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Great storytelling moves people, and makes business. We nurture the best talent, to deliver on the finest work, across our offices in Los Angeles, Denver, SF, and NYC.

Video is moving the world forward.

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Video Production

Video Production Services at StartMotionMedia

Welcome to StartMotionMedia – Your Gateway to Exceptional Video Content

At StartMotionMedia, we believe in the power of video to transform your brand’s message into a dynamic, engaging, and memorable experience. Our dedicated team of video production experts specializes in crafting visually stunning and impactful videos that captivate your audience and drive results.

Why Video? Unveiling the Power of Visual Storytelling

In today’s fast-paced digital world, video stands out as the most engaging form of content. Here’s why incorporating video into your marketing strategy is not just a choice, but a necessity:

  • Consumers Prefer Video: Studies show that 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service than read text.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Video content boasts higher engagement rates, with users spending 88% more time on websites with video.
  • Boosted Conversion Rates: Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by more than 80%.
  • Stronger Emotional Connection: Videos have the unique ability to elicit emotions, creating a stronger bond between your brand and your customers.

Our Comprehensive Video Production Services

We offer a spectrum of video production services tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives:

  • 60s Commercial Videos: Perfect for capturing attention on social media or TV, our 60-second commercials deliver your message quickly and effectively.
  • Product Videos: Showcase the features and benefits of your products in high-definition clarity, driving home the allure... Read More

Best Video Production Company Near Me

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Sometimes the best near you has nearby producers, but is a national studio.

Start Motion Media: The Hybrid Advantage in Video Production

Start Motion Media stands out in the video production landscape by offering a unique hybrid approach that combines the local accessibility of regional videographers with the high standards and capabilities of a national studio. This model provides clients with the best of both worlds: top-tier production quality at more affordable rates than the typical A-list agencies in major hubs like Los Angeles or New York. Let's delve into how this approach benefits clients and sets Start Motion Media apart.

Local Talent, National Standards

  • Epigraphic Vistas and Local Storytelling: Start Motion Media employs a network of skilled directors and videographers across various cities, each bringing a unique local perspective to their work. This enables the company to capture epigraphic vistas and tell stories with authentic local flavor, adding depth and relatability to every project.
  • National Reach and Consistency: While harnessing local... Read More

Video Production Near Me: Find Local Video Talent

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Top Video Production Studios Near You, Specializing in Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

San Diego

  1. Start Motion Media
  2. New Evolution Video
  3. Blu Light Films
  4. FortyOneTwenty
  5. Klippa
    • Specializes in producing dynamic and engaging video content for businesses in San Diego, focusing on commercial and corporate video projects.
    • Visit Klippa

San Francisco

  1. Start Motion Media
    • Offers expertise in video marketing and crowdfunding campaigns, producing content that captures and conveys the brand’s message effectively.
    • Visit Start Motion Media
  2. Argus HD
  3. Studio B Films

Meet Our Affordable Video Production Company


Video Production Company: Crafting Visual Narratives

The Issue / Challenge

Finding a company that aligns with specific project needs and budget constraints is a significant challenge for businesses and individuals aiming to produce high-quality visual content.

The Emerging Solution

The rise of specialized video production companies offers tailored solutions, encompassing pre-production planning, on-site shooting, and post-production editing to deliver impactful visual content that resonates with the target audience.

The Solution Insights

Engaging a professional video production company not only ensures high-quality output but also brings creative insights and technical expertise, enhancing the storytelling aspect of the visual content and maximizing audience engagement.

Understanding Video Production Companies

  1. Service Spectrum A. Comprehensive services ranging from concept development and storyboard creation to filming and editing. B. Expertise in various genres, including corporate, commercial, documentary, and creative storytelling, to cater to diverse client needs.
  2. Technical Proficiency A. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including high-definition cameras, advanced editing software, and innovative filming techniques. B. Skilled professionals who stay abreast of industry trends and technological advancements to deliver cutting-edge content.
  3. Client Collaboration A. Emphasis on client involvement in the creative process to ensure the final product aligns with their vision and objectives. B. Transparent communication and workflow management to maintain project timelines and budget adherence.

