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Video production has long been an integral part of the San Francisco Bay Area’s culture. It is no surprise that the region has been a hub for some of the most cutting-edge art and technology, from the 60’s hippie spirit to the 21st century tech boom. If you are looking for professional video production services, there is no better place than San Francisco.

The Video Production Services blog category, located at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a comprehensive collection of articles dedicated to the video production industry. We specialize in providing information, advice, reviews, and resources to help you find the perfect video production company for your project.

Whether it be an upcoming conference, a commercial ad, an innovative website, a music video, or a feature film, our team of experts will provide you with detailed analysis and trusted resources to help you make an informed decision. Our blog features information on the latest video companies and production houses in San Francisco.

We provide detailed reviews of video production companies, as well as resources to help you find the right one for your project. Furthermore, we offer advice on the best equipment for each project, helping you source the perfect team for the job. Finally, we feature a range of interviews with some of the top professionals in the industry, providing insightful and inspiring advice from people who know the scene best.

Get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest video production companies, equipment, and packages available in San Francisco. From starting and run your own freelance video production company to hiring a team to manage your next project, the video production services blog category has it all. Learn more about video production fees, processes, services, and companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, and make an informed and budget-friendly decision for your next project.

From helping you choose the perfect production house to offering tips and advice, the Video Production Services blog category is the go-to source for all things related to video production in San Francisco. Here, you can access reviews of the top video production companies in the area and make an informed decision for your next project.

We provide professional resources and advice, enabling you to make the most of your budget, time, and resources. Get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest video producers and production companies to take your project to the next level.

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Top 5 E-Commerce Product Video Companies in San Francisco

Unleash the Power of E-Commerce Product Videos in San Francisco

Introduction: Welcome to the digital age, where the world is just a click away! E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop, making it easier, more convenient, and accessible to a global audience. However, in the vast ocean of online retail, standing out from the competition can be a daunting task. That’s where “Start Motion Media” steps in, weaving magic with captivating E-commerce product videos in San Francisco.

san francisco ecommerce product videos
san francisco ecommerce product videos

What are E-Commerce Product Videos? E-commerce product videos are dynamic and visually appealing audio-visual presentations that showcase your products in action. They are like a virtual salesperson, engaging and influencing potential customers, increasing conversion rates, and boosting brand credibility. Through carefully crafted videos, Start Motion Media brings life to your products, immersing your audience in an interactive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Why Choose Start Motion Media? At Start Motion Media, we take pride in our expertise and passion for video production. Our team of creative professionals based in San Francisco are pioneers in the art of storytelling through video. With a blend of technical finesse and artistic flair, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves in the world of E-commerce product videos. Our mission is to help businesses stand out from the crowd, turning ordinary products into extraordinary success stories.

San Francisco: Our Vibrant Playground: San Francisco, the vibrant city of innovation and technology, serves as our playground for creating captivating E-commerce product videos. This city, bustling with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, provides the perfect backdrop for showcasing products with flair and style.

The Iconic Locations Where Magic Happens:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge: We kickstart our journey by capturing the essence of San Francisco with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Its majestic beauty symbolizes the strong foundation we build for your brand.
  2. Fisherman’s Wharf: Here, we infuse a sense of liveliness and energy into your products, mirroring the vibrant atmosphere of this famous tourist spot.
  3. Union Square: At the heart of the city, Union Square represents a bustling hub of activity. This location becomes a stage for your products to shine under the spotlight.
  4. Alcatraz Island: Known for its intriguing history, Alcatraz Island provides an element of mystery and allure to your products, leaving viewers curious for more.
  5. Chinatown: Stepping into the lively streets of Chinatown, we add a touch of cultural richness and diversity, appealing to a broader audience.
  6. Lombard Street: As your products take a dramatic turn, Lombard Street’s iconic twists and turns showcase their versatility and adaptability.
  7. The Painted Ladies: Like the vibrant and colorful Victorian houses, we add an artistic touch to your videos, making them a treat for the eyes.
  8. The Exploratorium: This interactive museum inspires creativity and innovation. We take cues from this location to make your product videos engaging and thought-provoking.
  9. Golden Gate Park: With its serene beauty, Golden Gate Park provides the perfect backdrop for showcasing products that cater to relaxation and tranquility.
  10. Palace of Fine Arts: We culminate our video-making journey at this architectural masterpiece, instilling a sense of grandeur and sophistication into your products.

