Video production services are a must-have for anyone looking to kickstart a successful crowdfunding campaign. Whether it’s a Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe, a well-made and effective video is critical to getting backers and capital to get your project off the ground. At, we offer resources and best practices for creating high-quality videos that increase engagement and attract potential investors. Our range of articles helps you fine tune your pitch into a succinct and visually appealing format. Whether you are hiring a professional production team or taking a DIY approach, we’ll arm you with the knowledge to make sure your video is the best it can be. Our blog offers tips on the pre-production planning and execution.

Learn the essential elements that make up great video content and how to effectively structure your video to draw potential investors in. We cover topics such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, graphic design concepts, budget optimization and more. We give advice on how to work effectively with a production team, deal with unexpected delays or issues, and examine the post-production process.

Additionally, you’ll find articles detailing the video production technical aspects of streamlining your crowdfunding video for optimized viewing experiences on multiple streaming platforms and devices.

We give tips on the best equipment for shooting your video and break down the process of capturing, encoding and uploading videos to various streaming services. For every step of the crowdfunding video process, is your source for the information and advice you need to create a successful video. We arm aspiring filmmakers with the tools they need to make their Kickstarter campaigns stand out and attract the attention they need to get funded.

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Resume Guidelines for Job Seekers Over 40

We indeed live in an age of rapid growth in all walks of life, especially the technical and technological ones, and this growth is causing waves of change affecting everyone around us. The technological evolution we all are witnessing nowadays is causing a fuss; young people penjoy it, while older people are worried and threatened by it.

Seeking a job is now easier than ever for young people; they are wanted for their relevant skills and basic knowledge of all things technical, not to mention their enthusiasm and need for a job can make them more affordable and easier to navigate; that being said, young minds can never replace genuineness and experience, all that older job seekers need to do is follow these simple guidelines that can land them any job they want.

Keep in mind that less is more

If you’re in your 40s, that probably means that you have 15 to 20 years of experience under your belt, and although it’s impressive, you mustn’t put them all in your resume, don’t mention all your past jobs and positions.

Keep it compact and direct. Mentioning old jobs will probably be irrelevant anyway, so all it would do is bore your potential employers and distract them from more important information that can help you land the job.

Studies showed that employers look at resumes for an average of 6 seconds, so it will be best to fill them with relevant, attention-catching information rather than out-of-date ones.

Divide and conquer

Yes, mentioning all your experience is wrong, but try tailoring your resume. Write a list of all the roles you filled through the years, all the skills you gained, and the things you learned, then divide them into groups.

Write multiple resumes targeting different jobs you may apply for, putting each relevant group’s information, skills, and experiences in its appropriate resume. By doing that, you won’t be leaving out any piece of information, and you’ll come out as more confident and put together.

Mind using dates

Talk about your education, the degrees you have, and the school you went to, but don’t mention the dates of these occurrences. You can put the dates of your most recent achievement if you took a course or have undergone a workshop related to the job you’re applying for; this will help show your relevance and commitment to improving your skills.

Use a good design

Modernize the look of your resume, but don’t make it childish and amateur-like. It should be clear and organized with a simple, understandable font, and make it size 10 to 12 points. Also, avoid using too much white space; it can be considered a red flag because it is distracting and will draw the reader’s attention, so reducing it will be best to help the reader focus on what’s important.

Incorporating some color is good; you can use it in your headings, but make sure to use a subtle one; you don’t want to come out as chaotic. A piece of good advice is to review a professional cv template for some ideas and inspiration. You can also use those templates; just make sure to personalize them as much as possible and try making them your own.

Modern times

The age of social media is the one we’re living in, so don’t hesitate to share the URLs of your social accounts, blogs, or sites, professional ones that are related to your targeted job and that can add additional details and resources about your career of course

Moreover, don’t forget to give LinkedIn some attention; an updated LinkedIn profile includes all your recent work, professional and volunteer experience, skills, and experiences, a list of connections, and other applicable sections.

Technology is key

In today’s world, basic technical knowledge is essential to have and demonstrate if you want to land a job. Don’t mention outdated technological experience. Keep your resume up to date by mentioning only your most recent technical experience and education, and make sure to highlight the tech skills the job you are applying for wants if you have them.


Don’t rush while working on your resume. Proofread it at least three times and show it to an objective third who’ll give you honest, professional feedback. Make sure it’s free from grammatical mistakes and typos.

Although it goes without saying, avoid adding false information to your resume; you’ll do it thinking it may help you, but it will only do you bad. Lies are easily deducted, and they’ll put a stain on your name that’ll make it impossible for you to find a job.




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Is Live Stream Video Affiliate Marketing Still As Profitable in 2022?

Affiliate marketing is a relatively recent trend on internet to make money online. This is one of the various ways to make money online by promoting products or service of a website to earn a certain percentage of commission from sales made. Actually here you just play a role to proved marketing or sales outlet. It is so easy to learn affiliate marketing and start making money from it. So let’s learn how to make money from affiliate marketing.

What is Live Stream Video Affiliate Marketing? How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First let’s see what is affiliate marketing? Actually it is a way where a third party professional takes up the responsibility of promoting the products and services of a website on internet, getting paid whenever the promotion is fruitful. In other words, actually the affiliate marketer’s signup with numerous website which are selling products or services, and then go around the internet spreading the word and promoting said product or service. And whenever the core company’s website is reached by a new person as a result of affiliate marketer’s initiative, they get paid a certain amount of money.

All the Affiliate marketers use a handful of techniques such as blogs, advertisements, pop ups, emails, whatsapp, facebook and other means of reaching out to people. For example, the several ads that you find available on websites when you are not using a popup blocker are part of affiliate marketing ventures.

First thing to do is to Join an affiliate program then selects the product you intend to sell. The owner of that product will give you an affiliate code which you have to use for referring traffic to the main site. Any interested person who will clicks on the link will be redirected to the main site where the product is being sold and if they pay for the product or subscribe for the service then you will get certain amount of commission.

Therefore, it should be clear by now that one of the best ways of making money through affiliate marketing is to get yourself into a platform from where you can reach a large number of people, such as a popular blog, website and nowadays a large number of whatsapp Contact list is also helpful. You can see how affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money using your whatsapp.

Types of Live Stream Video Affiliate Programs

There are different types of Affiliate Program. In making commission you don’t always need to to sell the product because there are different affiliate program and they pay differently here we will see some of the popular type of affiliate program.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Affiliate program who pays on PPC, will let you make money online depending on the number of visitors redirected by your affiliate code to the core website contain the promoted product or service.

Pay Per Sale (PPS) – in this affiliate program the Affiliate company will pay you certain percentage of the price of the sales made after the purchase is completed.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Once the visitor provides their contact information on the merchant site, you will be paid.

How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

As with any other upcoming money making scheme on the internet, affiliate marketing can get quite competitive. To stay on top of things, it is important that you avoid typical affiliate marketing mistakes, innovate and find better ways of getting crowds to your web or other platforms. The more people you get to visit your website, the greater are the chances of ads on your page being clicked. Hence, decent content that users would like to access is important for affiliate marketing to be successful. In many ways, the best thing you can do is to select high quality clients, place their ads on your website, and finally build a website that will draw in people from all walks of life. With a powerful outreach on the internet, affiliate marketing pays more than enough to qualify as a permanent source of income. The only difficult aspect of the venture is to get established in the industry.


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Top Creative Corporate Videos In Texas

Using appealing images and informative audios, a creative corporate video assists corporations from a variety of sectors in developing an online presence, raising awareness, and attracting clients. Corporate videos may be used for a variety of purposes, including client onboarding, staff training, product onboarding, and showing different solutions and services.

When it comes to business papers, you need an internet fax service you can rely on, and eFax deliversas seen in the creative corporate video. The creative corporate video demonstrates how Silver Chef helps small businesses to acquire hospitality equipment without requiring a huge initial capital outlay.


View these creative corporate videos to obtain ideas for promoting your own product. Let’s get started:

  1. eFax Creative Corporate Video

eFax allows you to send and receive faxes through the Internet, from any device that has email access, even your mobile phone. You save money on paper and maintenance by using eFax instead of traditional fax machines. When it comes to business papers, you need an internet fax service you can rely on, and eFax delivers—as seen in the creative corporate video.

  1. Blueface Creative Corporate Video

Blueface has studied and created a market-leading unified communications platform that supports business clients of all sizes, from small and medium-sized organizations to huge international corporations. Their enterprise-ready cloud voice solutions are widely regarded as cutting-edge and world-class. Blueface’s creative corporate video demonstrates how it understands and caters to consumers that want dependable, feature-rich, flexible, and scalable UC solutions.

  1. Silver Chef Corporate Video

Silver Chef is Australia’s specialized accommodation hardware financing arrangement. Through its Rent-Try-Buy arrangement in the lodging business, they provide a versatile gear subsidization answer for customers. The creative corporate video demonstrates how Silver Chef helps small businesses to acquire hospitality equipment without requiring a huge initial capital outlay.

