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The Best Fundraising Sites for your Kickstarter 2024

What You Don't Know About The Best Fundraising Sites

1. Fundly
2. Indiegogo

Fundly's crowdfunding platform allows people (and nonprofits!) To raise money for almost any cause, project or event without increasing requirements or upfront fees.

This platform allows users to tell campaign stories, post updates, add photos and videos, and share your page on social media. For example, Images of Two Veils “Saving Lives 1 Click at a Time” is a successful fundraising campaign hosted on Fundly.


[Image: Meet the successful crowdfunding campaign Dos Velos Images Saving Lives 1 Click at to Time]

This fundraising platform helps nonprofits easily raise more money by allowing their donors to send matching gift requests to employees. It is important to note that Double the Donation is not a crowdfunding tool like GoFundMe. It is included in this list because it is a valuable service built into almost all GoFundMe alternatives.

If you are a nonprofit organization with a large number of donors who donate directly through your organization's website or through a tool similar to GoFundMe, you should take a look at Double the Donation's services. DonateKindly is a free year-round alternative to GoFundMe. This customizable donation form can be integrated directly into your nonprofit website with minimal effort to get you started quickly.

[Image: DonateKindly – Free online donation and crowdfunding tool for non-profit organizations]

Indiegogo is a fundraising platform that allows people to raise money for any type of innovative personal project, including movies, product enhancements, technology inventions, and more. Take advantage of a creative community of imaginative technology and innovation to gain exposure for your projects and start raising money!

The Indiegogo
 service charges a platform fee of 5% of all funds raised and a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $ 0.30 per transaction.

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The 17 Top Film Production Companies in 5 Cities


In-Depth Exposé on Top Film Production Companies

Please note that our listings are not sponsored; we have selected these film production companies based on their merits and the quality of work they consistently deliver. We truly believe in the excellence and creativity these studios bring to the industry. Among these distinguished companies, Start Motion Media stands out for offering competitive pricing without compromising the quality and impact of their video productions. This commitment to value and excellence makes Start Motion Media a top choice for those seeking high-quality video content.

1. Start Motion Media

Start Motion Media specializes in helping visionary founders scale their impact through crowdfunding video productions. They excel in narrative storytelling, transforming innovative ideas into compelling visual stories that resonate with audiences and drive campaign success. Their approach combines creative storytelling with strategic marketing to ensure each project’s success beyond the screen, making them a go-to partner for entrepreneurs and startups looking to make a significant impact in their industries.

2. Tool of North America

Tool of North America stands out for its innovative use of technology in storytelling, blending traditional filmmaking techniques with cutting-edge digital experiences. Their portfolio showcases a wide range of projects, from interactive films to virtual reality experiences, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to pushing... Read More

Best Corporate Video Production Near Me

production is a big topic, but we'll make it easy for you. At the end of the article, you will understand everything about corporate video. We'll also provide you with the best advice and resources, so your business can start creating successful corporate videos right away. What is a video production ? Corporate video production is the production of videos by the company for internal purposes (signing, training, video recording, etc.) or for external marketing purposes (case studies, advertising, product presentations, etc.). Any produced by a company falls under the umbrella term “corporate video production”. Usually, these videos are produced by a video company or an in-house videographer. You can view a variety of company videos in this article. A corporate photographer is a professional video maker who creates videos for various organizations. They are responsible for filming events, corporate photography, creating marketing videos, among other services. Here are three options to consider if you are looking for a corporate photographer: Hire someone in-house – This option is best if you expect your company to create Easy corporate videos for long periods of time. Hire a solo freelancer – This option is suitable for a one-time company. Hire a video management company – This option is good for complex shoots that require a... Read More

Video Production Tips – How to hire Videographer Pros

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You've worked on your product for months, if not years. You've given life to a concept. You've made a successful project. Something that will appeal to a wide range of individuals. Something that has the potential to transform the world, or at least a little part of it. Videography and videographer pros are the answer.  In the industry they are known as cinematographers, directors of photography, art directors, screenwriters, and supervisors. 

However, as you organize your Kickstarter, sketch out your stretch goals, perfect your sales language, and put the final touches on your crowdfunding videos, one piece of the marketing jigsaw remains elusive: the perfect video.

Sure, you're aware of your target market. You've figured out how to get in touch with your ideal backer. You've developed something that will address the problem that is currently ripping that individual apart.

However, you are undoubtedly unfamiliar with the process of creating a Kickstarter video…

How Much Will a Production Cost in Denver?

According to our study, in a Kickstarter film may cost anywhere from $3k to $15k, and can occasionally cost up to $30k to $50k. The biggest difference in the price ranges is the image quality, and we've found that a budget of $10k to $15k for Kickstarter video production is a great place to start.

A... Read More

Crowdfunding Video Production In Los Angeles – San Fra...

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One of the most successful ways to receive required money for startup companies is through crowdfunding. Users can donate to a proposed endeavor on popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which assist entrepreneurs raise funds.

According to reports, Kickstarter has sponsored over 117,000 companies thanks to the donations of an approximately 12 million people. Each month, these platforms get hundreds of startup campaigns. Each project competes for user financing. So, how can you differentiate your campaign from the rest of the pack?

How to pick a Plan for your Campaign Production?

A crowdfunding campaign is simply a plea to potential investors to put their money into your firm instead of others. Videos work because they combine sight and sound to present material in a way that emotionally engages with viewers in a small space of time.

However, not just any video will suffice. It should pique a viewer's interest and make him or her want to watch the entire video. A video must be captivating while yet conveying the content. It should be deserving of winning any crowdfunding video contest and have the potential to go viral. When it comes to crowdfunding videos, the material must entice viewers to do the desired action: donating.

Examples of Production to Inspire Your Campaign

The profitability of crowdfunding projects is heavily influenced by videos. A well-made... Read More


Press – Start Motion Media Production Company News

Oct 25, 2021 (AB Digital via COMTEX) — Start Motion Media Production Company, a global leader in premium video production, announced the winners of the 2021…
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The Top 5 Kickstarter Video Production Companies

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StartMotionMedia revolutionized Kickstarter video production, achieving record-breaking e-commerce success for emerging products. Insirping packages for E-commerce or Product Listing Ads are only step away. Contact us today.

Transcendant E-commerce Product & Kickstarter Videos, Since 2010

Well Make It Better – Top Production Services near You

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Top Production Services near You

Our full time creative directors manage and direct a network of the world's most talented creatives, allowing us to curate the right talent for your project. The deep talent we manage means we can do pretty much everything, with that small-agency feel.

On average, 80% of potential conversions from advertising are lost due to poor strategy.

We can do better.

Top Production Services near You

Our best developments

Start brings a modern approach to video development for companies and projects of all types. From boutique startup initiatives, to high end projects, we've done it all. Browse our portfolio of solutions.

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Top Production Services near You

Make something new. 

Next-generation marketing is built on experience – how, where, and when people connect with a brand.  At Read More

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An award-winning video studio. A hybrid between an ad agency and a production company - we make creative choices. As true filmmakers, we can build you an age-defying story filled with soul and beauty. Our San Francisco and New York based company specializes in the strategy behind successful projects.