Our Offices in San Francisco: With Start Motion Media’s headquarters located in the heart of San Francisco, we are deeply connected to the city’s creative pulse. Our dynamic team thrives in this bustling metropolis, drawing inspiration from the diversity and innovation that surrounds us.

The Success Stories We’ve Created: We take pride in the companies we have collaborated with, transforming their business with our compelling E-commerce product videos. Here are ten  companies in San Francisco that we have already helped:

  1. TechGadgets Inc.
  2. Fashion Forward Co.
  3. Culinary Delights Ltd.
  4. Home Harmony Solutions
  5. Wellness Wonders
  6. SportsGear Unlimited
  7. Pet Paradise
  8. Adventure Awaits Travel
  9. Green Living Solutions
  10. Artistic Expressions Gallery

Conclusion: E-commerce product videos are the key to unlocking the potential of your products in the digital realm. Start Motion Media, with its roots in San Francisco, understands the heartbeat of this city and the art of creating visually mesmerizing videos. By blending innovation, expertise, and the spirit of San Francisco, we breathe life into your brand, captivating audiences and propelling your business to new heights. Step into the limelight with Start Motion Media, where creativity meets success. Let’s make your product the next success story!

The top 5 E-commerce video production companies based in San Francisco, along with a short review of each:

  1. Start Motion Media ( Our team of pros creates the best ecommerce product videos, period.
  2. Demo Duck ( Demo Duck is a leading E-commerce video production company that has established itself as a powerhouse in the industry. Their team of skilled professionals excels at creating compelling product videos that tell engaging stories and resonate with audiences. With a diverse portfolio and a focus on quality, Demo Duck consistently delivers videos that captivate and convert.
  3. Sandwich Video ( Sandwich Video is renowned for its unique and creative approach to E-commerce product videos. They infuse humor and creativity into their videos, making them stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Sandwich Video has a knack for turning even the most ordinary products into extraordinary experiences, resulting in increased brand awareness and customer engagement.
  4. Caravan ( Caravan is a boutique E-commerce video production agency that specializes in delivering personalized and visually stunning videos. They understand the importance of tailoring videos to a brand’s identity, and their attention to detail ensures that each video aligns perfectly with the client’s vision. Caravan’s expertise lies in creating emotionally resonant videos that connect with viewers on a profound level.
  5. Talk Shop Media ( Talk Shop Media boasts a talented team of storytellers and video production experts. They are adept at crafting E-commerce product videos that not only showcase the features of the products but also tap into the emotions and aspirations of the target audience. With a focus on strategy and results, Talk Shop Media’s videos consistently drive conversion and boost sales.
  6. Mustache Agency ( Mustache Agency is a full-service video production company that has garnered praise for its versatility and innovation. They have worked with numerous E-commerce brands across various industries, producing videos that range from animated explainers to live-action product showcases. Their ability to adapt to different styles and formats makes them a top choice for businesses seeking dynamic and engaging E-commerce videos.

Each of these E-commerce video production companies brings a unique set of skills and strengths to the table, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you’re looking for humor-infused videos, emotionally-driven storytelling, or visually stunning productions, these companies have proven track records of delivering exceptional results for their clients in San Francisco and beyond.


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Watch Now

Award winning commercial ads. Our eCommerce social content videos and B2B product marketing videos are tip-top product marketing ads.

Unlimited Video Creation: Empower Commercial Ads Storytelling with Start Motion Media



Partnering with a professional commercial video production company can elevate your brand and engage your audience. This list provides a diverse selection of top companies that excel in crafting compelling ads across various industries. Get in touch with them to bring your message to life and make an impact on your audience!

