How to Host a Virtual Pamper Party with Friends

Having friends who live far away can make it hard to stay connected. But with today's technology, you can easily host a virtual pamper party to reconnect with long-distance gal pals. A virtual pamper party lets you chat, laugh, and relax together, even when you're living in different parts of the world.

Plan the Logistics

The first step in hosting a virtual pamper party is choosing a date and time that works for everyone. Consider time zone differences so no one has to log on at 3am! Send a calendar invite to lock in the plans.

Decide which video chat platform you'll use. Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts are all good options. Make sure everyone knows how to use the chosen platform. You may want to set up a practice run the week before to troubleshoot any issues.

Another logistic is picking a theme, if you want one. Possibilities include spa night, yoga night, makeup playtime, or crafternoon. Themes help set the mood but are optional.

Send Pampering Supplies

A key element of a virtual pamper party is using at-home spa supplies together. Mail party favors to attendees in advance so everyone has their stash ready for the big day.

Indulgent face masks are essential pampering supplies. Dr Dennis Gross has a line of luxury peel pads that renew skin. The two-step Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel contains acids and antioxidants that reveal brighter, smoother skin. Send these or other masks so everyone can exfoliate away stress.

Other ideas are sheet masks, bath bombs, loofahs, pedicure tools, scented candles, and plush robes or slippers. Tailor the supplies to match your chosen theme. For instance, include yoga mats and stretchy headbands for yoga night.

Schedule the Party Activities

Give your virtual pamper party some structure by planning timed events and activities:

Catch-up session: Start by chatting and getting reacquainted. Share stories and pics from your everyday life.

DIY spa tutorial: Have an attendee teach a 5-10 minute DIY spa tutorial, like a sugar scrub recipe or self-massage technique.

Mask time: Slather on those peel pads or sheet masks and relax together for 10-15 minutes. Keep chatting if you'd like.

Mindfulness activity: Try a short guided meditation, light stretching, or breathwork session led by an attendee.

Manicures: Paint nails and do hand treatments while you continue to catch up.

Goodnight routines: Share nighttime rituals like moisturizing, aromatherapy, and journaling before you log off.

Build in natural breaks to refresh snacks and beverages or take bathroom breaks. Keep the party loose and laidback, encouraging everyone to participate at their comfort level.

More Tips for Success

Here are a few more pointers to help ensure your virtual pamper party goes smoothly:

  • Remind guests to have good lighting and minimize background noise. A ring light can help illuminate faces.
  • Set up device stands or tripods so attendees don't have to hold devices the whole time.
  • Create a shared playlist for ambient background .
  • Use the invite list or video chat settings to randomize the on-screen grid, so conversations involve everyone.
  • Have some icebreaker games lined up, like virtual bingo or a pampering-themed quiz.
  • Capture screenshot photos during the call to send to the group afterwards.

With a little planning, virtual pamper parties let you feel like you're with your long-distance besties, catching up over manicures or mud masks. It's a fun way to de-stress and nurture your spirit together, even when you're living far apart. The party may inspire attendants to plan in-person meetups in the future too!