The race to be the best in an ever-changing market driven by consumers can be complex and expensive. To capture the market and attract more prospects, you should bring your best tools and resources. One of these resources is for marketing 

Instead of traditional billboards, texts, and television marketing, you can use explainer videos to target consumers. In the videos, you discuss your products and match their capabilities with consumer needs. This connectivity is crucial to engaging your customers and luring them towards your products.  

A good video can be the magic wand that changes your brand forever. It has worked for many brands, especially startups. If you haven't thought of it, there are ways in which the veterans can improve your and boost your 2024 marketing game. 

Impact On Conversion Rates

The basic reason for marketing is to attract more customers, including those from your competitors. You can only do so if your message is lucrative, appealing, and consumer-oriented. One of the experiences you must have is audience comprehension.  

You should do a comprehensive market study and customer analytics to understand customers and their needs. Otherwise, your message can never resonate with the base. 

Instead of all the research, you need a video explainer company to help with major roles. Before creating the explainer videos, the company must understand the customers and the product. The next step is to convey to the customers why the product is perfect for them and how it benefits them.  

Explainer companies rely on expert communicators to ensure the message is perfect and resonating.  

Matching Customers' Needs To Products

Before customers buy a product, they go through a decision-making process; however, some purchases are based on impulse and product appeal. The former makes up most of the buyers; hence, you must aid in decision-making. You can do so using explainer videos. 

When making the videos, match the product features and customer needs. Explain to the audience why the product is good for them and which feature targets them the most. Include performance, integrated technologies, and other capabilities in your explanations.  

Once customers comprehend all these, they will likely think the product was made and tailored for them. Such a mentality pushes them to click your link to purchase or pull your products from the shelves.  

Also, remember that customers have a short comprehension time; hence, the video should be short, precise, intuitive and engaging. Anything long dilutes the message and gets monotonous. You want the client to focus on your words without forgetting the initial points.  

The more engaging, the better, and the easier for the information to stay in their minds, thereby biting their purchase intention towards your products.  

Consumer Engagement Approach 

Instead of text-based marketing, focus more on explainer videos due to the ability to have long-term memory impacts on the consumer. The videos should get your customers hooked and talking, enabling them to share the links and videos.  

Using these videos, you can showcase your products, benefits, and suitability to consumers, improving customer engagement.   

Use anime, humor and some sarcasm to engage and capture the audience's attention. Be careful not to overdo any of these, leading to poor messaging. Not all engaging videos will meet all these criteria; there are many ways to go about them. Even a simple, straightforward video can be engaging depending on how you do it and how the explainer crafts the message to target the audience.  

Top marketers understand that the way to convert prospects is to get their attention. Therefore, your videos need to include perfect messaging elements. Customers are naturally curious and are likely to try a product that caught their attention on social media. A good video will help you achieve this, especially if you target teens who love impulse buying.  

Impact On SEO Ranking

Traditionally, keyword integration is one of the best ways to improve your ranking. However, there are other ways to go about it. Video explainer is one of them.  

Search engine ranking can also work based on the active visitors to your site. Therefore, you should lure external clicks and traffic to your site. The traffic will trigger the SEO algorithms to rank your site higher based on the visits and clicks. Explainer videos that are widely disseminated and shared can help you achieve that.  

After creating the videos, your next role is to decide on the dissemination platforms. Social media should be a priority if you target external traffic and affiliates. Next, consider adding the video to your site. Therefore, you should optimize your website to include video capabilities. 

Make It Simple For The Customers To Understand

When you offer services, you must be careful about your marketing approaches. Some services or products can be too complex for consumers to understand; hence, they need guidelines and help. Your role is to ensure customers have all the details they need and further understand the service and product.  

Explainer videos, especially short ones, can help you do that. First, create the videos in sections, enabling your customers to view them procedurally. Such videos can enable you to explain the complete product in a two-minute video.  

Video explainers and approaches are better than writing essays, research papers, and blogs to educate your audience. Once they understand the product or services, you will begin to see interest from them.  


Whether offering simple or complex products and services, ensure you have explainer videos on social media.  

The goal is to help you get more consumers interested. In the long run, the videos can increase your SEO, competitive advantage, and influence. Therefore, liaise with the best video explainer company to help you create such content to target the market.