best corporate films and best brand videos to help you stand out from the competition.

We understand the importance of creating videos that are both creative and engaging, and our team of highly professional videographers and producers are dedicated to making sure that your videos stand out from the crowd. From classic commercials to corporate brand videos, Start Motion Media Video Production Company provides the highest quality video production services for your business, no matter what your budget. Our team is experienced in creating the most effective video ads, as well as understanding how much does it cost to film a commercial or how much to charge for a commercial video, so that you can make the most of your budget while getting the highest quality results.

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We also provide a variety of other video production services, including liftrider backpack review videos and creative corporate videos to help you create an impactful and memorable brand. Start Motion Media Video Production Company is a creative and innovative video production company, dedicated to providing the highest quality video production services for companies looking to create award-winning corporate videos, kickstarter video production, and commercial video production.

Our team of experienced directors, producers, and cinematographers is committed to helping you create the best corporate videos of all time, as well as providing you with the best corporate video, corporate branding video, and corporate video awards that you need to bring your business to the next level. With our creative and innovative approach to video production, you can be sure that your videos will capture attention and inspire loyalty, while driving sales and brand loyalty.

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So if you’re looking for the best corporate videos,  corporate video awards, or any other type of video production, contact Start Motion Media Video Production Company today to get started.

Welcome to source for Company Videos, the premier award-winning corporate video production company. Here at Company Videos, we specialize in creating unforgettable corporate videos, kickstarter videos, commercial video production, and brand promotion. Our passion for video production is fueled by our directors’ obsession for creating, formulating, and delivering the best corporate videos in the industry, from 2021 all the way to 2022.

We have years of experience in creating corporate videos, from start to finish. Our creative video production team uses a collective approach to presenting concepts, ensuring that each video project is a collaborative effort. Our team has earned numerous awards, including best corporate videos of 2021, corporate video awards, award-winning corporate videos of 2019, and best corporate films of 2022.

persuasive story development

Our directors have had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s leading brands, creating cutting-edge content that has revolutionized the corporate video industry. We also specialize in developing short corporate videos, inspirational corporate videos, and corporate brand videos. From start to finish, we deliver the highest quality videos to our clients.

We also create videos for crowdfunding campaigns such as Kickstarter, offering our clients everything from kickstarter video production services and crowdfunding video production services to kickstarter video downloader and kickstarter video download services. Our production teams are able to create powerful and engaging video content for clients around the world, using the latest motion media, start motion, and liftrider backpack review technology.

Start Motion Media excerpts
Start Motion Media excerpts

With our team of experienced professionals, we can help you create award-winning videos tailored to your audience and your industry. We offer video production for kickstarter as well as video ads production, and we can also assist with corporate video examples, corporate video inspiration, company video, company videos, and company profile video production.

We also offer professional videography services, including videographer los angeles, freelance videographer los angeles, and commercial videographer near me. We understand the power of video, and we always strive to create the best corporate videos and promotional videos that capture attention and inspire action. Whether you’re looking for corporate video production, commercial video production, or video production services near you, our team is here to help.

Screen Shot 2023 01 21 at 10.18.31 PM

We offer competitive rates and excellent quality, and our goal is to help you produce award-winning content that will build your brand and drive your business forward. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today to discuss your project and find out how much does it cost to make a commercial, how much does it cost to make a video ad, or how much to charge for a commercial video. We look forward to hearing from you and starting the video production process!

Welcome to our Kickstarter and Commercial Video Production! We are proud to offer you an unparalleled video production experience that can take your creative visions and concepts and help you turn them into reality. Since 2009 we have been producing top quality video content for corporate, broadcast and independent clients in San Francisco, New York, San Diego, and Denver.

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Whether you are a small business looking to create a promotional video, a startup with a product launch, or a major corporation wanting to create an engaging message – we have the experience, know-how and equipment to make it happen.

Our Video Production process understands the importance of putting your best foot forward and making a memorable first impression.

Our team of experienced professionals have more than 20 years of experience in commercial, broadcast and corporate video production. We work closely with our clients to build an innovative, high-quality video production that helps them to achieve their goals and get their message across. Our video production services include the following: • Corporate video production – Our team is experienced in creating professional, creative and eye-catching video content for corporate campaigns, products, services and corporate events. • Broadcast video production – Our team is highly skilled in producing video content for broadcast television.

1316973617 17a29f205bb5b6add97ee591850525e262dcce96696c8855324121002390c323 d 1280

From concept to completion, we are able to produce top-notch video content that is both creative and memorable. • Independent video production – Independent projects require a different skill set and attention to detail than corporate or broadcast video production. Our team is experienced in working with independent clients to produce unique and compelling video content.

• Product launch video production – Our team is experienced in creating promotional and educational video content for product launches and other events.

Screen Shot 2023 01 20 at 8.42.42 PM

• Special event video production

– From corporate events to festivals and concerts, our team can create high quality and comprehensive video content for all types of events. When the stakes are high and you want to make sure that you are capturing the attention of your target audience – you want the best video production team on your side. We specialize in delivering top quality content that is both creative and memorable. We understand the importance of creating a memorable video production experience and getting your message across. We also utilize cutting-edge technology and equipment to capture crisp and vibrant visuals, including drones, cameras and high-end post-production tools.

Our team of experienced and talented individuals understands the importance of delivering stunning visuals and creating stunning video production experiences. With Commercial TV Ads and Kickstarter Video Production ,we strive to provide our clients with an unprecedented level of service, from initial concept to final delivery. Our team is experienced in working with all types of clients and budgets, and our flexible approach makes us the perfect choice for any video production project, big or small. To get started, contact us today and see how our experts can help you to create a video production experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Our team is standing by, ready to help you take your video production efforts to the next level. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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About StartMotionMEDIA
Video production and fundraising strategy for your world-changing idea.
Our mission: Empower business owners, companies, and startups with creative support and an awesome video impact. Fundraising? Marketing? Testimonials? Advertising campaign?

We can bring your story to life in a way, because our production process influences the market for better promotion, fundraising, retention, you name it.. If you are ready to go public with your video marketing campaign, let’s partner and implement a cohesive visual scope to motivate a community around your epic brand.Need video? We can help.

In addition to commercial video production, our process is specifically designed to help you along in a kickstarter, indiegogo, or other crowdfunding fundraising project…

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“My company, Greenheart Creative, has hired StartMotionMEDIA as our video producers for three consecutive years at the Wanderlust Festival Lake Tahoe and Whistler BC. They have been responsible for in-depth shooting and developing the creative. All their staff perform well in the video production environment. Their team confidently does what needs to be done to help every story succeed. They take extremely good care of clients and others on a personal and professional level, and thus seem to manage stressful situations with grace. They communicate with compassion, and are very clear and organized. I have hired StartMotionMEDIA 3 straight years, and plan to bring them on board again next year, right when our annual marketing budget is released. I think they are key players for any video production project: they really care about continual improvements in success metrics, and are some of the best at making great videos, always learning from each experience.”

