As technology evolves reshaping the way many in our society operate and work, our video production team at StartMotion Media executed a full-service video production for Jelly Comb devices promotion. Our production took place in the techie city of San Francisco. In our research, we visited stores in San Francisco that sell computer & phone accessories to have a visual reference to how we wanted to achieve the modern look of our best corporate video for Jelly Comb.  During the lunch break, the StartMotion Media crew team visited local restaurants and cafés in San Francisco.  This is the end result of our commercial video production in San Francisco.

What is the best thing about working with Start Motion Media?

They are extremely dedicated to producing quality work.  At first, we saw that they partnered with Amazon and Netflix for their commercial services, but then we realized that they had an arm dedicated to serving startups with Kickstarter product videos.

How do you feel about the video production service?

I am very happy with the results. Very competitive pricing. And they studied corporate video structures as well as persuasive technology, so the narrative is on point.

What was your experience like working with Start Motion Media?

Well, we decided to book them for each of their Kickstarter services. I couldn’t afford the commercial service but that was okay as they have their own discounts for startups.

I’m so thrilled that they are a creative video agency that has services in my backyard. Just check out their archive of the best video services and Kickstarter videos in places like Los Angeles, Denver, and New York.