Every game developer anticipates that, at some juncture, their creation will garner widespread recognition. But thinking is not enough to achieve popularity. To do this you need to invest time, soul, and money. Perhaps many people will think: “But I don’t have as much money as famous corporations, I won’t be able to pay for advertising.” Money is a resource; its incorrect use leads to senseless loss. The main thing is strategy. Even with a small budget, you can attract attention to the game.

AAA games also did not immediately become so cool and popular. First, they had a long strategy development, then turned the plan into reality. Thanks to smart marketing approaches, games like World of Warcraft have been growing their fan base for decades. Not only the number of players is growing, but also the number of users of in-game services such as boosting. Now players not only want to play the game – they want to be the best in this game and, accordingly, use wow boosting in order to have cooler virtual characters with less effort. All this happens thanks to competent marketing.

We have prepared for you small tips for beginners in this business that do not require large investments of money.

Start building interest

Create a page on a social network, and make a simple website. On this page, post screenshots of the game, mechanics, and interesting facts to gain an initial audience. Update your content regularly and make it interesting! Communicate with visitors, and accept criticism and suggestions.

Create a trailer

Make a trailer or teaser about your game. Pack content in a few minutes that will give potential players basic information about the game. You can create it yourself, but if you don’t have the necessary skills, it’s better to pay a professional. A trailer or teaser must be of high quality, entertaining, and informative.

By the way, artificial intelligence can be involved in this task. You’ve probably heard the news many times that AI is helping in video creation, for example, AI-generated movie trailer for Genesis. You can use both text prompts and full video generation.

Catch attention

Screenshots, icons, and GIFs should be spectacular and bright to hook the audience. Don’t forget that all this must be of high quality. Also, make them universal so that they can be placed on several sites at the same time. In addition, when posting any content, consistency and consistency are important; your potential player should not forget about you.

Collaborate with the press

Connect with bloggers and gaming magazines. Give interviews, and send requests for a review of your game. Create a colorful, informative presentation. If people talk about your game, other users will become interested.

Small instructions: “How to send review requests”:

  • Collect a list of bloggers who are interested in your game genre or produce content on this topic
  • Collect a list of magazines and online publications that could potentially publish a review about you. When looking for links to cooperation, try to find a specific person to make it easier to establish a dialogue, for example, write to a specific person.
  • Prepare a message template with basic information, presentation, and game demo. And then personalize it for each recipient.
  • Think about what you can offer in exchange for a review of your game. These can be both financial gifts and intangible ones, for example, mutual posting.

Artificial intelligence can be a useful tool when creating promotions for games. First, AI can analyze data about player behavior in a game, identify patterns, and determine what types of promotions can attract more players or retain current ones. Also, the program can create personalized promotions, taking into account the preferences and interests of each player based on their gaming history. With the help of machine learning algorithms, AI can predict the performance of various promotions based on data and statistics, which allows a better selection of player acquisition strategies.

Tell the world about your project

There are a lot of forums, groups, and websites on the Internet where developers, designers, and other professionals communicate with each other. Don’t be afraid to tell them about your idea, because you will receive important criticism and a free test of the game, during which you can identify bugs and shortcomings of the game.

Remember the rules of decency

Do not forget to ensure that all content complies with the rules of the site where you will upload your product. After all, if the rules are violated, the information will be blocked by the owners of the resource.

The rules and requirements for hosting your game on various resources may vary depending on the specific platform or store. However, there are a few basic rules and guidelines that are often applied. For example, you need to carefully study the rules of the platform. Specify an age limit if your game contains content not intended for children. This is important for complying with laws and parental expectations. Make sure you have permission to use all content (graphics, music, sounds, etc.) in your game. Otherwise, it may lead to legal problems. And of course, do not forget about the safety of your users – protect the data of the players in such a way as to avoid data leaks or hacks (for example, one of the last cases of data leak was – a Roblox data breach).

Follow reviews and suggestions

Remember that criticism is important. If a large number of users do not like this or that icon, character, etc., then you need to pay attention to what decisions in the game should be reconsidered.

In fact, there is nothing scary or prohibitively difficult in advertising the game. Don’t be afraid of difficulties on the way to achieving your goal. The main thing is that when promoting your game, do not forget to make it really cool and interesting.

Video Game MarketingStartup BusinessTo make your game stand out, you don’t need a huge budget. Strategy and marketing are key. Here are some tips for indie game developers:

Build Interest: Start with social media and a simple website to share screenshots, mechanics, and updates. Engage with your audience and be open to feedback.

Create a Trailer: Craft a high-quality, informative game trailer to grab players’ attention. Consider using AI for video creation.

Catch Attention: Make vibrant and high-quality screenshots, icons, and GIFs that can be shared on multiple platforms consistently.

Collaborate with the Press: Reach out to bloggers and gaming magazines for reviews and features. Personalize your pitches and think about what you can offer in return.

Use AI for Promotions: Utilize AI to analyze player behavior, create personalized promotions, and predict the performance of different marketing strategies.

Engage with the Gaming Community: Share your project with forums, groups, and websites to receive valuable feedback and identify issues.

Adhere to Platform Rules: Follow platform-specific rules for content, age restrictions, and copyright to avoid legal problems and data breaches.

Listen to Feedback: Pay attention to user reviews and suggestions for improvements.

Promoting your game isn’t overly challenging, but it’s essential to focus on creating a captivating and enjoyable game to ensure its success.