“StartMotionMEDIA was able to help CODEPINK Women for Peace work toward our 10th anniversary goals by creating a short video documenting inspiring work from the past decade of peace activism. Their company was thoughtful, organized, and worked quickly to meet our project launch deadline. His company accommodated our needs and feedback quickly. I would highly recommend engaging the pre-production brainstorming sessions regarding video content and storyline with StartMotionMEDIA, who, in addition to having the technical skills necessary for a production, have a lot of wisdom on effective and persuasive narrative development as well.”
– Rae

“StartMotionMedia helped our vision get rooted in reality, and our video production work kept moving in the right direction. To all your staff pre-production and videographers and editors: I appreciate your willingness and commitment to understanding more about my project than I even did, doing what is needed to make things happen, and your clarity about the creative storytelling that would convert. Everyone on your team is smart, kind, caring, talented. I will recommend you to people who need help launching their next marketing campaign, and who see the value in an amazing video. Thanks for everything!”
– Robert, Inspiration Campaign

“StartMotionMEDIA created an inspiring crowdfunding video to support our project. And they walked us hand in hand through the peer-to-peer crowdfunding launch. Their consulting was everything we needed, and only what we needed. Thank god I didn’t spend my whole budget on and expensive agency – for only a fraction of the price we we’re successfully funded, and then some! Their eye for capturing the human spirit made our message so much more compelling and inspiring. With deep appreciation,”
– Magalie, Dancing without Borders

“The most helpful services were storyline creation, production logistics, visual creative development, and of course awesome shooting (their director knew how to get the human spirit back in our actors), and the speedy editing, and ultimate video creation. StartMotionMEDIA is thorough, organized, they pay attention to detail, they are prompt, open-minded, and patient. From the first call to shooting day, everything was well thought out. And if I knew ahead of time the advanced camera rigs they had, or the hollywood quality color grading they did, the other “low budget” people I was considering would have paled by comparison. They do what they need to learn about the project and the company behind the project. On the day of our shoot, went through all the sequences and visual shots we needed to capture. The production team was very strict on the production day despite me wanting to add things that were not discussed – I liked that aspect as it would have thrown us off schedule and off track…their director kept us together. I am very happy with the video.”
– Adrian, Slick Athletics

“I got a business profile video. Because of our work I was able to increase the traffic to my business considerably, and inspire more people to be sign up for my services. StartMotionMEDIA did a fabulous job at making my video project look very professional, making useful suggestions to the bottom line story, paying close attention do the technical shooting details, and attending to edit modifications as I asked. They have been very apt in showing me how to manage the project launch and distribution, and we’re willing to go above and beyond in trying out various editing approaches until we were all satisfied. They are very good at what they do, creative, smart, and courageous, willing to tell me when my ideas we’re wrong, and how to improve them so that the marketing message was effective from a consumer and conversions perspective. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to create, modify, or launch an advertising or video campaign who needs an awesome and inspiring visual production impact.”
– Damiana, Artful Massage

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Find a Videographer

Finding a Videographer can be a daunting task, especially when searching for one in different cities. It can feel like an overwhelming process – from researching to meeting with potential videographers – but it doesn’t have to be. With this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps of finding the perfect videographer in Denver, San Francisco, and New York.

Screen Shot 2023 02 27 at 1.26.33 PM

When finding a videographer, the first step is to determine the project’s budget and expectations. You should ask yourself what you want the finished result to look like, how long the filming session will be, and how much you are willing to pay for each hour of filming. Once you have established your budget and expectations, you can start your search. We recommend beginning your search by looking for reputable videographers in the city you are working in. It is important to research each videographer thoroughly to make sure they have the skills and experience needed to make your project a success.

There are many resources available online to help you do this. Additionally, you can ask friends and colleagues who have used a videographer before for referrals. In addition to researching individual videographers, we also suggest you look at the different types of videographers available. There are documentary videographers, event videographers, corporate videographers, and wedding videographers, to name a few.

Consider the types of projects you have in mind and make sure the videographer you are considering has the experience and expertise in that area. Once you have narrowed down your search to a few potential videographers, you should reach out to them and ask for a portfolio. This will give you a better idea of their work and whether or not it will meet your needs.

You should also ask for references from past clients to ensure the videographer is reliable and professional. Now that you have a list of potential videographers, you should begin to compare their rates. Make sure you understand what is included in the fee and what is not.

Additionally, it is important to ask about any additional fees for editing, sound mixing, and post-production services. The next step in finding a videographer is to schedule an in-person or video chat meeting. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your project in detail and make sure it is a good fit. During the meeting, make sure to ask questions about the videographer’s experience, their process, and their equipment. Once you have decided on a videographer, you should sign a contract.

This will ensure both parties are clear on the deliverables, timeline, and payment terms. It is also important to discuss copyright and intellectual property rights. At this point, you are ready to start working with your videographer. Make sure to communicate regularly and provide feedback throughout the process. This will help ensure the final product is exactly what you had in mind.

When it comes to finding a videographer in Denver, San Francisco, and New York, we have access to a list of experienced and talented videographers in each city. If you are looking for a videographer, get in touch with us and we can provide you with more information and help you book a nearby videographer. Finding a videographer can seem like a difficult task but with this guide, you can be sure you are on the right track. With a little research, you can find the perfect videographer for your project. Make sure to ask the right questions, compare rates, and sign a contract.

With the right videographer, you can be sure your project will be a success. Finding a Videographer doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. With the help of this guide, you can easily find the perfect videographer for your project in Denver, San Francisco, or New York. Additionally, if you need help, you can get in touch with us and we can help you book a nearby videographer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about finding a videographer. We are here to help you make your project a success.

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How to Use Different Phone Features on a Computer (And Why You Should Do It)

Using different phone features on a computer can be a great way to access the most up-to-date features of your mobile device. From making calls, sending text messages and emails, listening to music, streaming video content, and even using augmented reality apps – all are possible when using a computer as an extension of your phone. Here’s a look at how to use different phone features on your computer, and why you should consider doing it.

pexels eduardo rosas 907487
pexels eduardo rosas 907487

1. Download apps


The first step to using different phone features from your computer is downloading the appropriate apps. You can do this by going to either an app store or checking the manufacturer’s website for the device you’re trying to use. Once the app is installed, you should be able to access it from your desktop and use its various features. For example, this link here will show you how installing apps from third-party app stores on your computer can help you take advantage of new features. Also, it’s worth noting that some apps may only be available on specific platforms, so make sure you’re downloading the correct version for your computer.


2. Set up Bluetooth


Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate apps, you’ll need to set up a connection between your computer and phone. This can be done by using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you choose to go with wireless technology, your computer should detect the device that you’re trying to connect. Once it does, simply follow the instructions displayed on the screen in order to establish a secure connection. Additionally, make sure that you have the latest versions of both your computer and phone’s operating systems installed in order to ensure compatibility.


3. Activate Sync Settings


Once your device is connected to your computer, it’s time to activate sync settings. This will allow data such as contacts, photos, music, and other files from your mobile phone to be synced with your computer – giving you full access through both devices. Depending on the type of device you’re using, this process may vary. However, in most cases, activating sync settings is achieved by enabling a switch that’s available in the settings menu. If you’re having difficulty locating the switch, simply contact your device manufacturer for assistance.


