Apparel Startup Business: Abbey Post Mountain View Palo Alto


Millions of people are frustrated with plus sized clothing. It’s hard to find things that fit really well and were attractive and well made. People of all shapes and sizes don’t fit to a standard fit model – we all carry our weight in different places, and Abbey Post has created a custom method for gathering your exact body measurements and give you clothing that is designed exactly for you. Products are made in the USA, custom made, and they support women who need clothing of all shapes and sizes. The use the power of advanced data and digital patterning systems to create custom made to measure clothing quickly. Choose an item you like, and customize the neckline, sleeve length and hem to the individual preferences. Abbey Post has a philosophy of philanthropy and empowerment, being honest about the culture so that they can make the best decisions for people who need clothes that fit.


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We produced this video at 500 Startups in Mountain View CA. After getting a short breakfast from the bagel shop downstairs I went to the 500 Startups headquarters and we used the available locations to film the interview and b-roll. We set up scenes for clothing rack inside of a conference room to make it look like a retail environment, and also had time to create a testimonial with someone who had been profoundly affected by their product. Overall, our video production day went smooth, especially as we planned to use only one location for the shoot. “Investor” type scenes for their launch were conducted in the lobby and conference room, and overall we were able to show their project as if it has major resources in terms of office and retail space, all within the same environment. We traveled from the studio in Palo Alto to the Abbey Post location on Castro Street in Mountain View, near my favorite cafe.    Click here to read more about this production

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Abbey Post received an acquirement offer in 2015 after working together – the video successfully communicated their product in a way that major investors would want to be a part of it. Abbey Post used these videos for private investors meetings and as training for equity classes, in addition to teaching their customers direct from their website about the products.

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The Abbey Post campaign allowed them to get noticed by bigger players in the venture capital community, and Sourceeasy now uses their proprietary technology to create custom fitting technology and deliver their tailor made clothing though all of the national brands we need to serve the made to measure community.