Job Opening: Video Production Lead

We are searching for a Bay-Area producer director videographer video editor with experience in all areas of the video production process. Experience in client interactions, requests, and ability to create, schedule, and execute a fantastic, beautiful, and technically superb video product.

Independent Contractors Agreement:  Rates Paid Per Project, within 14 days of video completion.

This job requires production support in the following tasks, occurring over a 4 week timeline.  Multiple simultaneous project available.

Narrative Development / Production Management:

-Send client narrative treatment written brand development questions. -Schedule product interview call -Conduct project interview call (60 min) – Type quotes of (why, what, for who, what is the transformation) -Visual development – Imagining and coordinating 5 visual scenes / !! sequences to depict the product being used, lifestyle / branding elements. Planning visuals. Final 10 min – Production scheduling. Choosing interview & b-roll location, time, and date for 4-hour production. – Assemble pre-production document with main points for interview and list of additional visuals to be filmed, and required resources for production day. Integrate and include notes from written framework and project interview. View example production document. – Client coordination, emails to finalize scheduling of production day – Support client in organizing required resources, location, and actors for production day. 

Field Production:

-Review pre-production document -Arrive to production location early with essential equipment: HD DSLR 7D, 5D, or C100/300 Required Lenses: 40 or 50mm prime lens for interview, 24-70mm lens for b-roll. Encouraged: 16mm Wide angle lens, 100mm macro for closeups. Video Tripod, Glidecam, linear motion Track. External Audio: 24bit .wav recorder (h4n or tascam), lapel mic, boom mic + mic stand -Thrill and support client on production day -Conduct interview, focusing on pre-prod doc to cover main points, ask client to relax, repeat broken sentences, feed client language in questions, ask them to repeat. Subject areas to cover: Challenge / Issue, Solution, What they’ve learned, Creator Background, Hopes for the Future, Call to action. -Conduct additional visuals filming. Direct visual scenes, gather 10-15 shots per sequence, provide a variety of angles, views. Use tripod, glidecam rig, and linear track for 90% of shots. Direct actors to repeat actions numerous times to ensure sufficient variety. -Get location establishers, wide shots, detailed shots, shots that incorporate camera movement, entering and exiting shots.


-Import footage and audio -Master interview audio -Sync interview audio to video -Cut interview to 10 min of usable material (retain for revision process) -Cut B-roll to 10 min usable material (retain for revision process) -Refer to pre-prod for main points and narrative arc, construct V1 narrative arc by selecting most clear, passionate, and informative sentences. 3 min 20 second max final length. -Assemble B-roll visuals for double-induction (seeing what the speaker is saying) -Sound design using commercially licensable music track, use preview for V1 -Review of video pacing, cuts, etc. -Titles and transitions, final slide with logo and text call to action. -Process Revisions for V2, Final Preview, and Final Video Editing timeline: -7 days from receiving footage to delivering first version -3 days per client revision request.

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