4. Use Calling and Messaging Services


Once you’ve successfully connected your phone to your computer, it’s time to take advantage of the various features that come with the connection. For instance, you can use calling and messaging services such as Skype, Google Voice, and other services to make video and voice calls from your computer. Additionally, various apps will allow you to send text messages from your PC in order to stay connected with friends and family. While this might sound complicated, it’s actually quite simple and can be done in just a few clicks.


5. Enjoy Multimedia on a Larger Screen


One of the greatest advantages of using phone features on your computer is being able to enjoy multimedia content on a larger screen. Watching movies, playing video games, and even viewing photos can be much more enjoyable when you have a bigger display. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster or streaming some of your favorite shows, having the ability to view them on a bigger screen will elevate your experience. Not only that but with some apps, you can use multiple displays at once; for example, you can use one monitor to watch a movie and another for looking up information about it. This makes multitasking between activities much easier as well as frees up time for other tasks.


6. Why Use Phone Features on Your Computer?


Using different phone features on your computer can be incredibly useful and time-saving. It allows you to access data that’s only available on your mobile device from the comfort of your desktop or laptop. Additionally, it enables you to take part in activities such as making calls, sending messages, and even watching movies without having to leave the room.


Finally, by using multiple monitors at once, you can increase productivity and save time by multitasking between different tasks. All in all, using phone features on a computer is an excellent way to make the most out of both devices.

pexels cottonbro studio 5077393
pexels cottonbro studio 5077393

Radical Collaboration
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The Best Motion Graphics Advertising Examples

Motion graphics is driving different sectors on a high level. Over the years, the trends in marketing have shifted towards motion graphics a lot. Motion graphics opens the doors for many business opportunities for different brands.

If you consider, modern marketing is now far different from the former techniques. The best way to use this art form is through motion graphics advertisements. Many renowned brands are experiencing its benefits for their businesses on a large scale.

Using motion graphics in ads affirms advertisers to bring out new brand launches and much more with creativity. Motion graphics ads make the audience interact with them profusely. So that the brand can deliver its USP (unique value proposition) in an impressive way.

You will get a detailed review of 10 examples of motion graphics advertisement examples. It will assist you to understand the significance of motion graphics in different sorts of commercials as well.

Before we initiate the discussion, let’s learn about the role of motion graphics in advertising.

Role of Motion Graphics in Advertising

As we are heading towards the future at a rapid pace, the style of marketing is also changing. The type of advertising on social media in particular includes motion graphics. It is important to understand the key role of motion graphics in future advertising.

Motion graphics commercials can set a new direction for marketing. The enticing elements of such commercial content have much potential to grab the audience’s attention. Plus, there is no limit to the amount of creativity in such ads as well.

Below is the breakdown of the prime roles of motion graphics in advertising:

  • Idea Expression: Your business can get the fruit of using motion graphics ads with no doubts. Imagine delivering a new idea for another product by using such video ads.

 The most suitable way to keep your audience updated on the recent development of your business. This way your customers would be getting your message and expression at different intervals.

  • Creating Awareness: Brand awareness is integral when you are just getting started with a new business. Motion graphics ads have the ability to do that for you. Due to this reason, more people would get to know about you and your brand.
  • Conversion: Motion graphic ads can be a huge call to action. When you deliver your message to more people. It is important to entice them to buy from you as well.

The whole process is conversion. It can get difficult to pull off but motion graphics commercials have a higher success rate in this regard. Motion graphics make your brand’s ads more compelling to click and increase conversions or sales.

  • Audience Interaction: One of the main goals of a business should be to boost its audience interaction. People love when you give them a solution. Something that stays with them a little longer.

In this case, motion graphics ads would be a good choice. The more you impress your audience, the more chances of sales. Motion graphics ads clear out the path for you to make this happen.

How Much Does Motion Graphics Cost?

Motion graphics projects range from low to high price ranges. As the effort advances, you will see a dramatic increase in the cost as well. There are many motion graphics professionals that offer affordable services.

In any case, you must be careful while hiring an entity for the tasks. The average motion graphics cost ranges from $28 to $325 per hour. Different motion graphics studios would put forward their own quotations that can vary from this cost range.

Motion graphics advertising examples

Examples are impeccable to clarify any concept! You are now going to consider some important motion graphics ads that would make things more perceivable for you. These are some established business giants who are a fan of motion graphics ads.

See how they use motion graphics commercials for marketing in a unique way!

  1. Porsche: You are well aware of this automobile enterprise. Motion graphics ads have also dominated Porsche over the years. One of their ads covers the whole transformation of an automobile.

The brand touches the heart of its audience. The ads include premium-quality motion graphics. Befitting to match the ideology of Porsche itself. A cheerful music design enhances the overall deliverance of the ad too.

  1. Corcoran: A real estate company operating from New York. Corcoran used a motion graphics ad campaign to draw the attention of its audience. The ad campaign was targeted toward buyers who want to buy property in Hamptons.

The artists included landmarks of the Hamptons in the entire campaign. Different locations with motion graphics and music gave the willing buyers exactly what they wanted. Motion graphics can depict a specific aspect to a target audience in an easy manner.

  1. Starks Law: This is a law firm that manifests its message through motion graphics ads. A good ad has the ability to provoke viewership. Starks law does it with motion graphics ads as well.

The firm used motion graphics ads to show debt collectors as shadows. The shadows vanish when the plaintiff consults Straks Law. The whole concept is only to market the firm by creating a story through motion graphics.

  1. NEXT Insurance: The sector of insurance companies is enormous. The rivalry is always at its peak. So NEXT Insurance had to use motion graphics ads to set them apart from the pool of their business rivals.

The company uses motion graphics ads to attract its target audience. Since the services can be a little boring. But motion graphics can showcase them in an attractive way without compromising their significance at the same time.

  1. Sky TV: A phone company from the UK. The brand is famous among civilians. For this reason, they do not doubt it for any reliability, high prices, or any other factor. But Sky TV knows how to impress its audience with motion graphics.

They use motion graphics ads to launch a new offer. One of their videos was for a discount offer that would last for some years. The motion graphics and its elements evoked the audience. Developed urgency. This increased their sales in exchange for the offer.

  1. Chase: Chase is famous as a trustworthy bank among its people. The services offered by chase get more compelling through the execution of motion graphics.

They have used such ads to launch the “first debt card” for children. Also, one video was for the “first banking card” for their customers as well. Motion graphics ads can prove to be helpful for launching all new products with a different perspective.

  1. Coca-Cola: Coke is a leading beverage in this sector for many years. Their marketing is memorable. The brand has been successful to carry out marketing campaigns by using motion graphics ads.

One of the fine examples of their motion graphics ads would be the unleashing of types of people who love coke. The video includes people around the world. The video tells that coke has connected them with heart regardless of the distance.

  1. Nestle NatureNes: Nestle is a well-established beverage and food brand around the globe. The brand knows the importance of motion graphics ads for higher conversion rates too.