  1. BQG Creative Corporate Video

The Biotech Quality Group (BQG) has revised industry standards for optimizing quality practices in life sciences enterprises. Their customized solutions, known as the Apollo Maturity, are built on tried-and-true processes and a collaborative approach. The creative corporate video explains BQG’s assistance from evaluation to implementation.

  1. Unilever Creative Corporate Video

Unilever has been a part of our life for quite some time. The majority of its B2C marketing center around sustainability, and this one is no exception. In a series of films, the campaign brought to life a selection of Unilever brands, emphasizing the need of offering high-quality products with a low environmental effect. The creative corporate video serves as an overview of Unilever’s sustainability messaging.

  1. DHL Creative Corporate Video

DHL, one of the world’s top logistics specialists, can help you add value to your organization’s supply chain on a worldwide scale. DHL’s worldwide, creative, and adaptable logistics solutions have enabled organizations to solve industry obstacles. Watch the creative corporate video to see why DHL provides the greatest services from initial design to final delivery.

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Best Advertising Video Producton in New York City

Advertising videos are becoming an essential component of business and marketing in New York City. Video has the ability to grab the attention of audiences and engage them on a level that text or pictures cannot, whether they are watching online or being shown in real-life with TVs and movie screens. 

There are many production companies that offer commercial video production services in New York, but what should you look for in the right one? Some commercial video production company has the right experience to help you make your next business video a success.

If you’re looking to create an effective video campaign, it’s important to partner with an advertising video production company that can provide you with the quality and expertise you need to be successful.

How To Make Commercial Video Production?

Making your own commercial video can be a big challenge, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. You can successfully make your own commercial video at home using readily available materials and simple instructions that anyone can follow. 

There are some guides targeted towards business owners who want to make their own commercials, but some of this process can be used by anyone wanting to create an advertisement or video promoting their services or products in an easily digestible format that can be shared on social media and uploaded to other sites, so long as there are no copyright issues with the music being used or the visual content in the ad itself.

Commercial Video Production Companies In New York City

There are many production companies that offer commercial video production services in New York, but what should you look for in the right one? Some commercial video production company has the right experience to help you make your next business video a success. With adequate knowledge and tips, you can hire commercial video production companies in New York that provide top-notch quality and production value at an affordable price.

Commercial Video Production Cost In New York City

Before you hire anyone to make your commercial video, you need to know what the costs are going to be. The only way to know for sure how much it will cost you, however, is to actually get quotes from video production companies in New York City. And that means you need to do some research and comparison shopping before you get quotes.

Advertising Video Production In New York City

It’s no secret that New York City is one of the most well-known cities in the world for art, culture, diversity, and entertainment. But many people don’t realize that advertising video production services are based here in NYC, too! Video production firms are busy during this time of year producing videos for the holiday season because it’s an excellent way to engage with potential clients and customers about your brand or business on social media, as well as to build brand awareness and loyalty.

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California Commercial Video Production Companies

Our professional analysts rated the best video production firms in California that create videos that clearly portray your brand’s narrative and message to assist you in connecting with your consumers and gaining their confidence. Filter them by price, location, competence, opinions, and other criteria to select the best partner for your company.


BLARE Media is a video production firm established in Fresno, California, with offices in Glendale, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Dallas. This firm, which was founded in 2005, employs 24 people. BLARE Media specializes in commercial video production for a wide range of industries.

For a health care provider, BLARE Media created a full-length feature film. Storyboarding, scripting, filming, and editing were all part of the production.

“We don’t have any success measures yet, but we know we’ll never deal with another production business again. Without a doubt, they devote themselves to ensuring that the job is of high quality and consistently surpasses our expectations.” – CEO of a Health Care Provider


Studio B Films Inc. is a Berkeley, California-based creative and commercial video production company. Since 1992, they have supplied video production, broadcast video, and advertising for midmarket and enterprise firms with a team of 20 individuals. They serve customers in the information technology, consumer goods, and advertising industries.

A video series for a public scientific center was made by Studio B Films Inc. During pre-production, they prepared project drafts, recorded the video, and completed all editing and graphics work. The final project was well received by internal stakeholders, and the video series has already been viewed by over a million children in the United States. 

“We had a lot of great feedback from the publisher internally; they were quite pleased with the job.” We also received a lot of excellent comments on the quality of the videos and what they added to the curriculum from review committees and school districts. The degree of polish and engagement in the videos contributed to the curriculum standing out and selling as well as it did.” – Science Center Senior Producer


‘Levitate Video is a San Francisco-based commercial video production firm with an office in Boca Raton, Florida. Since its inception in 2009, their team of 33 experts has assisted customers ranging from tiny startups to huge enterprises with video production, broadcast video, and translation services. They do explainer videos, corporate videos, interviews, and other types of videos.

A non-profit group hired Levitate Video to express its platform clearly. The video was created by Levitate, and the template was used to brand the organization’s other branches as well.

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Commercial Video Production

A commercial video is a short-form video that discusses your product, service, or brand promise in detail. Their goal is to increase brand loyalty and encourage people to take action. Commercial distribution has blurred, with many features now airing on the web in addition to traditional television.

Commercial Video Production Company Los Angeles

Adding video to your website or app is a unique approach to make your business stand out. commercial   video production companies offer material that may be quite beneficial to your company. Finding a partner who meets your requirements, on the other hand, might be difficult. 

That is why we have compiled a list of the finest commercial video production firms in Los Angeles for your consideration. To determine the greatest fit for your firm, look at company descriptions, previous clientele, and significant projects.

  1. Worldwise productions

WORLDWISE PRODUCTIONS is a full-service commercial video production business committed to providing you with the highest quality service at the fairest prices. They are a full-time crew of writers, producers, directors of photography, editors, and motion graphics artists. They’ve spent years developing the skill of telling stories via the lens. They can handle it all, whether you need video for your website, internal communications, or a full-scale commercial production. There is no such thing as a little or huge project.

  1. Push Marketing

Push Marketing is a full-service commercial video agency with over twenty years of expertise commercializing business and small business video. They link your business with a specific audience in order to raise brand awareness and revenue.

Commercial Video Services

Your target audience’s perception of your brand, product, or service might be influenced by a well-produced commercial video service. If you want to raise brand recognition, have your commercial video production elicit a certain emotional response. If you want to make a call to action, make it clear and simple to follow.

Commercial Video Production

Planning and logistics make up a large part of what happens in a commercial video production company. A majority of the planning for a shoot is handled to production companies.

Production companies must coordinate schedules with crews, companies, and, if required, the general public, local authorities. This aids them in one of their primary responsibilities: determining the best moment to begin filming.

Commercial Videographer

 Recently, commercial videographers have been in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, videographer positions will grow by 22% by 2029. Some people may be interested in learning how to work as a commercial videographer. Others may be interested in learning how to work as a travel videographer. An increasing number of people are seeking for information on how to become a legal videographer.

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Award Winning Corporate Video Productions – Start Motion

It is critical for businesses to improve their video marketing game in an online environment that is almost totally controlled by videos. Videos are the most effective method to market your business, explain how your product works, and create brand recognition.

Corporate Videos, in this case!

Corporate videos have repeatedly shown to be an effective platform for both the business and the client base, from brand promotions to testimonials to corporate overviews.

They’re so powerful that companies who use them increase revenue 49 percent quicker year after year than those that don’t! That is a large quantity to overlook!

Award-Winning Corporate Video Productions

What makes these videos superb? Let’s take a look.

  1. Watermark

Watermark is a photo-branding and photo-protection software. And, like any good video, they started with a problem: your work being stolen or utilized without your consent. “What is your most pressing concern?” is an attention-getting question. They go on to explain why Watermark is the greatest picture security solution available, regardless of the type of photo.

The brilliance of this film is made up of simple 2D animations. They do an excellent job of illustrating many circumstances with simple character designs, and the writing is crisp in its delivery of the message. With a smart technique to develop consumer trust and create brand recognition, they empathized with their audience and made them trust their care for them.

  1. American Express

This corporate video by American Express, titled ‘Imagine What You Could Do,’ tries to diversify its workplace by shifting people’s perceptions of its worldwide financial operations. They do it right away, with a single striking sentence: “it’s more like a hybrid than a financial services company.”

The rest of the movie backs up that claim with simple and elegant animations that use a color palette that is solely made up of their logo colors. This is beneficial because it helps viewers link the video with American Express, so reinforcing the message and brand of the ad.

Generally, we enjoy how they’ve presented themselves in this video. Rather than portraying themselves as a standard corporate financial sector, they’ve used the lovely animation to portray themselves as a joyful and satisfying place to work.

