7 Stunning Kickstarter campaigns of 2017 – A case study of crowdfunding winners.

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What makes a good crowdfunding project?

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What makes a great kickstarter campaign?

We’ve pulled together seven of this years the most successful Kickstarter Campaigns to ask, “What made this campaign so effective?”  Then we used that to develop some tips and tricks that you can integrate into your own crowdfunding campaign…

1. Slate – Mobile Airdesk 

What we like about this campaign:

SIMPLICITY:  It’s a simple idea that will appeal to a large market.  All the reward levels actually go back to the same product – the slate.  The increasing reward levels created an element of “Act Now” because there were only a limited number of products at each price point.  The video uses fun, uplifting music to convey the simplicity of the brand.

GREAT DESIGN: Slate did the work to create a product with great design and used the same simple design aesthetic throughout the rest of their branding.

LOTS OF PHOTOS: Photos keep the reader engaged and create a real life closer look at what they will be investing in. The text on the photos is also a great way to highlight the benefits of the product.

How you can integrate this strategy: If you are launching a product, hire a professional photographer to create a beautiful stream of photos to add to the crowdfunding page.  Choose a simple set of fonts to use throughout the branding, and think about using the product in multiple levels of rewards to create the incentive for funders to “Act Now.”

2. Photographs of THE BAND – The Book 

What we like about this campaign: 

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION TO THE PERSON BEHIND THE PROJECT: This video creates a nostalgic feeling that instantly connects the viewer to the man behind the project.  Everything from the music to the photos create a story that draws the viewer in to create an emotional connection.

A BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK: The first line states: A Fine-Art photography book of Elliott Landy’s photographs of THE BAND—featuring both his iconic and never-before-seen images.”  The video gives a behind-the-scenes look at the never-before-seen images.  This approach creates curiosity in the viewer to stick around and find out more.  

How you can integrate this strategy: Think back to WHY it is important for you to create your project.  Tell a personal story to emotionally connect with the viewer.

3. The Micro – The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer

What we like about this campaign: 

PROFESSIONAL HIGH QUALITY VIDEO:  A high quality video is a huge key to a successful project.  This video has great color, sound, and high quality picture.  It shows the viewer “We mean business with this project.”   You may also notice how the shots seamlessly glide through the frame.  This is with the glide-cam – one of our favorite tools that we use in our videos.

“WE DID IT” MINDSET:  Creating a small-consumer sized 3D Printer is not an easy feat.  The whole video carries the energy “We did it.  We accomplished the impossible.”  The kickstarter was actually the celebration of years of hard work.

How you can integrate this strategy:  When you do all the work beforehand and launch your project with a “We did it” mindset you’re already set up to succeed.  Allow your kickstarter to be a way to show and share all the hard work you’ve already done.  And, when you go the extra-mile to look like a pro with a high quality video, you set your project up for success from the start.  If you’re curious about our video production services, you can calculate a bid for your project.

4. The Beehive Collective Epic-Story Graphic, Mesoamerica Resiste!

What we like about this campaign: 

CONNECTION TO A WORLD VISION: The Beehive Collective shares a story of a larger vision of what they see for the world.  The project tells a story of our Earth and what needs to be done to protect it.  It is a form of education and brings awareness on how we can create a better world.

ANIMATIONS:  At the end of the video during the call to action, the beehive created beautiful animations of flowers, bees, plant and wildlife blossoming around the Earth.  It is visually engaging and makes the viewer think, “Wow, these people put a lot of time into this.”

How you can integrate this strategy:  Ask yourself, “What do I stand for?”  “What kind of world do I envision?”  “How will this project help to create that world?”  Consider using animations as an added visual element in your video.

5.  Dream, Girl: The Documentary 

What we like about this campaign: 

TEAMWORK:  Many women were interviewed for this project.  Sharing the vision and ideas of a larger collective creates a bigger ripple effect in social media and word-of-mouth sharing about the project.

How you can integrate this strategy:  Consider how you can collaborate or bring in more people’s voices into your vision and idea.  This not only spreads the collective message of many, but will help in your marketing efforts in getting the project out to the masses.

6.  Project 362: Changing The Way We See Native America 

What we like about this campaign: 

GRATITUDE:  Matika expresses gratitude throughout the video for all that has happened as she tells the story.  Gratitude is a great way to show your thanks for all that has already happened and attract more likeminded people to get behind the project.

CREDIBILITY: Because Matika already had one successful crowdfunding campaign before this project, it shows her ability to follow through and create beautiful results from the funding.  This creates trust for a viewer to get behind her next endeavor.

BEAUTIFUL IMAGERY: The still images woven throughout the video show the beauty that has already been created through the funding of the project.

How you can integrate this strategy:  Ask yourself, “Who and what am I grateful for?  What good things have happened to even be in the position I am in now?  Focus on what you’re grateful for and you’ll be sure to attract more of it.

7.  Galileo.  Your iOS in Motion

What we like about this campaign: 

HUMOR:  It’s always a good idea to capture your viewers with a laugh.  In the first 30 seconds of his video, Josh shows some scenarios where the person trying to Facetime with their family cannot see what is going on on the other side.  It made me chuckle to see the grandma trying to see the birthday party on the other side of the camera.  Just a hint of humor made us feel more connected to the project and much more likely to support it.

How you can integrate this strategy:  Does your project solve a common problem?  Consider how you can bring a few laughs into the project.