This Kickstarter video for Baubax jackets came together in San Francisco, inspired by the city’s iconic scenery. Our video production team worked with high-quality crew members to develop a compelling Kickstarter video. This ambitious company has been wildly successful and our San Francisco Video Production was thrilled to be able to help them get the word out about their new jacket design.


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Well, we decided to book them for each of their Kickstarter services. I couldn’t afford the commercial service but that was okay as they have their own discounts for startups.

I’m so thrilled that they are a creative video agency that has services in my backyard. Just check out their archive of the best video services and Kickstarter videos in places like Los Angeles, Denver, and New York.


Introducing the BauBax Travel Jacket with 15 travel essentials. These features have everything you need. There is room for all supplies and equipment. Other features meet your needs on the go. Includes neck pillow that lasts in 2 seconds and deflates in 1 second, helmet, face mask, water bladder, microfiber cloth, gloves, goggles, blanket pockets and even carry-on luggage. The zipper also doubles as a detachable stylus and stylus. This shirt really does it all. In addition, the shirt is available in four styles for men and women: sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber and blazer. The BauBax jacket is not only practical, but also comfortable. Each design uses a beautiful soft waterproof fabric. The BauBax shirt is also the largest clothing crate. Finally, all BauBax shirt designs are available in different sizes to give a custom fit.

The Baubax travel jacket has 15 functional features including a pillow neck, eye mask, gloves and storage pocket.
Here’s a jacket that can be a Swiss army knife on your travels. There are 15 jobs.
Hiral Sanghavi, designer of the BauBax jersey design, said: “This is the jersey you always wanted and didn’t have.”

With the plan in place, the Kickstarter will launch on July 7, raising $20,000 for the jersey later this year. The goal was achieved in just 5 hours. To date, the start-ups have raised $6.1 million and the fundraising lasts 7 days. The contest is currently among the 6 highest paid groups on Kickstarter.

Sanghavi said “We are thrilled to see how good these products are for people around the world”,

The travel jacket is designed with multiple pockets to allow you to move more easily and keep your hands free.

These include:

Features of the Bobax jacket
A neck pillow under the hood that inflates in 2 seconds and an eye mask that blocks out light. bovacs neck pillow
The gloves are hidden in each sleeve.

bovacs gloves
Insulated cup holder pocket.

Bobax holding shirt holder
It also has an ear cover under the hood, a pocket with integrated microfiber fabric to protect and clean your sunglasses, a zip to hide the pen extension and the stylus, and a zipped bag two hands.

There are pockets for iPad and 10 inch iPhone, travel bag, BauBax blanket and carry-on to store a variety of items.

Sanghavi said he liked the idea of ​​the jersey as he had traveled to Chicago and San Francisco several times. “My wife works on the West Coast and I’m currently studying for an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management [Northwestern University of Illinois],” he said. “You won’t forget to pack a neck pillow for the long flight and you’ll buy a new one at the airport.”

After collecting a few pillows to do this, Sanghavi said, the designer came up with a jacket with a neck pillow to work with. “I think it’s a solid idea.” said Sanghavi, who was also a serial trader.

NOTE: A man tries to save a bee

It took them six months to research and design the jacket and add additional features.

bovacs shirt style
Sanghavi announced that his tour will be available in a variety of colors and materials. Crease-resistant blazer (for business trips), fleece-lined bomber jacket, water-repellent windbreaker and cotton sweatshirt. Pre-orders range from $89 to $120.

Sanghavi said “15 features prove the value,” Sanghavi said. “If you buy all of these features separately, it will cost you $315.”

Sanghavi said he wanted to have the shirts ready for consumers for the November trip.

“Through 11 years of experience [as an entrepreneur], I’ve learned that marketing is simple: find and fill in the gaps,” he said. “With BauBax, we are meeting the challenges faced by all travelers around the world.”


Hiral Sanghavi needs $20,000 on Kickstarter to raise funds for his BauBax travel jacket. He beat that goal and raised $9 million.
A fundraising competition for shirts with 15 designs was launched on July 7. Sanghavi takes 58 days to complete the mission, but achieves it in 5 hours.

The shirt has become “the highest paid clothing brand in the history of the masses, not on Kickstarter,” Sanghavi said. It’s not one of the most lucrative clothing contests.

The BauBax Jacket Drive, which ended on Thursday, became the fourth highest-grossing smartphone on Kickstarter, after two Pebble smartwatches and several Coolest Cooler boxes.

IMPORTANT: This shirt does 15 things.

“I know we have a good idea that we can make $1-2 million, but never $9 million,” Sanghavi said.

The jacket is available in 4 types and is designed with a variety of patchers to make your trip easier and hands-free.

These include a neck pillow that holds in two seconds, an insulated pocket and concealed gloves on each sleeve. bovacs jacket
The Sanghavi lifestyle supports his wife, the designer, to design the shirt.

“He works on the West Coast and I’m currently studying for my MBA at Kellogg’s Business School [Northwestern University of Illinois],” he said. “I forgot to pack my pillow because of the long flight and had to buy a new one at the airport.”

He gives a few pillows to do this, and he tells his wife a shirt with a built-in pillow. Sanghavi said, “I think it’s a firm idea.” They eventually added other features. IMPORTANT: Indiegogo CEO Shares Top Fundraising Tips

Sanghavi, 29, said the campaign prompted 45,000 people to pick up 70,000 shirts priced at $89 to $120. He hopes to deliver them by November.

bovacs neck pillow
It took four designers to make four coats of jackets. “It will also allow us to quickly improve production,” he said.

On Thursday, BauBax will begin selling shirts to the public through InDemand, Indiegogo’s e-commerce platform. Sanghavi hopes to finally bring the shirt to market in 2016.

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Purchasing expenses are a break from absent and supportive staff. “In a few months, we went from four to nine,” he said. And he moved the business from Chicago to the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We don’t stop,” Sanghavi said. His team is already working on new products for next year, he added.



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