  1. Practicus

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Practicus is a project management and consulting firm. It’s tough to make “I am the best consultant” seem credible to a huge group of people. However, this video from Practicus drastically alters that.

This movie employs a visually spectacular display of motion graphics to illustrate their service and how it benefits them in the long term. The video’s sheer aesthetics are enough to hold anyone’s attention for the duration. The language, on the other hand, is straightforward but professional. People comprehend what they’re saying, which is critical, particularly if you’re a consultant firm.

We really like how they combine the animation with the writing to create a smooth watching experience. They are seamlessly interwoven to metaphorically convey diverse events while remaining understandable to the audience.

It’s difficult not to be fascinated by this video.

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Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

Crowdfunding Agency, Brand Ideation, and Multimedia Content Design.

Welcome to the exciting world of crowdfunding marketing! For the past 20 years, our crowd funding marketing agency has been at the forefront of the newest and cutting-edge strategies that have propelled many of the biggest projects to blockbuster success. Whether you’re just starting out or you need to take your existing campaign to the next level, we’ll create a unique and comprehensive strategy to bring you the success you’ve been dreaming of. We understand that launching a successful crowd funding campaign is no small feat and we want to provide you with the ultimate one-stop shop for all your social media, marketing and fundraising needs. At our crowdfunding marketing agency, we specialize in high-end, innovative campaigns that get results. Our experienced and creative team of marketing professionals and fundraising specialists will work closely with you to create a unique and effective strategy that sets your project apart from the competition.

We craft campaigns that are tailored to your specific fundraising goals and objectives, ensuring that your message resonates with your target audience and is optimized for conversions. Our commitment to excellence and customer service is unmatched. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our proven track record in effective crowd funding marketing. We don’t just create campaigns, we also manage them. From launching and setting up your campaign page to monitoring its success and making adjustments as needed, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your project meets its funding goals.

We’ve worked with some of the most creative and exciting projects over the past two decades and have seen first-hand how these campaigns have gone on to make a real difference in the lives of the people they support. Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive network of professionals that specialize in everything from legal advice to PR and press. We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals and transforming their dreams into reality.

At our crowdfunding marketing agency, we pride ourselves on providing customized, high-quality service for each one of our clients. We understand that every project is unique and has its own set of goals and objectives. That’s why we take the time to create a custom strategy that fits your needs and ensures that your project stands out from the competition.

We have a proven track record of success that spans over two decades. Our team is made up of innovative and experienced professionals who are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals. With our hands-on approach to marketing and fundraising, you can trust us to make sure your project is a huge success. We look forward to working with you and helping you make your vision a reality. Contact us today to get started!

Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

We work with creative companies who are curious about gaining the best possible results possible for their fundraising round by implementing a well thought-out pre-launch and funding period.

We are by your side the whole way help you implement our proven fundraising strategy system, and we are committed to design your unique project and create a campaign brand that impacts your ability to convert your audience to give crowdfunding. We’ll always be there to answer questions and to review your work at each stage of the crowdfunding agency launch. Your world changing project deserves to be funded beyond your wildest dreams.

Identity Planning and Crowdfunding Consulting

Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

Audience Building AGENCY

Direct email approaches for warming the engine and generating community engagement, sample outreach email templates, role of early contests and facebook ads to get opt-ins. Best practices for prepping and building social capital for your campaign.

Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

Design – Plan – Create

We’ll create a landing page in detail and offer variants. Process for in-house PR outreach, strategic timeline to make certain announcements, how to leverage “launch days” to help drum-up support. Copywriting, editing and review for important decisions

Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

reach out with story

Accounting system for targeting specific inner-circle evangelists, how to follow through on leads through all channels of marketing. How to win over buyers with targeted, cultural content. Ongoing Email and phone support, weekly content and strategy deliverables.


You’ll love this creative content package if…

  • You want help finishing your brand concept, sales, and video message, but don’t quite know how to describe your offering.
  • You want to use grassroots lead-gen techniques to build your audience to get them to buy in
  • Your would love ongoing digital marketing advice about how to do it right and review of your work.
  • Your current ability to plan and run a campaign doesn’t give you enough time to focus on essential product development business tasks
  • You’ve decided that a discrete, actionable schedule and someone to keep you on track with guidance is crucial to your success
  • You want to run your campaign according to my proven effective “high touch” approach, and want us to help manage your peer-marketing


Schedule a call:

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Compelling Visuals Persuasive Story – Our 2020 Reel

Read More

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LiftRider – World Class Cinematography

Read More

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Startup Video costs explained

Startup Video costs explained

How much should a Video cost?


How can I find a company for Video production?

Ignite the feelings that power consumer decisions.


People aren’t just buying products and services anymore. They are buying the attitude of your company, an experience of your brand, and the values it is built on. In 2020, you are what you stand for.


Technology is shaping how we engage. But customers only care about what is relevant, to their lives and to humanity.


Learn why decision-makers buy into strong culture.

StartMotionMedia(n): Your single access point to a group of creative video renegades, who change rules and take risks, to help develop your brand to meet the need in the ever changing consumer culture.  We are a digital video studio, that makes impressive content, to transform the conversation between companies and their customers. Our expertise is in making complex projects simple. We use strategic planning and advanced cinematography for memorable video content, to amplify a timeless creative concept for your company.

What we stand for:

  1. Most Ads are Empty Shells of Boring. And that’s why 70% fail.
    (we refuse to create boring infomercials)
  2. Showcasing the Truth of your Power
  3. Diversity, uniqueness, and joy, as the new norm

When you do things that are beneficial to your culture and society, and your business is for the service of humanity and the good of all, that’s when good things come back to you. We know your product was made for that.  How come most commercial ad agencies can’t figure that out?

Startup Video costs explained

The thing about video companies

Most crowdfunding video companies come from an age where they were supporting existing companies, and the traditional ad budget to include video production have almost always been out of reach for startups or inventors. Until Start Motion Media came along.

Until our company was founded, the remaining choice was to spend lots for your video, to get premium quality, or to go with a less experienced videographer, who charges about three thousand, but the quality is obviously much lower.   Are you willing to pay a little more to help your video to feel like a commercial film? Or would you rather pinch every penny and have it come out like a boring 90’s era infomercial? Finally, history went a new direction, and our company was designed with video production in mind.  We strike a perfect balance with slim, efficient budgets, but still providing market research, benchmarking, and performance video editing, similar to companies that charge double, or even triple. 


without video

You might be considering launching a kickstarter without a video, but that’s a really poor idea – studies show that a backer is three times more likely to support your if there is a video in it. 


Your video pitch:

When Start Motion Media begins developing a video pitch, we use a proprietary discovery process to learn about your project features and the definitive benefits that can be provided, but we don’t just stop there.  Because a video with features must also cater to the culture you are creating with your project, and the emotional impact. Don’t believe us? Try watching a 3 minute infomercial on daytime TV that is just talking about the features, and let us know if you buy the thing.  The important component to your pitch is that you must address the modern culture of our times – people love supporting projects because they want to be a part of startup entrepreneurship culture – you have to bring them into the back end, and help them explore both the inspiration and the risks associated with making a kickstarter, and your journey as a founder.  Another way to look at the pitch is to go for a more comedic approach, because people actually take you more seriously when you make them laugh – it shows your confidence and your preparedness.  Don’t be meek. Build a video on culture. 

Our pitch development process, in addition to proposing cool ideas based on our creative interests and the functions and scenarios of your project, comes from an important component in marketing development: Benchmarking.   This is a process where you look at what’s already working, and build your pitch based on that style. When you do market research, you will see that your ideas about what is commercially viable is extremely different from what is actually working.  I can’t tell you how many project creators come to us saying , well, the project has 15 features, we must include them all, and I don’t care if the video is 5 minutes long. But you have to realize, a advertising video is not about saying everything, it is about saying the right thing.   And the right thing is to not waste people’s time. The research has proven it – you will lose 10% of your audience every ten seconds that your video is longer than two minutes. And people will only buy if they finish the video.  

How long should your video be?

If your video is 2 minutes long, and you have a 5% conversion rate on viewers, if you have 1,000 people watching the video, then it’s likely that 50 people will become backers.

If your video is 4 minutes long, you are going to lose 500 viewers leading up to the third minute, and then you’ll lose another 300 viewers leading up to the four minute mark.  How many people actually stayed long enough to hear your call to action? 200. 5% of that? 10. 

So if your video is 2 minutes, you will have 5x more conversions.  Isn’t that crazy? No, it’s just how the world works. So stop wasting our time and get to the point.  Your business will thank you, because even if you didn’t mention some of the alternative features, you chose the right length to successfully convert five times more customers than your 4 minute neighbor over there. 

Startup Video costs explained

How much does a video cost?

Pricing out a video is simple.  Have a look at this chart to see what we mean.  The hard part is when you are looking for video production on a budget, because then you are having to trim and let go of the more normal components.