Nestle executes motion graphics ads to celebrate organic products and nature. The videos show that their products are all-natural. Preservatives and additives eliminated. Motion graphics can be a great way to manifest one value proposition just like Nestle.

  1. MailChimp: A well-performing email marketing company like MailChimp uses motion graphics ads. They also are a good example of using motion graphics to share the benefits of using their product and services with entrepreneurs and other brands.

Mailchimp carries out such ads to show how multifaceted their product is. Different people use Mailchimp for leveling up their email marketing. The videos prove how easy their life can be if they trust MailChimp’s services.

  1. Oreo: Oreo has a big place in the hearts of children. Motion graphics are crucial for storytelling and Oreo knows this art too. The cookie brand uses motion graphics to entice children through storytelling.

One of the Oreo ads includes villains like Big Foot and Dracula. They get to enjoy Oreo. Their world turns upside down. The video emphasizes how their way of thinking changes after having Oreo.

To Recapitulate

Motion graphics has been an emerging technique for marketing. The examples of how a brand can use motion graphics ads to change the interpretation of marketing for itself. You are now familiar with using motion graphics ads in more than one way that is effective in equal.

Whether it is brand awareness or a new launch, motion graphics can do it all. But to make this happen, you need professionals for quality motion graphics services. Check out BuzzFlick for quality production of such impeccable motion graphics videos.

You can get all the information from their official website and social media handles. They have a persuasive portfolio of motion graphics that is enough to make you share your ideas with them.

Creative Film Production, Pricing

Video Production Budget Tool: Commercial Cost Calculator

  • Video Production Cost Estimator v2.0

Let Start Motion Media build your ecosystem for constant video engagement. Calculate your

video production costs.


Typical cost range

From $ 5,000 to $ 25,000

Size of the manufacturing company
Manufacturing companies typically have three to ten people with a variety of in-house specialized skills.

Experience level
Remarkable levels of experience in all aspects of production. Experience / Level of creativity

Moderate to high experience and creative skills.

typical projects
Serving the market leaders of small and medium-sized businesses and production jobs for large enterprise clients for all levels and types of video projects. Marketing / corporate input
Most companies at this level provide business and marketing information based on their areas of expertise and business focus.

High-end creativity and high production value. Typical cost range
$ 25,000+

Size of the manufacturing company
Typically ten or more employees (depending on the market served) with industry leading skills and abilities.

Experience level
The highest levels of experience at this level. Experience / Level of creativity
Deep experience in the sector and creative skills of the highest quality.

typical projects
Serving medium to large businesses in all aspects of branding, promotion and other marketing priorities. Marketing / corporate input
Research skills, targeted testing and direct industry knowledge and experience are typical at this level.

Video Collaboration
Video Collaboration


TRANSPARENCY – We believe in it. Your estimated cost shouldn’t be an oddly veiled mystery that leaves you in doubt. The cheapest is not always good and the most expensive does not guarantee the best. There is value somewhere in between.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the calculator below. We break down your costs into 6 key areas: 1) The production center [the heart of live streaming], 2) What cameras are you using, 3) What optional add-ons you want to add to the cameras, 4) Audio, 5) REMEMBER THAT THIS IT’S A QUOTE and is designed to give you a foundation to build the drivetrain you need or want. You may be eligible for savings or other discounts depending on the scope of your project, so be sure to contact one of our team members. Tripod Mounted Premium Camera $ 450.00 $ 625.00 $ 0.00

Premium cameras are Ultra HD 4K or 4K cameras that require more experienced and skilled operators and highly controlled lighting. Sony FS7, Canon C300 and Blackmagic Design Ursa 4K

Wireless Mobile Camera $ 350.00 $ 400.00 $ 0.00

Wireless cameras are mainly used at sporting events or in areas where it is not possible or not allowed to run video cables in the event area. We use Teradek wireless kits which are good for distances up to 300 feet. Transmitters require a “line of sight” to function effectively: walls, barriers or other physical obstacles can limit the distance that can be used. Contact us for more information. Assembly time is an additional cost not included. Robotic Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camera $ 275.00 $ 350.00 $ 0.00

Robotic cameras are desirable in places where it is impractical, impossible or dangerous to have a camera operator. A PTZ operator can often control multiple cameras using a hardware controller. PTZ cameras are only a special request item. Additional costs may be required, including preparation time. See your contract for more details.

Computer Graphics / Characters $ 250.00 $ 400.00 $ 0.00

We have the ability to show your PowerPoint presentations, Keynote presentations and videos while broadcasting. We can also create basic sports score tables and title screens (this service is free). For custom charts, statistics, animations and 3D work, you may need a chart (listed in the team quantity). If your stream contains a lot of graphics work, you may need a dedicated graphics operator (listed under operator). See your contract for more details. Delivery of finished media:
768.00 GB total

If you provide all the required recording media, your finished product may be available within a couple of hours after the event ends. If delivery is via a hard drive, it may take 24-48 hours to copy all files to that drive. Video production costs can vary widely from project to project. Most of our new customers don’t know why one video can be relatively cheap while another script can cost so much more. This video production cost calculator will help you get a general idea of ​​why a video might cost more.

This tool is a general cost estimator and will give you a rough idea of ​​how much things cost. Like everything in life, things in production are rarely as simple as they may seem at first glance. So feel free to use this video production cost calculator to get a better idea of ​​how much your next project will cost. We would love to discuss the details of your work and provide you with a more accurate quote at your convenience. Fill out the form below or contact us on our contact page. How many days do you need to shoot? *

Pricing Table Video Production Cost Budget Commercial Kickstarter
Pricing Table Video Production Cost Budget Commercial Kickstarter


Manufacturing companies typically have three to ten people with a variety of in-house specialized skills. Remarkable levels of experience in all aspects of production. Moderate to high experience and creative skills. Serving the market leaders of small and medium-sized businesses and production jobs for large enterprise clients for all levels and types of video projects. Most companies at this level provide business and marketing information based on their areas of expertise and business focus. High-end creativity and high production value. Typical cost range Typical cost range Typically ten or more employees (depending on the market served) with industry leading skills and abilities. Experience level Experience level The highest levels of experience at this level.

Screen Shot 2022 09 26 at 7.22.38 PM
Screen Shot 2022 09 26 at 7.22.38 PM

Experience / Level of creativity Experience / Level of creativity Deep experience in the sector and creative skills of the highest quality. typical projects typical projects Serving medium to large businesses in all aspects of branding, promotion and other marketing priorities. Research skills, targeted testing and direct industry knowledge and experience are typical at this level. USE OUR ONLINE CALCULATOR TO GET A QUOTE FOR YOUR LIVE PROJECT Your estimated cost shouldn’t be an oddly veiled mystery that leaves you in doubt. We break down your costs into 6 key areas: 1) The production center [the heart of live streaming], 2) What cameras are you using, 3) What optional add-ons you want to add to the cameras, 4) Audio, 5) REMEMBER THAT THIS IT’S A QUOTE and is designed to give you a foundation to build the drivetrain you need or want. You may be eligible for savings or other discounts depending on the scope of your project, so be sure to contact one of our team members.

