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Start Motion Media Video Production – Company Profile

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Award-winning creatives on a mission for better stories.

Kickstarter Video Production Services

Mobovida – Style and Pacing Los Angeles

Ignite the feelings that power consumer decisions.

The keys to a successful San Francisco kickstarter video:

Ignite the feelings that power consumer decisions in Denver.

What we stand for during our New York City shoots:

The thing about Kickstarter video companies is that they're not all created equal. Some are more professional than others, and some have a better track record of delivering on their promises.

We've put together this list to help you find the company.

Kickstarter without video

I've been thinking about Kickstarter lately. It's a great idea, and I think it has the potential to be really useful for artists. But there are some problems with how it works now.

The first problem is that most product creators and project designers are not video people. Most business used to wait until making a TV ad, because, it's expensive and hard to do right.  So on kickstarter, alot of people aren't doing the video part right, and it's really affecting their ability to raise... Read More

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR – Kickstarter Mar...

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

produce an inspiring video pitch on time

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

use Video marketing for conversations

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

your orders line gets some new leads and sales

Visual content production for fundraising

award winning creatives on a mission for better stories

Trusted By

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency


Kickstarter | Fundraising | ADVERTISING VIDEO

Featured In

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

our storytelling process

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

Six weeks of production





Color Grading.

Motion Graphics.

we work with agencies, brands,
and businesses of all shapes and sizes

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Startup Video costs explained

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Startup Video costs explained

How much should a Video cost?


How can I find a company for Video production?

Ignite the feelings that power consumer decisions.


People aren't just buying products and services anymore. They are buying the attitude of your company, an experience of your brand, and the values it is built on. In 2020, you are what you stand for.


Technology is shaping how we engage. But customers only care about what is relevant, to their lives and to humanity.


Learn why decision-makers buy into strong culture.

StartMotionMedia(n): Your single access point to a group of creative video renegades, who change rules and take risks, to help develop your brand to meet the need in the ever changing consumer culture.  We are a digital video studio, that makes impressive content, to transform the conversation between companies and their customers. Our expertise is in making complex projects simple. We use strategic planning and advanced cinematography for memorable video content, to amplify a timeless creative concept for your company.

What we stand for:

  1. Most Ads are Empty Shells of Boring. And that's why 70% fail.
    (we refuse to... Read More

Tranquil 2.0 Kickstarter Video – Austin TX and Marin C...


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Cocoon Cam Smart Baby Monitor Palo Alto


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How to Get Started with a Marketing Agency : Audience Promot...

Momentum / breaking news /   

Here's where we are at right now: Last year, the total amount of money raised through crowdfunding projects exceeded that of venture capital – There is more money, going to more projects, through a distributed funding ecosystem, than the whole lot of million dollar checks going out from the accredited investors realm. – how many of you have backed a crowdfunding project?  People are more curious than EVER about entrepreneurship, and they are willing to PAY just to have a behind the scenes view of getting funded and developing a project.

Seth Godin was recently quoted in a video interview trying to quell the rush of excitement around crowdfunding. “It shouldn't be called Kickstarter. They should call it Kick Finisher. It only works when you have everything lined up ahead of time”

Over the last nine years I've been in the trenches of this rush, running campaigns, helping develop the audience organization principles that are part of our pre-launch conversation, and now it's clear that we've created a dedicated system, applying old-school logic to new-school audience challenges, and it has catapulted my projects through to more visibility, Since that first failed event in 2009, I've now worked with project creators to use one on one conversations and personal relationship building to raise over $13 million dollars through crowdfunding.

What makes me different and better?

Plenty of... Read More

Ezeknee Kickstarter Video – EZEKNEE Hardware Video San...


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Get the Scoop on Backers & Updates Before You’re ...

 Backer Updates & Link Trading

Backer updates are possibly one of the most important things you'll do during your funding is attend a kickstarter course.  They play a major role in training your backers to become more than just financial contributors, – this is your team, and you are the coach, and you can use updates on your crowdfunding services as a way of giving people the behind the scenes ride that they have been looking for, and also you can look at your updates as your “blog” – just like people who learn tactics and blog frequently are most likely to attract attention on the internet, if you do public updates frequently you are most likely to be discovered organically from people searching for your project.  Perks definition research has shown us that successful project publish 3 updates a week.  That is almost every other day.  The language you use in these fundraising updates will help people find your project, and it also has an important role in inspiring your backers to become team members.  In this lesson I'm going to show you the best practices for writing updates and also describe link trading.

The Most Popular Backers

With the correct training courses, you get a true shot here. Odds are that she's heard this sort of story before, either from you or from another guy. It is not hopeless, and the odds are pretty good... Read More

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Kickstarter...

core teaching 1 – Start where you are at

 kickstarter vs indiegogo traffic

Reaching out to your loved ones can be the most rewarding, comforting experience you will have, and if you do it right, your crowdfunding campaign can be a huge coming out for you, a right of passage.  People who run crowdfunding before their communities have seen so much growth, .  So if you are feeling a bit nervous about crowdfunding, I'm calling upon every one of you to know that I see and I support you, and I realize what a huge leap this can be.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Kickstarter Tips

Fundraising for entrepreneurs: You can't be reluctant to request money when doing this! You are going to be focused on getting the money, but you have to be aware of their standpoint, too. With the rising cost of living today, the main thing people keep thinking about is the best way to conserve money and the way to earn it. When you get started making enough money with your very first report it is possible to make several similar kind of reports in distinct niches. You may get money absolutely free of charge and this money can lift your . Together with these, you're able to also think about raising funds for your enterprise – but it can be a hard road unless you explore a training course on crowdfunding.

The Hidden... Read More

The Foolproof Indiegogo Review Strategy

Story is King:  Your editorial Strategy – 

Now that you've made your project main points, I'm going to show you how to make them work for you.  The key in any maketing campaign, be it on social media, email, ads, or content, depends on one thing: becoming lazed-focused on the exact part of your story you are telling.  Before I explain what that looks like, I'm going to share what is the opposite – The opposite of an editorial strategy is selling the same idea the same way again and again.  So and so is the first ever dot dot dot, buy now, again and again.  Many project creators choose only one selling point and they hammer it again and again the same way, this becomes excruciatingly boring for your followers.  What they want is an interesting tidbit here and there, and for them to feel like they are getting to know different aspects of your .  Think of dating – do you tell your same life stories on multiple dates? NO!  You gradually share more about yourself through a variety of life stories, and this helps your date know who you are.  So when you are crafting an editorial strategy, focus on variety.  Now before I share about how variety plays into your editorial strategy, its important to see where and how this is used. The even impacts if you want to do crowdfunding loans instead of just rewards.

... Read More
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