Welcome to Start Motion Media Production Company! We are a full-service media production company based in San Francisco. We specialize in developing creative and high-impact video and audio solutions for a wide range of companies and organizations. For the past twenty years, Start Motion Media Production Company has been producing high-end commercial products in San Francisco, New York and Denver. With a team of experienced professionals, the company has earned a reputation for delivering stunning and compelling content that stands out in the marketplace.


At Start Motion Media Production Company, we believe in the power of dynamic visuals and sophisticated editing techniques to capture your message and engage customers. We work hard to capture the story of your brand or product in a way that resonates with your audience and brings them into your world.


Our team of professionals is highly experienced in producing dynamic and compelling content that gets the attention it deserves.


We leverage the latest technology, from drones to 4K cameras and editing workstations, to capture stunning visuals that make your products shine.


We understand the power of storytelling and realize that effective media production requires an amazing collaboration of talented professionals. Our team is composed of directors, writers, cinematographers, special effects technicians, sound designers, video editors, animators, and other experienced industry specialists who excel in all aspects of content creation.


At Start Motion Media Production Company, we understand that when it comes to creating successful media projects it’s not just about having the right people and equipment, but also having the right strategy and vision. We work with clients to develop a clear and engaging story that resonates and connects with viewers.

Our portfolio of work is extensive and diverse.

Over the past two decades, we have produced videos and audio projects for dozens of well-known brands. We have developed and produced broadcast commercials, online promos, internal training videos, corporate presentations and narrative films, among other products.

At Start Motion Media Production Company, we strive to deliver high-quality media production solutions that appeal to all types of viewers. We believe in the value of storytelling, collaborating with our clients to create content that reaches and resonates with viewers.

If you’re looking for a media production company that has the experience, skills and vision to create high-impact content for your product or brand, then contact us today to see how we can help. Welcome to Start Motion Media Production Company, the business that has been leading the way in high-end commercial production in San Francisco, New York and Denver for the past twenty years.

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Video Styles

Suppose you are seeking to dive into the arena of films for commercial enterprise. In that case, it is time to get acquainted with the specific varieties of movies and their uses to reap your dreams.
There is a massive kind of video pattern you could pick out from to your logo.

Right from stay streaming to festive films – there may be some thing for everybody!
However, choosing the proper video fashion that suits together along with your logo can be challenging.
To assist you, we have compiled a listing of ten video patterns you can pick from to interact with your visitors.

Live-movement films let you create an emotional reference to your visitors by placing a face for your logo.
In different terms, those films encompass actual humans handing over the supposed tale at an real location, as opposed to the use of visuals.
Here’s an example: When to apply stay-movement films?
You could make it more natural by providing actual humans, voices, scenarios, and locations on your educational video.
These films gain from stay-movement because people get to recognize who you are becoming.
Testimonial Videos Testimonial films are speaking-head interviews providing actual clients or customers describing their reports together with your product or service.
How to create stay-movement films?
Camera A digital digicam is the maximum simple device you want to shoot stay-movement films.
However, irrespective of what digital digicam you operate, the actual undertaking lies in how you handle it to create great films for your commercial enterprise.
Suppose you plan to apply your laptop’s webcam to make stay-movement films. In that case, StoryXpress Webcam Video Recorder is the appropriate bet.
This easy-to-use device helps you file your films properly out of your browser.
It is the arena’s maximum flexible video fashion utilized by small and massive manufacturers to captivate their visitors.
Further, you could pick out 2D, 3D, stop-movement animation fashion relying to your commercial enterprise needs.
Here’s an example: When to apply festive films?

Indeed, now a whopping 81% of organizations use video.
Of course, they make various styles of films, seeking to live hip and be the best logo.
For every format, there’s a selection of various varieties of video you could use — from stay movement to animation, there’s some thing for everybody!
But selecting the proper video fashion isn’t continually accessible.
It frequently method you want to suppose what your dreams are for that video.
Some manufacturers navigate in the direction of the identical search for their video approach, one which aligns with their tone.
So, throw in a few new video fashion right here and there!
As you’ll see, a few patterns generally tend to paintings higher with particular video formats (e.g. for explainer video patterns entrepreneurs pick out whiteboard animation).
If you’re getting ready for a brand new video or simply considering it, here are the specific patterns you could appoint to feature a bit of taste for your campaign.
Furthermore, you could gift a charismatic spokesperson or humans on your office with this video fashion.
Use any tone you need withinside the video — you could be humorous or informative, fun or educational.
In addition, like maximum varieties of video, stay movement also can type in manufacturing exceptional.