Services Simple Video Content Creative
Services Simple Video Content Creative

Tripod Mounted Premium Camera $ 450. 00 $ 625. 00 $ 0. 00 Premium cameras are Ultra HD 4K or 4K cameras that require more experienced and skilled operators and highly controlled lighting. Wireless Mobile Camera $ 350. 00 $ 400. 00 $ 0. 00 Wireless cameras are mainly used at sporting events or in areas where it is not possible or not allowed to run video cables in the event area. We use Teradek wireless kits which are good for distances up to 300 feet. Assembly time is an additional cost not included. Robotic Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camera $ 275. 00 $ 350. 00 $ 0. 00 Robotic cameras are desirable in places where it is impractical, impossible or dangerous to have a camera operator.

A PTZ operator can often control multiple cameras using a hardware controller. PTZ cameras are only a special request item. Additional costs may be required, including preparation time. We have the ability to show your PowerPoint presentations, Keynote presentations and videos while broadcasting. For custom charts, statistics, animations and 3D work, you may need a chart (listed in the team quantity). If your stream contains a lot of graphics work, you may need a dedicated graphics operator (listed under operator). If you provide all the required recording media, your finished product may be available within a couple of hours after the event ends. Video production costs can vary widely from project to project.

Screen Shot 2022 08 04 at 2.18.09 PM 1

Most of our new video customers don’t know why one video can be relatively cheap while another script can cost so much more. This video production cost calculator will help you get a general idea of ​​why a video might cost more. This tool is a general cost estimator and will give you a rough idea of ​​how much things cost. Like everything in life, things in production are rarely as simple as they may seem at first glance. So feel free to use this video production cost calculator to get a better idea of ​​how much your next project will cost. We would love to discuss the details of your work and provide you with a more accurate quote at your convenience.

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Let Start Motion Media build your ecosystem for constant video engagement

Product Videos For Your Emerging Brand – Commercial Videos Ads – Try for Free

f08470a5 start motion media action video min

Producing professional video for your brand does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Otherwise, read on to understand 10 factors that impact how much it costs to make a video for a brand, product, or company.

The project manager or coordinator ensures that production costs don’t exceed your video production budget.

In video production, the project manager or coordinator wears the title of producer.

$275 an hour for a veteran video production pro.

If your video project requires a script, you’ll need to hire a professional script writer.

Of course, the cost also depends on the length of your video.

If you’d prefer not to be on camera and want to use actors, models or voice-over talent, again the cost to hire these professionals will depend on their level of experience and expertise, as well as the amount of their time you’ll need.

Kickstarter Video Production & Commercial Ads Ideation

“StartMotionMEDIA created an inspiring commercial plan for our project.

Your commercial look and feel is made up from more than just your project title and the video and images you use.

Our commercial page brand development can help you create the perfect identity so that your visitors will see what sets your business above the rest.

Whether you’ve got all your content already lined up or you are just starting out, we’ll make sure your commercial project shines.

Typical Costs: In the greater New York area, or San Francisco San Diego areas, actors, models and voice professionals usually charge $55 an hour to $500 an hour depending on demand, experience and union costs.

Your video production budget will include estimates for these types of supplemental visuals, including:

A 2- to 3-minute professionally produced corporate video typically costs anywhere from $20,000 to $70,000.

Most production companies agree that the average cost of product video production for a commercial is usually around $8,000 for a startup and $15,000 for an enterprise, and we agree that it is a good starting point to consider when budgeting.

But instead of getting lot’s of quotes, Ask us directly about our competitive video marketing services and we hope we can surprise you.

Costs to Add Special Effects to Videos If your video project includes special effects, such as animations, motion graphics or title overlays (also known as lower thirds, captions and Chyrons), this will add to your cost of video production budget.

We highly recommend that brand videos intended to sell something, promote a product or service, or build a pipeline of leads include some sort of call to action, which is where graphic special effects come into play.

Typical Costs: Some videos require simple graphics, while others are entirely animated.

Location Costs Associated with Video Production Typical Costs: The most vital factor in determining location expenses in your video production rates is the total amount of time that will be required for production.

There are some websites that offer license-free music, but always check the fine print (our video product cost includes this service).

Typical Costs: Royalty free music for video starts as low as $11 for a 2- to 3-minute track.

Audio: It could cost $1500 to $2,000 or more if you hire a composer to make a song for your video, depending on the ability and experience of the musician and the needs of the project.

The number of people involved in the production of your video will depend on the complexity of your project, as well as the length of time and, of course, your budget.

Typical Costs: Video rendering and compression costs can be included with other services such as editing, or they can be included as an hourly charge on the budget.

Our best video production projects start when our clients say, “Here’s my budget, these are my objectives, what can you do for me?” There are so many variables that go into the cost of video production that it is not possible to answer that simply and succinctly.

Call us and tell us about your project, then we can dig into the real answers about commercial video production pricing.

We create a complete video plan for how to thoughtfully engage your audience at every point in your video, one that will help you create a loyal following from your viewers.

The best part about a professional video?

It builds your project’s reputation and will support you to put your best foot forward, not to mention it’s the thing that your users will use to weigh the quality of your project, and what they point to when explaining your project to their friends.

Commercial Video Pricing Chart:

Commercial Video Budget:

Pre-production and Project Management:

Logistics Director for Talent & Locations, Film Day 750

Film Production Day:

After hundreds of campaigns, we’ve discovered the reliable process-based tactics of customer acquisition that are specific to commercials.

Kickstarter Video & Commercial Consulting – Get Pricing

StartMotionMEDIA is very informational when it comes to actually kickstarting a project.

“StartMotionMEDIA has gone through the process of helping so many clients present their stories–and rally supporters around those stories–that I knew they would help me launch a successful commercial campaign.” – Janel H –

• Position Your Campaign with Research: Test your project

• Carefully spec out your film production day

• Production planning & equipment, step-by-step video process

• Video creation: full day of filming with our cinematographer

How Much should I pay for Commercial Video Production?

Video Production and Campaign Consulting Details

Gaining clarity about the visual scope of your project, deciding what video type and which scenes would add the most value to your video.

Ongoing email support and language development as we arrive at interview plan and get to the heart of what the project is.

Working out defining and scheduling visual elements and resources for production day.

Video Production Day:

Filming additional visuals, capturing a sense of place and bringing to life the project.

We follow our shot list and capture each visual element as part of 4-5 actions sequences involving people who are enjoying your product, the lifestyle elements, behind the scenes, and other imagery.

Comprehensive interview editing and narrative arc sequencing to persuasively describe the project and your campaign call to action.

Commercial Campaign Marketing:

Best Practices for running your commercial campaign, approaches for generating community engagement through direct email and social media that showcase your campaign to your followers.

Video Production Frequently Asked Questions:

Definition of Professional Video Production:

Having a solid, experienced director/producer using professional tools and significant time investment to make your video.

Best Uses – Commercial campaigns, company profile videos, product pre-sale videos, and fundraising for kickstarter campaigns.

Do I need professional video production?

Do you want to increase credibility, build your brand, attract new customers through kickstarter or commercial video production?

