Tranquil 2.0 Neck Support Kickstarter Video

Tranquil wanted us to make this video for startup fundraising, and it ended up being so helpful for their kickstarter promotion. Since we specialize in crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, and the fact that he got a crowdfunding consultant along the way, made us a top choice when he considered the best online fundraising sites. 100% funded in only 12 hours!

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With our San Jose Video Production tranquil was able to choose the right crowdsourcing platform, and they decided to move ahead with our crowdfunding consulting which helped them raise more than they were expecting. The crowdfunding services we offered included fundraising strategies and kickstarter tips, similar to many fundraising consulting firms but with better kickstart coaching. The thing about most fundraising consulting firms is that they charge huge fees, but the way we do crowdfunding marketing and crowdfunding promotion is simpler – through a simple coaching model and the materials of our online course.

Our San Francisco Video Production was a huge key in supporting their kickstarter promotion, and about three weeks before launching, they implemented their kickstarter strategy. The thing with Crowdfunding Video Production is that it needs to also answer your crowd funding questions, because fundraising strategies go hand in hand with video production. Having the right crowd funding help is the gateway to startup fundraising. Our Oakland Video Production team went ahead and found an amazing house location for this shoot, which let them launch with style, and our course help outline the top crowdfunding sites and how to structure their perks to get the most from the fundraising platforms.

Finally, our crowdfunding help and fundraising tips was the needed element to make their Indiegogo Video Production go from bland to landing them lots of crowdfunding pr. This project funded over $40,000 in the first week only! We advised them on our indiegogo campaign tips and helped Tranquil choose between indiegogo vs kickstarter, a choice which ultimately enabled them to raise a lot more. The crowdsourcing services and the course on perks and crowdfunding pr always come bundled with our Kickstarter Video Production, so that you never miss our on the best fundraising tips just like if you hired a separate fundraising consultant. When they decided to launch along with our San Francisco Film Production, they had just what it took to go big.