Video Pricing:

Pre-production and Project Management:
Producer, Creative Director, Executive Editing800
Script – Story Writing, Scenario, Narrative Scope 500
Visual Planning – On Screen Cinematic Scenes325
Logistics Director for Talent & Locations, Film Day500
Film Production Day:
Director of Photography, Cinematographer Full Day1000
First Art Director , Assistant On-Set Producer550
Camera Equip Rentals, Lens Kit, & Light Rigs300
Data Capture & Media Storage – Transfer, Encoding 250
Post Production Editing:
Editorial Sequencing, Producer SelectsFree
Video Editor – Main Piece, up to 4 revisions2500
Post Production Assistant Editor500
50 Image Photos selects / editing / color correctionFree
Total Video Production Cost (Staff)$8,000-12,000

We should be clear that the above services are for your premium production staff and a great quality of people to work with.  And it already includes a handful of amazing “free/included” services, like selecting the best footage, providing images and stills at no extra cost, and the like.  If you want pricing options like that, please feel free to contact us .

And when you add in the cost of rented locations, or hiring models and talent, that is why a Video cost can get to over $10k.  (Our locations and talent are much more affordable, please do reach out to find out about the Talent+Locations package and how it can fit with the above video services.)  

So when people are saying they can produce a video for your for $2k, you must ask – what of the above services are being left out? It basically means they are hiring camera people who are working for under market prices, which usually means they are offshore, or inexperienced.  

REGARDING LOW COST, BUDGET VIDEO COMPANIES: If you are hiring a production company for anything less than $6,000, then either they are not doing some of the essential roles stated above, services that are entirely needed for developing and creating a successful high converting video production, or they are deciding to be working with minimum wage workers, when they should really be giving you top talent.  

Here’s how to think about it – In any artistic creative endeavor, top talent in the industry represents an enormous difference in the final creative impact than “some guy who knows how to play guitar”.  That’s why a guy in a restaurant with a guitar (your $3k video guy), really is incomparable to a “grammy nominated singer playing at red rocks” (your $50k video company).  

I don’t know about you, but if I just spent the last 5 years developing my new company and project to be the best in the world, I probably wouldn’t leave the fate of my product launch in the hands of inexperienced people who would want to cut corners and hire minimum wage workers. 

But we get it.  You are a startup. So maybe you won’t get Beyonce for this production.  But at least you can find someone who is several leagues ahead of that restaurant player, someone who went to an ivy league school for film and persuasive media production, and a company that has a vetted track record and made hundreds of videos, and even run multiple Million-dollar campaigns, not to mention won corporate video awards. That would probably be a good baseline, if you want to be serious about starting your company through and having a video advertisement that can convert customers for years to come. 

These budget companies might tell you, oh, script writing is free, that’s how our prices are so low.  But what that really means is that they will write a script in 15 minutes, without doing any market research, and it will come out looking like your mom’s boring infomercial.  When we say that we have a team of masters in creative film writing from Stanford and Columbia, what you are really getting is a whole lot more experience and knowledge, and a baseline of intelligence, for how to create a high converting video more than any budget video house would provide.  And still the cost is about half of what many larger video companies and ad agencies would charge. 


What is a reasonable video cost?

As we explored above, a high quality video would start at around $5500, and go up to around $7000 for a full length film day, and added locations and actors can sometimes cost another $1000 – some companies prefer to have their production staffed with models, other times founders are ok starring in it themselves or staffing it with normal people instead of actors. 


What to include in a video?  Here’s what our friends at video brewery recommend: 

is all about community. In most cases, people are funding you as much as they’re funding your project. They want to see you, hear your passion, and get excited with you. Viewers also want to make sure you seem competent and trustworthy. When you’re on camera, bring all the energy you can muster, have fun, and smile often.

  • Tell viewers who you are.
  • Tell viewers the story behind your project.
  • Come out and ask for people’s support, explaining why you need it and what you’ll do with their money.
  • Talk about how awesome your rewards are, using any images you can.
  • Explain that if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll get nothing, and everyone will be sad.
  • Thank everyone!


Should I choose a video company?

In most cases, a video agency that “does everything” is a lot less experienced than one who focuses on a specific video type.  We have been in the realm of crowdfunding videos since 2009, and were the first company in the United States to focus specifically on crowdfunding video production.  After $23 Million raised, our company has proven that we know the culture, attitude and direction of kickstarters, much more than your average production company.

How to Make a video

Contact us to find out!

  • In general, the process is:
  • -Discover, Market Research
  • -Video Proposal, Screenwriting
  • -Storyboard and Shot List
  • -Logistics, Location, Casting, and Scheduling
  • -Full Film Day with Equipment and Cinematographer
  • -Transcoding and Data Management
  • -Video Editing, Versons 1 through 4
  • -Sound Design and Music
  • -Hollywood Color Grading
  • -Final Polish Noise Reduction
  • -Final Video Encoding and Compression
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Branding Image – A tried and tested kickstarter video studio

Start Motion Media is:

  • A Disruptive Production Company
  • Affordable, Streamlined, and Efficient
  • Priorities Driven, Culturally Connected
  • A Boundless, Open, and Creative collective
  • Making Film outputs, Built for the Youtube Age

Read More

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crowdfunding pr, backers launch perks, Crowdfunding, Crowdfunding Tips, Crowdsourcing, List of Fundraising Websites, Campaigns, Kickstarter

Learn Kickstarter Fundraising Strategies – Course in Crowdfunding Promotion

We looked at the success stats for over a thousand crowdfunding projects.

Here are the winning recipes.

If you want us to walk through it right away then

Enroll in the free 5-day launch course.


Yes! I’ve been running crowdfunding campaigns since 2009 and I’ve seen exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting backers. No matter what you project is, you’ll get more backers if you apply the techniques in our system 🙂


Over the last ten years, we’ve helped product designers, creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs, and anyone on a budget, feeling stuck, or overwhelmed, move on from their worries and have a successful go by the prospect of crowd fundraising. It can be useful if you are completely new to online marketing, or as a crowdfunding-specific peer-to-peer fundraising supplement if you already know about sales and marketing.


I’m relentless to create new systems, tools, and methods to help you stay at the forefront of the constantly evolving peer-to-peer marketing world of Kickstarter and crowdfunding. Giving you the latest training content of what actually works is my goal. And once you sign up you’ve got lifetime access to the program, so anything we discover will be added to the course! Get started now for free!


5-STEP MASTERCLASS: the 5-step method for how I’ve launched multiple $50k crowdfunding projects without spending useless money on ads or PR.

Raise money for your kickstarter or indiegogo project with my lectures, walk-throughs, lessons, and step-by-step kickstarter implementation guides, as well as interactive workbook handouts, bonus interviews and a free listing of all the crowdfunding resources you could ever find, I share the ALL the secrets no one will tell you about crowdfunding on indiegogo and kickstarter so that you can succeed in raising money for your startup business. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Myself and my students have raised tons of money from services like kickstarter and indiegogo. This course offers simple, hands-on tutorials to design and implement your project marketing, along with secret launch tactics guaranteed to achieve success for your crowdfunding campaign.


Kickstarter Tips for Indiegogo Crowdfunding – How to run a Crowdfunding Project

Course Description

You need traffic to earn money through crowdfunding. In addition to a stellar video, your success at generating momentum in crowdfunding is up to you. In this course, learn to raise thousands of dollars through kickstarter and indiegogo, and receive marketing resources and tons of video and audio tips to help your campaign fly. Our program in crowdsourcing is the only launch resource you need: I make every effort to ensure that project creators who join us in this course can crowdfund with power and agency. Enter your email here to be notified:

Be on the fast track to publicity in your fundraising campaign by crowdfunding on kickstarter or indiegogo. Learn the fundamentals of crowdfunded capital and the step-by-step actions that will get you FULLY FUNDED in only a few hours per day!

Are you aware of my “Crowdfunding Secrets?

I’ve been running a kickstarter and indiegogo video production and marketing agency for over 5 years, and I’ve helped myself and my clients make astounding amounts of money from their crowdfunding campaigns. I have actually designed so many crowdfunding projects that I began to discover the overall qualities across every successful campaign, and I’ve compiled my research fro what really matters for your indiegogo or kickstarter project.



5-STEP MASTERCLASS: the 5-step method for how I’ve launched multiple $50k crowdfunding projects without spending useless money on ads or PR.

My insights have generated over $10M in revenue from platforms like indiegogo and kickstarter… many of my students are able to raise between $60,000-$100,000 EASILY from their campaigns.  The EXACT METHOD of how I do it is revealed in my step-by-step course, coming soon.

Based on my experience, I know how campaigns work. So many project creators have already benefited from my campaign strategy knowledge and raised many thousands of dollars for their startup projects, but up to this point I’ve only been offering this hands-on tactical approach with marketing clients who pay me professional fees for one-on-one campaign support.

