Dreampad is a sleeping-aid device that works through music. Our video production team worked with this company in Denver, Colorado to develop a Kickstarter video for this intriguing product. Our production team took care of all the details and props. In Denver, we went to pillow stores to pick up items for our shoot. For catering, we utilized the services of Exile, in Denver.  Our video equipment came for a local rental shop. The end product that our Denver Video Production came up with was a concise and professional video that helps the viewer know and understand the product.

Top Video Production Companies in Denver – 2022 reviews

What is your approach to the video production process?

It’s not the gear that makes us: we’re here to make the most compelling stories using the right equipment for the job without the extra expenditures. That’s why we’re known for helping startups succeed through creating high quality video content .

What are your goals?

We’re dedicated to supporting diversity in the arts and employing film contractors with various backgrounds. We hope to work with a variety of clients and expand our services. Over the last 12 years, our national team of videographers have helped emerging brands make beautiful films for new products and we will continue to do so.

What is the process?

We start from scratch to figure out what makes you, your company, and your next video unique. We ask, research, and answer questions such as What is the intent of the video?

What are the benefits of using a video production company?

Using this approach, we make videos that stand out and last longer in today’s rapidly evolving video market.

What is the quality of your video?

When your story, your camera work, and your editing are handled by industry professionals, you reflect a high-quality product or service to your viewers.

What is the best thing about working with Start Motion Media?

They are extremely dedicated to producing quality work.  At first, we saw that they partnered with Amazon and Netflix for their commercial services, but then we realized that they had an arm dedicated to serving startups with Kickstarter product videos.

How do you feel about the video production service?

I am very happy with the results. Very competitive pricing. And they studied corporate video structures as well as persuasive technology, so the narrative is on point.

What was your experience like working with Start Motion Media?