What can the masses do? Misa is the next generation social family robot. Smart, interactive and equipped with special phone features, Misa can play with her children, manage her time and keep her home safe. Misa will be with her family as friends, teachers, friends, cameramen, housewives, celebrities and more! With a unique personality and playful attitude, Misa interacts with her surroundings and is a useful, fun and unforgettable addition to any home. It can see, listen, share, talk and even connect with you, making it the perfect personal assistant that makes everyday tasks easier. Communication Misa is designed to interact and communicate with the people around you, using common sense language (NLU) as well as voice to build relationships with family members. Understand the conversation Personal assistant “Hello Misa! » Misa responded to your voice. Activate it by saying “Hey Misa” to wake it up instantly. Misa is the first robot that interacts with humans, providing video and audio and an AI experience.