For these types of tasks, you definitely need a professional or premium level of quality to get a satisfying end result from your video product.

If you have sufficient resources to bring somone in, and you want a video that is able to compete at the highest level, we are a top-drawer studio production for affordable rates, and we will tell your story with incomparable style and class.

How much should I pay for kickstarter video production?

The more time that is spent in pre-production planning, scripting, location scouting, shooting, special effects and editing, the better the final product will be.

The talent of the people working on the project is really important.

When it comes to online video production, as with most things in life, talented and experienced people tend to cost more.

Or you can use a high-end camera with a professional videographer and experience in post-production for commercial.

A guidepost for budgeting your video production:

For most other production companies, an agency quality storyline, filming, and three minute HD video for website or business project might end up costing $15,000 upfront if you consider the corporate video clients they typically work with, as well as the variables between production companies.

For StartMotionMedia, with our streamlined video production and campaign marketing process, we focus on helping inventors and startup project creators have access to professional video to succeed on their kickstarter and indiegogo-type commercial initiatives.

We have performance-based pricing designed for startup companies who need affordable rates.

Because of this, we can offer you a chance to work with our agency at top-level of production quality for significantly lower cost.

What’s the cost of to get my Kickstarter Video Produced?

I hope this gives you a reasonable idea of where to begin in your budgeting process for how much you’d consider investing in video production and campaign services for your project.

Want a hand in your commercial video pricing project? Contact Us ->

Don’t overspend on video production, however also don’t be cheap, and waste your budget on poor quality.

While video production costs over the other content medium, it’s usually the foremost effective.

therefore if you wish a high-quality commercial production, however are solely caning to place up $2,000 for it, then you’re not reaching to get what you want.

Video production costs will rely on the sort of video that you simply need, the location, crew, equipment, talent, quantity of pre-production, editing, sound, post-production, and more.

the most effective approach to estimate your budget or to get an correct quote from a production company is to write down a video production transient.

able to rent a production company or freelancer?

you’ll be able to submit your brief to many production firms and compare rates.

otherwise you can come back up with an calculable budget vary and post the brief on Storyhunter, lease production companies come to you.

If you have got the resources, you ought to write the script in-house, probably with recommendation from your production company.

If you have got to scout a motion-picture photography location, you’ll even have to budget in time and travel expenses for the scout.

Production crew rates rely on their region, market, gear, and experience.

If you wish more specialised crew and equipment, equivalent to for 360° video production, you could have to be compelled to pay more.

Full-Service Video Production: $1,500-$300,000 (flat rate) A drone operator’s commonplace day rates will vary from $500-$1,400.

However, unless you’re doing a giant industrial production for TV, you most likely won’t need to rent talent.

Day rates are so high as a result of they often include pre-production work also as gear costs.

Since most videographers charge by the day, your video production costs can go up with additional shooting days.

victimization the higher than rates, you’ll expect a 1 day shoot to value around $3,000 to $8,000 for a two-person crew.

you’ll be able to pay the maximum amount cash flying out a production crew to shoot on location as on the assembly itself.

The best thanks to avoid these prices is to rent native production crews or freelancers who won’t have to be compelled to travel.

Besides, even though you hire a production company that isn’t local, they’ll find yourself subcontracting the estimate to local freelancers to lower their own values.

This typically may be a a part of their day rate, and it helps them defend their high-priced equipment.

On an even bigger production, a crew might have to rent cameras, lighting, grips, mics, or different film gear.

  • a lot of of the work that goes into manufacturing a high-quality video is finished in post-production, so budget well for this.
  • Motion graphics, or titles, will be separate video production costs as well.
  • rent a Production Company or Freelancer rent a Production Company or Freelancer If your team can handle some areas of production in-house, equivalent to script, location scouting, or editing, then you’ll be able to lower your video production costs.
  • You can economize by hiring a contract crew (a couple shooters and sound techs) rather than a full-service production company.


What is a reasonable commercial video cost?

We believe a high quality commercial video would start at cost around $7000, and go up to around $10,000 for a full length film day, with added locations and actors, which alone can sometimes cost about $1500 – some companies prefer to have their production staffed with models, other times founders are ok starring in it themselves or staffing it with normal people instead of actors.

That’s why many companies cost $15,000 and above for a single commercial video.

What to include in a commercial video?

Tell viewers the story behind your project.

We should be clear that the above services are for your premium production staff and a great quality of people to work with.

And it already includes a handful of amazing “free/included” services, like selecting the best footage, providing images and stills at no extra cost, and the like.

And when you add in the cost of rented locations, or hiring models and talent, that is why a Commercial Video cost can get to over $15k.

(Our locations and talent are much more affordable, please do reach out to find out about the Talent+Locations package and how it can fit with the above commercial video services.)

So when people are saying they can produce a video for your for $2k, you must ask – what of the above services are being left out?

It basically means they are hiring camera people who are working for under market prices, which usually means they are offshore, or inexperienced.


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Social Metapresence & PR., Video Production, Best Qualities of your Animated Video Production Project, E-commerce videos

Video Content for E-Commerce Advertising

E commerce videos
E commerce videos

video content for e-commerce advertising

An award-winning video studio. A hybrid between an ad agency and a production company – we make creative choices. As true filmmakers, we can build you an age-defying story fill with soul and beauty.


In 2020, the world is ready for a new story: one with equality, sustainability, and human potential at the forefront. When your work is for the service of real people, that’s when good crowdfunding things come back to you. 

We are in a new era of online shoppings sense of self. “As seen on TV” no longer speaks to the consumer. To us it sounds cheap. It’s not cred. Time to make some cred.

video content for e-commerce advertising

 Our story development service is backed by an in-house creative team equipped to strategically develop your film, and to design a video that meets your viewers right where you are. 

Start Motion Media is not your normal e-commerce video production company. We are integrated, independent and incredibly agile.  

We reach and motivate audiences with a custom, boutique media plan based on key performance indicators, to maximize the value and return for our clients. 

video content for e-commerce advertising

Life is not a one-dimensional narrative.  

 Your business will flourish in the future if you take into account the human angle – a multidimensional social consciousness. Happening right now.

video content for e-commerce advertising

We make cost-effective product videos for emerging brands.

Teach and inspire customers with a message that complements your brand. Feature your project in the light.

Motion | Creative | Image | Design – Videos embedded in E-commerce, Product videos Custom Landing Page, Shopify, Amazon Advertising, Etsy, Youtube, Indiegogo, Streaming

Expand your ability to reach customers with visual story and product-driven advertising, to reach and engage the audience that matters.

With Start Motion Media video ads, re-envision your brand, and develop your creative; we can give you a deeper understanding of your customers, and deliver a targeted video ad campaign that showcases your product.

Omni channel video content for e-commerce advertising 

Our Studio – Efficient, Relatable, and Cost-effective Ad Creative, for use in online promotion and streaming ads.

Results and Metrics – Third party analytics measurement tools support you to understand how your video is performing, and adjust future campaigns accordingly. 

