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    Launch a category-defining product video to shake up your commercial offerings, and then connect with Influencers for UGC content. Our Video directors make the worlds pre eminent product videos. Say goodbye to creative bottlenecks and untangling creative feedback. Say hello to seamless, effective, and affordable commercial video marketing.


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-Michael Zeligs, MST. Producer/Director, StartMotionMEDIA



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All channels: organic and paid, social, website, and email. Ensure consistency and alignment in your brand.

Driven by our love of storytelling, we are communication professionals for the next-generation.

Reach out to explore how we can collaborate on your next project and achieve the impossible.

Michael Zeligs, MST
Marketing Director, Executive Producer
San Francisco, California.

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Let's discuss how we can bring your brand's narrative to the forefront and create lasting business success.

Since 2009 | A human-powered journey through content and story.

Creating commercial video ads for more undreamed-of possibilities.

Our Philosophy: At Start Motion Media, we see ourselves as more than just videographers. We are your partners in storytelling, transforming your brand’s core message into narratives that not only speak to your audience but also resonate on a deeper level. Whether it's a snappy commercial or an in-depth documentary, we deliver with a flair that’s tailored to your unique market position.


“The whole marketing process was on rails. Very smooth. As a busy manager, I didn’t have to worry, because they had me covered.” – Instagrill

“StartMotionMEDIA has an amazing track record, which is what was most appealing from the start. They helped us create unique content strategy, with bonus video content for the entire student body, taking a complex topic and making it simple.”
-Office of Community Standards, Student Affairs, Stanford University.

“I could tell they were genuinely interested in helping us achieve our goals. They are extremely professional in the approach. Start Motion Media was able to help us achieve over 300% success, earning over $261,000 in 4 weeks. with our project video!” -Brian at Axius Core.

“Michael helped us let go of our perfectionist approach and see the bigger picture. Flowing with their production team was easy ” – Discovery

“They were straightforward and good communicators, we felt comfortable introducing them to top brands.” – Amazon Advertising

“We got exactly what we were looking for and more.” – Enrique at Designer Fund

“Ability to make a commercial video production agency with ads that feel cinematic sets them apart.” – Jeff at FocusCalm

“Our video helped land us in Cnn-money and Techcrunch. The sales campaign raised over $9MM within the first 90 days.”– Hiral at Baubax Travel Jackets

Cut through the noise with StartMotionMEDIA

Global Reach, Local Flair: We operate everywhere – from tech hubs like Silicon Valley to cultural melting pots like NYC and LA. Our global perspective combined with local insights allows us to produce content that captures and reflects diverse viewpoints, ensuring your message is heard far and wide.

A next-generation media consulting company.

What Sets Us Apart? Navigating the digital landscape can be daunting. At Start Motion Media, we simplify this journey by offering end-to-end solutions—from ideation and scripting to post-production and distribution. Our hands-on approach ensures that each project is handled with the utmost precision, making complex campaigns feel like a breeze.

Connect and Create With Us: Ready to elevate your brand with video content that stands out? Let’s chat. Our doors are always open for a creative consultation, and we’re just a call away from starting a new chapter in your brand’s story. Here at Start Motion Media, your vision is our blueprint for action.

Content Creation & Editorial Management – be a modern culture maker.

For every dollar invested in advertorial Content, especially video, advertisers earned roughly six and a half  dollars, making content the second most effective measured medium behind digital search.”1 

“SEO and motion digital content drives impressive brand [ROI] performance, second only to Paid Search. In addition, Commercial communciations facilitate Brand Awareness, which contributes 27 percent of the ROI that’s attributed to Paid Search. It is the only medium that can drive ROI for more than three years past the end of a campaign.”2 

“General marketing content development, including video, imaging, and drip communications has proven to be so effective in expanding their customer bases that many Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands have increased their investment in integrated contend strategy by Double- or Triple-Digits over the last year.”3 


Our Commitment to Excellence: Each frame we shoot and every edit we make is guided by a commitment to excellence. With Start Motion Media, you invest not just in a video but in a portal to connect with your audience, engage them deeply, and build lasting relationships.

Join Our Vision: Join forces with us and add your narrative to the tapestry of stories we’ve told. Together, we can craft video campaigns that are not only seen and heard but felt by audiences everywhere. Let's make your brand's presence impossible to ignore.

Contact Us: Dial in today and let's start scripting your success story. At Start Motion Media, your next big project is just a conversation away. Here’s to making magic happen with every frame we film.


Why are Commercial videos so effective?

In our digital age, our portfolio and video content takes preference because it is easy to consume and readily accessible. Businesses that invest in visual content report that they are able to more easily connect with a wider audience and drive sales.

Video strategy and brand communication is a good way to:


  • Spark excitement for your product or service
  • Concisely share information about your brand portfolio
  • Showcase accomplishments to investors
  • Provide educational and job training for employees
  • Boost your company’s website traffic


At Start Motion Media, we love to uplift businesses and entrepreneurs through creating visual stories. We know you have an inspiring tale – let us help you bring it to life.

What are the qualities of an award winning Commercial video? 

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  • Well-crafted, engaging script

An award winning Commercial video will have a well-crafted script that is precise, educational and entertaining. In the pre-production phase, focus on how to bring a personalized touch to your video that will engage the audience in a direct and personable way.


  • High production quality

Invest in producing a high quality video because the more polished you can make your video, the more your audience will trust that your brand has high standards and strives for excellence.


  • Authenticity

Whether you’re seeking to make an inspiring video, or hoping to get a laugh from your audience, make sure that the message your video delivers is authentic to your brand. Be yourself and showcase the best that your company or service has to offer.

Video Content Creation & Editorial Management

“For every dollar invested in advertorial Content, especially video, advertisers earned roughly six and a half dollars, making content the second most effective measured medium behind digital search.”1

“General marketing content development, including video, imaging, and drip communications, has proven to be so effective in expanding their customer bases, that many Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands have increased their investment in integrated content strategy by Double- or Triple-Digits over the last year.”3

High-converting video stories to inspire new customers, launch your company, and develop category-leadership.

Exploring the Art of Video Production

At Start Motion Media, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch video production services that resonate with your audience and drive your message home. Explore our case studies to see how we turn visions into visual narratives that captivate and inspire.

Crowdfunding and Startup Videos

Launching a startup or crowdfunding campaign? Discover how our startup video production services can amplify your project's reach and impact. Learn about our approach and see successful campaigns that started with a vision and our crowdfunding PR strategies.

Enhance Your Campaigns with Expert Videography

Looking to hire a videographer? We offer specialized services to meet your needs, from corporate storytelling to dynamic social media marketing. Connect with our video professionals today to learn how we can help you cut through the noise.

In-Depth Educational Content and Industry Insights

We're committed to educating our clients and the public about the nuances of video production. From understanding the basics of video content creation to exploring the costs associated with commercial video production, our resources are designed to provide valuable insights.

Global Influence and Local Connectivity

Our operations span across major cities, integrating global trends with local cultures. Whether you're in Austin, San Francisco, or Boulder, we harness unique local insights to produce universally appealing content.

Commitment to Educational Excellence

Our educational initiatives extend beyond practical services, offering insights into the world’s best film schools and the importance of good lighting in video production. These resources are part of our mission to enhance understanding and skills across the industry.

Connect with Our Founders and Key Personnel

Learn more about the minds behind Start Motion Media by connecting with Michael Zeligs and Caroline Gallagher. Their profiles highlight a deep commitment to creativity and leadership in the digital content sphere.

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