Zipbuds is a wireless sports earbud product. We are pleased to report that this Zipbuds kickstarter project raised over $300k! We went to cliffs north of San Diego, they were a beautiful place to shoot video. Afterward, we went to a strength training gym in South San Diego where we not only got great shots of the athletes, but our team also did some core work, push-ups and pull-ups on the wall. After that, we went to a yoga studio where they were teaching. Such a fun day! 

There is no shortage of Bluetooth headphones on the market. You can find them for less than $25 at the lowest prices and hundreds of dollars in the cloud. What features highlight the price of premium Bluetooth headphones, earphones and earbuds, and would you spend $150 on a specially designed Zipbuds 26 wireless sports headphones? We’ll take a look.

What is that? The Zipbuds 26 Wireless Sports Headphones are Bluetooth headphones with a built-in subwoofer and a long-lasting battery.

What’s in the box?

micro usb charging cable
Magnetic charging station that doubles as a removable extra battery
Quick Start Guide


Zipbuds also come with a variety of ear guides to make it easy to find the best fit and comfort for your ears.

3 pairs of fitness lock stabilizers
3 pairs of C-Lock stabilizers
3 pairs of silicone tips
3 pairs of memory foam instructions

create and operate

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I have my order ->
With the amazing in-line module attached to each Zipbud earphone cable, these headphones are like many other Bluetooth headphones you can find on Amazon and other online stores. However, these in-line modules set the Zipbuds apart from other wireless headphones.


Typically, wireless headphones have an in-line controller with a micro USB connector for charging, a power button, and a volume button. However, the Zipbud 26 wireless sports headphones have two in-line models. The right-ear hanging module has a power/pairing button on the bottom edge and multiple play/pause/answer/end call buttons on the side. On the back there is also a volume rocker and status LED. online module

I like that the volume rocker has a button, so it’s easy to tell which button is volume up and which button is volume down.


The module connected to the left ear has 4 electrical contacts.


The included magnetic material is magnetized to the charging module. It offers up to 7 hours of talk and play time and 400 hours of standby time when fully charged.

The magnet kit has its own built-in battery that can be used as a backup battery in addition to your Zipbuds headphones. This means that when your Zipbuds are down, you can pop a battery into your cell phone and charge it for another 8 hours of listening to your favorite music.

5 mins charge = 1 hour playtime, headphone and mobile clip charge in 2 hours.

fitted and comfortable

To provide the best fit, Zipbuds come with a variety of ear tips. You can mix and match the instructions for the perfect fit. First I tried C locking.


Then I tried the memory foam instructions, then the body lock. I ordered the C-lock with silicone tips which provide security and comfort.


Although the inline modules add extra weight, the Zipbuds are very light. I only see it when I’m dressed and it hangs in my ear when I’m walking or working out. I’m not a racer, so I haven’t tried it with high performance.

These headphones are sweat and water resistant and built to withstand epic workouts.

it looks good
I really enjoy the great sound of the wireless headphones while listening to all kinds of music and podcasts. The sound is crisp and clear, and the built-in subwoofer makes the hard drive even more powerful. I really enjoy pairing my Zipbuds with my iPhone 7 Plus and listening to music on the Spotify and Amazon Music apps.

If I can find a problem with the sound, I found that sometimes the sound is too loud and the sound is not activated properly before recording the sound. I really need to play around with iPhone volume restrictions.

good call
I have to say that I don’t like the sound quality of calls or people outside my conversation who are dissatisfied. With my Zipbuds on, calls were very good on my end, but outside people said I looked like I was in a tin can and asked for a call. final thoughts
You won’t find Zipbuds 26 wireless sport headphones in a cheap box. This Bluetooth headset is on the more expensive side of the Bluetooth headset scale. But are they worth the extra cost? In my opinion, yes. Yes. It sounds great and likes to be worn for a long time. But the best feature of Zipbuds is the port which acts as a clip for battery extension. This is best put together when your ears run out of juice while listening to music or your favorite podcasts. Insert the battery clip and play for up to 8 hours without waiting for it to recharge.

Source: Samples for this review were provided by Zipbuds. For more information visit their site and visit Amazon to place an order.

zipper 26
to finish
The gym-friendly ZipBuds 26 headphones offer better performance and battery life, but at a higher price than most good Bluetooth options.

From $149.95
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The power works well. sweat resistant design.
Comes with multiple ears and fins for a variety of custom combinations.
An invoice included.
The negative
High cost.
You can hear different sounds with different ears. Editor’s note: Immediately after the announcement of the Zipbuds 26 review, the price was reduced to $149.99. This ultimately does not affect our rating or our overall rating. The original text is below.

Currently, there is no shortage of wireless neckband headphones and they are mainly aimed at sports enthusiasts. The Zipbuds 26 have joined this crowded venue and will feature a water-repellent face in the ear with fine bass response and extra charging for longer battery life on the go. The battery clip is a nice touch, but it seems quite expensive. At $199.95, the Zipbuds 26 are about twice as expensive as models with similar sound.

Available in black and gray or rose gold and white, the Zipbuds 26 are neckband-style headphones with two in-line compartments of the same body and size. There’s a cinch to secure the slack in the middle of the cable, and the cable itself sits at the thin, light end of the ladder. Zipbuds claim the earphone has an IPX4 rating, which is surprising since the lack of rubber is often seen in water-repellent designs. However, the helmet can withstand collisions and can be worn even in the shower, but should never be placed in water for more than a short time.×48.png
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The layout of controls in the right inline pane is a bit confusing. There is a large rocker button that quickly toggles the volume rocker (works with your cell phone’s media level) and follows instructions while holding. This makes it easy to skip tracks when you need to adjust the volume. The play/call button is smaller and has another unnamed button of the same size that holds power and integration together.

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