Ignite Buyers – a custom video message is how you give your customer the inspiration to take action for your product

Start Motion Media is a creative video maker that allows you to experiment with different video ideas, and to make a top-shelf video to resonate with new and old customers alike.

We are the one-stop shop for a wide range of video-driven indiegogo crowdfunding content services. A quick call with our sales team is the best way for you to find out what we can do for you.  


To craft your narrative, apply the latest analytics and an understanding of customer culture, lifestyle, and behaviour, to craft a brand story that rings bells. 

product video maker makes it easy to create compelling product videos
for social media, but you can also create product videos for e-commerce
and add animation to increase the time site visitors spend on your product
and promote change. You will convert other site visitors into customers when
you embed e-commerce product videos to reveal real-world usage
and many of your product packages, from effects to
new ones. Social Media Marketing: Use quick videos to attract salespeople
your products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and
different social media platforms. Created movies: Create the message
Encourage buyers to
click Buy. Film Review: Submit the films used in the production
content to shed light
on the way your customers think about you
IRL products. Promote
your e-commerce videos on social networks.
And it shares e-commerce videos like
local social media videos
or selling your e-commerce product videos on social media or investing
Social media,
video is an effective way to buy
interest. With Start Motion Media’s great product video creators, you can create
The eCommerce
product videos are high quality and exciting
product advertising is changing rapidly. Create rich videos
and upload your product listings and ads
Start Motion Media e-commerce
video author. You can customize each text content
body to tell your brand or product story or make a point
of stock market or hot sale, all have performance
asking for
a vertical motion so visitors know exactly what to do next. 6
to build a distant culture of graphics

7 Tips for Navigating Hybrid Graphics
Live broadcasts
A beginner’s guide
to low-impact media
Why should I use e-commerce video advertising? Most consumers today can watch product videos  e-commerce rather than studying a long product description or perhaps a list of Product Features.

E-commerce product videos keep site visitors moving
websites stay
online longer, increase overall web page visits and increase traffic enough. E-commerce product videos are also powerful on social media.
product videos that show products being used in the real world
mode stop scrolling
so you can improve your own awareness

What kind of e-commerce videos can I create?
Start Motion Media’s
video editor makes it easy to create a variety of styles
product videos: product ads, long-form marketing videos
sales, surprise gifts, limited time offers, product demonstrations, boxing
product reviews, testimonials, how to movies, behind the scenes
make movies
and any other video content you can believe
your merchandise. How long should an e-commerce product video be?

Today’s consumers
have long, fast interest times, so it’s very important
visitors from the first seconds of your product video
Expert reviews on the right time of product movies for
ecommerce varies, from five seconds to five minutes.

When determining the ideal video length, keep your goals in mind (the
the type
of e-commerce video you create), so your goals
audience selection
and video description for social media platforms.



But video can fill that need by showing the product in action and giving customers more information about what it looks like, how it feels, and how it works on a daily basis. Ecommerce video is a key part of the sales process. 73% of American adults say they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video explaining a product or service. Ecommerce video marketing is also important because it gives customers confidence that your product is right for them. Video content helps build trust between you and your audience, especially if you’re marketing to a growing demographic.


When researching a product and making a purchase decision, 87% of Gen Zers choose a video or an ad that shows someone talking or demonstrating a product. Perhaps the most obvious way to use eCommerce video is through product demonstrations. Product demonstration videos allow you to highlight the benefits of different products and show potential customers how the product can improve their lives. MUDWTR uses simple product demonstration videos on their page to show how their wine is made, what the drink tastes like, and how easy it is to start the day. Consider how Apple uses e-commerce product demonstration videos to show off the cool features of its new computers. Customers may not be able to physically touch the products you sell in your online store, but a well-produced product demonstration video can reward and improve this aspect of the customer experience. L


ifestyle videos show real people using your product in their daily lives. Make your lifestyle videos like your target audience and inspire them about all the ways your product can improve their lives. Here’s a video from Peloton that combines product demos with long-form lifestyle content. Video testimonials are one of the most effective ways to increase sales and win over opposition. They are usually structured as a short video that captures someone’s experience with the product or service, what they think about it, and why they recommend others to buy it. For customers who are deep in the research process of the shopping journey, product training can provide assurance that they will be able to meet their needs with your product.


Crossnet does a great job on their product page, featuring videos and written instructions on how to play their games. Many e-commerce brands have had great success using promotional videos full of personality. If you have the budget, consider creating a video ad within your brand voice that not only sells products, but builds brand love. When deciding what type of video to create, it’s tempting to go directly to the product page, which is usually near the end of the purchase process. And while product videos are certainly important, don’t overlook other stages of the customer journey and conversion. For example, e-commerce videos are a great way to grab someone’s hand at the awareness level and move them to the interest level. While in the research stage, consider using educational content, such as how-to videos and tutorials. At every step of the journey, tailor your video efforts to meet the needs of consumers. Use video for conversion and lead generation Two of the best ways to use your video is for conversion and lead generation, which really goes hand in hand. Use video in many places on your website Product pages are not the only place to use video effectively on your website. By embedding your videos on your website, they will get more engagement and create a better customer experience.

  • 5 Examples of Winning eCommerce Videos, What Does a Winning eCommerce Video Look Like?

In this video, Native Union tells a great story for today’s tech marketers. This video is a perfect example of showing a product in action. This video is a hybrid between product presentation, tutorial and advertisement. This video is perfect for someone who is in the research stage of buying a tent. Use eCommerce Videos to Increase Conversions To increase conversions and create a better customer experience, you need to use eCommerce videos. If you don’t currently have a video on your site, start on your product page.

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Best Corporate Video Production Near Me