Expert Insights and Statistics

According to Michael Zeligs, at Start... Read More

Find a Video Company | Start Motion Media


Find a Video Production Company Near Me

Are you searching for a reliable and experienced video production company near you to bring your creative vision to life? Look no further than Start Motion Media, your trusted partner in creating high-quality video content that captivates and engages your audience. Our “Find Video Production Company Near Me” service is designed to connect you with top-tier video production professionals in your local area, ensuring convenience, personalized service, and exceptional results.

Our “near me” USA-Production Methodology:

A. Do hundreds of business video projects all over the country

B. Train our cinematographers as emerging top talent since 2015, so they are ready for your commercial

We are a national production company, with staff in all 7 key, creative cities

  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Diego
  3. San Francisco
  4. New York
  5. Denver
  6. Miami
  7. Atlanta

Register for a Call to discuss video ad pricing with our producer.

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Work Smarter. Contact Us for a free video consultation.

Phase 1: Consultation and Discovery

  • Initial consultation to understand your video production needs and goals.
  • Assessment of your location and preferences for finding a video production company nearby.
  • Discussion of budget,... Read More

11 Ways How You Can Make A Company Video Even Better

Whether you're designing a new website or making improvements to an existing one, there are ways to ensure your page succeeds in engaging and delighting visitors. A good design rush webpage should be both functional and visually appealing, providing an enjoyable experience for its users. But how do you go about achieving this? In this blog post, we'll explore some helpful tips that can take your web pages from plain to polished – giving them the extra edge they need for success. Keep reading to learn more!


Embed Vimeo review dashboards into your web page

Tableau dashboards can be a great addition to any webpage, adding simple yet eye-catching visuals that help make sense of complex data. This makes them ideal for websites in industries such as or analytics, where large datasets are often used. Embedding your Tableau dashboard into your website is easy – simply copy the embed code provided and paste it into your web page. Your dashboard will then appear seamlessly, allowing users to interact with the data without leaving your page. When used correctly, Tableau dashboards can become a valuable asset for your website. When used in conjunction with other design elements, they can help create a visually appealing and engaging web page.

Add motion graphics to your website

Motion graphics are a great way to add impact and visual interest to any webpage. By combining audiovideo, and animation elements,... Read More

Launch Your Own Video Production Company

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Screen Shot 2024 03 04 at 11.48.39 AM

Starting your own video can be an exciting venture, but it requires careful planning and preparation. From acquiring the right equipment to building a client base, there are several essential steps you need to take to ensure your success in the industry. In this guide, we'll outline the key steps you need to follow to launch your own video production company.

  1. Define Your Niche

Before you dive into starting your video production company or starting your business, it's important to define your niche. Consider what types of videos you want to specialize in, whether it's videos, commercials, weddings, events, or documentaries. Identifying your niche will help you target your marketing efforts and attract the right clients.

Once you've identified your niche, conduct market research to understand the demand for your services. Explore your competitors and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Look for gaps in the market that you can fill with your unique offerings.

  1. Create a Business Plan

A solid business plan is essential for any new venture. Outline your business goals, target market, pricing structure, marketing strategy, and financial projections in your... Read More

A Comprehensive Guide To Various Types Of Product Explainer ...


A Comprehensive Guide To Various Types Of Product Explainer Videos
One effective way to convey your message and showcase the benefit of your product is through explainer videos. These short, attractive, and engaging videos are designed to explain the product clearly and concisely. Here, we will explore various product explainer videos to help you choose the right approach for your .

These videos are powerful marketing tools, providing a visual and compelling way to showcase a product and highlight its unique selling points, ultimately influencing the viewer's understanding and decision-making process.

Animated Explainer Videos
What is an Explainer Video? | Animated Explainer Video


These types of video content use animation, a combination of graphics and motion , to convey a message or explain a concept. They often employ a narrative structure to tell a story. The combination of , voiceovers, and sound effects creates a memorable experience for the viewers. Since real-world limitations do not bind animated characters and scenes, animated explainer videos can have universal appeal.

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