The cost of Kickstarter video production is something that we are proud to offer as a flat rate. Although it varies between communities, and production companies, our production company can use it if you do it for between seven to $8000. The reason for this cost includes retaining a studio for between 4 to 6 weeks, and all of the equipment and labor time that goes into it. We know it’s not cheap, but on average your clients raise about $72,000 once they have the video, and we’re looking to help keep your costs below 10% of the expected revenue generation. This is a video that you’ll be able to use for years to come, and ultimately has incredible impact on how you can reach your community.   How much does the video production cost on Kickstarter? Crowdfunding activities and crowdsourcing investment are the means of relative growth to promote your new products or services, attract investors and improve your ability to move to the next level. You are working in a Kickstarter campaign to make your product stand out. Video can help you succeed on Kickstarter, but how much does it cost to make a video on Kickstarter? We will introduce Kickstarter video production in detail to help you plan and budget your project. Thank you for contacting us! We will contact you as soon as possible. An error occurred while sending. Make sure you fill in all the fields correctly. Make your Kickstarter video here!Name: Email: Phone Number: Tell us about your project:   Average minimum cost of Kickstarter videos [Image: Budget] The production cost of Kickstarter videos is usually defined as the playback rate per minute. For example, you may be offered a rate of 3,000 to 5,000 USD per minute. This means that the cost of creating a 2 to 5 minute video for your Kickstarter campaign is between $6,000 and $25,000. This is a wide price range, but the goal is to show you how much the cost of making a Kickstarter video varies based on personal requirements and technical details. Usually, the cost of recording a video per minute is between US$1,000 and US$10,000. Most Kickstarter videos have a playback time of 2-4 minutes for best results.Remember, if you stay for more than 4 minutes, you may lose the attention of investors. The production speed is as high as $10,000. Does it really make sense to go beyond this range? High-quality Kickstarter videos The cost of producing professional-quality Kickstarter videos is between US$3,000 and US$6,000. This corresponds to a production speed of $2,000 per minute for the finished video, lasting 1.5 to 3 minutes. Creating this quality for your crowdfunding video requires a 2-3 film crew, script writing and any video editing required. Please note that if you hire a team to make a video on Kickstarter, you will pay the following indirect costs: ●Director->$250 per hour ●Writer->$150 per hour ●Videographer->$400 per hour●Editor -> $175 per hour ● Actor -> $500 per hour ● Crew-$100 per hour ● Studio recording-$400 per hour ● Narrator -> $400 per hour ● Audio files-$1000 per hour ●Video processing-up to $75 per hour ●B volume: expected to account for 10-50% of the total cost. ●Other costs: The cost is very small, and it takes up to 1000 seconds.   The above price includes the budget of professional editors and produces a high-quality Kickstarter video that tells investors the story of your product.High-quality Kickstarter video promotion  High-quality video production on Kickstarter costs between US$4,000 and US$12,000. This is based on a result of $4,000 per minute for 1 to 3 minutes of video. High-quality production requires excellent support from screenwriters who tell their stories in an eloquent, interesting or fascinating way. The budget includes minimizing the use of hips to produce other graphics and advanced editing techniques, which will make your video stand out from the competition. Similarly, to use this video, you need to pay for all the services mentioned above, but you need to pay for the advanced skills that professionals need to successfully produce the video. Video may be a huge investment, but in the end, WOW investors and you can earn money from Kickstarter. If you want to know, “How much does it cost to make a video on Kickstarter?   For viral videos, hope to get an entrance fee of $10,000 or more to get viral success. This offer includes advanced scripting, storytelling, professional actors, narration, Multiple locations, and create your own soundtrack for video campaigns.This type of investment can help you stand out in product competition, and can do your best to succeed in the best interests of investors. Do you need more details? Call Beverly Boy Productions now and we will determine your Kickstarter video campaign eligibility. Thank you for contacting us! We will contact you as soon as possible. An error occurred while sending. Make sure you fill in all the fields correctly. Make your Kickstarter video here!