Many campaigns go unfunded because of simple avoidable mistakes. My frustration with this has encouraged me to release this information for the FIRST TIME EVER to the general at a HUGELY REDUCED COST.


By registering for this course, you will gain access to my all-inclusive system of leverage points and key marketing actions that allow you to build your fundraising power way beyond what you could come up with if you were to go it alone, without this knowledge.


All of the methods which I share in this course are easy to practice. If you follow my instructions for a few minutes a day, I guarantee that you will run a crowdfunding campaign that blows away your competition and builds meaningful community for your project. This is the only system you need for raising significant amounts of seed funding for your business.

For the first time ever I am releasing these tested, proven tactics for crowdfunding, as well as ALL OF THE RESEARCH that has enabled myself and my clients to win big on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In this streamlined, easy-to-implement hands-on course, I don’t hold anything back.  And beyond that, with lifetime access, I will continually be updating the course with new insights and approaches so you can drive even more traffic and convert sales on your campaign page – for no additional cost to you! This course will continue to grow for years to come, and your single payment today is a valuable keystone in maximizing what you are able to earn through crowdfunding in into the future.

In addition to my 30-day no-hassle money back guarantee, I promise that you’ll be awestruck by the quality, power, and effectiveness of our comprehensive course materials.  You’ll be blown away by design and simplicity of what you’ll learn in the time it takes to complete this course, you’ll feel TOTALLY SUPPORTED our step-by-step guided walkthroughs … and you’ll be happy to avoid the all-too-common kickstarter and indiegogo mistakes that can leave you with an embarrassing crowdfunding failure on your social-media resume.


5-STEP MASTERCLASS: the 5-step method for how I’ve launched multiple $50k crowdfunding projects without spending useless money on ads or PR.

Project creators: Maximize the power of your crowdfunding campaign!

In only a few hours per day, you can crowdfund success in your business. Learn from our guided tutorials, video lessons, and never-before-released crowdfunding secrets that will give you way more agency in your campaign. Build your campaign with proven tactics so that your project can come out a success. This program allows you to innovate with indiegogo and Kickstarter, and receive support in implementing exact methods I use to give backers the motivation they need to pledge on any project. You will be amazed by the quality of insights in my course materials in this hands-on crowdfunding launch kit.

And I’m even throwing in an in-depth film production tutorial to coach you on your project video so you to can achieve a slick and professional video look for your campaign for minimal budget. Each lesson is organized with proven and effective coaching material for editing your pitch, keys to maximize launch traffic, and the step-by-step process I use to help my private clients meet their crowdfunding goal.  Video creators will get advice on how to impact their viewers, designers will love the course on building the landing page, project managers will appreciate my detailed step-by-step scheduled for generating buzz and executing their launch.

Begin to understand your community, learn key marketing skills, and promote your crowdsourcing project to get the money you need for your world-changing idea.

This course is not about:

I avoid covering topics that are freely available on blogs and other websites.  These are of course moderately useful and I encourage my students to do their research by reading articles included in the resources section of our curriculum. The bulk of THIS COURSE, however, provides only the exact tactical planning system that I use internally for my private marketing clients to help them blow past their competition and win big in their crowdfunding campaign. For the first time ever I am sharing the unique community activation tools and crowdfunding marketing methods that make my kickstarter and indiegogo projects successful from the inside out.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to “look at your campaign page / video” and “tell you how to make it better”. As this is a group course it’s not possible for me to become aware of the details of your specific industry or your level of social influence – so it would be impossible for me to advise you. Instead I ask that you trust in the calculation process I have designed that will give you REAL RESULTS and REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS, so that you can make your own key marketing and design choices to benefit like so many of the successful project creators I’ve worked with.

Gain crowdfunding momentum in one easy-to-follow course: Learn kickstarter tips and implement key tactics to raise the impact of your project.

This course helps you ask the right questions so you can create a project story that matters and strikes to the heart of your potential funding community. I provide tools for measuring your network potential so that you can create a campaign goal that is a good fit for your level of funding development.  I also help you design and implement the strategic steps to get your project fully-funded, even if it doesn’t go viral.  After creating an amazing brand strategy and video for your campaign page, I cover the secret marketing methods and proven approaches that have been the key to successful funding for me in the past, as well as giving you the inside scoop on simple technology tools that are huge time savers which allow you to make an even bigger impact with less time.

This course is not funded by kickstarter or indiegogo, it is my own research having worked “in the trenches” of crowdfunding for over 5 years, where I learned the skills necessary to significantly grow any project’s influence and reach a desired funding level. Now I am training you as a project creator directly on how to implement these tactics so that your campaign can be FULLY FUNDED.

I’ve got access to expert information – remember I’ve helped earn over $500,000 in the last years for projects just like yours, including over $100,000 for a niche product, and over $60,000 for a project creator who was just starting out in her crowdfunding knowledge – if you’re ready to start earning money through crowdfunding, you’ve got to get in this course … right away.

Every minute you wait you are actually LOSING BACKERS who are ready to give you money to get your big idea off the ground!

Enter your info to be the first to hear when we go live!

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crowdfunding pr, backers launch perks, Crowdfunding Tips, Crowdsourcing, Campaigns

The Best Fundraising Sites for your Kickstarter

E commerce videos
E commerce videos

What You Don’t Know About The Best Fundraising Sites

1. Fundly
2. Indiegogo

Fundly’s crowdfunding platform allows people (and nonprofits!) To raise money for almost any cause, project or event without increasing requirements or upfront fees.

This platform allows users to tell campaign stories, post updates, add photos and videos, and share your page on social media. For example, Images of Two Veils “Saving Lives 1 Click at a Time” is a successful fundraising campaign hosted on Fundly.


[Image: Meet the successful crowdfunding campaign Dos Velos Images Saving Lives 1 Click at to Time]

This fundraising platform helps nonprofits easily raise more money by allowing their donors to send matching gift requests to employees. It is important to note that Double the Donation is not a crowdfunding tool like GoFundMe. It is included in this list because it is a valuable service built into almost all GoFundMe alternatives.

If you are a nonprofit organization with a large number of donors who donate directly through your organization’s website or through a tool similar to GoFundMe, you should take a look at Double the Donation’s services. DonateKindly is a free year-round alternative to GoFundMe. This customizable donation form can be integrated directly into your nonprofit website with minimal effort to get you started quickly.

[Image: DonateKindly – Free online donation and crowdfunding tool for non-profit organizations]

Indiegogo is a fundraising platform that allows people to raise money for any type of innovative personal project, including movies, product enhancements, technology inventions, and more. Take advantage of a creative community of imaginative technology and innovation to gain exposure for your projects and start raising money!

The Indiegogo
service charges a platform fee of 5% of all funds raised and a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $ 0.30 per transaction.

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[Image: Indiegogos platform, an alternative to gofundme.]

Fundraisers can receive support from donors on their journey and share their final projects on their custom Kickstarter pages. [Image: Kickstarter is a GoFundMe alternative that helps fundraisers boost their creative goals.]

In essence, it’s
a fundraising subscription model rather than a traditional donation-based crowdfunding process.

With this tool, your team can fund anything from mission projects to personal campaigns. GiveSendGo will help you raise money for your Christian commitment by providing tailor-made fundraising tools for churches and religious organizations.

With the help of EdCo’s simple peer-to-peer fundraising tools, it’s easy to start making connections and engaging everyone in your community. Fundrazr helps nonprofits obtain specific article lists by launching easy-to-create crowdfunding projects.

Community Funded – Best fundraising site for healthcare organizations

Community Funded is a crowdfunding tool for specific health missions that empowers campaigns by reaching more donors. [Image: Community Funded is the best fundraising site for healthcare organizations]

Click here to start a community funded campaign.

You will then be granted access to your fundraising page, allowing you to start sharing it with your supporters. Click here to start an experimental campaign.

Onevest’s crowdfunding tool helps investors, entrepreneurs and organizations looking for resources to start their own business ventures. Click below to learn more about the seven best crowdfunding tips that can be used for all kinds of fundraising initiatives and campaigns!

Each website provides different features, expenses, and benefits. Crowd-funding sites might be huge aid, but they aren’t a fundraising for everything. When it has to do with crowdsourcing sites, the ideal crowdfunding websites are the ones that let you crowdfund with flexibility, in addition to a chance for your project to receive discovered outside your primary network.

Some may choose to work with a crowdfunding consultant who can offer fundraising tips, advice on the best crowdsourcing site, coaching on things to write about in the campaign, and helping to bring forward the necessary interpersonal skills for project success.