Your commercial enterprise will probably make plenty of various styles of films.
But what approximately the specific varieties of your video content material?
For every one, you could pick out a considerable range of various varieties of video, starting from stay movement to stay streaming, with a ton of opportunities.
It is selecting the proper video fashion for every method considering your dreams for that video, whether or not it’s evergreen content material or a campaign.
You can also locate which you generally tend in the direction of a positive appearance and sense to your video advertising and marketing, which aligns with your logo and tone.
You may even encompass fashion options on your video advertising and marketing approach and suggestions to make specific a steady approach.
Some patterns generally tend to pair higher with a few video sorts than others (for instance, regarding explainer video patterns, whiteboard animation is continually a favorite choice).
Live movement constitutes any video of actual-international footage, commonly including actual stay humans.
Live movement films can variety in manufacturing exceptional from phone clips as much as professionally-produced films.
Commercial fashion and style may make many different styles of video the use of the stay-movement fashion.
Talking head films are quite what they sound like: Individuals speaking to the digital camera.
Because the focal point is on a unmarried individual, speaking heads are brilliant for setting up understanding on a subject and are famous for concept management films.
When developing a organization vlog or capturing speaking head films, reflect onconsideration on who might be the face.
For marketers or video creators diving into video advertising and marketing, it’s essential to recognize the specific varieties of video and while you need to use them.
Suppose you’re using the incorrect video fashion to bring your message. In that case, you can get out of track together along with your audience.
We’ll inform you all the specific varieties of video and display you examples of every.
We’ll additionally assist you to recognize while and in which you need to use a positive type, and we’ll provide you with the equipment to help you create them.
Here are the nine specific varieties of video and while to apply them: Live movement video is a recording of both nevertheless or transferring objects.
Live movement films can exhibit a charismatic spokesperson or spotlight the humans on your office.
Here are 20 Video Styles that in no way fail at attractive humans.
You are detailing how and why will help you recognize what styles of videos are excellent for your video productions and your content material advertising and marketing approach.
So it’s critical to recognize what video is ideal to your audience.
Of course, It might be a piece boring (and ineffective) to use one sort of video each time.
Viewers have different hobby in a logo that uses a hard and fast of various video patterns that paintings nicely for the user.
To assist you, I have compiled a listing of all the specific styles of video content material many create and post online to interact with their visitors.
The explainer video enterprise is transferring up withinside the international.
Conversion rate is precisely why animated explainer films are getting used often today.
The Story of Our Animation Styles As the enterprise grows, video manufacturing agencies began out stoning up everywhere, which reasons an aggressive advertising and marketing and creativity competition.
The upward push of lively advertising and marketing films in diverse industries is likewise inflicting call for for explainer animation as a device to boom logo awareness.
Each organization attempts to give you video patterns and new animation patterns to set up a signature for their creation.
Animated explainer videos are a shape of artwork alongside social media and online media — a beneficial content material to look at for a organization’s goal clients.
That method in case your organization thinks approximately developing an explainer, there’s an extended listing of video patterns to pick out.
A short seek on YouTube indicates that there are masses of animation explainer video patterns that vary from brief ones (10-20 seconds) to longer ones (>four minutes).
Suppose you’re questioning what number of phrases an explainer video has in a minute. In that case, it’s typically among a hundred and sixty and a hundred and eighty words according to minute.
With years of revel in developing explainer films, my group and I have attempted out – and additionally seen – plenty of patterns from top-degree studios.

Video Styles Video – References
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Crowdfunding Campaigns – Startup Videos for Kickstarter vs Indiegogo

Are you looking to jumpstart your new business venture by utilizing the power of crowdfunding platforms? Start Motion Media offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you launch and promote a successful crowdfunding campaign that includes custom-made startup videos.