Corporate video production is a big topic, but we’ll make it easy for you. At the end of the article, you will understand everything about corporate video. We’ll also provide you with the best advice and resources, so your business can start creating successful corporate videos right away. What is a video production company? Corporate video production is the production of videos by the company for internal purposes (signing, training, video recording, etc.) or for external marketing purposes (case studies, advertising, product presentations, etc.). Any video content produced by a company falls under the umbrella term “corporate video production”. Usually, these videos are produced by a video company or an in-house videographer. You can view a variety of company videos in this article. A corporate photographer is a professional video maker who creates videos for various organizations. They are responsible for filming events, corporate photography, creating marketing videos, among other services. Here are three options to consider if you are looking for a corporate photographer: Hire someone in-house – This option is best if you expect your company to create Easy corporate videos for long periods of time. Hire a solo freelancer – This option is suitable for a one-time company. Hire a video management company – This option is good for complex shoots that require a large number of employees. Below we share some of the best corporate video companies in the world. Play video images in commercials. Working on the final editing of the video. Why is corporate video production important? The best way to convince yourself of the importance of video production is to show you the numbers. Start Motion Media, one of the leading video production companies, has been producing video marketing research since 2015 (their research is very reliable). 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. 87% of marketers said that video increased their traffic. 81% of marketers say video has improved their sales. 96% of people watch explainer videos to learn more about a product or service. On average, 80% of people are convinced to buy a physical product or digital service after watching a video.
These numbers show that consumers love videos and are more likely to buy after watching one. The same principle applies to company training videos or investor presentations. While not integrating video production won’t hurt your business, it will undoubtedly hurt your chances of success. How much does a corporate video cost? We’ll get a soft answer for this one, but to sum it up, corporate video costs you between $500 and $10,000/minute of video content value. For larger companies, the cost of corporate video can reach $100,000/minute. Let’s take a look at the different factors related to corporate videography and their corresponding costs: ‍ For this job, you need to hire someone who can create video ideas, messages, scripts and story lines. Look for a marketer with experience in video editing. They usually have good storytelling skills and can create a story that fulfills the purpose of the video (whether it’s marketing or convincing an investor).
Photographer/Videographer/Producer Some corporate videos are easy to make. For complex, high-budget corporate videos, you can hire a larger team, including a cinematographer, camera assistant, and lighting specialist. Editors are an important part of a video company.
A good editor is like a good makeup artist; they can completely turn the final cut video into something beautiful. You can create training and onboarding videos with the help of talent within the company level. However, commercials or animated videos may require you to hire actors and professional speakers.
A video production company will take care of all these things for you, so you don’t have to worry about the details. Corporate video format from Startup Stories Corporate stories are stories about how to start a company.
Companies create stories from companies to build identity and create a sense of history among employees. An introduction story can also be used to make your brand brighter in the minds of your customers and investors. These stories can help your customers recognize your brand and build trust. Hire a good storyteller and creative writer to accomplish the above. Employee Onboarding Videos Onboarding videos are used to familiarize new employees with culture/values, values, and other important information. These videos may seem simple, but good user onboarding increases your user retention rate by 82% and your productivity by 70%.
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Planning to Enter the World of Video Entrepreneurship? Follow These Strategies to Be Successful

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pexels linkedin sales navigator 2182969

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As any entrepreneur will tell you, running a business translates to solving problems daily. But, even before starting a company, entrepreneurs need to face an important challenge which is finding a great business idea. Additionally, they need to develop a plan for managing the day-to-day needs of the business such as controlling cash flow, buying assets, etc. For aspiring entrepreneurs looking for ways to develop a successful business, this article by Start Motion Media will explore the steps to do just that.


Find Your Great Video Idea


Finding a great idea for your business will certainly take more than a day. Hence, do not apply undue pressure on yourself to decide on an idea at the earliest. But, if you find it hard to come up with good, unique ideas, follow these steps:


  • Think About Your Skills and Experience: Try to focus on industries and niches that align well with your skills and past work experience.


  • Make Realistic Expectations: If you’re planning to continue working while trying to start a business, it’s best to think of choices that allow for flexible work hours and low capital investments. Conversely, those pursuing entrepreneurship full-time can look at time-intensive businesses.


  • Consider Financial Responsibilities: Those having existing debts such as mortgages, student loans, etc. should avoid business ideas that need a high capital investment as it can increase the financial burden.


Consider Further Education 


It’s often the case that entrepreneurs choose to open a business in industries they are passionate about, but for which they possess a limited understanding. The best way to overcome this gap is to pursue a degree that aligns well with your field of interest. For instance, if you have a ton of management experience and want to open a consulting business in the field of IT, consider a bachelor of science in information technology, which will help you learn about the latest industry trends, management strategies, and more to correctly set up the business.


Learn About Video Business Structures 


By default, all businesses are considered sole proprietorships which is not the best business structure to choose. Forming an S Corp is an option that should be on top of your list. One of the major benefits of an S Corp is that it allows you to raise funding through the medium of selling shares. Additionally, here are additional benefits you should know about:


  • Limited Liability: S Corps are considered separate legal entities which protect the owner’s personal assets from business-related liabilities.


  • Protects from Double Taxation: In S Corporations, profits “pass-through” because of which you won’t need to pay corporate taxes. Other business structures such as a C Corp do not provide this benefit.


  • Helps to Save on Self-Employment Taxes: S Corporation owners are not charged any self-employment taxes until they pay themselves a salary.


Forming a Limited Liability Company is another good option to consider. Similar to an S Corp, an LLC will also provide personal liability protection. In addition, as an LLC owner, you’ll be able to use business expenses as tax write-offs which can help to significantly reduce costs.


To streamline the process of registering your business, opt to work with a local formation service that handles all paperwork requirements and further assists you with annual filing rules and regulations.


Understand Where You Stand in Video Production


Before jumping into the thick of things, you need to have a clear vision regarding business expectations, goals, and financial requirements. Here’s a list of key steps you should take next:


  • Create a Business Plan: This is an in-depth document that provides an overview of your business. According to the Edward Lowe Foundation, your plan will include details regarding product offerings, pricing, financial requirements, business structure, and more.


  • Conduct Market Analysis: Irrespective of whether your business will be full or part-time, market analysis will serve as one of the crucial steps toward its success. As reported by Business News Daily, market analysis involves conducting research regarding your target customers, such as their buying patterns, industry trends, and competitor performance.


  • Finalize Your Product and Services: Once you have an idea in mind, take the time to flush it out. For instance, those running a consulting service will need to hone in on the types of services that will be offered in addition to the medium of delivery, price points, and more.


Use Video Streaming Technology Solutions 


As a new business, you’ll face steep competition from established competitors from the get-go. Hence, it’s important to analyze all the ways you can develop an advantage. One of the best ways to achieve this will be to adopt a digital-first approach to running the business.


Use Project-Management Tools


While running a business you’ll constantly need to manage numerous projects simultaneously. Using project-management tools will streamline this process by providing a central dashboard to track projects. Additionally, it’ll help to prioritize and delegate tasks, resulting in minimal wastage of resources and timely achievement of goals.


  • Digital Signature Tools


Overcome the need of managing paperwork by keeping all contracts digitally. Not only will this allow for seamless sharing of documents among stakeholders, but by using digital signature tools, you can encrypt documents and securely sign and store them on the cloud.


  • Use CRM Tools


As the name suggests, Customer Relationship Management tools help to efficiently store, analyze and manage customer data. Data from all sources such as your website, online store, social media, and other campaigns can directly be fed to the CRM tool which can then filter it based on various factors such as customer interests, place in the sales funnel, engagement rate, etc. This segmentation can be used to create future email marketing campaigns and make improvements to your product.


  • Utilize Digital Video  Marketing 


Compared to traditional forms of marketing, social media and email campaigns provide far greater reach at a fraction of the cost. Hence, these mediums should form an integral part of your marketing strategy. Additionally, rather than spending large sums of money on hiring professionals, you can use an online facebook ads maker tool to create promotional graphics. Some tools provide an option to create video ads which currently perform much better in terms of social media penetration, engagement, and conversions.


Your skillset and past work-experience will have a big influence on the type of business you choose to start. But, if you feel the need to improve your knowledge and skill set prior to becoming an entrepreneur, furthering your education is a great option to consider. Additionally, don’t make the leap into being a full-time entrepreneur if you don’t have the time for it. Instead, choose to run the business part-time as it will always include the option of transitioning to full-time. Furthermore, take your time while choosing the correct business structure as it will impact how the business will be taxed and the subsequent filing requirements.