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Our Production Company is here to show you how to make a kickstarter video from stratch. Creating a successful Kickstarter video is not just a dream – but a reality. We provide inspiring, creative solutions that are expert-led, and that deliver juicy, confidant and millenial targeted content. We believe that’s it’s not just about making a video, but making a video that resonates with your audience.

We are passionate about helping you create a successful Kickstarter video and delivering on our promise – exceeding your expectations. At Start Motion Media, we use creative and innovative storytelling techniques to bring your Kickstarter video to life. From scripting, to conceptualizing and producing, we’re driven to make sure your Kickstarter video communicates your message effectively.

We want to help you achieve your ultimate goal of raising the funds necessary for your project, or product. Our team of talented video editors are highly experienced in the industry and know how to bring your project, product or service to life. We know that each project is unique and deserves its own individual look, feel and story.

That’s why we never take a “one size fits all” approach to engaging your audience. Creating a successful Kickstarter video from scratch is beyond just making a video. It’s about creating a campaign that resonates with your target audience, draws them in and drives them to take action.

We have the knowledge and experience to build an effective strategy, and to ensure that everything is in place to get your project in motion. At Start Motion Media, we recognize that you view your project as more than just a video. You have a story to tell and a vision that needs to be brought to life. We want to help bring this vision to life and to help you achieve success.

Creating a successful Kickstarter video from scratch is possible with the help of Start Motion Media’s kickstarter video from scratch production services. We will work with you every step of the way to create a powerful video that resonates with your target audience.

We are committed to ensuring that your Kickstarter video is engaging, creative and impactful – providing long-term success for your project, product or service. At Start Motion Media, we understand that creating a successful Kickstarter video from scratch is a big undertaking, but with our expert-led solutions, we can help bring your project to life. Let’s get started on your Kickstarter video today and bring your project, product or service to life.

Video Production Tips – How to hire Videographer Pros

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You've worked on your product for months, if not years. You've given life to a concept. You've made a successful project. Something that will appeal to a wide range of individuals. Something that has the potential to transform the world, or at least a little part of it. Videography and videographer pros are the answer.  In the industry they are known as cinematographers, directors of photography, art directors, screenwriters, and post production supervisors. 

However, as you organize your Kickstarter, sketch out your stretch goals, perfect your sales language, and put the final touches on your crowdfunding videos, one piece of the marketing jigsaw remains elusive: the perfect video.

Sure, you're aware of your target market. You've figured out how to get in touch with your ideal backer. You've developed something that will address the problem that is currently ripping that individual apart.

However, you are undoubtedly unfamiliar with the process of creating a Kickstarter video…

How Much Will a Kickstarter Video Production Cost in Denver?

According to our study, in Denver a Kickstarter film may cost anywhere from $3k to $15k, and can occasionally cost up to $30k to $50k. The biggest difference in the price ranges is the image quality, and we've found that a budget of $10k to $15k for Kickstarter video production is a great place to start.

A script that sells will be included in the cost of an optimized Kickstarter video. Aside from... Read More

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One of the most successful ways to receive required money for startup companies is through crowdfunding. Users can donate to a proposed endeavor on popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which assist entrepreneurs raise funds.

According to reports, Kickstarter has sponsored over 117,000 companies thanks to the donations of an approximately 12 million people. Each month, these platforms get hundreds of startup campaigns. Each project competes for user financing. So, how can you differentiate your campaign from the rest of the pack?

How to pick a Plan for your Campaign Production?

A crowdfunding campaign is simply a plea to potential investors to put their money into your firm instead of others. Videos work because they combine sight and sound to present material in a way that emotionally engages with viewers in a small space of time.

However, not just any video will suffice. It should pique a viewer's interest and make him or her want to watch the entire video. A video must be captivating while yet conveying the content. It should be deserving of winning any crowdfunding video contest and have the potential to go viral. When it comes to crowdfunding videos, the material must entice viewers to do the desired action: donating.

Examples of Production to Inspire Your Campaign

The profitability of crowdfunding projects is heavily influenced by videos. A well-made... Read More

The Top 5 Kickstarter Video Production Companies

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StartMotionMedia revolutionized Kickstarter video production, achieving record-breaking e-commerce success for emerging products. Insirping packages for E-commerce or Product Listing Ads are only step away. Contact us today.

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The pathway to create a Kickstarter video, whether you're making from scratch or if you have already have a pre-written script, is to engage with a creative agency, that knows the process of video development and script writing from end to end. When I start out to create a kick starter video, I always think of the end result, the viewer. They are busy, usually suffering with lots of things going for their attention. We need to show them we respect them, by willing to entertain and I willing to create that is more interesting than mostly what they see, that will help them feel more trust and time in order to fulfill their purchase objective for the project


How to make a Kickstarter video can get better funding than a Kickstarter campaign without the video; it's actually 50% more successful than other campaigns. This is because video is one of the best ways to quickly and clearly convey emotions, motivation and the essence of the project. What entrepreneurs or artists at the door of large companies need is what they need to attract the attention of the audience and turn them into investors. Be sincere. The key to a great Kickstarter video is authenticity. You need to know that you are a sincere and enthusiastic person who provides products or services that you 100% believe in. Investors not only... Read More

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