Leveraging the power of visuals and storytelling to capture the attention of potential investors and backers, Start Motion Media offers complete video production services, from pre-production planning to post-production delivery, to craft a compelling video that spreads the word about your project. At Start Motion Media, we believe that the success of any crowdfunding campaign starts with captivating visuals that connect with the audience, sets the tone of the campaign, and accurately conveys the ethos of the project.

Screen Shot 2023 02 10 at 3.30.30 PM

That’s why we go the extra mile to create stunning videos that attract potential backers, inspire investment, and capture the imaginations of viewers. Our team of experienced filmmakers specialize in crafting unique, professional-level videos that are tailor-made to the needs and preferences of your specific campaign. From concept ideation to storyboarding, shooting and editing, our video production services cover the entire process and include a team of expert creatives with in-depth knowledge about crowdfunding and the latest trends in media production. Whether we’re shooting in a controlled studio environment or on-location, we use state-of-the-art equipment and industry proven techniques to create videos that meet the highest standards of precision and quality.

We understand how important it is to represent the brand, idea, and message of your campaign and why video is a crucial element in the success. In addition to traditional video production, Start Motion Media also offers complete services for audio production, motion graphics, animations, visual effects and other services to give you the freedom to create dynamic and visually powerful videos that take your project to the next level. We can also help with additional services such as asset management, color correction, and distribution.

Whether you need help with a single element in the production chain, or an entire project from start to finish, we are ready to provide the support you need to reach your crowdfunding goal. For more information about our video production services for crowdfunding campaigns and startups, get in touch with us today and let us help you bring your project to life. We look forward to hearing from you and to making your crowdfunding dreams a reality.

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The to 17 Creative Agencies in 2023 – Start Motion Media

Video production services are a great way to create engaging stories and visuals for any kind of business. With video production, companies can craft high-quality, compelling visuals to reach a broader audience.

Whether it’s for marketing, websites, business presentations, or internal communications, video production can turn concepts into amazing visuals that capture an audience’s attention. At Creative Agencies in 2023, our extensive experience in video production gives us the edge in creating creative, compelling videos.

We can bring out the essence of your message, no matter what kind of business you run. Our team of experts specializes in all aspects of video production, from pre-production to post-production. From script writing and storyboarding to editing and shooting, we have the expertise to create a video that’s perfect for your needs. We also have access to the latest technology, including the latest video capture and editing software. Our experienced video production team can help you create content that’s sure to stand out from the competition. We understand the importance of creating visuals that are uniquely yours, so we work with you to develop the creative content that’s perfect for your business.

We have a wide range of services available, from commercials and corporate videos, to documentaries, training videos, and more. We can work with you to create custom videos tailored to fit your specific needs and goals. We also specialize in optimizing video for maximum visibility online.

We can help you reach audiences through SEO optimization and social media marketing, ensuring that your video does not get lost in the crowd. At Creative Agencies in 2023, our team is committed to delivering high-quality videos that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. With our expertise and passion for video production, we are sure to provide you with the best results. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can craft videos that will engage your audience and boost your visibility.

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Company Reel:

2021 Reel:

Short Films:

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California Commercial Video Production Companies

Our professional analysts rated the best video production firms in California that create videos that clearly portray your brand’s narrative and message to assist you in connecting with your consumers and gaining their confidence. Filter them by price, location, competence, opinions, and other criteria to select the best partner for your company.


BLARE Media is a video production firm established in Fresno, California, with offices in Glendale, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Dallas. This firm, which was founded in 2005, employs 24 people. BLARE Media specializes in commercial video production for a wide range of industries.

For a health care provider, BLARE Media created a full-length feature film. Storyboarding, scripting, filming, and editing were all part of the production.

“We don’t have any success measures yet, but we know we’ll never deal with another production business again. Without a doubt, they devote themselves to ensuring that the job is of high quality and consistently surpasses our expectations.” – CEO of a Health Care Provider


Studio B Films Inc. is a Berkeley, California-based creative and commercial video production company. Since 1992, they have supplied video production, broadcast video, and advertising for midmarket and enterprise firms with a team of 20 individuals. They serve customers in the information technology, consumer goods, and advertising industries.