Whatever They Told You About Top Crowdfunding Sites Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Some websites charges a 5% if you meet your target, or an 8% fee in case you do not reach your objective. You would like to use a website that at least has an adequate quantity of traction and traffic, but balance that with the fees. It is possible to check these sites when you’re working on any undertaking or going to earn some undertaking but due to financial problems you’re stuck within. You may also donate on these sites if you prefer to help for the success of a few of the missions that are created for helping purposes. Crowdfunding sites bring together many projects in 1 place, therefore a potential donor doesn’t have to hop around searching for individual projects. Generally, people may use a crowdfunding site to inform their story about the reason why they need money, using blogs and updates to stay prospective donors informed.


Kiva Zip

Kiva Zip is a platform where entrepreneurs who might otherwise have trouble getting funding can receive microfinance loans from peers. This is a U.S. based program (the original Kiva platform mainly serves borrowers in third world countries) that boasts a 0% interest rate on the loans that go through the service.



The best crowdfunding campaigns feature their project on one of many crowdfunding sites to raise their goal. With the help of video editing, backers can see what is being crowd funded on these fundraising sites. Choosing the best crowdsourcing platform will help patrons do good, add momentum to the cause, and encourage philanthropy.


The mission of Kiva Zip is to create social impact by offering opportunity to entrepreneurs from all backgrounds –including those who might be excluded from more traditional business financing options. One way to expedite the process of being reviewed by the Kiva Zip team is to be endorsed by a Trustee. Another way is to add credibility to your online profile.


Taking equity classes can be a unique way of gaining a referral to potential crowdfund investors, and a resource to the campaign. A lesson in crowdfunding pr is to use high quality crowdfunding video production, one of the key tools to bring attention to your and causes.

Those with crowdfunding questions can learn video production and Video Marketing

with our San Jose Film Company.


In several major cities, business owners have been seeing a lot of success with the Kiva Zip program. Caitlyn Pisarski of the Motor City Soap Company was pleased with the result of her first loan that she applied for, and received, a second. The support from peers (as opposed to a big bank) added a personal touch to her campaign that added to her positive experience.


The best way to promote and get your project funded as a creator is to seek crowdfunding help with fundraising strategies and crowdfunding promotion to get backers. A crowdfunding consultant who does work can assist a grassroots campaign. Our Oakland Film Company helps many campaigns and projects other platforms stay on course and access their goal.

Crowdfunder is a popular equity crowdfunding site on the market today. Equity crowdfunding is a type of crowdsourcing that connects entrepreneurs with investors who want to purchase a percentage of ownership of the company. specifically features a pool of verified investors that project creators can share their story with to receive funding.



Working with our crowdsourcing services will help get your project funded.We’ve studied the best fundraising sites and promotion to offer crowdfunding consulting and crowdfunding promotion assistance. Our San Francisco Film Production is one of many fundraising strategies

Perhaps the biggest crowd funding questions are about fundraising tips, the top fundraising websites, and how to get backers.


What offers that is different than other crowdsourcing websites is the ability for startups and entrepreneurs to do more than just launch a product or get funded for a push off the ground. It is intended to help these businesses stabilize for the long run, by providing a network of investors and marketing tools on the platform.


These crowdfunding services can help get crowd funding help on fundraising platforms for campaigns. Crowdfunding marketing will help impact the launch of your campaign and our Santa Rosa Film Production can help you crowd fund. Some deep questions to ask are if friends and family funding is possible.If not, increasing traffic to your production is what crowdfunding experts recommend.With crowd funding platforms and the top crowdfunding sites, one must create impact with their crowdfunding marketing on fundraising websites.


Because investors on an equity crowdfunding platform have a long-term interest in a business’ success, this can add momentum and impact to a campaign. Some entrepreneurs will go to or other equity platforms after an initial or Indiegogo campaign to continue and grow their business.


To volunteer some strategies for your fundraising site or crowdsourcing site we recommend a crowd funding project program to fund your activism. Getting crowdfunded on a crowdfunding site is not the only way to launch your project.There are also crowdfunding loans, which are common for non profit and social good campaigns. Of all techniques for crowdfunding, marketing is the best lesson.

Crowdrise Crowdsourcing

Crowdrise is an online fundraising platform dedicated to backing charitable causes. Founded in 2010 by a group of two film industry celebrities (Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson) and the founders of an outdoor equipment retailer, the platform uses a unique incentivization to encourage donations: there’s a rewards program for donations given.



Patrons can do good on crowdfunding platforms, and with promotion the best way to reach these potential backers is with crowdfunding video production. Video Production promotes causes and is a form of crowdfunding help. Another strategy to get your project funded is to create momentum with crowdfunding pr.


Crowdrise also boasts a number of well-known organizations in their clientele (including the Red Cross and the Boston Marathon), and makes it simple to offer donations to the cause of your choice. The platform seeks to keep things lighthearted with an irreverent tone, points system, and celebrity endorsement. Anyone can create a campaign however, regardless of celebrity status. If you have a charitable or personal cause you wish to get funded, Crowdrise offers a keep-what-you-earn model funding, tech support, and 3% guarantee pricing.


Any of the crowdfunding sites can benefit from the crowdfunding help of our Oakland Film Company, as we specialize in fundraising services. Going to fundraising school can help a project creator tap into crowdfunding help, use crowdfunding promotion as a resource to access success. The crowd funding tips provided by kickstart coaching make crowdfunding videos a strong resource to gain backers. A referral to learn how to use is hiring a crowdfunding consultant for video production or taking equity classes or lessons on your crowdsourcing platform of choice, or on fundraising platforms in general to acquire more than just friends and family funding.


Moreso than other platforms, Crowdrise desires to be a lifestyle platform where giving to charity is a trendy activity that people share with their community. This platform might be right for your campaign if you desire a sleek interface, low fees, and have a network of backers desiring to make a real difference.

Tilt Crowdfunding

Tilt is a crowdfunding site that helps communities come together to fundraise and pool money, and is legally certified to do so (including for non-profits). It is commonly used for anything from pooling money for a tailgate party to fundraising for a charity. The concept of Tilt  is that once a campaign hits its “tilt point”, or the amount necessary to make the campaign a success, that’s when the donors are charged and the goal can be changed or extended.



Innovate your crowdfunding marketing by learning crowd funding tips and finding out how does make money. Fees for video production are a part of the crowd funding research you can learn in fundraising school, along with fundraising tips, how to launch on a crowdsourcing platform and receive crowd funding help on the top social media marketing campaigns.


With a different premise than Indiegogo or Kickstarter, Tilt is now the official payment for ESPN fantasy basketball. Most of the connections made on Tilt happen through the social media network of the campaign creators, and the site itself functions as it’s own social network (you sign in with your Facebook account).


Our San Francisco Video Editing receives many crowd funding questions about how to get crowd funding help, including on equity crowdfunding sites. Crowdfunding consultants assist crowdsourcing campaigns on many of the top fundraising websites to tap into community and set the course as one of many fundraising strategies. Getting backers with fundraising tips on crowdfunding services is one strategy our Oakland Video Editing company uses for crowdfunding. Some crowdfunding for entrepreneurs tips include crowdfunding pr to create impacton the best fundraising sites. Coaching, crowdfunding loans and fundraising school can all help with crowdfunding research.


One highly successful Tilt campaign was the meal replacement product, Soylent, raised over $3 million in donations (with an original goal of $100k). Other successful campaigns include one for AdBlock, a Chrome web broswer plug-in, McSweeney’s, and the Immunity Project, raising funds for a free HIV/AIDS vaccine. Tilt has become very popular on college campuses, often used by Greek organizations and other collegiate groups to fund events. There is no vetting process to put a campaign up on Tilt, and their fees are minimal–free to collect money, 2.5% to sell something.


Indiegogo Video Marketing, or crowdfunding promotion on any crowdfunding platform is one of the resources our Santa Rosa Film Company provides. Crowdfunding help from backers with Santa Rosa Video Marketing can assist creators in their tactics. Some tips for funding charity are to promote for agency exposure on the campaign on any of the best online fundraising sites.

San Francisco Video Production and kickstart coaching are some fundraising strategies.


As far as nonprofit funding goes, Tilt is a strong choice as they allow funds to be collected with no charge for charities. Tilt also features a customer support team, secure payment processing, seamless social media interface tools, and a mobile app. Striving to be as user friendly as possible, Tilt’s built-in model easily encourages funder support to “tilt” above the goal.



Indiegogo is one of the original crowdfunding sites on the market. A household name in crowdsourced project funding, Indiegogo has raised over $800 million in funds go to hundreds of thousands of projects. Indiegogo features a flexible funding model; if a project does not meet its goal, the creators can still receive the money raised (but with a higher cut of fees kept by the platform, which encourages people to set achievable goals).



One of the most common questions project creators have is “should I use Indiegogo or Kickstarter?” The main difference to be aware of is that is only all-or-nothing style funding, while Indiegogo offers both the flexible funding as well as an all-or-nothing model with lower fees (a 9% fee if the project does not meet the goal, and 4% if it does). Also, does have a screening process where they decide if the project is appropriate for their crowdsourcing platform. Indiegogo does not have an application–it’s up to the project creator to decide if the site is a good fit. Deciding which model is right for your campaign is an important factor, and something that a crowdfunding consultant can assist with.

