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3 Steps to a better Kickstarter Video – A Simple Guide

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You may have heard of the , and you may be wondering what it is, or maybe you wish to use it for your campaign or product.

In simple wording, a  video is a combination of a video in a style of a commercial, documentary, and a product launch.

A video normally got created in a documentary style. However, now it's transformed into a commercial type video where you let the viewers know why you are running the campaign, what you need the money for, and what is the future that you have thought of with that money.

3 Steps to Creating a Video

There are three important yet basic steps that one has to remember when creating a video.

Step one: Having a fascinating creative script- You have to ensure that you do not bore your viewers and let the viewer know the Read More

How To Create Kickstarter Video From Scratch With an Agency ...

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The pathway to create a Kickstarter video, whether you're making from scratch or if you have already have a pre-written script, is to engage with a creative agency, that knows the process of video development and script writing from end to end. When I start out to create a kick starter video, I always think of the end result, the viewer. They are busy, usually suffering with lots of things going for their attention. We need to show them we respect them, by willing to entertain and I willing to create that is more interesting than mostly what they see, that will help them feel more trust and time in order to fulfill their purchase objective for the project


How to make a Kickstarter video can get better funding than a Kickstarter campaign without the video; it's actually 50% more successful than other campaigns. This is because video is one of the best ways to quickly and clearly convey emotions, motivation and the essence of the project. What entrepreneurs or artists at the door of large companies need is what they need to attract the attention of the audience and turn them into investors. Be sincere. The key to a great Kickstarter video is authenticity. You need to know that you are a sincere and enthusiastic person who provides products or services that you 100% believe in. Investors not only want... Read More