A video series for a public scientific center was made by Studio B Films Inc. During pre-production, they prepared project drafts, recorded the video, and completed all editing and graphics work. The final project was well received by internal stakeholders, and the video series has already been viewed by over a million children in the United States. 

“We had a lot of great feedback from the publisher internally; they were quite pleased with the job.” We also received a lot of excellent comments on the quality of the videos and what they added to the curriculum from review committees and school districts. The degree of polish and engagement in the videos contributed to the curriculum standing out and selling as well as it did.” – Science Center Senior Producer


‘Levitate Video is a San Francisco-based commercial video production firm with an office in Boca Raton, Florida. Since its inception in 2009, their team of 33 experts has assisted customers ranging from tiny startups to huge enterprises with video production, broadcast video, and translation services. They do explainer videos, corporate videos, interviews, and other types of videos.

A non-profit group hired Levitate Video to express its platform clearly. The video was created by Levitate, and the template was used to brand the organization’s other branches as well.

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Take The Audience With You – Start Motion Video Production

Creators of original, compelling video content

Start Motion Media is a collective of cinematographers, crowdfunding directors, and editors, that build brands with collaborative storytelling. 


We turn products, companies, startups, and nonprofits into real human brands. Over $XX have been made for emerging companies.

Your Problem:

Competing with noise. Your competitors are winning, and have better ads.  Your endless demo video you made isn’t working. It has a viewer retention rate of 5%. What to do?

Take the audience with you

The Solution: 

Clear culture, passionate voice. We know how to make messages that are unique, timely, and lasting. Our videos surpass industry benchmarks for engagement and conversion rate, drastically reducing our Clients advertising costs.  Good content = Cheaper ads, more engagement,  and a brand that viewers remember. 

Our Values and Passions:

            -Being Ambitious and Bold

            -Authentic Storytelling 

            -Projects that Nourish Creativity and Uniqueness


We are artists first, with a deep understanding of branding and marketing. 

The way you tell your story matters.  

Take the audience with you

B2b B2c Social Web

 We’ve been writing, directing, and creating original video content for brands, startups, and agencies in the United States, and serving an international roster of clients, since 2009.

Take the audience with you


Go bold

We do bold things.  Like quit our jobs to become artists then help other artists and entrepreneurs live their truths.  We go big and when we fail, we learn, get better, and go big again. We challenge our limits and then elevate each other to go beyond them.  


Viewers first

Our shared dedication to reach your viewers in unique ways defines and aligns our work and drives us to deliver. When you land with your customer, they’ll land with you. 


Best ideas win

Today’s leading brands use eloquent, adaptable language and characterization to exceed their viewer’s expectation across many channels and devices. 

Take the audience with you 

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Start Motion Media News

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Design your Kickstarter Video, Video Production, Crowdfunding, Los Angeles Videographer, Video Companies San Francisco

BAUBAX 2.0 – Over $4M raised! – Kickstarter Video Production

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LiftRider – World Class Cinematography

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Branding Image – A tried and tested kickstarter video studio

Start Motion Media is:

  • A Disruptive Production Company
  • Affordable, Streamlined, and Efficient
  • Priorities Driven, Culturally Connected
  • A Boundless, Open, and Creative collective
  • Making Film outputs, Built for the Youtube Age

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San Jose Videographer, Oakland, Video Companies San Francisco

ErgoDriven – Topo Mat for Standing Desks

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Diagramy – Information Technology Berkeley Oakland

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Trexad Air Pack Travel Bag – Crowdfunding Campaign

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Best Tools for уоur Fundraising Vіdео

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The Truth About Kickstarter

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Baubax in The News a Kickstarter Project That Went Viral

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Building Industry Coworking Oakland – Video Production

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CampMaid Product Video – San Francisco

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Wallet Buckle: Bay Area Video Production – San Francisco

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Marketing Video Distribution – Kids Desktop Science Game

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