Indiegogo is for any creator looking to finance a project. Creators or businesses will offer “perks” to people who donate–anything from lessons, to memorabilia, to special VIP packages–based on pricing tiers. Crowdfunding video production is one of the key tools for a crowdfunding project. High quality video editing is an important marketing resource to fund campaigns.  It allows affiliates to find the campaign and for the creator or business to make an easy referral. The Indiegogo platform allows for campaign videos to explain the project and create a more personal connection with potential backers.



The most successful Indiegogo campaign to date is the Flow Hive, a project from Australia by a father and son duo that offered a beekeeping product. Their campaign surpassed its goal within 8 minutes of launching and was 17,000% funded, a record for the crowdfunding site. The Andersons claim their success is based upon their genuine passion for beekeeping, and providing other aficionados with well-designed solution to a common apiary problem.

To fund a program the agency and efforts are a resource, as are affiliates. Whether you desire to kickstart music, or other projects, crowdfunding video production is an excellent referral to your crowdfunding project. Promote your lessons with crowdfunding help from a course in online fundraising to get backers.

A crowd funding project can be a success even with grassroots efforts. The Andersons and their Flow Hive campaign probably didn’t attend a fundraising school or course, but had strategies to promote and raise money on their Indiegogo campaign. A primary example is the way they reached out to their resource of community–connecting with other beekeepers around the world.

With campaigns, the money raised is all-or-nothing style. To raise money with crowdfunding sites, creators must launch their campaign with enough momentum. Some Indiegogo fundraising tips include high production value, good crowdfunding pr, quality video editing, and solid campaign strategies. We are not a fundraising school, but campaigns can benefit from these key tools.


How to Get Started with Best Fundraising Sites?

You might need to simply give through the site which takes the smallest cut. The website will try out the very best for assisting you to collect the mandatory money for your undertaking. Fortunately, several sites provide ideas for fundraising. There are a lot of amazing fundraising sites available for the campaign.

Another highly successful Indiegogo campaign was the Tesla Museum project. The campaign was spearheaded by the Matthew Inman, the creator of a popular webcomic, who used his high site traffic to drive fans to the campaign. Inman chose to use Indiegogo as his campaign platform for their acceptance of charity projects ( does not allow charities). Inman’s visibility helped fund the campaign to $1 million in 9 days.

Go Fund Me

What sets Gofundme apart from other crowdfunding sites is its focus on charity and personal projects. Some common campaigns include fundraising for education, accidents, memorial funds, weddings, travel, and any big life events that require financial support. The Gofundme model allows project creators to keep everything they raise (with no penalty for failing to meet a goal), and encourages seamless interface with social media. The platform takes a 5% cut from all funds raised.



These tips should help you if you are looking for tips on the right way to make crowdfunding videos. The key to success is coaching your crowdsourcing backers to support your Gofundme project such as for music, film, or hardware. Momentum is the key for your launch, and we recommend researching alternatives to fundraising on Kickstarter, such as other crowdfunding platforms. Creators who launch with a plan and who use top social media marketing campaigns are most likely to get funded. This fundraising site offers particular techniques that aren’t seen anywhere in vs indiegogo, so be sure to look at the best crowdfunding websites for your particular project.

Because of its personal nature, Gofundme success often relies on outreach to one’s personal network of friends and family. Though not impossible, the Gofundme FAQ even states that it’s uncommon to receive support from people unaffiliated with your social network. However, the Gofundme platform is extremely user friendly and makes fundraising and receiving funds as simple as possible.

Most of the successful campaigns on Gofundme receive their goal because of the degree of authenticity to them. Reaching out to your target audience, your social network, is the key to success on Gofundme. Because the projects are a personal investment in the campaign creator’s cause, being honest and emotionally real about why you’re raising the money is of vital importance.

is not always the best crowdfunding platform for grassroots projects. Get your project funded by choosing the best crowdfunding sites for you. Our crowdfunding consulting and consultants can help you decide the best crowdfunding platform to use. Make sure that your friends and family are funding on fundraising websites that they trust. This helps make sure your traffic can have the impact it needs.



Many campaigns are under $10,000 though there have been some notable charity projects that have garnered media attention. One such campaign allowed a World War II veteran to save his home, raising over $100k with the help of his community at large.

StartMotionMEDIA helps creators or you as a solo creator have the crowdfunding help and marketing resources you need. So, if you are in the business of looking for crowdfunding loans or need help locating the right fundraising services, your efforts are not in vain. Our campaigns set the course for you to innovate with your crowdfunding project. Join us for creative crowdfunding and learn the best fundraising sites for you to get backers.

With a direct-transfer to your bank account, Gofundme makes receiving the funds raised easy and quick. If your social network is strong and your project is one of a personal nature, Gofundme could bring a lot of success to your campaign.


Patreon is a subscription-based crowdfunding platform that allows artists to raise money by creating a network of supporters that receive special access to content. This is often a monthly subscription, or also commonly pay-per-new content release. Artists and creators looking to create a more ongoing relationship with their audience are choosing Patreon as one of their fundraising strategies. One of the biggest success stories has been musician Amanda Palmer, who raised over $1 million in support of a new album.

The Basic Facts of Best Fundraising Sites

Each website offers its very own unique blend of services. The website boasts a 3-step simple procedure to upload your undertaking. A number of the fundraising sites provide and make reports that might cover segmentation, exporting, supporter activity in addition to other details which are very helpful to keep track on your fundraising. A totally free fundraising site to boost money on the internet is a good way for friends and family to help alleviate a number of the financial burden and stress.


It’s important to help creative types be empowered. At present, there are over 45,000 creators offering their work on Patreon and over $1 million a month being earned by them. Something that sets Patreon apart from some of the other popular crowdfunding options is their support network. There’s an active Patreon Creators Facebook group, along with an active team of Patreon customer support representatives. Patreon has been receptive to feedback from users and provided necessary updates to their interface based on their clients’ needs. As the community of Patreon artists grows, it becomes easier for projects to be discovered and get funded, making it a win-win for everyone.

Of all the things to write about crowdfund strategy, one could ask a crowdfunding consultant how to raise money or look to a community with indiegogo tips.

StartMotionMEDIA’s crowdfunding services help you choose the right crowdsourcing site or crowdsourcing platform and use strong fundraising strategies for success. You will learn crowdfunding promotion and tips, tips for other crowdsourcing platforms, and crowdfunding services.

Another quality that sets Patreon apart from other crowdsourcing platforms is it’s built-in emphasis on value. With Patreon, there is no obligation for either the artist or the patron to “buy in” in order to make the project happen. The artist is already creating content, and the patron already enjoys it. If the artist is using Patreon, it allows the patron to offer their support in monetary form of the continuation of content. While is “all-or-nothing” style crowdfunding, Patreon operates on a 5% commission on any amount raised by an artist. Supporters (or, patrons) are charged their chosen amount once a month

Aside from musicians, comic book artists in particular are finding lots of success with Patreon. If is for projects that need a push to get off the ground, Patreon is like a tip jar to offer appreciation and support to your favorite creative person. It helps supplement the salary of the creator, and allows continuous content to be made.

When artists are looking to be crowd funded, there are a few things to take into account. What are going to be the best crowdfunding sites to support the project? Are Indiegogo or the only options, or are there other platforms available? Which is the best crowdfunding site?

Some may choose to work with a crowdfunding consultant who can offer fundraising tips, advice on the best crowdsourcing site, coaching on things to write about in the campaign, and helping to bring forward the necessary interpersonal skills for project success. Working with a crowdfunding expert can ultimately help your campaign raise the goal amount within the required timeline. An expert will conduct a competitive analysis of results from campaigns on multiple crowdsourcing sites, help provide crowdfunding marketing and PR, and help the artist choose between the best online fundraising sites.



The musical group “Postmodern Jukebox” –a band that re-creates modern popular music as early 20th century-style songs and videos–has seen success with their Patreon campaign. They had a pre-existing, engaged community from their presence on YouTube, and now offer $1/month and $5/month options as well as higher priced tiers (with perks like Google Hangouts with band members and being able to request a song).

For those with crowdfunding questions, the best and top crowdfunding sites offer fundraising tips for the crowdfund community. The best fundraising websites have hosted popular social media campaigns which really empower creators to get funded..

When confronted with how to get crowdfunding, crowd funding research into successful projects and promotion, or other crowdfunding sites such as equity crowdfunding sites, can be of use. Patreon as a crowdsourcing service helps get crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and artists to be a reality. Check out startalk radio’s funding page for instance:



Patreon might be right for you if you are a creative person looking to receive crowd funding help from your network of followers. If your crowd funding project is more than just a one-time offer, the support that Patreon provides can help create an ongoing campaign.


