Our video production company in San Diego  collaborated with Otozen to produce this informative traction video. Otozen helps drivers stay distraction free on the road with their product that was first engineered in San Diego, California.


What is a traction video?

Traction videos are marketing videos that tell the story of a brand or product in a way that builds authenticity, buzz, and demand.

What is the process?

The process of creating a true Traction Video involves 3 main components: Strategic Planning, Entertaining Creative, and Viral Marketing… We learn everything there is to know about you, your brand, and your customers before we start writing a script.

What can our video production team do for you?

Start Motion Media will work with your marketing team or even your advertising agency to ensure your Traction Video is marketed to maximize results.

Why should I hire Start Motion Media? 

Everything starts with an initial consultation–you’ll learn if we’re a good fit for you and we’ll learn if your new brand or product launch is something we truly believe we can benefit.


What was the result of this video?

This traction video didn’t just built an immense volume of awareness and brand following and yielded a multitude of new customers who had yet to hear of Otozen prior to the video launch.


What is the best thing about working with Start Motion Media?

They are extremely dedicated to producing quality work.  At first, we saw that they partnered with Amazon and Netflix for their commercial services, but then we realized that they had an arm dedicated to serving startups with Kickstarter product videos.

How do you feel about the video production service?