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Kickstarter Video Production Services

Mobovida – Style and Pacing Los Angeles

Ignite the feelings that power consumer decisions.

The keys to a successful San Francisco kickstarter video:

Ignite the feelings that power consumer decisions in Denver.

What we stand for during our New York City shoots:

The thing about Kickstarter video companies is that they're not all created equal. Some are more professional than others, and some have a better track record of delivering on their promises.

We've put together this list to help you find the best Kickstarter video company.

Kickstarter without video

I've been thinking about Kickstarter lately. It's a great idea, and I think it has the potential to be really useful for artists. But there are some problems with how it works now.

The first problem is that most product creators and project designers are not video people. Most business used to wait until making a TV ad, because, it's expensive and hard to do right.  So on kickstarter, alot of people aren't doing the video part right, and it's really affecting their ability to raise money. 

WANDERLUST: The Art of Travel

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I think it's because I have some wanderlust, and it's something that has always fascinated me. It is the desire to travel, wanderlust yoga festival

wanderlust yoga festival, The Wanderlust Festival is a music and arts festival held in Byron Bay, Australia. It was founded by the Australian musician Nick Cave in 1988 as an alternative to the mainstream festivals of that time. 

Speakeasy wanderlust – yep we were the production power behind this innovative tedx series focused on health and wellness.







What is StartMotion?

We can help.” StartMotionMEDIA is a leader in crowdfunding consulting, kickstarter video production and marketing.

What Will It Take to Win the '20s?

In 2020, you are what you stand for.

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What are the benefits of fundraising?

Music, Art, and Startup Subculture, The End to Boring Commercials Being Creative, Ambitious, and Bold Authentic Storytelling of Human Hearts Discovering How Evangelists create Customers Projects that Nourish Creativity and Uniqueness Crafting Unforgettable Experiences Precise Visual Design Effective Fundraising Story Best Quality Cinema Lenses Community Engagement

What are the key factors in successful ?

Diversity, uniqueness, and joy, as the new norm When you do things that are beneficial to your culture and society, and your business is for the service of humanity and the good of all, that's when good things come back to you .

What are your goals?

StartMotionMedia(n): Your single access point to a group of creative kickstarter video renegades, who change rules and take risks, to help develop your brand to meet the need in the ever changing consumer culture.

 Why are videos useful?

1) They're a flexible storytelling tool.

2) They're a passive experience.

3) They distill information for easy comprehension.

4) They can be repurposed.

5) They communicate a lot in a short amount of time.

START MOTION MEDIA – Video/Film Production – 2101 Pearl St …

Start Motion Media · 2101 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302. Directions · More Info. Hours · From the Business. Specialties. “You have a big idea. We can help.” We are a film production professor and an executive producer teaming up to provide video services.

Team – Find a Commercial Video Producer – Start Motion Media

The best commercial video start motion companies in the West and in New York, s increase your sales. Here in San Francisco, our generated $22+ million with video marketing

Michael Zeligs – Director, Executive Producer – Start Motion Media Production Company

StartMotionMEDIA creates micro-documentary videos that enable people to see why kickstarter projects are unique. We work with leaders to create strategic …

Michael, our Creative Director. has been merging imagery, music and film with internet technology since studying Music, Film and Interaction Design at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University (CCRMA). His love for learning pushed him into the world of web coding and film production, helping raise over $30,000 for world-changing projects. Michael decided it was time to create a platform to offer web and video creation in support of all the amazing artists he has met on his path.


4460 Redwood Hwy STE 16-568 San Rafael CA 94903

2101 Pearl St, Boulder CO, 80302