Alot of people ask, what is the difference between vs indiegogo? When it comes to crowdsourcing sites, the
best crowdfunding websites are those that allow you to crowdfund with flexibility, and also a chance for your project to get discovered outside your main network. Project creators who raise money on Kickstarter have the immense benefit that it is the most widely known and popular crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Creators get the benefit of reaching out with their campaigns and hearing “Oh, I’ve heard of before…” from their funders, which adds to a projects credibility and perceived trustworthiness.

So what’s the data for indiegogo vs kickstarter?

In your efforts to explore the right fundraising sites, there are some deep questions to ask.  Are you trying to avoid as many fees as possible and just trying to secure your bottom line?  Will an all-or-nothing campaign, such as those on Kickstarter, actually benefit your ultimate project? Do you want the credibility of a highly popular, well regarded platform?

Of all the things to write about between vs indiegogo, there important data for is as follows:

-If you don’t meet your goal, doesn’t actually charge your backers.
– takes 5% of your funds, and the credit processing companies take an additional 2.5-3%.

One thing to note is that video production for has become increasingly competitive – you can expect to need a fairly polished look in your crowdfunding video to be taken seriously if you want to raise money.
Kickstarter’s discover feature allows backers from all over the world to fund creativity through their platform, and of all the crowdfunding sites we work with at StartMotionMEDIA, is the number one pick.



My clients have raised huge amounts using the method: $9 million for a utility travel jacket and $175k for an internet security appliance, for instance.  They also offer the possibility of becoming a staff pick, which is a huge bonus for your project being discovered, and also they have a robust analytics backend that allows you to innovate
and receive the coaching lessons that every creator needs.

is definitely the leader of the pack when it comes to fundraising websites. But remember, unless you have strategies to promote your kickstarter, and the video editing techniques that can make your campaign a pro-level, then it doesn’t really matter what platform you choose.

We hope this description of has been a resource on your crowdsourcing needs so that you can kickstart
your launch and use the unbelievably powerful grassroots fundraising tactics available to plan and implement your campaign. Remember, so much more important is the right marketing, so focus on that than you can develop momentum that allows your project to be a success.


Implement your inbound content strategy:
So now that you have outlined the editorial strategy and you know what you are going to post about, I’m going to teach you how to have the best results for when this content is posted to your blog.  Some people call this SEO, but the best way to think of it is “content”, because you really are writing for humans rather than machines, but the goal is to get people to organically discover your content.  When you think of headlines and headlands throughout your article, it’s important to focus on your main keywords.  And the content strategy is only “turned on” when people who find you have a way of contacting you.  The first keys are to create a Facebook pixel and Google Adwords tracking code and to put that script into the header of your blogs (if how to do that part isn’t ovious, look for a part of your website for “header code injection” or “advanced add code to the header” – once you have a google adwords account and a Facebook ads account set up, it will be simpel to ge the tracking scripts from them.  The reason you put this in is so that anyone who visits your blog and doesn’t enter their email can still be targeted with a paid ad down the line, and its much more cost effective to market to someone who has found you before, so we like to make sure to add tracking to our posts to make remarking and retargeting easier down the line.  Next, you want to have a clear and easy opt in.  We recommend signing up for convert kit, or sum o me , and to get their opt inpopups and inline signup forms all over your blog.  Thinnk of a giveaway to incentive someone to sign up :  If it’s a product, you can have someone enter their email to for a chance to win a free unit.  It it’s a non-profit, maybe you write a short ebook about your focus – either give someone a free download or a chance to win, or insights that they really want,  or a coupon for money off when they sign up, and that should increase the number of people that fill out the opt-in forms on your blog.


Okay, now that the nuts and bolts of your lead generation system are set, lets talk about the posts themselves.  Use the free trial of hubspot to research your keywords.  Sometimes it’s nice to view articles that your competitors are writing and to generate a cloud of the most frequent terms to get keyword ideas.  Create a huge list of all the keyword phrases that you think are ideal, and now import them into the hubspot tool to rank them.  Look for lower competition and high search frequency keywords. Ultipmately, you will choose a list of 50 or so keywords that you want to target for defining your project.  Now, in each of your articles, make sure to mention each of those keywords and keyword phrases at least twice, and choose five keywords to use outlinking for : highlight the text and link it out to another article on the web that is relavent – don’t link to your competitors per se, but generally you can search for that keyword phrase and find a non-competitive news article about it that is relavent to you post.  If you have five keyword phrases linked out to other relevant content, google will see that you are being a good neighbor.  next, do internal linking and choose five keyword phrases to also select and link to other content on your site, other articles, your main landing page, etc.


The two other things that affect organic discovery are backlinks and page speed.  Talk to your web developer and try to improve the load time of your posts (you can use the MX speed tester to get the details on what is slowing your page down), and also use the sum o me places to post article to place links to your blog – focus on linking your blog post on social media, and in a variety of communities.  Duplicate and Syndicate your post on a place like medium and on, and link back to the original article.  If you can get ten links out there on the internet posting back to you blog post, then you have the final key in organic discovery.


This strategy should help you gain actual audience and visitors from your articles.  If you write two articles like this per week, it will generate significan traffic over a series of a few months, and you’ll have an organic way of supporting your audience to discover you.


The Basics of Best Fundraising Sites

Thats why lots of people are turning to internet fundraising to help finance heavy expenses. Online fundraising is a good way to increase money and obtain funds for assorted reasons. It is an innovative way to raise funds for different causes.

Find and Talk to Bloggers, score articles


Now that you’ve got your story lined up, your landing page is ready, and your website and social media are overflowing with great content, it’s time to invite bloggers to check you out and to ask for their support.  I’ve included some links in this lesson for where to find bloggers and how to email them.  If you have a lot of bloggers you are going to be communicating with, consider putting their contact into into a spreadsheet, and using the direct-mail program like mix max, serialmailer, or easy mail merge for outlook to pitch them all at once.


But how do you get their contact info?  Well, many time’s it is a manual process : use a blog search engine, find people you like, and take note of the submissions emails and or the contact page.  Another thing you can do is hire someone on Upwork to do the research for you.  Look for verified lead generation and hire someone for a few dollars per hour to do the research and export email leads for you.  For a successful press campaign, you may want to get a list of 500 or more blog prospects to send to.


The New Angle On Best Fundraising Sites Just Released

Should you need money, you simply ask folks to provide you with some. It’s possible to raise money for some other purposes too. It is a very simple vehicle to increase money,” Albright tells Shots. If you’ve ever needed to elevate money then this website is for you. If it is possible to raise money whilst focusing on reading you must look at that kind of program. You want to boost money to be able to do that work. Fundraising online for your sick pet is the quickest and simplest way to boost money.


What do you say?  Well, we’ve outlined the approach in the email – the basic idea is that you want to be brief and focus on the benefits of your project with how that relates to their audience.  Finally, being human and making it clear that you’ve actually read and relate to their content is a big win.


A higher touch way to do it is to follow them on twitter 3 weeks before you pitch them (and use the audience tool to find them in the first place), and like and between their posts – be an active member with them.  @mention them with a few articles you think they might like.  Then write to them with your twitter handle in your signature and they may recognize you are one of their subscribers, which is huge.  Send a check-in email three days after your first message if you don’t hear anything.


There are two more ways that we’ve seen work – the first is samples: if you have a sample of what you are creating, you can offer to send it to the blogger, or if they are local, to bring it by for a demo.


Finally, you can make personalized videos for bloggers you really care about – Hey rick, I just wanted to connect and share something with you because I love your blog “name their blog”, here’s the idea. If they see that you’ve invested a lot in communicating to them they will be more willing to communicate with you.

Who Else Wants to Learn About Best Fundraising Sites?

The very best thing about our website is your bidders will look after that for you. Fortunately, different sites have various tips for fundraising. So, you must decide on the most suitable site which can help you along the procedure to bring in more supporters and donors and ensure success of your campaign.


Finally, in all your communications, be clear that you are “under embargo” the project is not live yet, and you are looking for press on your launch day.  Set out a specific date for when the article can go live.  If they write back, they may ask about additional incentives.  You can decide if you’d be willing to give them a 20% cut of pledges that they drive – just tell them that you can get them a custom trackable link.  Avoid bloggers that ask for a flat rate payment for articles – these generally cost more than the links would bring in, and a % incentive agreement is better because you only pay if there are results.


I hope this helps you have and idea for where to finda and how to pitch bloggers.  This is definitely a higher risk part of crowdfunding, because who knows if you will get articles.  If you are a larger scale, and want recommendations for PR firms to represent you, They tend to cost bewteen 4-7 thousand dollars for professional press representation.  just write to me and I’d be happy to introduce you to some well regarded people.  Be suspicious of any PR deal that cost less than $2000, it’s usually bogus.

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