Motion graphics is driving different sectors on a high level. Over the years, the trends in marketing have shifted towards motion graphics a lot. Motion graphics opens the doors for many business opportunities for different brands.

If you consider, modern marketing is now far different from the former techniques. The best way to use this art form is through motion graphics advertisements. Many renowned brands are experiencing its benefits for their businesses on a large scale.

Using motion graphics in ads affirms advertisers to bring out new brand launches and much more with creativity. Motion graphics ads make the audience interact with them profusely. So that the brand can deliver its USP (unique value proposition) in an impressive way.

You will get a detailed review of 10 examples of motion graphics advertisement examples. It will assist you to understand the significance of motion graphics in different sorts of commercials as well.

Before we initiate the discussion, let’s learn about the role of motion graphics in advertising.

Role of Motion Graphics in Advertising

As we are heading towards the future at a rapid pace, the style of marketing is also changing. The type of advertising on social media in particular includes motion graphics. It is important to understand the key role of motion graphics in future advertising.

Motion graphics commercials can set a new direction for marketing. The enticing elements of such commercial content have much potential to grab the audience’s attention. Plus, there is no limit to the amount of creativity in such ads as well.

Below is the breakdown of the prime roles of motion graphics in advertising:

  • Idea Expression: Your business can get the fruit of using motion graphics ads with no doubts. Imagine delivering a new idea for another product by using such video ads.

 The most suitable way to keep your audience updated on the recent development of your business. This way your customers would be getting your message and expression at different intervals.

  • Creating Awareness: Brand awareness is integral when you are just getting started with a new business. Motion graphics ads have the ability to do that for you. Due to this reason, more people would get to know about you and your brand.
  • Conversion: Motion graphic ads can be a huge call to action. When you deliver your message to more people. It is important to entice them to buy from you as well.

The whole process is conversion. It can get difficult to pull off but motion graphics commercials have a higher success rate in this regard. Motion graphics make your brand’s ads more compelling to click and increase conversions or sales.

  • Audience Interaction: One of the main goals of a business should be to boost its audience interaction. People love when you give them a solution. Something that stays with them a little longer.

In this case, motion graphics ads would be a good choice. The more you impress your audience, the more chances of sales. Motion graphics ads clear out the path for you to make this happen.

How Much Does Motion Graphics Cost?

Motion graphics projects range from low to high price ranges. As the effort advances, you will see a dramatic increase in the cost as well. There are many motion graphics professionals that offer affordable services.

In any case, you must be careful while hiring an entity for the tasks. The average motion graphics cost ranges from $28 to $325 per hour. Different motion graphics studios would put forward their own quotations that can vary from this cost range.

Motion graphics advertising examples

Examples are impeccable to clarify any concept! You are now going to consider some important motion graphics ads that would make things more perceivable for you. These are some established business giants who are a fan of motion graphics ads.

See how they use motion graphics commercials for marketing in a unique way!

  1. Porsche: You are well aware of this automobile enterprise. Motion graphics ads have also dominated Porsche over the years. One of their ads covers the whole transformation of an automobile.

The brand touches the heart of its audience. The ads include premium-quality motion graphics. Befitting to match the ideology of Porsche itself. A cheerful music design enhances the overall deliverance of the ad too.

  1. Corcoran: A real estate company operating from New York. Corcoran used a motion graphics ad campaign to draw the attention of its audience. The ad campaign was targeted toward buyers who want to buy property in Hamptons.

The artists included landmarks of the Hamptons in the entire campaign. Different locations with motion graphics and music gave the willing buyers exactly what they wanted. Motion graphics can depict a specific aspect to a target audience in an easy manner.

  1. Starks Law: This is a law firm that manifests its message through motion graphics ads. A good ad has the ability to provoke viewership. Starks law does it with motion graphics ads as well.

The firm used motion graphics ads to show debt collectors as shadows. The shadows vanish when the plaintiff consults Straks Law. The whole concept is only to market the firm by creating a story through motion graphics.

  1. NEXT Insurance: The sector of insurance companies is enormous. The rivalry is always at its peak. So NEXT Insurance had to use motion graphics ads to set them apart from the pool of their business rivals.

The company uses motion graphics ads to attract its target audience. Since the services can be a little boring. But motion graphics can showcase them in an attractive way without compromising their significance at the same time.

  1. Sky TV: A phone company from the UK. The brand is famous among civilians. For this reason, they do not doubt it for any reliability, high prices, or any other factor. But Sky TV knows how to impress its audience with motion graphics.

They use motion graphics ads to launch a new offer. One of their videos was for a discount offer that would last for some years. The motion graphics and its elements evoked the audience. Developed urgency. This increased their sales in exchange for the offer.

  1. Chase: Chase is famous as a trustworthy bank among its people. The services offered by chase get more compelling through the execution of motion graphics.

They have used such ads to launch the “first debt card” for children. Also, one video was for the “first banking card” for their customers as well. Motion graphics ads can prove to be helpful for launching all new products with a different perspective.

  1. Coca-Cola: Coke is a leading beverage in this sector for many years. Their marketing is memorable. The brand has been successful to carry out marketing campaigns by using motion graphics ads.

One of the fine examples of their motion graphics ads would be the unleashing of types of people who love coke. The video includes people around the world. The video tells that coke has connected them with heart regardless of the distance.

  1. Nestle NatureNes: Nestle is a well-established beverage and food brand around the globe. The brand knows the importance of motion graphics ads for higher conversion rates too.

Nestle executes motion graphics ads to celebrate organic products and nature. The videos show that their products are all-natural. Preservatives and additives eliminated. Motion graphics can be a great way to manifest one value proposition just like Nestle.

  1. MailChimp: A well-performing email marketing company like MailChimp uses motion graphics ads. They also are a good example of using motion graphics to share the benefits of using their product and services with entrepreneurs and other brands.

Mailchimp carries out such ads to show how multifaceted their product is. Different people use Mailchimp for leveling up their email marketing. The videos prove how easy their life can be if they trust MailChimp’s services.

  1. Oreo: Oreo has a big place in the hearts of children. Motion graphics are crucial for storytelling and Oreo knows this art too. The cookie brand uses motion graphics to entice children through storytelling.

One of the Oreo ads includes villains like Big Foot and Dracula. They get to enjoy Oreo. Their world turns upside down. The video emphasizes how their way of thinking changes after having Oreo.

To Recapitulate

Motion graphics has been an emerging technique for marketing. The examples of how a brand can use motion graphics ads to change the interpretation of marketing for itself. You are now familiar with using motion graphics ads in more than one way that is effective in equal.

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