We are living in the digital age. Almost all our functions are dependent on the Internet. Cooking, shopping, research, banking everything revolves around this piece of technology. Thus, it is very natural for our kids to have a keen interest in this topic.

Many schools have started encouraging their students to do their homework based on research on the internet. They are told to submit their assignments on applications like Seesaw, which again, are dependent on the Internet.

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The Internet holds a very special place in our lives; hence, it is important to have access to a stable internet connection to accomplish everyday tasks. It is safe to say that the internet has greatly influenced the lives of our children but has it affected their lives negatively or positively is the real question.

We are sure a lot of parents have this question in mind and thus we are writing this article to address their queries. So start sipping a hot cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, and keep reading.

The Benefits of Using the Internet

Online learning is very useful. We are saying this because if parents are finding it difficult to explain algebra to their children, they can easily make their children watch YouTube videos or subscribe to online academies like Khan Academy.

This way the kids would be able to grasp the concepts better and would eventually score well. The parents would also be relieved of the tension of sending their kids to distant academies and paying their heavy fees. Online classes are also beneficial for parents who can continue their studies while simultaneously balancing work and home.

  • Access to Information

The greatest advantage of utilizing the internet is the wealth of data and information that one can retrieve. This benefit is also useful for adults and can essentially inspire them to make greater efforts for learning and acquire more knowledge.

  • Better Organization Skills

Another very significant benefit of the internet is that it improves the organizational skills of children. We are saying this because kids nowadays have several tasks, as well as assignments that they are supposed to complete in a day. And completing all the tasks on time can be quite exhausting for them.

However, thanks to the abundance of applications, they can improve their organizational skills. In addition to this, these applications are available in the cloud so which means that they can access them on any gadget they want, be it their personal computer or their tablets.

Kids should practice staying organized now to prepare them for the future. They will have to balance a variety of responsibilities as adults, such as jobs, relationships, clubs, friendships, and projects. A fantastic method to simply get things done is to be able to manage your time well.

The Disadvantages of Using the Internet

While the internet has a lot of benefits, we can also not overlook the drawbacks that are associated with this technology. Excessive use of the internet is very harmful. We are saying this because children who get addicted to the internet fall prey to health problems and this in the long-run impacts their productivity too. Some other disadvantages of the internet are listed below.

  • Health Concerns

Students access the internet via a computer or a smartphone. Long-term use of smart gadgets may increase the risk of developing several physical conditions, including neck, back, and eye pain.

Particularly, the light emitted by smart devices is known to induce a variety of eye issues. Long-term smart device users among students have reported eye health problems such as blurred vision and difficulty focusing.

  • Addiction

Students may become very dependent on the Internet. The pupils could disregard their schoolwork by squandering too much time online. A student can become diverted from his or her academics due to the abundance of leisure options available on the internet.

As an illustration, students could play an online game before a test that they should be studying for. Thus, the academic achievement of a student could be adversely impacted by this.

  • Anti-Social Behavior

The use of the internet by kids these days has mostly contributed to their loss of communication skills. Children are more interested in communicating with computers than they are in talking with people in real life.

Online communication with others is very different from face-to-face communication. A machine will never be able to express as many emotions and ideas as people do in social interactions.

Final Words

We hope that this article has succeeded in enlightening you about the various benefits and drawbacks of using the internet for your children. So read this article again if you wish and try and make the internet a safe and reliable place for your children.